The Maelstrom: Book Four of The Tapestry and millions of other books are available for instant access. The Maelstrom: Book Four of The Tapestry Paperback – September 10, This item:The Maelstrom: Book Four of The Tapestry by Henry H. Neff Paperback $ The Maelstrom book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The world is at the brink of ruin or is it salvation? Astaroth. The world is at the brink of ruin or is it salvation? Astaroth has been weakened , and the demon Prusias is taking full advantage of the situation to create an.

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The Tapestry Book 4

The Tapestry series is written and illustrated by Henry H. Neff. The series has won numerous awards, and consists of five books, four of them which are. Today's review is book 4 in The Tapestry Series by Henry H Neff, entitled The characters are just as fun and in depth as in previous books. The Tapestry 4 by Henry H. Neff, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Series: The Tapestry , Book 4 Length: 15 hrs 4 out of 5 stars 4. Cancel anytime. Publisher's Summary The world is at the brink of ruin Astaroth has been weakened, and the demon Prusias is taking full advantage of the situation to create an empire of his own. His formidable armies are on the move, and Rowan is in their sights. Rowan must rely on Max McDaniels and David Menlo and hope that their combined powers can stop Prusias's war machine before it's too late. But even as perils loom, danger stalks their every move. Someone has marked Max for death and no one is above suspicion. Should the assassins succeed, Rowan's fate may depend on little Mina whose abilities are prodigious but largely untested. And where is Astaroth? Has he fled this world or is he biding his time, awaiting his next opportunity? In the Tapestry's fourth book, author-illustrator Henry H. Neff boldly raises the stakes in an epic tale of mankind's struggle to survive in a world now populated by demons and demigods and everything in between!

The Tapestry 4 : The Maelstrom

Mankind's greatest hopes for independence and survival lie with Rowan Academy. Rowan is the last school of magic where those possessing special gifts are trained to serve as stewards of the arcane arts and guardians of mystic creatures that have fadded with the modern age.

From Rowan , powerful Mystics and deadly Agents continue the struggle against things that go bump in the night. With Astaroth 's resurgence, however, Rowan is overwhelmed.

The Maelstrom

The same Old Magic that is transforming the world also courses in their veins, making these two boys extraordinary even by Rowan 's standards. The two boys are called to combine their gifts and face a world marked by a new hierarchy of creatures great and small, which are pushing humankind beyond the fringes of civilization.

The Fiend and the Forge.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Add Image. Prusias was the main antagonist in most of books , and his defeat was just skimmed over. I really wish the series had cut out Prusias entirely, made Astaroth the main antagonist, and wrapped this all up in three books.

It would have been more focused and overall better quality. Going off of this, I felt Astaroth's defeat was very underwhelming, and it's probably because he had to share the spotlight with Prusias. When the firestorm had passed, all that remained was the god.

Here's our other problem: the hype around Max's powers. I've mentioned this in almost every review for this series. Max has some giant god-like power-up like twice a book. It gets repetitive, and it's hard to find realistic that he just continues to get more and more powerful. There are so many quotes like the one mentioned above; it just got ridiculous. To read my overall thoughts on The Tapestry series, check out my full review here.

The Tapestry 4: The Maelstrom

Yes I dare to say quite possibly better than Harry Potter gasp! It's written so well and I truly fell in love with the characters. All the characters. I only wish this last book was in print.

The Tapestry, Book Four: The Maelstrom

But e-book with have to do. You will not regret reading this series. The is series is probably the best fantasy series I have ever read.

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