The logic book 6th edition The Logic Book (): Merrie Bergmann Associated Professor Emeritus, James Moor, Jack Nelson The Logic Book 6th Edition. Compre The Logic Book, 6th edition (English Edition) de Merrie Bergmann, James Moor, Jack Nelson na Confira também os eBooks mais. The Logic Book () by Merrie Bergmann Associated Professor Brand New INTERNATIONAL EDITION, days shipping!.

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The Logic Book 6th Edition

Access The Logic Book 6th Edition solutions now. Our solutions are written by Chegg experts so you can be assured of the highest quality!. Available in: Hardcover. The Logic Book is a leading text for symbolic logic courses that presents all concepts and techniques with clear. 6th Edition • Pages • Hardback The Logic Book is a leading text for symbolic logic courses that presents all concepts and techniques with clear.

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Chapter 1: Sentential Logic: Semantics 3. Truth-Trees 4.

Derivations 5. Metatheory 6.

Predicate Logic: Syntax and Symbolization 7. Semantics 8. Truth-Trees 9.

Derivations Metatheory A transition to advanced mathematics" by Chartrand. The book just mentioned covers sentential and predicate logic in a mere 20 pages and somehow expected its audience to be expert proofers.

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I immediately ran to the library to seek for additional help in logic and ended up with the following textbooks at hand, "Introduction to logic" by Suppes, "Introduction to logic" by Copi, "Introduction to logic" Gensler, "Logic and Philosophy: Out of the bunch, this textbook The Logic Book 5e drew my attention the most because its definitions were the most clear and every chapter had an outline summary. It also drew my attention because it covers metalogic, a topic not covered by the others.

Thus it took me 33 days to complete the entire book 11 Chapters. This book the Logic Book taught me how to convert an English argument into symbolic predicate form and from predicate form back to English.

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But the most important thing that the textbook taught me was to become an expert proofer in sentential and predicate logic, a skill required in mathematics. I highly recommend this textbook to anyone interested in learning how to prove arguments from a given set of assumptions. There is now no excuse for a person not to know logic, especially when this textbook exists.

Consider downloading a used 4th, 5th or 6th edition whichever is cheaper to save money. Good luck on your Journey! Futhermore, the 4th edition is Now, it doesn't take a person to know much math nor much logic to know that the 4th edition is a heck of a better deal. You're welcome!

The Logic Book - 5th Edition

This textbook should be about a quarter of its length. It contains an incredible amount of fluff. As learning logic goes, you'll get a better education through Wikipedia and other online resources. The symbols are all annoyingly outdated as well. I would give it five stars, but there are a lot of typos which is surprising since it's the 6th edition.

This book covers prepositional logic and predicate logic, and it does so very thoroughly. What's also great is that there are many examples.

Not always very clear on the "logic".

This book goes over the basic concepts of 'common sense' and logical thinking and then focuses on proofs via informal tableau, and truth tables. It'd be more helpful if it gave you a talk-through of the proof rather than just writing the answer. This is not a self-teaching book. A decent text for a course with a professor and a section TA to explain concepts and problems.

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