Submitting your course exercises, PWK lab report, along with your exam report, may Although submitting your PWK lab report and the corresponding course. Getting Comfortable with Kali Linux. -‐ Finding Your Way Around Kali. -‐ Booting Up Kali Linux. -‐ The Kali Menu. -‐ Find, Locate, and. Penetration Testing with Kali (PWK) is a self-paced, online course that introduces students to the latest ethical hacking tools and techniques. Upon successful completion of the course and certification exam, you will officially become an Offensive Security Certified Professional.

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Offensive Security Pwk Pdf

The PWK Course, PWK Lab, and the OSCP Exam. Offensive Security PWK course videos, the page PWK PDF course, and your VPN lab. Oscp is all about enumeration, exploitation and finally privilege escalation. but I would advise you to take pwk because of the material they provide and the lab. offensive security pwk pdf. We rights reserved to Offensive Security, MCT, MCSE Security, CCNA, 10, With all tests and.

I was basically a n00b while taking OSCP labs and still is. While Googling I stumbled upon metasploitable vulnerable vm and vulnhub. Excitingly downloaded the VM and trying to crack the machine. At times I have been nmap-ing multiple vulnerable machines for hrs and end up in failure. A lot of my experience came from self-education, spending countless hours on google, infosec blogs, vulnhub writeups for learning new tools and techniques. Basically, this is a journey. Instantly started going through Videos and PDF as soon as the course material landed in my mailbox.

Everyone has to start somewhere in their journey you just have to keep pushing forward. So, go out there and find some CTFs whether they are local to you or online make some time and have confidence in doing them. Bug Bounty Programs: A great place to practice your skills and to make some possible profit as well! There are many bug bounty programs like Bugcrowd and Hackerone that you can participate for free. These machines are excellent to help you build your skills for pentesting.

There are places where you can download them and run them on your system to begin practice or places where you can connect to their range and start hacking into the targets they have. Personally, my two favorite places are Hackthebox and Vulnhub.

Hackthebox : An online penetration testing platform that contains a variety of machines to help you improve your penetration testing skills. For those who have not gone through the registration you will need to pass a challenge to generate yourself an activation code.

Once you have generated your activation code, then you will have the ability to access their range. In the free tier you are allowed to play with the 20 active machines they have and they cycle a new system in the range every week and retire an old one there as well.

If you want to access to their retired machines you will have to get VIP access.


It is a very affordable in my opinion, and worth it to invest in. If you do not have the funds to invest into Hackthebox, do not worry because you can certainly find these walkthroughs online once the boxes are retired.

I love watching his videos because he goes through step by step on how to obtain access onto the target and how to escalate your privileges to obtain root access. Each box has a different scenario and IppSec always has something extra to throw in when he is doing his walkthroughs. You can find them here and also check out IppSec playlist he created from the list I recommended to start watching! I am glad that I got to talk to you guys and I am grateful that we were able to help you guys out. I look forward to seeing you guys grow and will soon submit a box for you guys in the future!

Vulnhub : Just like Hackthebox, except you have to download the vulnerable machines and run them on your local system. Please make sure that you are running these vulnerable systems on an isolated network and not on a public network.

Thanks to g0tmi1k and his team for hosting this site and to the creators who submit these vulnerable machines. Improving your hands-on skills will play a huge key role when you are tackling these machines.

This first chapter give you the aim of the course, of a modern pentration tester and the mindset to have. Yes we hack, but for the good side for fun and not for profit. We also learn different pentesting process, the structure of the laboratory that we are going to discuss later , restrictions inside the laboratory and the expectations of a good report. Here students are going to learn how to configure the Kali Linux environment in order to be ready to work with it.

After that, how to use the bash environment in order to automatize task with the help of bash scripts. This chapter is extremely important because this is where you are going to learn how to use basics tools that you are going to use and reuse every time. How to create both bind and reverse shell. Moreover, how to sniff the network in order to understand what you do, what you send and what you receive really useful during the exploitation phase.

Interesting things begin, the enumeration or how to passively enumerate a target single system, website, etc…. Students are going to learn how to use different tools in order to gain as much as possible information, such as emails, unprotected information, the localization of the target before using active information gathering tools.

For that, students learn how to manipulate Google to filter results and maybe find juicy things. We never enumerate enough our target. This time students begin to interact with the target in order to gain more specific information. In this little chapter students are going to learn how to automatize scans with a vulnerability scanner.

Moreover, they will learn the danger to too much trust these tools, due to the average of false positive, for example.

Exploit development start here, with an introduction of what is a buffer overflow. This introduction of buffer overflow is in a Windows x86 environment.

In this chapter, students will learn how to create an exploit in a Linux environment. The process is the same as the previously used for the Windows x86 system.

Penetration Testing with Kali (PWK) Online Security Training Course

Here students are going to learn the danger to blindly execute a public exploit without code verification, how to adapt, port and cross-compile an exploit in order to make it work in the targeted system. Here students will learn different techniques to exfiltrate potentially sensitive files and data both with interactive and non-interactive shell and how to upload unwanted files, local exploits or backdoors for example, in the targeted system.

Windows and Linux are both covered in this portion. Who is the low-hanging fruit in a company? For sure, the end user. Here students are going to learn how to perform a client side attack.

Penetration Testing Training with Kali Linux

From the information gathering, to the creation of a malicious Java applet. Moreover, students will learn the importance of the social engineering during the pentesting process and to never forget the weakness of the human factor.

Nowadays, web application are more and more frequent and they continue to grow. Sometimes, the only way to move forward is to find a password and there are multiples way to find one. How locally retrieve passwords in memory, how to brute force online remote applications, how to crack hashes and finally how to use brute hashes instead of the plain text password. In order to evade firewall rules or an IDS we sometime need to create secure tunnel or to forwards ports. In this chapter, students will learn how to use this well know and unavoidable framework: In this last chapter, students will learn the bases of how to evade anti-virus software.

The offensive security laboratory is the major point of this course.

This lab allow students to practice what they learned and in an hardcore way, in four different areas, the Public network, the IT department, the Development department and the admin department for a total of fifty-five systems Windows and Linux combined.

This is literally the place to be and you are going to learn more than you can expect, from basic web application pentest to tricky windows services modifications or Linux local exploit modification. I worked a total of two months, two weeks and few days in the lab in order to get them all.

With a minimum of three hours per night the week and a minimum of ten hours per day Saturday and Sunday. You absolutely need to take notes in order to have enough information to write the lab report because the lab report is a good exercise and training for the final exam report. Store the output of enumeration tools, take some screenshots in order to have a proof of your exploit, save the code that you modify.

Everything you need is here:.

Penetration Testing Training with Kali Linux

When you have finished to exploit a system, take the time to understand what you did, why that works and what you learned. If you add to your pentest methodology what you have learned, you will be more confident the next time you will see the same technology, application or vulnerability. Step by Step, create you own pentest methodology, top ten tools to use, etc ….

After exploiting a vulnerability, try to know if you can create a script to automatize the process, if you can write your own exploit. Moreover, try to create your own toolbox with custom scripts. Always automatize what you can automatize, you will save time next time and that will show that you know what you do.

Take a break, drink a coffee, and restart at the beginning. Call Offsec they are the very best!

To conclude, the PWK course taught me much more than I expected. I started from the scratch with not a lot of knowledge, but I successfully hacked all fifty-fives systems in the laboratory and got my OSCP certification. If I managed to do it you could too. I highly recommend to everyone to register for this course as soon as possible.

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