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Codul Muncii Ordonat Pe Articole Actualizat - [Free] Codul Actualizat [PDF] [EPUB] – Declaratii A fost schimbata metoda de With Visual C 4th Edition Mypearsonstore Uniform Plumbing. Codul muncii pe intelesul tuturor pdf docs pdf. Disk Manager couldn t help. Codul muncii pe intelesul tuturor pdf. docs pdf. recetas en un solo libro spanish edition codul muncii ordonat pe articole actualizat cobweb empire bride nivel de unitate, ccm , art.1 pct .

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Ciobanu Mihail. Colesnicova Tatiana. Dumitru Stratan. The relevant recommendations for improving the situation with employment of disabled people in the country on the basis of international experience were proposed by the authors. The actuality of this topic stems from the fact that the number of disabled people in Republic of Moldova continually grows and on one side they encounter problems in entering the labour market, on the other side, an important share of human potential for the economic development is not utilized and there is a lack of covering the need to enjoy equal opportunities as other people. The purpose of this research is to highlight the problems of disabled people in the labour market of the Republic of Moldova and to propose the measures for the implementation of good practice from EU in this domain. In the process of developing this work were used the following research methods: The results of the research consist in the elaboration of specific measures in this area on the basis of comprehensive analysis. The Convention stresses the importance of adopting a bio-psycho-social model of disability that will focus more on social barriers that prevent disabled people from fully exercising their rights as citizens rather than on bio-psychic medical side of the disability.

Elaborated by the authors on the basis of [19, pp. From their number grew constantly, in total, by 5. From the total number of disabled persons From rural population 5. In Based on the data of selective study Households Budget Survey only For comparison, The employment of disabled people depends on disability degree: As we see, the percentage of employed disabled people with medium disability is comparable to the share of employed persons without disabilities and the share of employed disabled persons with severe disability is much smaller than in the case of other disabled persons with a lesser degree.

By occupational status, two-thirds As we see, people with disabilities have a lower occupational status than the persons without disabilities. From salaried employees the disabled people consisted only 0. From all salaried employees in health and social assistance worked 1. From the disabled people that are salaried employees The monthly allowance for unemployment in amounted to The results of the findings showed that companies had reserved jobs for disabled persons, enterprises had workers with disabilities, economic units track job applications of disabled persons and 24 companies informed the territorial agencies for employment of workforce about the jobs they reserved for disabled persons.

By occupational status, Women self-employed in non-agricultural activities occupied a much smaller proportion — 0. Only In in Moldova was organized the first job fair for people with disabilities where disabled people participated. From In the Figure 2 we can see the evolution of the registered unemployed disabled people at NAEW and the ones who were employed. This can be seen in the evolution of percentage of those placed in employment from Evolution of the registered unemployed people with disabilities and the ones that were employed Source: Elaborated by the authors on the basis of [20, p.

As is seen in the graph the number of people with disabilities who benefited from informing and professional counseling services has grown from to from to persons, that is more than 5 times! This growth is followed by a strong decrease until when there were only 36 beneficiaries. In the number of disabled people who got labour mediation services has increased continuously after the decline from We suppose that one of the causes of these evolutions is the substitution of informing and professional counseling by mediation.

The graph shows a growth of the disabled people who graduated from vocational training courses and the ones engaged in public works. The most demanded jobs or professions were: PC operators — The majority of disabled persons registered in territorial agencies for employment of workforce were in the following agencies: Chisinau people or The agency from Chisinau placed in employment 91 persons, the one from Sangerei — 24, the agency from Gagauzia — 16 persons.

Some concrete examples of such business include: The sample contained adult persons from sampling points in 84 localities. At the question if disabled people are incapable to work The findings of this study need to be considered in employment policies for people with disabilities, therefore the state authorities need to be more involved. One target category of the research are the potential and existing entrepreneurs from socially vulnerable groups of the population, including the disabled people.

In was drafted the National strategy on employment policies , but due to factors that influenced the implementation of employment policies, it has not achieved its objectives. These factors include: Among the reasons for this new one are the combat of discrimination of vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities, and the increase of their inclusion in labour market.

One of the major objectives of the strategy is the growth of the share of disabled people placed in employment from the ones registered as unemployed from NIER not only participates in elaborating strategies and policies, but shows a good example in employment of disabled people. In the institute 6 persons with disabilities work: Conclusions and recommendations The people with disabilities from the Republic of Moldova are in a more difficult situation than non-disabled persons in the labour market.

Even though the state authorities are actively involved in helping disabled persons to be employed, there are many problems that have a multidimensional character like many vulnerable groups they face multidimensional deprivation: To improve the conditions of employment for people with disabilities we consider the following recommendations opportune: For example, to differentiate quotas by the size of the company — a higher quota - in a large enterprise and a smaller quota - in a small company.

The rationale behind this is based on the study of Fraser et al [14, p. As is shown in Cimera [9, p. The successful stories of disabled people as entrepreneurs could help the other people acknowledge them and accept them as having equal rights, thus reducing discrimination.

Of course, these represent only a tiny part of the difficulties that people with disabilities face in their everyday lives, that in practice are much more complex and hardly understood not only by the general population, state authorities and employers, but even by experts in the field. Even the definition of disability is not nailed down and will have changes when new findings arise.

That being said, we believe that an improvement in the quality of education of general population will gradually bring a paradigm change in the collective mentality for acknowledging the capabilities of people with disabilities that were denied, but only together with policies that will foster their social inclusion in all spheres of life, including employment.

Antonov V. Monitor Social, Nr. Antreprenoriat social. Suport pentru dezvoltarea unor afaceri mici. Anuarul Statistic al Republicii Moldova Arsenjeva J. Annotated review of European Union law and policy with reference to disability, January , European network of academic experts in the field of disability, [Last accessed on Countries that have not ratified this Convention. International Labour Organization, [Last accessed on Dizabilitate versus persoane cu nevoi speciale, In: Chan F.

Cimera R. The cost-trends of supported employment versus sheltered employment, In: Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, January , 28 1 , pp. COD nr. LP din Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. United Nations, , [Last accessed on Statistics Explained: By way of exception. Suspension of the individual employment contract Art.

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Cessation of the individual employment contract Art. Cessation dejure of the individual employment contract Art. Dismissal Art.

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Dismissal for reasons related to the person of the employee Art. Dismissal for reasons not related to the person of the employee Art.

Collective redundancy.

Right to notice Art. Resignation Art. Control and punishment of unlawful dismissals Art. An employee with an individual employment contract of limited duration may be subject to a probationary period. The individual employment contract of limited duration Art.

Codul Muncii - Engleza

The conditions for the establishment and operation and the authorization procedure of the temporary employment agencies shall be established by Government Decision. When there is no applicable collective labour agreement. The individual part-time employment contract Art. Length of the working time Art. Home working Art. Overtime Art. The work quota includes the productive time. Work quota Art. Meal break and daily rest Art. Annual leave and other employee leaves Art.

Public holidays Art. The schedule for the next year shall be prepared until the end of the current calendar year.

In such case. Vocational training leaves Art. The request for a paid vocational training leave shall be submitted to the employer under the conditions provided for in Article 1. General provisions Art. These provisions shall also apply when the employee is at work. If the normal work schedule is. Payment of the wage Art.

Codul Muncii - Engleza | Employment | Collective Bargaining

National minim gross basic pay with guaranteed payment Art. If there are no such categories of persons. General rules Art. Health and safety committee Art. In all such cases. Employee protection through medical services Art.

Their number shall be laid down in the applicable collective labour agreement. Special contracts of vocational training organized by the employer Art.

The on-the-job apprenticeship contract Art. Trade unions Art.

Representatives of the employees Art. Collective labour agreements Art. Employers Art. No employee may be forced to participate or not to a strike. Labour Inspectorate Art. Strike Art. Rules of procedure Art. Liability to disciplinary action Art. Liability for material damage Art. The equivalent value of the goods or services concerned shall be established according to their value at the date of payment. Contraventional liability Art. Criminal liability Art.

Final and transitional provisions Art. Subject-matter and territorial jurisdiction Art. Special rules of court Art. No of 16 November No 16 of 10 February Part I. No of 1 December Decree no. Social Solidarity and Family. No 1 of 8 January

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