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Spark 1. CEF Level: A1. Authors: Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley Spark 1 - Student's Book (+ ieBook) Spark 1 - Workbook (with Digibooks App). spark medical-site.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. 3 Complete the table for the students In Ex. 1, then make sentences. elementary english grammar- the best one for students 5th grade. you ~ Present Continuous MODUlE 6 60 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 Put the Spark 1 grammar . book • atlas • pencil sharpener • schoolbag • ruler • eraser • notebook.

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Spark 1 Students Book

ñ Videos ñ All the audio material of both Spark Student's Book and Workbook, with Grammar Book. Robin Hood free upon adoption. Spark 1. Teacher's Book. Spark 1 - Student's Book (Аудиозаписи). audio. Раздел: Evans Virginia, Dooley Jenny. Spark 2. Teacher's Book + Student's Book + Answers. djvu. Раздел. Author: Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley. Page: Binding: Soft cover. Publication date: Format: Book+CD. Publisher: EXPRESS PUBLISHING. Language.

Numbers School objects Colours Days of the week. Great animals! IlzI collection. Fantastic Fish Describing animals A fact file about an animal National animals from Fact file about the ba ld Talking about habits A short text about an around the world the eagle gap fill Expressing fear animal festival kangaroo - Australia, the Festive time Talking about pets An article describing your Giant Panda - China Pronunciation: Asking about names 2 Ask and answer, a s In the example. What s your name? And your surname? How do you 5pell it? M-I-double l-E-S.

Bill and I are from London. I'm Ingrid. Present the full and contracted forms of Bill and lore 12 years old. Point to a S. You're Morio. Then write it on the Steve is from London. Steve is 12 years old. Point to a male S in the class and say: He's Tony, Betly is from Spain.

Then write it on the board. Belty is from London. Point to a fem ale 5 in the class and say: She's Maria. Betty is 12 years old. Continue with the rest.

Then present the simple negative 01 the verb 'to be', Say, then write on the board: Underline the words I'm not Elicit how inte rrogative of the ve rb 'to be' the negative of the verb 'to be' is formed by Ss close their books. Say, then write on the board: Do the same to Am I 0 teacher? Underline Am I. Explain that we present all persons singular and plural in both full form the interrogative of the verb 'ro be' by putting and contracted fo rms.

Ss o pen their books and read the box. Elicit the L1 Answer the question on the board: Yes, lam. Explain that this is a positive short answer.

No, I'm not. Check Ss' a nswers.

Answer Key Ss open their books and read t he box. Elicit the l1 equivalents. Allow Ss some time to make their sentences, then ask Ss around the class to say a sentence. Make Answer Key sure all possibilities are given. Draw Ss' attention to the photos and the names Juan and Rosa ore 12 years old.

We are friends. Ask two Ss to read the example. We are ram Spain. In open pairs, Ss ask and answer using the prompts We are twins. We are from London. Answer Key We ore' 2 yeof! Yes, he is. No, they aren't. Yes, theyare. Yes, she is. No, she isn't.

Ss do the task. Point to yourseH and say: I, then write it on the Answer Key board. Point to a S and say: Point to a male S and say. Then write it Who 3 Howold 5 When on the board. Explain that we use he for a boy or a 2 Where 4 What man. Continue for the rest of the subject pronouns.

Present the object pronouns. Say, then write on 10 To practise question words the board: I am a leocher. Look at me. Underline Read the example. Allow time for Ss to write the the words I and me.

Explain that me is an object questions, then check Ss' answers on the board. Present the other pronouns in the same way. He's Q student. Look Answer Key at her. She's a student. Look at it. Ir's a desk, ete. Elicit the l1 equivalents for both the subject 3 Where are you from? Ss' own answers 5 Who's Bob? Point out that subject Ss to read the example aloud. Monitor the activity around the class and then ask Check Ss' answers. My name's Juan.

I'm Jenny Dovis. Om 10 years old. This is my sister, A: Look at llff. Jjj looks exactly like me. J'm 12 years old. What's your favourite subject? What's your favourite sport? Allow Ss some time to replace the words in bold. Ask Ss to identify the type of b To consolidate vocabulary and pronoun. Write all the question words on the board. Give an example for each q uestion Explain the task.

Allow some time for Ss to write word and explain when each word is used. Who is that mon? He 's Mr lanes. What ;s it? It's a pencil. They're here. I'm 10 years old. We are 13 years When is your birthday? In June. We are Greek. Ss open their books and read the box. Elicit the II equival ents for the highlighted question words. What are these words 1 " Write the questions. I'm 12 years old. My fa vou rite subject is History.

spark 1.pdf

She's 10 too. We are tWins. I've lA! I Speaking Replace the are , 8 words In bold with from London. She What's your name? Tom and lynn are How old are yo u? What's your favourite su bject? What's you r favourite sport?

Steve is from Mexico. Question Words b Ask these questions a Read the box. Say the highlighted in your language. Writing Who: It's a book. Use the verb to be. How old: My name 's Rosa. Jenny is my friend. We are When: In May. We are Spanish. Look at gaps l S. Which asks for: This will help yo u do the task. Nome 0 Suson Surname 1. Country 2. Favourite subject What's you r name? My nam e's What's your surname? Where are you f rom? Ask some Ss to read Elicit the l1 equ ivalents.

Alternatively, assign as Hw' Ss' own answers " She is '2 years old. Choose a leader. Ss, in teams, guess which sport it is. Each correct guess gets one I point. I 2 To personalise t he topic Ask Ss to answer the questions in writing. Ask some Ss. Suggested Answer Key I Yes, there are.

Play the recording. Ss listen and fill the gaps. Mon itor the activity around the class. Ss then swap roles so that each S asks and answers the questions. Ask some pairs to ask and answer in front of the class. Suggested Answer Key My surname's Pappa. I'm from Athens. My favourite subject is Music. My favourite sport is tennis. MOOUU 1. Creet B. Greet A. Ask how Play the record ing with pauses lor Ss to listen and repeat. I'm fine J Ask Ss to give the Lt equivalents for the phrases. Ask about B.

Nice to Answer Key Ask where C is from. Ask where Bis. How old Ask about B's age. J I'm Ss listen and follow the Reply. Ask about Reply. Cs favourite subject. Read out the information on rhythm and Monitor the activity around the class and then ask demonstrate wi th a line from the dialogue.

Ss then act out the dialogue in groups of three. Pay some Ss 10 act out their dialogues for the class. Suggested Answer Key A: Good morning, John 4 G To practise the situationallanguage taug ht in this unit B: Hi, lames. Explain the task. Ss work in closed groups of three B: She's new to our school. To help Ss, draw the B: Nice to meet you. Write them on e: Nice to meet you, too.

Where are you from, Moria? Ss can copy the diagram into thei r notebooks and use it as a reference while doing the e: I'm from New York. I'm American. Haw about you? I'm from Notcinghom. Haw old ore you? I'm twelve. I'm thirteen. Mine, too. Ss listen and repeal chorally or individually.

Suggested Answer Key tal: Asking Personal Questions Li sten and repeat. What are these sentences In your language? How are you? I' m fine, thanks. This is Ben. I Where are you from? How about you? What's you r favourite. Goocim orning, Anna! Hi, Susan. I'm fin e, lhank! He's new co our school.

Ben1 Nice to meet yo u. W here are YOll from. I'm fro m Gla.. I'm Sconish. I'm from Londo n. I Ben: Mine too. Read the dialogue and mark statements ' -6 T true or F false. Rhythm 2 r Rhythm is the way a language sounds 1 Susan is new to the school. Take roles and read the dialogue r rhythm makes your Eng lish sound 3 aloud. Mind the rhythm. It 's the first day at school. Change 4 the words In colour to act out a dialogue like the one in Ex. Think of more words with the same sounds.

Across the Curriculum 1e. Ss listen and repeat chorally or task as HW. I individually. Ask various groups of Ss to present the capital cities. Athens is the capitol City of Greece. Explain the task and read the example aloud. Belgrade is the capitol dty of Serbia. Allow Ss some time to complete the task. Ss listen and check their answers.

Berlin is the capital city of Cermany. Bern is the capital dty of Switzerland. Answer Key Bratislava is the capitol city of Slovakia. Athens 11 Moscow 72 Ottawa 1 Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. Berlin 10 Bucharest is the capital city of Romania. New Delhi 15 Helsinki is the capital city of Finlond. Athens is the COpilOl dry of Greece. Kiev is the capitol city of the Ukraine. Lisbon ;s the capical city of Portugal. Berlin is the capitol city of Germany.

L;ubl;ana is the capital city of Slavenia. Brasilia is the capital city of Brazil. London is the capical city of the UK.

Cairo is the copilOl city of Egypt. Canberra is the capitol city of Australia. Madrid is the capital city of Spain. Minsk is the capitol city of Belarus. Lisbon is the capital dty of Portugal. Monaco is the capital city of Monaco. Moscow is the capical city of Russia.

Madrid is the capitol dty of Spain. Nicosia is the capitol city of Cyprus. Oslo is the capital city of Norway. New Delhi is the capital city of India. Paris is the capital city of France. Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. Ii Paris is the capital dty of France. Tokyo is the capitol dty of japan. Rome is the capitol dty of Italy. Podgorica is the capital city of Montenegro, Reykjavfk is the capital city of Iceland. Riga is the capital city of Latvio. Rome is the capital city of Italy.

Sarajevo is the capitol city of BasniaHerzegovina. In teams, Ss take turns saying the name of a European Sofia is the capitol city of Bulgaria. Ss from the opposing team must name the.

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. Each correct answer is worth one point. The Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia. Tirana is the capital city of Albania. Vaduz is the capitol city of Liechtenstein. Team A, S1: Team B, S1: Dublin, ete. Vatican City is the capital city of the State of the Vatican: See Ex. Vienna is the capital city of Austria. Zagreb is the capital city of Crootia. Ask Ss to work in groups and look up informa tion Alternatively, Ss can prepare a qu iz to test thei r on the Internet using the key phrase in the search classmates.

Tell e. Ask if Ss have a computer at home and whether Tell Ss that they are going to use their answers from they use the Internet. Explain what From person who 5ends the email. To Ask Ss to do the task in an email form at with From: As their address, they can oddress and Subje ct what the emei! Ss can complete the task in class, or you ca n assig n Anow Ss rime to read the email and complete the it as HW. Suggested Answer Key Check Ss' answers on the board. It's an email. My favourite school subjects are Maths and Science.

My 1 9 yeofs old 3 English and Maths favourite singer is Shakira. She's great! Ask drawing attention to any differences to Ss' l l. Ss Ss to complete the missing words from the text.

Moria Adamau 1 As an extension, ask Ss to find and underline all the To: Pefer yohoo. Allow Ss time to complete the task, then check Ss' Subject: I answers.

Hi Peter!

My favourite My favourite Singer is Please write back soon. Maria 4 My favourite day is friday. Ss ask and answer the q uestions. Monitor the ac tivity around the class.

spark 1.pdf

Ask a pair of Ss to ask and answer in front of the class. S My favourite singer is 5hakira. What is It? Read It and complete the table. Peter yahoo. Aosa yahoo. My name's Peter Green and I'm from Scotland. I'm 9 years old a nd j' m a student at Blackhill School. My favourite school subjects are English and Maths. My favourite singer is Avril Lavigne. What about you?

Please write soon. Peter Green Rewrite the sentences. Use capital letters. Favourite school sUbjects: In English we use 2 paolo is ital ian. Paul 4 my favourite day is friday. Maths with countries. Speaking r Mexico with nationalities. Sunday 2 How old are you? Use your answers from Ex. Para 1: SeIfCheck 1 [.

There is a monster here. We call it Mokelembembe. Please come! Mokele lives near this river. Swimming with crocodiles is my Where Ofe we? Where's the monster?

I can't see! This is Mokele's cave. What Is the story about? Mokele-mbembe words from Ex. Tell the correct summary to the Read and answer the questions. The Monstertrackers are in 1 Where's Simon from? They want to see r 2 What is Mokele like? A dinosaur "",mle'. Mokeie, a 1 anost that IS 3 Where is Mokele's house?

In a cave. No, it isn't. Mokele 5 cave house is in a 3 boat. Boogey f 5 Where is Mokele? In the river. It's in the 4 c: C' 1 You 've got S minutes! Which of the things In the pictures can 1 Name: Find seven school I Three English names for girls. Three English names for boys. Three ways of greeting someone. I Five countries. Maths I Five school items. I Five cities fro m around t he worl d. Schoo1bag s, lessons, e ogain!

I Back to school we ar 2 Paris is the capital of I 3 The Russian flag IS red , Welcome, kids,. I I "'L'. Look at Module 1 and 3 write a gap-filling quiz of your own. In turn, one team says a country from those on p. Each correct answer gets one point. The team with the most correct answers Is the winner. Explain the game and read aloud the items Ss have! Ss listen and follow the song in their books.

Ask Ss At the end of the time ask Ss to swap their papers I: Give one point for each to identify which items in the pictures ate mentioned and also name seven school subjects. As an! Play the record ing again for Ss to sing along.

Say a word from the module. Each correct answer gets a point. The tea m with I 2 To test knowledge learnt in this module the most points is the winner. Allow Ss some time to read the T: Say words related la school objects I questions and complete the gaps.

Team ASI: I module and find the relevant information to fill i.. J each gap. I 3 blue, white e. I Tell Ss they can use the quiz in Ex2 as a model. Offer an example e. The UK flag is red, white and I.. Ss swap their quizzes with another pair and do it I and then report back to the etass. Good morning 3 The capital of Japan is Tokyo 4 Makele-mbembe is from What 's In this module? Go through the topic list and stimulate a discUS5ion to prompt Ss' interest in the module. Ask questions to check Ss' understand ing.

Answer Key cartoon characters p. Who is your favourite cartoon character? What do you know about this film? Which countries ore rhey from? Ss listen and repeat chorally or I individually. Elicit the II equivalents from various Ss. Ss listen I and fill in what Peter has and hasn't got.

I haven't got. Ask some Ss to read their completed sentences aloud. I haven't got a guitar. He hasn't got I've got a I haven't got a Pepper Potts is his loyal secretary. Tony has got a special metal suit.

When he has it on, he is Iron Man. Iron Man can fly. He is strong and he can protect the world from bad people. Iron Monger is very bad. He is his enemy. Can Iron Man stop him? Can Pepper help Iron Man? Watch this brilliant film to find out.

Ss listen and follow the text in r their books. Stark Industries is his father's company. TO rea d for specific info rmation Allow Ss time to read the text again and answer the!

I questions. Tony has got 0 special mefal 'suit Iron Man con fly. Elicit a variety of answers from Ss around the class. Suggested Answer Key Iron Man can fly. His enemy is Iron Monger. Ss listen and repea t chorally or individually.

Elicit the I I equivalents from various Ss miming the! Refer Ss to the Word Ust to find the meanings of the adjectives, if necessary. Ss listen: Ss dose their books. In teams, Ss choose a character. Ss ; I and repeat chorally or individually.

Ss from the opposing: The team with the most: Ss' own answers I As an extension Ss work in pairs. Point to various. Ss name it. Team A, SI: He is big. Team B, SI: Prince Charming. Shrek is a big ogre who lives alone in the elidt short descriptions of each one to aid woods. He meets and marries Princess Fiona. His best I understanding of the task. Princess Fiona doesn't like Shrek at Read the rubric and allow Ss time to complete the fi rst, but later she realises he's very sweet and cares I task in pairs.

Fiona turns into an ogre every night at sunset. Fiona's parents wanted their daughter to get married to Prince Channing. I 7 To listen fo r specific informa tio n I Play the recording. Ss listen and identify which characters john talks about. To write about you r fa vou rite I Check Ss' answers. Point out that descriptions usually start with general features such as size, height or age and then move on to more specific details such as hair and eye colour after that. Suggested Answer Key He is short and fal with block hair and a big nose.

Merlin is old and thin with short while hair and a long white beard. Rapunzel is lOll, thin and young with very long fair hair. Prince Charming is roJI, thin and young with short fair hair. Princess fiona is short and plump with long red hair.

Extra Activity Shrek is big and fat with green skin. Choose a S. Ss, in two teams say the English word that describes the specific part of the body. What are these Describing appearance! Which two characters Is he talking about? Merlin il old and thin with Writing jleTI Write about your favourite 9 cartoon character. Find a picture to decorate your paragraph. She's tall and lhin with very long fair hai r. I Complete the gaps and Interrogative Short Answers 4 answer the questions.

I eyes? I I 2 Filii": Has Jane got a helmet? No, she hasn 't. Jane and Bob Ask and answer 3 Jar Jar Binks Use the 4 Yod Have you got a bicycle? Yes, I have. Present the verb have got. Point to your eyes and say: I have got blue eyes. Suggested Answer Key r; Then write it on the board. Yoda has got 0 small body, and he has got a small nase. Repeat using the rest of the affirmative forms.

He hasn't got small eyes. Give prompts. Queen Amidala has got long hair, and she has got big eyes. Luke Sky. Point to your nose and say: I have gala small nose. Princess Leia has got long hair and full lips. Write the negative form on the board and underline haven't got. Give examples Extra Activity for weaker classes r in all form s. Yes, he partner using the adjectives in Ex. IT has. Has Tim got big eors? No, he hasn't. Write these on the board and underline has got r interrogative , Yes, he hos.

INo, he hasn't Suggested Answer Key lohn has got blue eyes. Explain that the last two Sentences are short r answers. Elicit from Ss how short answers are He has got short hair. He has gat 0 small nose. He has gat big ears, etc. Ss open their books and read the table. Explain the task and point out that the pictures Explain the task. Monitor the activity around the class, then ask some Allow time for Ss to complete the task.

Check Ss' Ss to ask and answer the questions aloud. Yes, he has. Yes, she has. Yes, they hove. S Hove lane Or Bob got cars? No, they haven't. Background Information 5 To practise the interrogative form of the Star Wars is a series of science-fiction fi lms by George verb 'hove got ' and short answers Lucas. Originally, it was a trilogy with the first film released in May by 20th Century Fox and Explain the task and read out the example.

Monitor the activity made a new trilogy of fi lms as a prequel, with the around the class and then ask some pairs to report final film released in Yoda is a very old A: Have you got 0 guitar?

Yes, I hove. B, I'm from the UK.

B, Yes, I'm from London. MexicoMexicon green, white and red vertical stripes B, I'm Spanish red and yellow horizontal stripes with crowned set of arms Demonstrate the task presenting yourself. My Play the recording.

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Ss listen and check. I'm from London, Elicit the L1 equivalents from Ss around the class. I'm British. My favourite subject is English and my favourite sport is tennis. Allow Ss some time Ss' own answers to complete the task. Check Ss' answers. My name's Moria and I'm J2 years old. I'm from Play the recording while Ss listen and complete the Athens, Greece.

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