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Nagaon Ka Rahasya Pdf

Nagaon ke Rahasya (नागाओं के रहस्य) by Amish Tripathi ebook pdf. Shiv! Mahadev. Lord of lords. Destroyer of Evil. passionate lover. 16 जनवरी Nagaon Ka Rahasya is a book from the pen of writer Amish. In this book writer Amish has tried to reveal the various secrets related to 'Nagas'. Nagaon Ka Rahasya is a book from the pen of writer Amish. In this book writer Amish has tried to reveal the various secrets related to 'Nagas'. The story starts.

Really extra points for keeping it so tightly wrapped up. The Secret of Naga is more action packed book that go with a decent pace which keeps the reader engrossed throughout. But it is not such. In fact, that episode proves to be the turning point of the book. Sati was seen more in action in this book which makes you love her character as equal to Shiva. The entire Linger fight episodes comes out very well. The book continues in the quest of evil. Shiva is trying to understand evil and I think Amish has given a very good message. A human being is not good or evil. But the level of his attachment to evil drives him to do wicked or illegal act. We should know when the good is turning into evil and at the right time should throw it out of the equation instead of destroying it.

It was the presiding deity of the Jaminder of Parvatjowar.

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Nowadays the mother Mahamaya is worshipped by all Hindus. Sikh devotees from all over India and abroad assembled in this Gurdwara every year in the month of December to mark the Martydom of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur with due solemnity and ceremony.

Sikh devotees called reverence of Sahidee-Guru-Parav. Guru Tegh Bahadur had also accompanied along with the Sufi Saints. Rangamati Mosque: Rangamati Mosque or Panbari Mosque was built during 17th century by Hussain Shah, the Governor of Bengal belongs to pre-Mughal period which can be recognised from its typical architectural design.

Rangamati area was once very prosperous during the reign of the Koch rulers as a frontier post. During Mughal regime Rangamati was a great fort of the invading Mughal Army. This unique Mosque was used as a prayer place by the Mohmmedan Soldiers.

There is also an Idgah and a deep well which were also constructed during the same period. Believers from all religious background visit this mosque and often throw coins in the well.

These two Beels are home to a large number of fishes, turtles, prawn and birds both indigenous and migratory.

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The distribution of varieties of plant species in Chakrasila provides diverse niches for many species of wildlife. The significant golden langur exists in Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary in addition to other mammals like leopard, leopard cat, porcupine, pangoline, flying squirrel and civet cat.

Python, monitor, crait, cobra, turtle, tead and frog are some reptiles and amphibia that are also found. Local guides are available on payment. There is a site for erecting tents and free accommodation for a group of 15 individuals with hygienic drinking water in the camp Tapoban provided by the local NGOs.

Flora and fauna[ edit ] On 14 July , a virgin forest patch of Dhubri District of Assam was declared as a wildlife sanctuary by the gazette notification of the Assam Government.

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This sanctuary has been named as " Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary ". This is the youngest sanctuary of the North East India having an area of 11, Chakrasila is unique because of the presence of golden langur Presbytis geei which is found nowhere else except along the Assam and Bhutan border.

Besides, the virgin forest of Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary is endowed with rare specimens of trees, shrubs, medicinal plants, mammals, reptiles and exquisite birds and insects.

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