Ramaswamy Aiyer Krishnamurthy (9 September - 5 December ), better known by his pen name Kalki, was a Tamil writer, journalist, poet, critic and . Downloads. Please click the links below to download the novel in pdf or zip format medical-site.info Etext prep in pdf format: Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram, Lausanne, Switzerland. © Project Madurai You are welcome to freely distribute this file, provided this .

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Ponniyin Selvan Pdf Tamil

Ponniyin Selvan is a historical novel that centers on a number of real historical characters and medical-site.infoin Selvan is a page 20th-century Tamil. Free Tamil books online for download. Large collection of popular Tamil PDF eBooks and ePub Tamil eBooks. Topics include Tamil literature, stories, Siddha. HERE WE PROVIDE BOTH TAMIL AND ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF PONNIYIN SELVAN FOR TAMIL VERSION OF PONNIYIN SELVAN CLICK HEREFOR ENGLISH PDF BOOK DOWNLOADIn "PDF DOWNLOAD".

Chart of characters involved in Ponniyin Selvan. Although the second protagonist of the story other than Ponniyin Selvan himself,Vandiyadevan's exploits make the readers to think him as the main hero at multiple points in the novel. He was a bodyguard and close friend of Aditya Karikalan in Kanchi who sends him as a messenger to Sundara Chola in Thanjavur to invite him to the newly-built golden palace in Kanchi and also as a trustful guard for Kundavai in Pazhayarai. His unplanned and hasteful acts put himself and others in danger but comes out of them by trickery and luck. He is the lover of Princess Kundavai. He is loved one-sidedly by Manimekalai, the sister of Kandanmaran. The author introduces most of the characters to the audience through him. He is the foster-brother of Nandhini and also a close friend of Vandiyathevan. He works closely with him and saves him from many dangers.

It narrates the story of Arulmozhivarman later crowned as Rajaraja Chola I , one of the kings of the Chola Dynasty during the 10th and 11th centuries. This historic novel serialised for a period of three and a half years. The story is based in the 11th century Tamil empire of the legendary Cholas Chozhas , with the great Raja Raja Chola being one of the characters.

Other characters are interspersed into Ponniyin Selvan is a Tamil historical fiction novel written by Kalki based on real events. Other characters are interspersed into the story seamlessly and the action moves at a furious pace with bits of historical facts here and there to enable the reader understand the characters, their place in the history of the region and the situation prevailing in those times better.

They act as a guide to the Chola Kingdom. Each chapter ends with a cliffhanger, making you rush to the next. War, palace intrigue, description of nature, culture, religion, all are part of the script. The author gives you vivid description of the ancient Tamil nation, politics and culture.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 2 A Whirwind Chapters 1 26

Most of the times I felt as if I was living among the characters and I am planning to visit the places that are mentioned in the book. Parthibendra Pallava And Kandanmaran fell for her beauty and she used them for her plot too. Senthan Amuthan: A flower seller.

He is a close friend of Vandiyathevan. He helped him many times in his missions when he was still the son of Vaani and a calm, humble and honest Shaivite devotee. She was good in practising traditional medicine. Chinna Pazhuvettaraiyar: alias Kaalandhakandar. The chief in-charge of Thanjavur fort. Younger brother of Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar to whom he had huge respect and love. He is the father-in-law of Mathuranthakar.

Both brothers hated Vandiyathevan at first.

He was known for his facial beauty which gave him his name 'Sundara'. After his health became poor, his legs paralysed and was expecting his death, he was moved from Pazhayarai to Thanjavur by Pazhuvettaraiyars for his protection.

This sparked the quest for the next rightful heir. His wish was to appoint his uncles's son as his successor. There was a rumor that the emperor was kept as a prisoner by them. Vanavan Mahadevi: Empress of the Chola empire succeeded by Poonkuzhali. Chief queen, wife and caretaker of Sundara Chola.

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Mother of all his children. Daughter of Thirukovalur Malaiyamaan. A Shaivite devotee who donates a lot to build many temples for Lord Shiva across the Chola empire.

She was very strict in not making her son the emperor, which was also the wish of her husband. Pinaagapani: Son of the traditional healer in Pazhayarai. He was narrow-minded and always considered Vandiyathevan as his enemy but gets beaten by him all over the story. He was sent by Kundavai with Vandiyathevan to show him way from Pazhaiyarai to Kodikkarai where he had lust over Poonkuzhali but fails in attracting her.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 2 A Whirwind Chapters 1 26

He was a brave warrior who entered the battlefield at the age of He was known all over the empire for his valiant acts. It was him that sent Vandiyathevan to Kundavai for being her trustful guard.

She thought that Aditya was not fit for being an emperor due to his hastiness and unpredictable anger. He was disrespectful towards elders which made them to hate him. Thirukovalur Malaiyaman alias Milaadudaiyar: Father-in-law of Sundara Chola and maternal grandfather for his children.

He was a well-wisher and advisor for Aditya Karikalan and lived with him in Kanchi. He was a rival of the Kadamboor ruler.

He fought along with Aditya in his battles. He fell in lust with Nandini and hated Vandiyathevan from the beginning. A boat woman, she was born and raised in Kodikkarai. She was adventurous and fearless and had a hate towards other men and civilisation. She had a great affection for her aunt Mandakini Devi. She had a love interest towards Arulmozhivarman who also had the same before marrying Senthan Amuthan.

Thiyaaga Vitankar: Father of Poonkuzhali and in-charge of the light house in Kodikkarai. He is the younger brother of Mandakini Devi and Vaani Ammal. Rakkammaal: Sister-in-law of Poonkuzhali. She joined the Pandiyan conspirators due to her greed for money. He was very much respected by the people for his wit and intelligence.

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On the request of Sundara Chola, he became the minister and assisted Sundara Chola in administration from being a teacher. He knew the personal secrets of his friend and many royal secrets. He had many spies across the Chola empire that almost nothing could happen out of his knowledge. One of the best of them is Azhwarkadiyan. The Commander of the southern troops during Sundara Chola's reign.

He is the one that fights along with Arulmozhi against Mahinda's troops in Sri Lanka. He had a desire of marrying Vanathi to Arulmozhi and make her the Empress.

He and Thirukovalur Malaiyaman opposed the proposition of making Mathuranthakar the heir to the throne. Kodumbalur Velars and Pazhuvettaraiyars were rivals though they both were loyal to Cholas.

Arulmozhivarman alias Raja Raja Chola-I alias Ponniyin Selvan: One of the two protagonists of the story after whom the novel was named. The youngest son of Sundara Chola. He was taught well by his sister and she sent him to Sri Lanka at the age of 19 for battle.

He was said to be saved by the Mother Kaveri herself from drowning in the river when he was five.

This gave him the title "Ponniyin Selvan" or "Son of Kaveri". He was beloved by all the people and soldiers of the Chola kingdom and even in Sri Lanka due to his religious tolerance, good behaviour towards the people and his facial attraction.

He had an equality towards all religions but was more attracted to Shaivism. Love interest of Sundara Chola.

Ponniyin Selvan - Part 1 (Tamil) eBook: Kalki: medical-site.info: Kindle Store

She had great affection towards his children. Murugaiyan: Elder brother of Poonkuzhali. Husband of Rakkammal. He rowed the Pandiyan conspirators to Sri Lanka from Kodikkarai. But later felt his wrongdoing and helped Arulmozhivarman to reach Thanjavur.

Manimekalai: Innocent and shy princess of Kadamboor. Younger sister of Kandan Maran and daughter of Kadamboor Sambuvaraiyar. She had a deep, immense one-sided love on Vandiyathevan. Other characters in the novel are: Kudanthai Jothidar: jothidar- astrologer The astrologer in the town of Kudanthai present day Kumbakonam who predicts that Arulmozhivarman will become a great emperor.

He also mentions that Vanathi will marry Arulmozhi and bear a great king who will take the Chola dynasty to its glory. He later moves to Thiruvaiyaru since his house was destructed by Kaveri floods.

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