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medical-site.info - download He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys book online at best prices in India on medical-site.info Read He's Just Not. He's Just Not That Into You—based on a popular episode of Sex and the City—is It's Just a F***ing Date: Some Sort of Book About Dating by Greg Behrendt. Greg Behrendt quotes Showing of “If he’s not calling you, it’s because you are not on his mind. If he creates expectations for you, and then doesn’t follow through on little things, he will do same for big things.

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Hes Just Not That Into You Book

He's Just Not That Into You book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Everyone can use a daily wake-up medical-site.info in bite-. Do you tend to wonder how much he really likes you, or over analyze your interactions and conversations? He's Just Not That Into You will. Presents an examination of familiar scenarios and classic mindsets that keep women in unsatisfying relationships, aimed at sparing them hours of waiting by the.

It's time to move on. The film adaptation, a sprawling, many-threaded series of stories that play out each of these dynamics in turn, has other advice: Fight with him. Chase him and humiliate yourself. Complain to some girlfriends. Consult one of the helpful, perky, sexless gay men who seem to be everywhere. And then back off for a while. Chances are excellent that he'll come to his senses and become Just That Into You. After all, he's in a romantic comedy, right? Until a rash of ridiculous happy endings takes all the bite out of the premise, "He's Just Not That Into You" has some fun with its bubble gum tone. Like the book and the "Sex and the City" episode that inspired it, it sets out to soften its stinging message with a playful, lively approach. A wry opening montage pokes fun at the terrible relationship advice women give each other in the name of being supportive. In a series of brief interludes, supporting players talk directly to the camera about relationship mistakes.

You've read a lot of Amazing Spider-Man. You have a vague sense of furniture placement rules. But come on, this partner could do a little better on some level. With that in mind, you might get someone shooting way above his bracket, but in all likelihood you're going to get guys asking you out who are thinking, "She looks attainable. I recently met a good friend who told me how he started dating his wife. Basically, he was moving out of town, so he figured he'd just ask out the prettiest, nicest girls that he thought were way out of his league.

Because fuck it. He'd be gone forever, so why not go for broke? It worked, and they're married. They have kids. More than one for chrissakes. My point: Under normal circumstances, a guy isn't super likely to go for broke when it comes to asking out a girl he considers out of his league.

Especially not a nice, realistic guy like this friend. The system in this book, it allows men to try and bat out of order, but not women. You can't go after someone you consider out of your league. You just have to hope they come to you.

That seems like a sad way to live. I rarely say this, but I think it applies to relationships. It's not about getting what you deserve. It's about getting a little bit more. Last thing, and why I think the premise is flawed. This book makes an assumption. The assumption, that the opposite of a man who is interested and pursues a woman is a man who is uninterested and does not. That if Rule A is true, and Rule A states "A man who does not pursue you is not interested in you" then it's opposite is true, "A man who does pursue you is interested.

Or is the opposite a non-pursuer? I know, this sounds like the logic they use with Bizarro Superman. He flies backwards, feet first, but shouldn't he also be upside-down? Or underground or something? I'm just trying to say that I think the opposite of a man who is not pursuing you is not a passionate, interested man that is. Take the signals, pay goddamn attention, but don't take any advice as gospel, especially when it's based on a "Men be all like this That's not science.

That's just the experience of one man. And yes, many many people have written in and agreed with this book, however if you're thinking about this scientifically, most people who read this probably already suspect that He's Just Not That Into them. That's why they picked up the book. So it stands to reason. They tell you straight-up that there are rules, but if you break them at the right time and the right way, you'll connect with someone on a different level.

That's my advice, after reading this book. Nearly everyone I know has said that he or she doesn't want to be in a long-distance relationship. And nearly everyone I know HAS been after making that declaration.

It's simple. I don't want to be in a long-distance relationship with a woman. But that's A woman. When it comes to the question of being in a long-distance relationship with Anastasia I tried to pick a name associated with NOBODY I know, but if I remember I DO know one this is going to be extra fucked-up because it'll seem really, really pointed it's a different discussion.

Rules are there for the masses, and they're broken by individuals. Especially when it comes to love. Have high standards, go after what you want, but don't be an idiot. Don't impose rules on yourself that limit your own happiness. View all 9 comments. Apr 12, La-Lionne rated it did not like it Shelves: Good God, this book reeks of Stone Age, sexism and untifemininism. The author, Greg Behrendt, is a comedian, worked as a consultant on Sex and the city, has been on tons of well known talk shows, and all this somehow made him into a Love Guru.

He felt like he was sitting on so much knowledge, that could help clueless poor women, that he decided to write a book and share his wisdom with the world. The reason I picked up this book, was because I wanted to read funny stories about dating. And this Good God, this book reeks of Stone Age, sexism and untifemininism. And this book had plenty of those. But my god did it stank bullshit. The book is written from two peoples point of view, Greg, who wastes no time giving advice "dump him", and Liz, who's job is to point out the grey areas in relationships.

Unlike Greg, she believes that not everything is black and white, that some relationship are more complicated. At first I thought it was interesting, that she was questioning his relationship advice, trying to point out that not all men are pigs, with hidden agendas, mommy issues, secretly set on using and abusing all women in their paths, because someone, at some point in their lives did them wrong. You read halfway into her argument and think "This Liz chick is onto something.

Let me give you some examples. Greg believes that a woman should never approach a man first. That there is nothing wrong with that.

Greg aka self proclaimed Love Guru, takes her's "there is nothing wrong with that" and raises her with "Do you really want a man who is so lazy that he doesn't even bother to talk to you? Imagine having a relationship with such jewel. Yeah, some men might be intimidated by powerful women, but if he is really into you, he will get off his lazy ass and approach you.

Because there is no other explanation why a man would not approach a woman first, other than he's lazy, or likes things being handed to him. Ladies, assume your submissive positions and wait for the Prince Charming to make his move. Also, the use of word "we" annoyed me to no end. When Greg talked about men, he always used "we men" like he was talking on behalf of all male species. We love the chase. We are made this way. That's who we are. That's how we do things. So what that my mother had a stroke.

If I was into you, I would call and tell you about it right away. If I haven't, I'm just not into you. It's that simple. Although we would like you to think we are. Don't even get me started on the part where Greg explains to the ladies that is 4 A. Or the part where he talks about marriage. That if a man is really into you, he will want to marry you one day. If he's not asking, something is wrong. It is one thing when a woman wants that, but to say that if he's really into you, he will want to marry you.

Yeah you've been together for a long time, he's committed to you in every way, the relationship is great, but if he says he doesn't want to get married, READ FLAG! What the fuck was this woman doing not bringing this up in the early stages of their relationship???

He’s Just Not That Into You

Oh, wait, we're suppose to wait til the man makes the first move. Then you have: That's why women should stay put and wait for things to happen, because we do not. Then there is "friends to lovers" thing. According to Greg, if a man is interested in being more than a friend to you here he talked about going from long time friendship to romantic relationship , he will always, ALWAYS, want to take relationship further.

Because, you know, men find it very satisfying to get what they want and all that. Because they don't have the ability to foresee the consequences that could lead to ruining the friendship. AND, because they don't care about that anyway, at least not enough to think for a second if anything good will come out of it.

Then there is the part where a man will find a way to get ahold of you even if you didn't give him your phone number. If he's really into you that is. Ah, E. James would be truly proud. And this is not even halfway through the book!

I could rant about it all day. The bottom line of this book is: The only time the importants of communication was mentioned, it was fallowed by "but.. Regardless of what she thought, the Greg ended up being right. His advice and wisdom is gold, according to her.

He's Just Not That Into You - Greg Behrendt, Liz Tuccillo - Häftad () | Bokus

The book ended with her saying she feels lonely sometimes, it sucks being single, but it's better to be single than being in a bad relationship. Which is true. But Liz is staying put, at the age of 41 this book was written a while back, she should be 51 now , without approaching men herself, successfully dating in NY I think. This book had its funny moments, but I really hope that no one, who bought this book, took Greg's advice to heart. Otherwise we will never get rid of Stone Age mentality.

View all 3 comments. D cinta itu seperti bulutangkis. XD cinta itu seperti catur. D cinta itu seperti berenang. View all 31 comments. Seorang pria tidak benar-benar mencintai anda kalau dia tidak mau menikahi anda atau dia berselingkuh". Wanita sering mengalami kebimbangan untuk mengetahui perasaan pria terhadapnya.

He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys

Kedekatan, kebersemaan, flirting, kata-kata basi, gombal, perhatian, etc. Tapi setelah beberapa waktu tidak juga a "Seorang pria tidak benar-benar mencintai anda kalau dia tidak pernah berusaha untuk mendekati, menarik perhatian, menghubungi, menelpon, mengajak keluar dll yang menunjukan ketertarikannya kepada anda.

Tapi setelah beberapa waktu tidak juga ada kepastian. Hubungan Tanpa Status. Teman Tapi Mesra. Pertanyaan itu muncul bertubi "cintakah dia padaku? Dalam buku ini, Greg menuliskan jawabannya dari sudut pandang pria. Jawaban yang terus terang, apa adanya hingga kadang menyakitkan. Kebenaran memang terkadang menyakitkan. Tapi itu jauh lebih baik daripada terjebak dalam jutaan dalih, Gede Rasa GR , alasan, prasangka yang ujung-ujungnya menjadi ketidakpastian. Karena sudah jadi kebiasaan buruk kaum wanita untuk mudah tersanjung dan gede rasa kalau ada seorang pria yang memperhatikannya.

Lantas mulai menanam prasangka, dalih dan sejuta dalih lainnya. Menurutnya, pria itu simple. Dalih-dalih terlalu sibuk, tidak ingin merusak persahabatan, tidak ingin menyakiti, belum siap, kamu adalah wanita terbaik yang pernah ia kenal, etc itu hanyalah kalimat lain dari "he is just not that into you". Dia tidak benar-benar mencintai anda.

Jadi ketika ada seorang pria yang mendekati anda, belum tentu ia jatuh cinta pada anda. Bisa jadi ia hanya ingin bersahabat dengan anda. Ketika ada pria yang mengobral rayuan dan kata-kata basi: Bisa jadi karena ia hanya tertarik pada kelebihan yang anda miliki.

Pria itu terlalu pengecut untuk mengatakan hal yang sebenarnya pada anda. Pria lebih baik jatuh ke dalam sumur daripada harus mengatakan kalau ia tidak tertarik pada anda. Anda terlalu berharga. Anda luar biasa. Kalau ia tidak benar-benar mencintai anda, anggap aja ia yang rugi.

Percaya dech, ada seseorang di luar sana yang selalu menatap anda dan menanti cinta anda. View all 76 comments. Aug 03, Mariah Roze rated it liked it. This book was really fascinating! Not only does it give good advice for women and let's them know that the excuses from men are not acceptable, but also how dating was very different 12 years ago. Like, that wasn't that long ago, but this book has a lot of differences in dating styles than I see around me today.

It's just fascinating to learn about: Also, this book is a movie but don't let that fool you. This book is nothing like the movie. This is a self-help book! Not a story: View all 6 comments. I realize it's been trash talked times ten in the media since it first came out but I do think it's extremely underrated. I read it as a first year grad student and remember all these light bulbs going off in my head as I eagerly scanned the pages for information.

As I read the letters and stories in the book, so much of my life started making sense to me! I started to see what I was doing "right" and what I was doing "wrong" and after I finished the book and reflected on it a bit, I really did change my approach to dating. And you know what? It worked. I think what I really like about the book, that it really doesn't get credit for, is that it promotes independence.

The main message is that knowledge is power and even if things aren't the way you want them to be, at least if you know then you can go on to something else.

That was the main message that resonated with me and that's why I think it's a really empowering book for females. Jun 25, V. I think that no matter who you are, you're never too good for a low-brow self-help book. If you date men, you should read He's Just Not That Into You , because this book serves as a reminder to make sure you're being treated with the respect you deserve. After you read this book, you will save a lot of time you would have spent making excuses for some deadbeat.

The book's also written in a very humorous, breezy, and clear style. You can read it quickly but the advice will stick with you for many d I think that no matter who you are, you're never too good for a low-brow self-help book. You can read it quickly but the advice will stick with you for many dates to come.

Even so, I like to reread it every so often as a kind of refresher course, to remind myself why it doesn't make sense to "waste the pretty. Jul 13, Melissa rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The title is off-putting. But the idea is simple: This book is empowering - it has become my post-breakup manual, and my copy has notes in the margins about each of the lovely gents who, alas, were just not that into me.

It's also been informative using the book like this because it help The title is off-putting. It's also been informative using the book like this because it helps highlight my own foible-rific patterns. I've chosen to take this advice with a grain of salt: I refuse to pretend to be some eyelash-batting man-lure - I feel like that would be unfair to all parties if I were to behave so uncharacteristically.

Instead I take the middle road - Greg's whole thing is that men prefer to pursue rather than being pursued. So I am myself I'll let you know how it works out. I am not a fan of self-help books! Now, I am aware that the book is, in fact, what the movie was based on; it is NOT a story!

Rather it is a series of scenarios which Greg - our love guru, apparently - gives some black and white answers to. I know this isn't a book for me, I am in a happy relationship with a wonderful man and beyond that, many of the "lessons" or "scen Disclaimer: I know this isn't a book for me, I am in a happy relationship with a wonderful man and beyond that, many of the "lessons" or "scenarios" played out in here are obvious to me as poor behaviour.

Be that because I have, personally, already learned it OR that it is just a huge "red flag" in general. For example: I do not need to be told this, it's pretty self evident. If you "think" you are dating someone and he doesn't make any advances chances are that "he's just not that into you". I feel like Greg is too finite. His answers are very black and white. Also, a bit sexist! I'm sorry I do think a female should be able to ask a guy out, I think it is ridiculously unfair to tell a woman that EVERY man prefers to do the chasing Also, he's a bit of a Neanderthal for thinking ALL women want to get married and pop out babies, that simply isn't true.

However, he does make some interesting points. AND I imagine this is probably helpful to some people who are looking for love in all the wrong places. One thing I do want to say, and he does sort of touch on this at a couple points, is that sometimes it really doesn't matter if your partner cares about you or not.

Sometimes you are too fundamentally different to be able to make it work, sometimes you have to choose yourself!! View all 22 comments. Apr 09, Michelle rated it liked it Shelves: Where was this book when I was younger and dating?! This would have saved atleast a couple of tears over guys who did not deserve them.

I might have acted a little less crazy as well. Just a little. But I must say there is a chapter I think they should have included, so I take it upon myself to add it here now. Everyone wants to be loved and needed, especially by someone who is caring, who enjoys your company an Where was this book when I was younger and dating?! Everyone wants to be loved and needed, especially by someone who is caring, who enjoys your company and treats you with the respect you deserve.

The idea of being with someone some times is worth ignoring some simple facts and obvious red flags. Isn't it? We share all our intimate details about one another, we spend hours together, even have sleepovers. We are perfect for eachother! We are soul mates! Should I feel weird that he is gay or just keep this awesome feeling? He will leave you asap when he finds a guy he wants to stick it in.

We snuggle, we hold hands, we are great with communicating with one another I don't care that he is. I get all the emotional attachment without having to be physical. I don't have to be physical with him in order for him to be into me, right? But he will not feel this way forever. He probably wants some physical parts from a relationship, but you just don't have the correct ones.

Honey, he is gay. He is not into you. He is into shlongs and other various parts. It's SO Simple He is gay ladies! I know you want to be with him and have a some-what relationship.

It is better than nothing right? You will still get hurt when he leaves you for your cute gay neighbour down the hall, or your best friend's ex that she was dumped by because he was gay. Here's what's hard about this one You feel secure being with someone and loved by someone and really, there isn't anything wrong with that.

We all want to be loved and in love. And that is what you should want. To be in love. In love with someone who is into women, not men. Go find that straight man! Michelle, I get it! By Rhonda, age 40 While snuggling with my gay friend, I started thinking about what I wanted from a relationship.

I basically had everything I wanted with Spencer except being physical and the security that this thing could turn into marriage. So I told him we had to stop doing what we were doing and help eachother find men, instead of using eachother as substitutes. So far so good. Just wish we would go to places that aren't a gay bar. I keep getting confused for being a tranny. If he is bi, well there is something different, but if he is into dudes, he is into dudes, not you. That is all.

Get the real thing! Nov 23, Waukesha rated it liked it. Good but not great, offered some insight to what I try to tell some girls all the time but it was a fun book to read. Strictly for laughs and not too serious, so don't take this book so serious My co-workered referred to Greg the author as my "patron saint," and, for better or for worse, he's right.

Greg has become the voice in my head when it comes to guys, mainly because he's always right. I wish this book had been around when I was younger, though it has become very useful in my 20's. This is a book I constantly pick up again, just to refresh my memory, and just to feel a little bit better when I'm feeling down "Don't Waste the Pretty".

It's funny, it's honest, and it's always ri My co-workered referred to Greg the author as my "patron saint," and, for better or for worse, he's right. It's funny, it's honest, and it's always right. Jun 11, Rotceh rated it did not like it. I didn't even finish it.

I thought it was going to be an empowering book about women taking control of their choices, but instead i found a book that is just plain sexist. So, ALL men are moved by sex? And they just like you or not? That thinking is called 'dichotomy thinking'. Yeah, there may be those kind of guys, but they are not the rule. Men are not as bi I didn't even finish it.

Men are not as bidirectional as this book makes them sound. People are more complicated, and women should take action.

Let me tell you why women would want to choose this behavior instead: It releases us from responsibilities. It gives us the freedom of saying: He didn't called, so that wasn't meant to happen. If he doesn't try hard enough, then he doesn't like me. Well guess what? If only one of two sides is trying, it's not going to work. I'm not saying women should let men treat them like dirt, but if he is the only one trying there, you're the one treating him that way.

People don't fall in love from the first moment -no matter what people might think- they're just attracted. There has to be knowledge to be love. Attraction is not the only thing that keeps a relationship, and it's not HIS duty to fall in love with you at the first moment. Because that's how we are. So, I just thought this book was pure and utterly -and pardon me for my vocabulary- shit.

Don't let man treat you like dirt, take control of your own life. And if really, a guy is not into you, don't you wait around hoping he will.

You are too valuable to sit around and wait. While I don't necessarily agree with everything in the book, I get what the author is saying. This slim, one hundred sixty-five page volume of humor, honesty, and tough love has given me an interesting outlook on relationships, men, women, and priorities.

Just reading the introductions had me laughing out loud. And sadly and most embarrassingly , we [men: Typical self-help relationship books are full of the whys and hows.

This book isn't about the hows and whys -- it's about realizing your priorities, it's about realizing that we need to move forward, it's about coming to terms with the myth of "mixed messages. Men basically say everything through their actions. Women are frustrated to no end by the lack of a man's ability to be like us -- i. It makes me realize I can either over-analyze and ignore the present or I can have a cry, shrug, and find the guy that I really deserve. I listened to the audiobook, read by the authors.

And it's pretty hilarious, if you go for the whole "this is how I am, therefore, every man is that same way, therefore you should always only behave like this" thing. I mean, that's some serious research right there.

At the same time, I mostly think Greg is right. Or, he's I listened to the audiobook, read by the authors. Or, he's just not that into you. I listened it feeling like, as a woman, I was being treated like a dummy. Please repeat yourself a FEW more times so my pea-sized brain can try to grasp the concept.

I'm left wondering how I would have responded to this book if it had come out when I was single and genuinely in the midst of some of this men angst. Jan 14, PlatKat rated it liked it Recommends it for: It burns, it burns! I'm not talking about the truth It's just frustrating to read all these letters from women who have let such bullshit go on for so long, and Greg's response is pretty much the same every time.

Also, the book assumes you want a serious relationship. Personally, I don't. But I don't want to feel dicked around either. I assume that most women are smart enough to know the difference between dating around and getting played It burns, it burns!

I assume that most women are smart enough to know the difference between dating around and getting played by several guys at a time. I really hope women aren't reading the information in this book like it's news. Its sole purpose should be to serve as a nice pick-me-up when you're feeling down about a breakup. Of course there are a million guys out there who would love to date you and of course you shouldn't waste your time on the one who doesn't.

I guess I shouldn't expect anything terribly ground-breaking in a book about relationships. It's been a long time since I've read such a book, but maybe I needed to if only to remember how far I've come! I suppose this book was a best-seller because it's one of the better ones.

Nov 13, Booknut rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ever wondered what guys secretly mean by their words and actions? Greg gives a man's perspective on life, love and dating that is certainly an eye-opener for females. But the highlight of this book has to be Greg's overall message: Because you're smart, sassy, and beautiful just the way you are: There is some mature language and themes discussed. View 2 comments.

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