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The Comics Library 78 - Blankets ().pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Artist: Craig Thompson. Publication date: Status: Completed. Views: 47, Blankets is a story of self-discovery behind a mask of religion and limited . Blankets (Collection) (): Blankets is an autobiographical graphic novel by Craig Thompson, published in by Top Shelf.

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Blankets Graphic Novel Pdf

First published in , Blankets is an amazing and beautiful graphic novel written and illustrated by Craig Thompson, American graphic. Get Free Read & Download Files Blankets Graphic Novel PDF. BLANKETS GRAPHIC NOVEL. Download: Blankets Graphic Novel. BLANKETS GRAPHIC. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share.

Jump to navigation. Blankets is the story of a young man coming of age and finding the confidence to express his creative voice. Under an engulfing blanket of snow, Craig and Raina fall in love at winter church camp, revealing to one another their struggles with faith and their dreams of escape. Over time though, their personal demons resurface and their relationship falls apart. This groundbreaking graphic novel, winner of two Eisner and three Harvey Awards, is an eloquent portrait of adolescent yearning; first love and first heartache ; faith in crisis; and the process of moving beyond all of that. Beautifully rendered in pen and ink, Thompson has created a love story that lasts. Blankets magically recreates the high emotional stakes of adolescence. Blankets is one of the greatest love stories ever written, and surely the best ever drawn. The story is shocking and vivid, a tale as gripping as any you'll read. Thompson's spiritual journey and difficult relationship with his family is matched only by his depitction of his teenaged love and heartbreak with Raina, a girl he meets at Winter Bible Camp. It's the truest and most heartfelt description of pure youthful love as I've found. Raincoast UK: Search by Title. Search by Author. Format Hardcover.

Raina's father: Raina's father is a man who is loyal to his own beliefs and is hoping to salvage his relationship with his wife. Raina's mother: Raina's mother has no interest in repairing her relationship with her husband, and is trying to move on.

Blankets Graphic Novel Redesign by Tyler Andrew at

Both she and her husband leave Raina to take care of her adopted siblings, as well as her niece. Laura and Ben: Raina's adopted sister and brother, both of whom are mentally disabled.

Ben is a far more quiet and collected person, whereas Laura is far more energetic. Julie and Dave: Raina's sister and brother in law. Synopsis[ edit ] Childhood scene in Blankets in which Craig and Phil find a pair of animal skulls.

Blankets chronicles Craig's adolescence and young adulthood, his childhood relationship with his younger brother, and the conflicts he experiences regarding Christianity and his first love. Though written chronologically, Thompson uses flashbacks as a literary and artistic device in order to parallel young adult experience with past childhood experience.

Major literary themes of the work include: first love, child and adult sexuality, spirituality, sibling relationships, and coming of age. Craig begins by describing his relationship with his brother during their childhood in Wisconsin.

Blankets by Craig Thompson

They have devoutly religious parents. Thompson also depicts a male babysitter sexually abusing both Craig and his younger brother, Phil.

Craig suffers harassment from bullies at school and at church. Through his teen years, he continues to find it hard to fit in with his peers, but at Bible camp one winter, he comes to associate with a group of outcast teens which includes a girl named Raina, who develops an interest in Craig.

Blankets (Collection) (1999-2004)

The two become inseparable, and continue their relationship through letters and phone calls. They arrange to spend two weeks together at Raina's home in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Despite growing closer during the visit, the two return to their separate lives, but Raina eventually decides to break off the relationship. They maintain a friendship for a time, talking on the phone with diminishing frequency and increasing inanity.

Ultimately, Craig tells Raina that their friendship, too, is over.

Craig then destroys everything Raina had ever given to him, and every memento of their relationship, except for the quilt she made. He stores it in the attic of his childhood home, and moves out to start his own life elsewhere.

Craig comes to terms with religion and spiritual identity while away from his family, and confides in his brother that he is no longer a Christian, but still believes in God and the teachings of Jesus. Geoffrey Hayes, Illustration for Lovo and the Firewolf unfinished. All Rights Reserved.

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