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Old GTU Question Papers. ← Create a servlet filter that logs all access to and from servlets in an application and prints the following to a. “Web Enabled Commercial Application Development Using HTML, DHTML, PERL, Java Script” Download. html javascript dhtml and php ivan bayross pdf free download Html Dhtml Javascript Ebook Ivan Bayross Ebook PDF epub Books. Here is. Title, Web Enabled Commercial Applications Development Using : HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Perl CGI. Author, Ivan Bayross. Edition, 2. Publisher, Tech.

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Html Dhtml Javascript By Ivan Bayross Ebook

If this book is coupled with the book entitled 'Web Enabled Commercial Application Development using HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, PERL CGI. Html Dhtml Javascript Perl CGI By Ivan Bayross > DOWNLOAD c2ef32f23e Free file hosting download links for Ivan Bayross HTML DHTML. Author: Ivan Bayross Features: Language: English Binding: Paperback huge number of books available that teach HTML, DHTML, Java Script. In HTML; Introduction to JavaScript; The JavaScript Document Object Model.

Rated 4. Join as seller Business enquiry We're hiring. Book Enquiry Support Get App. English Publisher: Bpb publications Pages: Computer and I. Related Category: In addition, the book comes with a free CD which can be used to enhance your web skills. This book is essential for IT professionals. Practical ASP. Teach Yourself Web Technologies - Part 1. Teach Yourself Web Technologies - Part 2. Programming in Visual Basic 6. Learn DOS 6.

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Cats in the City free handbook pdf Stick Cat: Ajit Sharma rated it it was amazing Mar 04, Tipu rated it it was amazing Dec 22, Prashant Kumar rated it really liked it Nov 28, Durga rated it liked it Apr 10, Indermani Pandey rated it liked it May 05, Pretty Doll rated it it was ok Mar 21, Ankita Kashyap rated it really liked it Feb 24, Priya rated it liked it Oct 01, Malangi rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Awantika rated it it was ok May 08, IB added it Mar 31, Jazz marked it as to-read Aug 07, Mlvalarmathi marked it as to-read Sep 13, Divya marked it as to-read Jan 06, Shiny marked it as to-read Feb 13, Syed Naqvi marked it as to-read Sep 10, Piyush Chauhan is currently reading it Nov 08, Vikash marked it as to-read Dec 05, Durga marked it as to-read Jan 06, Donovan marked it as to-read Jan 30, Yogesh marked it as to-read Jan 31, Hjk added it Mar 09, Abhishek Mishra marked it as to-read Apr 08, There will be numerical marking on each question.

At the time of declaration of the result the marks obtained by the candidate is converted into classes as shown below. The medium of Instruction will be English. XII Clarification of Syllabus: It may be necessary to clarify certain points regarding the course. The syllabus Committee should meet at least once in a year to study and clarify any difficulties from the Institutes.

As the computer technology is changing very fast, revision of the syllabus should be considered every 3 years. Each session for teaching or practical should be of 90 minutes each. All elective subject will be self learning oriented. Student should practice use of self learning resource by means of e-learning material, internet, field survey, library, on-line journals etc for gaining expertise in the subject. College should conduct expert lectures in form of workshops and seminars for these subjects.

Evaluation is suggested to be based on continuous assessment. The list of indicative electives is mentioned here with, however institutes can exercise discretion in selecting any subject other than mentioned in this list, relevant in the industry at that time.

List of indicative Advanced Technology — Electives Sr. To give basic knowledge of microprocessor, its architecture, components, and their organization. This will introduce the hardware and upcoming processor architecture and its evolution with change in working style. CISC 5. This is the first programming language subject student will learn. This subject will teach them programming logic, use of programming instructions, syntax and program structure.

No Topic Details Nos. The Complete Reference: Magnifying C: Arpita Gopal 3. Let us C Solutions: Kanetkar, BPB,10th Edition 4. Programming in C: Kochan, CBS.

C Programming Language: Graphics Under C: Kanetkar, BPB. JAD 1.


Elements of good design, Design issues Features of modern GUI, Menus, Scroll bars, windows, buttons, icons, panels, error messages etc. Analysis tools, Design tools, Programming tools, Prototyping tools, Maintenance tools, 6. Software Engineering by Sommerville,Pearson,8th Ed 4. Rajaraman,PHI,3rd Ed. Software Engineering Concept and cases By A. Renavilkar Semester I Sr. The basic management concepts and use of management principles in the organization will be introduced to student through this elaborative subject.

No 1 Topic Details Management 1. The topics in Units 3,4,5 and 6 should be covered with the help of at-least one exercise each. All topics in Organizational Behavior should be covered with the help of role plays, case studies, simulation, games etc. Books Recommended: Principles and Practices of Management Shejwalkar 2. Organizational behavior Stepheb Robbins Pearson 13th edition 6. Organizational behavior Keith Davis 7. Organizational behavior Dr. The processes and practices in business and their applications are taught in subject.

The financial aspect of business and management will be taught to student through this subject. This will benefit student in understanding and analyzing financial statements of a business. PART I: Business Process Domain Sr. Demand forecasting and Planning Note: Group based activities are expected for all above topics Business Process Domain: Cost and Financial Accounting Sr. Topic Details No 5 Financial Accounting 1.

Double Entry Accounting system, Concepts and conventions in accounting, Accounting process, Depreciation 1.

Journalisation — Rules for Journalisation, posting in a Ledger, subsidiary books, preparation of Trial balance 1. Financial accounting: Rao, Everest Pub. Mahesh Kulkarni,Career Pub,3rd Ed. Business Process Domain 1.

C B Mammoria, Himalaya,29th Ed. Arpita Gopal Excel Books Dr. This is the first mathematics subject which revises the knowledge acquired previously by the student. Logic, Relations and Functions, Algebraic structures, combinotorics will be introduced in this course.

No 1 2 Topic details Mathematical logic 1. Conjunctive normal form, logical implications, valid arguments, methods of proof. Theory of inference of statement calculus, predicate calculus, qualifiers free and bound variables, theory of inference of predicate calculus.

Relations and functions: Cosets, right cosets, left cosets, 6. In group codes only properties without derivations and problems on following subtopics should be covered. To make practice of developing a good web application using the techniques students have learnt during the semester, a small project will be done by the student as an assignment. Students are expected to spend 6 hours per week. At the end of semester the students are expected to understand how Info. Systems work. Semester I Sr.

To improve the vocabulary of English and comfort ability with business English. Use of language lab is also encouraged and lot of hearing practice, reading and understanding exposure should be given to the students. After completion of 1st year students can appear for Cambridge English exam.

Students are expected to undertake domain analysis of various business domains and think in terms of analysis and development of information systems for them. Packages like tally needs to be studied in detail to understand accounting process of any standard organization.

File modes Random Access Generic Sort, Balagurusamy,TMH,4th Ed. The concepts related to database, database models, SQL and database operations are covered in this subject. This creates a strong foundation for application database design.

No 1 Topic Details Basic concepts 1. Date, Pearson. Korth, TMH,5th Ed. James Martin, PHI. Elmasri Navathe, Pearson,5th ed. Rumbaugh and Blaha, PHI. Grady Booch,Pearson,3rd Ed. Bipin Desai, Galgotia Pub. Oracle Lab will be covered as Lab demo sessions. Relational Calculus need not be covered in depth. Subject Subject Title Internal No.

The core structure, functions and design principles of operating system will be introduced with this subject. External 70 Sr. No 1 2 3 4 5 Topic Details Introduction 1. Create, Kill, suspend, resume, wakeup, 2. Operating System: Galvin,Wiley,8th Ed. Dhamdhere, TMH,2nd Ed. Christopher Negus Wiley Pub. Semester II Sr. This subject will teach the student foundations of Management Information System along with exposure to modern business information systems.

Business Intelligence 8 7. Oison,TMH,3rd Ed. Ross, PHI, 3rd Ed. Management Information System - Waman S.. Jawadekar, TMH,4th Ed. Analysis and Design of Information System -V. Rajaraman,PHI,2nd Ed. Business Intelligence: Management Information systems- Dr. To learn ERP systems its structure, modules, benefits, implementation and post implementation issues thru real-life cases.

Sr No. Importance of ERP vise versa In-house applications 3. Enterprise Resource Planning: ERP Ware: ERP Implementation Framework: Venkita Krishnan, PHI.

Colleges are encouraged to invite the ERP vendors and demonstrate Programming languages used for developing and customization of ERP and also study the Post implementation changes in the organization. To encourage the all round development of students by focusing on soft skills. To make student aware about the importance, the role and the content of soft skills through instruction, knowledge acquisition, and practice.

To develop and nurture the soft skills that help develop student as a team member, leader, and all round professional in long run have been identified and listed here for references. As the time professional in long run have been identified and listed here for references the time allotment for the soft skill laboratory as small and the fact that the skills are nurtured over years, students are encouraged to follow these skills as self study and self driven process.

Of Sessions 10 2. Tools, Guidelines for technical writing, Publishing 4 4. Guidelines for term-work: Marks 50 List of Possible Assignments: Write a personal essay and or resume or statement of purpose which may include: Student will present to a group from the following ideas 4.

Student will submit one technical document from the following: Students' own SWOT Analysis Students are expected to keep a personal record of any six activities that they conduct in the soft skill laboratory in the form of a journal. All students need note to do the same assignments. Institute having a freedom within the framework to customize set of activities to be followed. Assessment Guidelines for term-work assessment 1.

Written Communications - Students could submit for example - Personal resume, essay - Technical document or business document 2.

Spoken communication - One elocution event of say minutes individually - One group discussion or group presentation event 3. Overall participation in soft skills based lab activities - Attendance and enthusiasm - Participation and contribution in event management, organizing - Group games, group exercises, interpersonal skills observed 20 marks 20 marks 10 marks - Quality of journal for soft skills laboratory indicating personal progress, participation.

Guidelines for batch wise Time management for laboratory sessions Two hour session at a time - Batches could be of size 25 to 30 students.

Group discussions could be done for groups of students at a time for half so total need for two group discussions for each student of the batch will be required.

Sessions could be organized for trainers to give directions, knowledge, experience sharing or common viewing of training material on Video etc. Group exercises for team building, role playing and interaction with professional. Any good book like 1. Balasubramanyam Topic 2 and 3: Sharma, K. Management training and development catalog, National education and Information Films Ltd. Bhatia, " Managing time for competitive edge" 4. Lorayne Lucas "Memory Book" 5. Newstrom Keith Davis," Organizational Behavior', Tata McGraw-Hill, It is proposed that expert from industry be invited to conduct lectures and workshops to understand the industry soft-skill requirement.

Understanding SQL 3. SQL 4. Lab Exercises Exercise1 1. Create table Salespeople with fields snum, sname, city, commission 2. Orders table with field's onum, odate, snum, amt 3. Customers table with field's cnum, cname, city, rating, snum Exercise 2 1. Add at least 10 records 2. Display all the records with all sales peoples information. Display the details of fields sname, commission 4.

Display the odate, snum, onum, amt from orders table.


Display snum from orders table without duplications. Display all details of customer where rating is Display all details from customer table where salespersons number is Display the numbers of sales persons, with orders currently in the orders table without any repeats. Display all customers where rating is more than Display all customers where city is 'Mumbai' rating is more than Display all customers where city is either 'Pune' or 'Mumbai' List all customers not having city 'Pune' or rating more than Display all orders more that amt.

Display all customers excluding those, with rating less than equal to , unless they are located in 'Nagar' Display all sales persons names starting with character 'G' Find all records from customers table where city is not known i. Display all the customer's names begins with a letter A to G.

Display orderno, snum, commission for that order. Exercise 3 1.

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Display all the customers' records, arranged on name. Display all customers records arranged on rating in desc. Display all sales persons records arranged on snum 4.