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In , Eliphalet Remington needed a strong, reliable rifle. Remington to expand its ammunition production in Bridgeport, including the formation of several. Toggle Home Facebook Share Download New Products Shotguns Compact Rifles Custom Shop Handguns Ammunition Accessories Partners. page 1. page 2. Toggle Home Facebook Share Download New Products Rifles Custom Shop Shotguns Compact Handguns Ammunition Accessories Partners. page 1. page 2 .

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New product photography and production data generously supplied by Remington Arms Company, Inc. (medical-site.info). STANDARD CATALOG OF®. For more than years, Remington firearms have been forged from the untamed This is Remington Country. MEDIA-RICH DIGITAL CATALOG Dive In. Premier cartridge collecting site covering all types and forms of ammunition and their history, manufacture, markings and variations.

Most small pistol primers come in two flavors, standard and magnum, their use generally being tailored around what powder one uses. Likewise, most pistol powders are sufficiently ignited with standard primers, while some pistol powders, ball powders like Hodgdon H and Winchester for example, benefit from the extra spark of magnum primers to help them burn efficiently. Their use can be easy to remember, standard primers for powders a, b and c, and magnum primers for powders x, y and z. Recommended primers for each cartridge are listed in the catalog ballistics tables. None of these cartridges exceed 25, psi peak chamber pressure limits. These latter calibers are not low pressure. These compare with the. This has caused confusion among some reloaders, myself included. My first inclination was to think that I loaded them too hot, perhaps by error. However, the same loads with other brands of primers showed no sign of excess pressure. Why were the Remington primers reacting differently? With some 9mm loads, the primers had no evidence of primer flow. Excessive flow of primer metal can result in some of it being sheared off and ending up in your firing pin hole. This can block the firing pin, resulting in misfires.

Shotguns Back Autoloading. Pump Action. Pump Action Back Model Tactical Back Model DM.

Handguns Back Remington R Remington RP. Remington RM Model R1.

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Model R1 Enhanced. Model R1 Carry. Ammunition Back Shotshell. Centerfire Rifle. Other Products. TAC Marine Magnum. TAC DM.

TAC Arm Brace. TAC Hardwood. Rifle Parts. Shotgun Parts. Handgun Parts. Gun Care. Custom Shop. Custom Shop Back Classic Series. Rimfire Back Model Handguns Back R1.

High Grade. Remington Country. Remington Country Back Live. Obviously this could have serious consequences, including eye damage.

Always wear safety glasses when shooting anything! Fired cases illustrate the appearance of a normal fired primer with no flow, partial primer flow marked with arrow , and severe primer flow where the firing pin dent is completely flattened.

Winchester grain FMJ bullets were loaded to 1.

2016 Remington Catalog

The low charge weight of CFE Pistol, 5. The 5. The high charge weight, 6. It was included to test primer reaction to very high pressure. Do NOT use this load in your 9mm pistol. Always follow load data from a loading manual.

All three primers produced similar velocities for a given charge weight. Velocity Chart: Ten shots were fired with each load. Velocity is the average of 10 shots and was recorded with a Shooting Chrony chronograph at about 8 feet. The test gun was a custom Para Ordnance pistol with a 5-inch ramped Kart 9mm barrel.

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At the low charge weight, none of the primers had evidence of primer flow. One of these was severe primer flow, where the firing pin dent had been completely flattened out. None of the CCI primers had primer flow. At the highest charge weight, all the primer brands experienced primer flow.

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No primers were pierced. They are more subject to primer flow, and produce more serious primer flow when pressure gets higher than the other primers tested.

However, they showed no evidence of primer flow at the lowest charge weight, which is a moderate pressure load.

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