6 hours ago Time & Work shortcut Tricks Pdf, “Time & Work Questions PDF” In this post we are providing you the Time & Work pdf with detailed solution. Time and Work is an important topic asked in banking, railway, insurance and other competitive exams like IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, SSC CGL, IBPS PO, SBI PO, CAT, NIACL AO etc. This article is a part of ”Shortcut Techniques’’ series & will help you provide the shortcut method. Problem on work are based on the application of concept of ratio of time and speed. Work based problem are more or less related to time speed and distance.

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Time And Work Tricks Pdf

Read here about some shortcut tricks for Time and Work. Check here important tips to crack the questions in the exam. Quantitative Aptitude · Time and Work · Uncategorized Important Tips to Solve Time& Work Problems- Download in PDF: Dear Readers, Here we have Shortcuts and Mind Tricks for Time& Distance (Train Sum) Type-I. PDF format. Candidates can use time and work problems PDF for bank exams. For More Aptitude Shortcuts and Mind Tricks-Click Here.

This post is also available in: Try to directly remember fraction conversion into percentage. Check some examples given in the table below. Anil can do a job in 10 days. Babu can do the same job in 5 days. In how many days they can complete the job if they work together? Anil and Babu can do a job in 8 days. Babu and Charan can do the same job in 12 days. Anil, Babu and Charan can do the job in 6 days. In how many days Anil and Charan can complete the job? So now, if we want to calculate the efficiency of Anil and Charan together, we need to first calculate the individual efficiency of Anil and Charan.

Then we deduct equation 2 from equation 3 we will get the efficiency of Anil.

This method looks long but only because it has been solved with all the steps. When you attempt time and work question in the exam paper, try to solve it directly using this technique, noting down only the figures, while performing all calculations especially fractions mentally.

Time and Work Shortcut Method - Solve Time and Work Problems Faster Now! - Testbook Blog

You simply need to get into the habit of using this time and work shortcut method, as it is easier to solve mentally. This will save you precious time during the exam. This Time and work shortcut trick teaches us not to get involved in fractions.

Solving fractions takes a lot of time and also there are chances of mistakes. Go to Testbook Practice. Sign Up for Free Already a Member?

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About the author: Also A takes n days less than B to complete the work. After few days one of them leaves. Also given the other takes n more days to complete the work.

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Find total number of days to complete the work. How many days did they work together?

A started the work and B joined him after n days. How long did it take to complete the work? Or How long did B work?

Case 5 with 3 people joining work one after the other. How many days will it take to complete work if B works alone.

Time and Work Shortcut Method – Solve Time and Work Problems Faster Now!

Problems where combinations of workers [men, women, girls and boys] take some days to do a work. These problems are solved using man days concept.

You have to calculate for another combination of them to complete the work. How long will one set of people take to complete the entire work? A certain combination starts the job and after few days leaves the work.

Find the number of people from the category who are required to finish the remaining work.

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