Mar 27, Hex Hall Series by Rachel Hawkins (3 Books) – Free eBooks, ePUB, PDF, Downloads. Acemi Cadı – Rachel Hawkins PDF e-kitap indir . Booktopia has Mystic City, A Mystic City Novel: Book 1 by Theo Lawrence. Start by marking “Hex Hall (Hex Hall, #1)” as Want to Read: Three years ago, Sophie Mercer discovered that she was a witch. YA Buddy Readers': Hex Hall (Hex Hall #1) by Rachel Hawkins - Restarting June 1st Download Hex Hall (Hex Hall, #1) Online Book PDF. Three years ago, Sophie Mercer discovered that she was a witch. It's gotten her into a few scrapes.

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Hex Hall 1 Pdf

1. By: Rachel Hawkins. Hex Hall #2: Dæmonglas. By Rachel Hawkins Can she about-face abroad from the one being she wants to be with. Hex Hall 1 Rachel Hawkins discrete mathematics with application susanna solution,discussion questions for of mice and men chapter 3.,dissecting ruby on . Hex Hall is a best-selling trilogy of young adult paranormal romance novels by American author . At first wary of one another, Sophie and the Brannicks slowly begin to warm to each . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

By the end of her first day among fellow freak-teens, Sophie has quite a scorecard: Worse, Sophie soon learns that a mysterious predator has been attacking students, and her only friend is the number-one suspect. As a series of blood-curdling mysteries starts to converge, Sophie prepares for the biggest threat of all: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions.

This book was pretty good. There was action, suspense, and some romance. The main character was witty and any reader would be able to relate to them since she had boy, friend, family and identity problems.

This book occasionally reminded me of Harry Potter because of some of the teachers being both harsh and grandmotherly at times. Rachel Hawkins also captured the rea high school life and drama in this with their own version of Prom, cliques, relationships, and talking about teachers behind thei This book was pretty good.

Rachel Hawkins also captured the rea high school life and drama in this with their own version of Prom, cliques, relationships, and talking about teachers behind their backs. The ending was sad somewhat but you are going to have to read to find out what it is: Overall this book is good if you are looking for: View all 4 comments.

Aug 24, Mari Hilly rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this simple book so much because it's funny and has magic with a cool magic school setting which I enjoyed a lot! Sophie is one of the most funny characters I read about. I mean, only Gwendolyn from Rubinrot is funnier than her. I loved a lot Archer Cross and view spoiler [I don't think he wanted to hurt anyone, so I'm expecting his appearance in the next book.

I will not have a crush on Archer Cross, I will not have a crush o 4. Feb 07, Mel rated it really liked it Shelves: I am possibly one of the only people who hasn't read Rebel Belle so I didn't know how amazing Rachel Hawkins was at writing! There is nothing extremely spectacular about her writing there aren't really intricate profound quotes and there aren't any special qualities that set her apart like poetry prose or anything of the sort, but all of that is why her writing is so great.

She took a very plain storyline, something done before, and made it incredibly unique and beautiful because it was so real. For instance, her characters were so perfect. Sophie was everything you would expect her to be given her situation.

She was a giving caring character who was also definitely selfish and she second guessed herself and others all the time, all the while giving chances to the underdog. She is in reality a well rounded character that I could see existing in the world and that's so rare. Besides the supernatural beings, this was a very realistic book. They go to classes, they sometimes suck at classes, she got detention, there was a cute boy with a girlfriend who happened to be the mean girl.

It was basically the supernatural version of mean girls if they had been at a boarding school and I loved it.

So simple. This is not a book that you spend days trying to get over, this isn't a book that you can't stop thinking about, but it's a really good fun book to immerse yourself in for a few hours. Really enjoyed it. View all 3 comments. Mar 31, Sophia. Harry Potter: Magic Castle.

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Forbidden forest. Courses to learn spells. Very powerful headmaster. Special relationship between headmaster and one student. Said student appears to be the Chosen One. Humble, but still very gifted. Anna and the French Kiss: Girl doesn't want to be here. On her first day, meets lesbian roommate and hottest boy in school. Then meets Queen Bee and is bullied. Doesn't talk to Dad but likes Mom okay.

Earns detention, and ends up with hottest Harry Potter: Earns detention, and ends up with hottest boy. Vampire Academy: Magic castle.

Courses to learn how to fight. Kick-ass heroin. Doesn't know Dad. Learns that he is the Evil incarnate. Sounds familiar? Yeah, well, not surprising. Because it seems like Rachel Hawkins, on top of having a bad author behaviour, also thought that it would be a good idea to put all this stuff in a cauldron, shake it up, and call the stinky result Hex Hall. View all 7 comments. May 23, Lucy rated it it was ok Shelves: My main impression from the book is that it's meant for the very bottom of the age spectrum it's being marketed for.

I'd say years old because the writing is extremely simplistic. Of course, there's a lot of dead teenagers flying around so it's a weird mix of older, more mature themes and fairly immature writing. The world building is so-so. There wasn't a lot of depth here despite being charming in a general kind of way. Female Harry Potter, Sophie Mercer is not, but still fanatic Potter My main impression from the book is that it's meant for the very bottom of the age spectrum it's being marketed for.

The book moves at a brisk pace and Sophie, the female lead, is adorable and funny. The book tosses a lot of cliches in a blender and while you're perfectly aware you're being served every paranormal plot device ever it still goes down smoothly enough. I wouldn't recommend it to adults who like reading the genre. I'm giving my copy to the teenage girl who lives next door. Feb 19, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it it was ok Shelves: Find all of my reviews at: I space out and take a lot of reading breaks.

Sometimes the result of those distractions is a complete crap gif-filled mess instead of a review. Sophie was just trying to cast a love spell that would make the quarterback ditch his cheer captain date and take the most unpopular girl Find all of my reviews at: Sophie was just trying to cast a love spell that would make the quarterback ditch his cheer captain date and take the most unpopular girl at school from zero to hero.

Unfortunately, the spell worked a little too well. That image is for all the ladies. I continue to cross my fingers in hopes this trend will pass and authors will only be signed to produce one book at a time.

Hopefully the result will be books that aren't always soooooooo open ended. Off topic: Click their names to read their reviews This paranormal fantasy novel is fun, quick and entertaining to read.

I've listened to the audio book and is narrated by Cris Dukehart she's really good by the way. When a spell gone bad, a young witch Sophie Mercer was sent to Hecate Hall Hex Hall as a punishment of exposing herself to humans. Students consists of young Prodigium or supernatural creatures like vampires, w I would like to thank Ate AJ and Ate Rachel for recommending this book to me. Students consists of young Prodigium or supernatural creatures like vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches etc.

Things happened when there are mysterious attacks towards the students and they think Jenna Sophie's vampire roommate is responsible for these attacks. Sophie doesn't believe in it and she's about to find out. The setting somewhat reminds me of Harry Potter and the Hex Hall's history made me curious. It's pretty interesting and I want to know more.

Sophie Mercer is such a fascinating character. She's witty, hilarious and sarcastic at its best. This lady made me laugh out loud. As for other characters, all of them are interesting. Especially Archer Cross. Oh how I love this bad boy warlock. Lastly, the plot twist in this book is something I didn't expect. I was like "WHOA!

Now, that is one good twist! Overall, I really like this book. I am definitely going to pick up the sequel. If you are looking for a light fantasy novel, give this one a try. Jul 31, Anna M. Very cute book, I enjoyed it! My first outing with this author and she definitely has similarities to Maureen Johnson books, which I also love.

So in this world we have prodigious who are witches, fae, vampires, ruled by a council. Also demons. Very enjoyable read. Lovers of paranormal boarding-school romances and mean girl sagas.

I really think that a bEarding-school story would have been far more orginal than this "followed-all-baking-instructions-for-paranomal-young-adult" boarding-school girly-girl, let's-kiss-the-presumably-hot-and-bad-but-taken warlock, "three-mean-girls-shall-you-be" wi t chy-washy is. Please pat me on my back! Finishing this with only skipping half a page now and then took almost all my witch-power for today.

May 01, Elena Salvatore rated it liked it Shelves: It's iconic This was one of the first books that I added to my TBR pile, right after taking recommendations from Booktube and I was really excited to start reading it even tho I had postpone for years It isn't really what I had expect but that doesn't mean that I enjoyed it any less, just that the hype for this book was too high.

When I finally got a chance to pick it up, it took me only a few hours to finish the entire book in one sitting.

Hex Hall (Hex Hall, #1) by Rachel Hawkins

It is really fast paced and lightly written. Our protagonist is quite funny and the story is very interessting but I honestly have to say that this was the most anticlimactic "battle" I have ever come across, nothing didn't really happened. Literally nothing. Sophie is a teenage witch who struggles to keep her powers hidden, which makes her and her mother move alot. She has never met her father. The only thing she knows about him is that her powers came from his side of the family and that when her mother found out he was a Warlock, she dumped him and left without knowing that she was pregnant.

When Sophie was born she thought it would be better if he wasn't involve in her life, so everything that Sophie knows about her powers are the things that her mom read about in houndreds of magic books and from discovering some thing by herself. This did seem to work until one day she went to far and was forced to enroll into Hex Hall, an academy for supernatural missfits.

There she finds her first best friend, 3 enemys and big crush on a guy she shouldn't crush on and all that on her first day there. But when her best friend get's acused on the murder on her former roomate and other 2 attacks, Sophie tries to find out who was really behind them, while struggeling with her powers and discovering that she maybe plays a bigger part in all this then she realized.

In the end she has to ask herself, where come her powers from and why is her lif in danger? Who can she really trust when friends and foes look so much alike I meant that as a complement. It is what Mythos Academy tried to be before it fell miserably short. I was shocked at how much fun I had reading this book. The most successful parts of this story were the characters and the witty dialogue. Sophie was an awesome MC. I found her to be totally relatable and believable. A typical Sophie line: I opened my eyes to stare at a bright blue tulle monstrosity with a skirt that would hit me at mid thigh.

I'd look like the really slutty bride of Cookie Monster. The secondary characters were also pretty great. How could I not love a lesbian friend in a mainstream YA novel I can't, I must love her.

Three cheers for diversity! And Archer is such an adorable boy to crush on even if that makes me a touch pervy.

What kept this book from being a great read was that it was a bit too slow for my tastes. It wasn't spooky enough, or dangerous enough The pace dragged at the beginning and the excitement came too little too late for my tastes. However, I'm excited that I have another YA paranormal to get behind!

View all 12 comments. Simpatico, semplice, divertente e dinamico. Come poter resistere ad un istituto che ospita streghe, mutaforma, fate e anche vampiri?! Io non resisto a temi del genere. Sophie, i Simpatico, semplice, divertente e dinamico. E con lei mi sono divertita da morire. Oct 03, Ariel rated it really liked it. The characters were all awesome, the setting was great, and the plot was exciting!

I really enjoyed the main character, she was witty and snarky. View all 13 comments. Page 9.

Page Rachel Hawkins.. King County Library System. Skip To:. Spell Bound. Share your thoughts on Spell. Spell Bound Hex Hall 3 Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins Series: A History of the Plantagenet Dynasty eBook free pdf.

I was so eager to get my hands on Spell Bound that I had the release date marked. She shrieked, and I heard a muffled thump that I really, really hoped was the knife hitting the ground. My fingers closed around the hilt, and Idragged it toward me. Using the sword for leverage, I pushed myself to my feet and turned back to the girl.

She was still sitting on the ground, leaning back on her hands, her breath coming hard and fast. All traces of Badass Girl Scout were gone from her face; now she was just a scared little kid. I wondered why. I mean, I was still leaning on the sword, not pointing it at her. My legs were trembling so much, I was sure she could see it, and Iknew my face was streaked with tears and sweat. She knew me, or at least knew of me.

Which meant she probably knew what I was. Or used to be. The girl kept her eyes on me, but her hands were moving restlessly over the ground around her, no doubt searching for the knife. Iraised both my eyebrows. Not exactly a name to strike fear into the heart. My head felt like it was filled with cement, and even my heartbeat seemed heavy and sluggish. There was also this weird, niggling feeling at the back of my mind, like Iwas missing something important. Shoving that aside, I turned my attention back to Izzy.

But Izzy shook her head. Izzy wavered in front of me, and I realized I was seeing her through tears. Izzy sat up straighter. There are only Brannicks back at the compound. My dad, and Jenna, and Archer, and Cal. A wave of grief and exhaustion slammed into me.

No powers. No parents. No friends. In that moment, I let myself entertain the idea of just putting the sword down and lying on the ground. But just as quickly, I shut that thought right the heck down. No way had I survived demon attacks, and ghoul duels, and demonglass explosions to end up murdered by Raggedy Ann. Whether Mom was here or not, Iwas going to survive this.

It hurt, but that was good. That might actually keep me from passing out, which in turn would keep Izzy from dissecting me, or whatever it was Brannicks did to demons. Former demons. Ibet it has bunkers and barbed wire. Or was it me weaving from side to side? And was everything getting dimmer because the flashlight was dying, or was it my eyes that had stopped working? No, Iam not going to faint.

A loud chattering noise filled my head, and Irealized it was my teeth. Iwas going into shock. That was just…so inconvenient. Iwas slipping to the ground, and Izzy had turned around, obviously looking for the knife. Suddenly, I noticed a faint glow coming from somewhere behind me.

Confused, I started to turn toward it, figuring it was probably a Brannick hunting party. And then Ifelt a powerful, almost electric buzz shoot through me. Irecognized it immediately. I stood completely still, disoriented. Had my powers just—but no. This magic felt like something light and cold settling on top of my head. Like snow. Shrieking, Izzy tumbled to the ground.

I walked forward, the sword lifted high, but again, it was like I was a puppet. Izzy had managed to get to her feet and was stumbling away from me. She backed into a tree with a thump, and Iwatched as Iplaced the tip of the blade at her throat. Get out! Iscreamed silently. Your choice. Whatever, Elodie replied.

Icould practically hear the eye-roll in her voice.

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