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Abnormal psychology: a South African perspective. by Tracey-Lee Austin; Alban Burke. Print book. English. 2nd ed. Cape Town: Oxford University Press. Abnormal Psychology: A South African perspective 2nd Edition. by Alban ISBN ISBN Why is ISBN important? ISBN. Abnormal Psychology. A South African perspective. Second Edition. Edited by Alban Burke. The book refers to both International Classification of Diseases.

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Abnormal Psychology A South African Perspective 2nd Edition Pdf

Results 1 - 21 of 21 ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY: A SOUTH AFRICAN PERSPECTIVE (PB). AUSTIN T.L.. ISBN / ISBN Abnormal Psychology - A South African Perspective (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition) / Editor: Alban The second edition of Abnormal Psychology features new chapters on western and African aetiological ISBN 5. A South African perspective The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th ed.) Cultural and cross-cultural psychology in south africa.

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Glass and Wegar [ 1 ] also found that many teachers believe that medication is warranted for the control of the behaviours that are characteristic of ADHD, even when the educator believes that ADHD is not a biological condition and that it is one that is caused by environmental factors.

It is evident from the literature that ADHD is prominent in all communities and cultures. While the cause is influenced by biological, psychological as well as social systems, the prevalent interventions do not necessarily address these various systems.

The understanding of both the causes and interventions are informed by the model from which ADHD is understood. While there are a number of distinct models upon which an understanding of ADHD can be based, research shows that teachers are more prone to favouring the medical model to address the symptoms and favour medication to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD due to the fast acting nature of the medication [ 1 ]. Mowbray [ 24 ], p.

As a result children struggle to exercise self control for extended periods of attention. They argue that children are accustomed to seeing moving pictures and so cannot attend to someone who is standing still.

These children are often labeled with ADHD by their teachers.

In contrast to the medical model, a broader socio-ecological model, such as the eco-systemic model acknowledges that interactions between an individual and various systems may either hinder or augment their development [ 42 , 43 ]. Applied to ADHD the eco-systemic perspective helps us to understand that children cannot be viewed in isolation, but as part of the bigger whole and in a reciprocal relationship with it [ 5 ].

The eco-systemic model therefore takes into consideration that inattention can also be attributed to environmental factors that negatively affect the learner, such as teaching style, classroom noise, parental style and socio-economic hardships. Experimental Section 2.

Context of the Study The present research study was conducted at fifteen mainstream primary schools in the Johannesburg East, West and North Districts of the Gauteng region of South Africa. Amongst these, eight were private and seven were public schools.

In South Africa, a township refers to an under-developed urban living area on the outskirts of towns or cities, primarily reserved for people of colour during the apartheid era. This is an unexpected finding and is unique to this study as private schools are better funded and resourced.

Thirteen teachers indicated that they had access to clinical psychologists. Sampling Procedures Of the twenty-seven primary schools who were invited to participate in the study, only fifteen principals gave consent for their teachers to participate.

The sample consisted of foundation phase teachers from fifteen schools who indicated that they would participate in the study.

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The sample was a purposive sample of convenience. Foundation phase teachers were specifically selected since they come into contact with learners between the ages of six and nine and it is during this time that the symptoms of ADHD are usually first recognized as potentially problematic in children [ 36 ]. Participants The participants in the current study comprised of females and one male whose ages ranged between 20 and over 50 years. The overall mean age of the sample was 36—40 years of age.

Teachers were requested, in writing to participate in the study.

Political Violence and the Struggle in South Africa

They were informed, through the use of an information sheet that participation in the study was completely voluntary and that anonymity and confidentiality would be ensured. No identifying information was requested on the questionnaire.

Data Analysis Both qualitative and quantitative data was gathered. The quantitative data was analysed using descriptive statistics employing frequency analysis, based on the aims and research questions of the study.

Having been coded and entered into a spreadsheet, the quantitative data was analysed Statistical Analysis Software SAS.

Braun and Clarke [ 45 ] distinguish between two types of thematic content analysis, namely, an inductive thematic analysis and theoretical thematic analysis deductive. For the present study, a theoretical analysis was used. This is an approach wherein the researcher fits the data into a pre-existing coding frame [ 45 ]. Theoretical thematic analysis also known as deductive category analysis works with aspects of analysis which have been formulated prior to data collection [ 46 ].

In this study the categories for analysis were based on the aims and research questions of the study, while the themes were based on the pattern of responses that emerged. While the categories of analysis are deductive categories, the patterns of responses were then analyzed employing frequency analysis. The current study also used a self-developed questionnaire Supplementary A which was designed based on relevant ADHD literature.

Abnormal psychology : a South African perspective

Face and content validity of the questionnaire was assessed through the piloting process. The questionnaire was piloted on foundation phase educators who did not form part of the sample of the study, to evaluate the clarity of the specific questionnaire items [ 47 ].

The pilot sample consisted of five, female educators. Two of the educators were teaching Grade 2, two were teaching Grade 1, while one of the educators was teaching Grade 3. The results of the pilot study indicated that the questionnaire items were clearly understood, requiring no modification.

Abnormal Psychology: A South African perspective: medical-site.info: Alban Burke: Books

The questionnaire was two-fold in nature, consisting of both open and closed-ended questions, with the knowledge and attitudes about ADHD being evaluated through the use of closed-ended questions employing a Likert scale ranging from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree.

However the results have been analyzed and interpreted using a three point scale; Agree, Neither Agree or Disagree and Disagree; where the Strongly Agree and Agree results have been combined, as well as the Strongly Disagree and Disagree results. Is the information for this product incomplete, wrong or inappropriate? Let us know about it.

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Barlow received his B. He is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement award from the American Psychological Association as well as the James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award from the Association for Psychological Science, which honors individuals for their lifetime of significant intellectual achievements in applied psychological research.

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