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Cautious El Montes Epub

Free Kindle ePUB or Android hey desire than anything, each other Though, that comes with a price one that involves HEARTBREAK and. El montes cautious epub format. THE sequel to 'Disastrous' titled 'Cautious' is now available. 'Cautious' is the second and final book of the series. Hope you. Cautious book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers.

Probably you should specify your search parameters, using additional filter options. Montes by E. Montes for free with a 30 day free trial. As I entered the room, my blood was still pumping with adrenaline from what just happened. I blinked a few times as the cloud of smoke from the gunfire filled the room. My eyes searched for the one person I feared for the most. Cautious By E. Montes FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

Deep down he knows he must stay away, but he can't. Mia and Marcus are heading down a path of love, lies, heartbreak, and betrayal. Can their love conquer all, or will the web of deceit be too much to overcome? Are you looking for Ebook Disastrous? You will be glad to know that right now a Disastrous PDF is available on our online library.

With our online resources, you can find Disastrous or just about any type of ebooks, for any type of product. Read Online Disastrous eBook here. We have made it easy for you to find a PDF Ebooks without any digging. In Cautious one of the things I enjoyed seeing, was the slight change in Marcus.

While he remains all of the things I mentioned above, he seem to mature a little more to me. When you finally find a person who makes you feel alive, how could you possibly breathe if she were gone?

She doesn't like it of course but she loves him and accepts him regardless which is one of the things I absolutely love about her! Yet I had fallen in love with a man that most women would run away from. I was She made me more of a man than I could ever be.

She was the reason that I wanted to start over again and become a better man. L truly has a talent in bringing her characters and story to life. Both Cautious and Disastrous have been hard for me to walk away from.

I read them weeks ago but I can still remember everything like it was yesterday, I can't walk away from them. Nov 25, Shannon rated it liked it. Cautious is the Sequel, after Disastrous. I don't really know what I thought about it. Marcus is keeping secrets and Mia doesn't like it. As she shouldn't, she has been kept in the dark, and put through enough..

El montes cautious epub format

Marcus is sexy, and he loves Mia, but I just didn't feel like a whole lot happened in this book to keep me entertained. I love this authors writing, so it wasn't about that, I just think that I felt a little different about this one than I did the first one.. I am going to give it another Cautious is the Sequel, after Disastrous. I am going to give it another read later, I also just finished a book yesterday and started this one right after, so maybe I just wasn't able to focus..

Still liked it though.. Feb 20, Kris rated it really liked it Shelves: Waited a long time for this book to come out after reading Disastrous but it was worth the wait! I got everything I hoped for and it was a great read.

I will say I should have gone back and read the whole book again Disastrous and not just the ending because I had forgotten some things. Happy to see that Jimmie will get a book and we will see more of Marcus and Mia. Loved it! Emotional charged, kept me on the edge of my seat. Now waiting on Jimmie's story. View all 3 comments. May 19, Kathy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have just overdosed on angst, flat-lined, heard the choir angels singing, and the last thing I need is a shot of adrenaline to bring me back.

I don't want to return from the high that I just experienced with this book. My heart thundered against my chest, my breathing increased, and sweat beaded along my skin. When I began reading Cautious, the very prologue had me in utter heart-pounding fear for my beloved characters from Disastrous, prompting me to immediately email the author to talk about my ordeal. In fact, I can only remember two books in my past that had me gripped at the prologue, and those books were on my favorites of list, as was Disastrous.

Needless to say, Cautious has certainly made the list of favorites for I do love my mobsters, and Marcus DeLuca is one of my favorite gangsters and book boyfriends ever written.

Read Cautious (Disastrous 2) by E.L. Montes - Free Novels, Best Books

Marcus is back in Cautious as the gun-toting lawyer who is compelled by the mafia with one thing on his mind His love for Mia and his willingness to do all things right by her is heart warming. He knows the way to keeping Mia as his own is through honesty and trust, being open to share his feelings and his life with her. She has accepted his lifestyle and appreciates his genuine attempts at communication.

This isn't something that is common among the mafia, but Mia means everything to Marcus, so he is trying his hardest to show Mia just how much she means to him. When Marcus begins to distance himself and hide things from Mia for her own safety, things begin to spiral out of control with the events that take place giving my own system a surge of energy that had my stomach dry heaving and my heart in arrhythmia.

Cautious kept me bound to the pages throughout my reading, unable to focus on anything except the drama that was unfolding before my eyes. Mia is more in love with Marcus than ever.

She's strong and resilient while keeping Marcus in line I love that about her , yet yielding enough to give Marcus what he wants and needs. They are perfect together, and their heat is blistering. Their love is so strong that the fear of losing one another leads to a plague of insecurities and possessiveness, prompting Marcus's Italian temper to unleash and passion to ignite. When Marcus learns of hidden secrets and betrayals, old wounds open and the demons he thought were slayed come alive again, bringing a familiar pain to his heart.

Mia is forced to face and come to terms with a past that has haunted and hurt her, a past she doesn't understand. Marcus and Mia come together to support each other through these times, and the growth of their love is a thing of beauty. Ever since I met you, I've found a purpose in my life that makes each day worth living.

Jeremy is back as clueless and funny as ever, providing much needed comic relief for some very intense circumstances. Jimmie, whom I am hoping will have his own book hint , returns as the swoon worthy big brother, devoted to his family and becoming a good father to Elle. Cautious brings a lot of emotion, intensity, crisis, and fever to the pages.

Montes has certainly maintained the stride set forth with Disastrous and exceeded my expectations with her writing in Cautious. The writing is beautiful, and Mia and Marcus are filled with love, passion, and burning desire for one another. There are several surprises for the reader along the way, and I found myself in a plethora of emotion throughout my reading.

I swooned. I cried. I screamed.

I gasped. I laughed. I experienced. Cautious gives us the perfect closure to Mia and Marcus. I can only hope that E. Montes will consider continuing the series with a happy ever after for Jimmie and another for Teresa, Marcus and Jimmie's mother.

I've grown to love these characters, and I'm not quite ready to give them up.

El montes disastrous epub to mobi

I give Cautious my highest recommendation and urge you to read this series in order. You will not regret one single moment spent sharing in the lives of Mia and Marcus. There could be numerous excuses that you come up with to avoid making that leap of faith. That day, I decided to take a leap for the reason staring right at me.


Nov 05, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. Marcus and Mia I mean so perfectly. I enjoyed this book even more then the first book and I absolutely loved Disastrous. I think I enjoyed Cautious more because we got to see Marcus and Mia work on their relationship without th Marcus and Mia I think I enjoyed Cautious more because we got to see Marcus and Mia work on their relationship without the consist fighting.

They listened to each other and they respected each other. The love they share for each other just seems unbreakable in Cautious. Were in Disastrous is always felt breakable. Marcus wants to get out the mob, Mia wants him to get out of the mob. Can Marcus get out of the mob and still have a life, a life with Mia? Can he keep her safe from the mob while trying to get out?

Can they have their happy ever after and start a life without the mob and the danger? Get reading to find out!

Montes Thank you for continuing this fabulous story of Marcus and Mia. I can't not wait to read more from you. I had read Disastrous a couple of months back. I liked the book but I wasn't left with that feeling of absolutely needing to get to book 2 to find out what would come of Marcus and Mia. Yesterday I decided to start Cautious and I was about 20 pages in and I was cussing at myself for not reading it sooner.

I did like this book much better then the first book. Mia and Marcus was great together.

El montes cautious epub format

Mia is that girl who was beautiful inside and out and who simply loved Marcus. She was determined to make I had read Disastrous a couple of months back. She was determined to make a life together with him. Marcus was a mans man.

He loved deeply but continued to fight that internal battle. He loved Mia dearly but wondered if he deserved her. Could he get out of the life he was involved with and give her all she needed with out hurting her. Would they get their happily ever after? There are twists and turns and some "geez, I didn't see that coming" moments which kept me turning the pages. All the other characters were great too.

You get the humor from Jeremy and Megan. I loved those two! And Elle, she was so damn cute. Jimmy was perfect too, loved how he and Marcus were with Elle. The situation with the little boy was too funny! I can't wait to get his story. Oh and the Epilogue was sweet and just right. Nov 16, VEL rated it it was amazing. After re-aquainting myself with the story line of Distastrous went straight onto reading Cautious well intot he early hours off this morning, just couldn't put it down!

Loved the way the author introduces Marcus'POV through out this book, which we get a glimpse from in Disastous this just makes you want to rain kisses all over his face and hug him to death! In book 1, Mia for me was a bit frustrating, but she definitely grew on me in this book. Great story line, and so much more action and build After re-aquainting myself with the story line of Distastrous went straight onto reading Cautious well intot he early hours off this morning, just couldn't put it down!

Great story line, and so much more action and build up of more characters for future books. Nov 21, Laura Harris marked it as to-read Shelves: Im so upset to see that I'm going to have to wait until May for book 2!

I need it now Book 1 was absolutely amazing!! Nov 07, Kellie Maddox-Ward rated it really liked it Shelves: The name Marcus DeLuca makes me drool just thinking about him This was my Marcus from the first book This is the sequel to Disastrous.

In that book we met and fell in love with Marcus and Mia. Their chemistry was amazing. Marcus fell head over heels for her and worships the ground she walks on. But the Lawyer was keeping secrets.

HUGE Secrets. He is in the Mob. He also knows what happened to her dead brother.

This book is about Marcus and Mia trying to make amends. It literally picks up whe The name Marcus DeLuca makes me drool just thinking about him This was my Marcus from the first book It literally picks up where the last one left off.

With Mia and Marcus making up… Once they have made up Mia makes a bet… Marcus loses so therefore he has to go without sex for 2 weeks and start romancing her. So basically this book is about romance, hardcore fucking, killing, revenge, lust, family, backstabbing, rats, deceit, honesty And we get an epic ending and a sweet sweet HEA!

May 16, Sally rated it liked it. I was desperately waiting for Cautious by E. Montes considering I really, really liked Disastrous. Did I think it was as good as or better than the first book…. The parts where there was mob activity were the most interesting in the book.

I gave Disastrous a 4 star rating therefore I have to give this one 3. Jun 16, Merc rated it it was amazing. This is a review of both books as I read them back-to-back. I truly enjoyed them both. The prologues really clued you in on what to expect so the build up was torture. If you like action, suspense, romance and passion-filled scenes I wasn't to keen on Mia in the first book but she came across better in this one glad they got their happy ending Looking forward to reading Jimmie's book.

May 23, QueenT rated it it was amazing.

Loved loved loved this book. I thought Disastrous was good but Cautious surpassed my expectation! Marcus and Mia's love for each other was beyond words. I loved the fact that Mia wasn't some type of weak women regardless of all the misfortune that happened in her past. Nov 20, Mrs. Para Itch Reviews Gawd I loved it! Nov 19, Joyce rated it it was amazing. Readers also enjoyed. Videos About This Book. More videos New Adult. About E. She has a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies. Montes, works full-time as a paralegal for a mid-size law firm.

She had always loved the legal field and found it to be very interesting. She more so "secretly" loved to write. Disastrous was her debut novel which was released October Other books in the series. Disastrous 2 books. Books by E. Trivia About Cautious Disastr Even after all the good ratings youve all seen about this book but for me, Disastrous was a disastrous read and no matter how much I tried, I was skeptical at first when I picked up Disastrous by E.

Discover free books by indie authors, who are publishing on Epub: Novels, Thriller, Poems, Fantasyall literature genres available. Disastrous El Montes Epub textbookbook. Read" Cautious Sequel to Disastrous" by E. Montes with Rakuten Kobo. THIS is the second installment to the Disastrous series.