A large archive of magazines from Photography true PDF, download and read magazines online. There are literally hundreds of online magazines freely available to help you learn your camera and improve your photography skills. Many are the same. articulating a particular point of view. Chetan Bhagat's books do both and more. - A.R. Rahman, in TIME magazine, on Che.

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Photo PDF magazines download for FREE - medical-site.info!. Photography magazines can help inspire and educate photographers - but which to choose? We list the most popular magazines for photographers for Download your favourite issues of PHOTONews magazine for free! Photography Flipping Book & PDF. With quarterly print issues in excess of copies.

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Click covers a variety of topics. From business tips to inspiration, from gear to tutorials — they have everything. The magazine is published six times a year. Subscriptions are available in print, digital, or both. This magazine focuses on DSLR and mirrorless photography.

It covers topics from the latest gear to inspiration and techniques.

Digital Camera contains a good mix to help photographers stay on top of the latest gear news. This is an annual magazine. Digital Photo publishes tutorials aimed at enthusiast photographers.

The magazine also covers gear insight, columns, contests and industry news. They also include how to choose better gear and advance photography skills. This is a quarterly magazine.

Digital Photo Pro carries a similar range of topics. But it gears the information towards professionals. They offer more advanced photography tutorials and topics. But they also cover business topics. Digital Photo Pro hits newsstands — or mailboxes — seven times a year. A UK-based publication, Digital Photographer reaches both enthusiast and professional photographers. The magazine focuses on publishing top images. They also include photographic advice and insight into the latest technology.

Success stories from professional photographers are also often included within the pages. These are longer guides. They focus on a single topic, such as wildlife photography and camera guides. The magazine releases 13 issues each year. Foam Magazine takes a different approach. The contemporary photography magazine focuses each issue around a specific theme. Within that theme, the magazine will include interviews, articles, and of course, photographs.

The photography magazine is also often noted for the quality printing. This helps show off the photos inside. Foam Magazine only releases three issues a year.

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Instead, it focuses on a specific range of gear. The Nikon-only photography magazine focuses on gear from the camera giant. The magazine includes the latest Nikon Gear. And tutorials and advice from professional photographers. N-Photo publishes 13 issues a year. Olympus Magazine is published by Olympus UK. Unlike the other magazines on this list, Olympus Magazine is free — and completely digital. The photography magazine covers a range of topics. From behind the scenes insight to how-tos.

The publication also includes contests, news from the company and features reader images. But the digital Olympus Magazine is well designed with a clean classic look.

And it has a modern interactive design to take advantage of the digital format. Outdoor Photographer mixes photography and the outdoors.

The photography magazine covers anything outdoors, from landscapes to wildlife photography. Outdoor Photographer features topics like dream photography locations, technique guides, and professional photography insight.

They also include gear news. Outdoor Photography is another excellent photography magazine focused on the outdoors. The difference is that Outdoor Photography is a UK-based magazine. From suggesting locations in and around the UK to shoot to news and gear reviews. It also includes several features with tips from industry experts.

The publication will also ship to Europe and other locations worldwide for a higher rate. The monthly publication covers news, product reviews, tutorials and industry insight. The photography magazine also includes details on recently-released photography books. Photography Week is a digital photography magazine. They aim to help photographers get the most from their gear. Along with tutorials, the magazine publishes the latest gear news. They also include industry insight and special features.

The magazine was originally designed for iPhone and iPad. PhotoPlus Magazine is designed to help Canon users learn new techniques. The Canon-focused magazine also includes reviews as well as tutorials on post processing.

PhotoPlus is another publication from Digital Camera World. There are plenty of magazines focused on taking pictures. The magazine does not stop with just the photography part, but has tutorials on editing photos.

Photos answers section answers photography related questions from readers. There is an annual photographer of the year competition to watch out for and it is conducted between January and July.

Masterclasses are included with brilliant ideas, tutorials are of high quality and it is spot on for beginners and amateur photographers.

Including more Photoshop tutorials in the magazine could be a negative but it includes general information that could be transferred to other applications. This is a photography magazine that has the basics and is more inclined towards amateurs and beginners. The quality of images is great with beginner kits used to create quality photographs most of the time.

Chances are that this magazine will definitely help you to learn all the basic skills required to start with digital photography. The magazine is aimed at beginners and keen amateur photographers looking to start with digital photography. The best part about this is that it will inspire and encourage anyone with a starting kit to get out there and shoot. The expert critique section shows how a photograph can be taken from good to great where the images sent by the readers are reviewed by an expert panel and tweaked to show what can be done to improve the image.

Most of the images come with technical details, which is what photographers wish to know when learning photography. This magazine reviews kits by less common, budget-friendly brands and shows the readers whether or how they compete with famous brands. Ads are relevant to the audience. It includes most of the information that beginners will be looking for in a photography magazine and exposes the audience to budget-friendly accessories so that they do not invest too much during their early days as a beginner in photography.

They ship overseas. The magazine gives importance to both film and digital photography and in these regards is considered one of the best magazines for any photographer out there. Many pages are dedicated to featuring galleries from previous contests or details of contests currently running and the images published are outstanding. The magazine focuses on almost all genres of photography like nature, architecture, abstracts, portraits, etc.

In general, the Black and White Magazine is not like other magazines, but showcases the point of view of the photographer as an individual. This could be a source of inspiration for a photographer, helping them look into creating unique art and working on their own creativity.

What more, you will even want to take part in the competitions and submit your own portfolio for publication. This magazine is for any photographer who really appreciates and is interested in the art of monochrome and fine art photography. All images are black and white and come with the story behind the image that gives information on the subject and how the photographer took that particular photograph.

There are featured columns on different genres of photography like documentary, portraiture, wildlife, still life, landscape, street, architecture, abstract, etc. There are opportunities for readers to get their works published via the website and to participate in various competitions and workshops.

The subscription price is on offer here. The Black and White Minimalism magazine focuses on black and white style in photography by eliminating colours and reducing its complexity to obtain minimal images. The images featured in this magazine have a feeling and quality where there is a balance between lights, shadows and grey tones. Minimalism is in itself an art form and the magazine makes sure that relevant photographs are featured that use as many little details possible to convey the concept and creates a unique and visual experience for the readers.

Besides the amazing photos that are featured from works of minimal artists, the magazine also contains very detailed interviews with sample works of artists and articles relating to minimalism. There are also featured artist folios that even have minimal portraits featured. The magazine is free to be viewed online, but a printed copy is made on request and can be done here. Professional photographer magazine is the official magazine of the professional photographers of America and has been around for over years.

It is one of the best magazines for professional photographers because it does not have articles about gear reviews or other accessories or any tips and tricks, but has information for professional photographers who want to step up their game in the photography industry.

You get to know what the pros are doing. The magazine provides insights on the latest tech and showcases profiles of big names in professional photography. The magazine focuses on professional portrait and wedding photographers looking to improve their business. Questions are answered on topics that include business practices and professional photography. Shutter magazine is a magazine that focuses on advice, educational content and inspiration for professional photographers. The magazine is laid out with breathing space for readers, without cramping in too much information in one page.

The photographs shared in the magazine are of superior quality and the articles have a professional touch as the contributors to the magazine are up to date with the latest technology and products. What makes the magazine a leading professional photography magazine is the fact that the contributors understand how to run a photography business and they are leaders in the photography industry.

The focus on all content in the magazine is about the business side of photography. Each edition comes out with a specific theme and the focus all through is based on the theme. There is a product spotlight section and articles for inspiration. And not to forget, they touch a bit on post-processing tricks and techniques as well. The older issues are available for download as well up to December Capture Magazine is a leading bi-monthly magazine in Australia that is geared towards pro photographers and covers all areas of the professional photography industry like running a successful photography business, equipment, studio techniques, marketing, copyrights, legal issues, etc.

The magazine goes deep into the whole photographic community like editorial, advertising, students and covers all genres like wedding, photojournalism, events, fashion, portraits, architecture, etc.

The magazine also showcases Australian photographers along with their works and is packed with information where it showcases successful photographers at work and keeps the readers updated of the latest techniques and equipment. The magazine is more about information to read and educate oneself than filling the magazine with quality images. The magazine can be subscribed here.

The outdoor photographer magazine is a great one for adventurous photographers and is aimed at photographers exploring the nature, out there in the wild including landscapes, travel, wildlife and sports. The magazine features columns that are contributions from top photographers in this field. The magazine provides information and recommendations on best destinations in the world where one can get out and take stunning images. In-depth articles where the photographs included have detailed information on where, when and how the image was shot, providing a lot of inspiration because the author explains the shooting situations in great detail.

Reviews are published on latest gear and accessories required for outdoor photography. There are relevant ads on equipment that are useful for photographers.

This is a magazine for any photographer from beginners to advanced as they cover the basics for beginners and advanced techniques for the pros and everything in between. The focus in the magazine is more on nature and outdoor photography and not ads for gear. There are several special issues throughout the year that include special topics like seasonal destinations, breathtaking locations and features on famous photographers.

This is a quarterly magazine that guides a photographer into creating the best photographs possible. The magazine includes columns on camera reviews, test drives, best lenses, accessories and also has a step by step instruction section for the latest gear and other photography related techniques.

The magazine keeps the reader updated with the latest techniques and technology relating to digital photography. The gear review section introduces the reader to the latest gear in the market, so they can download the right equipment suited for their needs. The magazine is aimed at beginner and amateur photographers as the articles are in-depth with information relating to functions and uses of all equipment even for the basic ones like a tripod.

The technical articles and tutorials in this magazine are laid out by pros in a step by step manner and helps the reader master the technique that are used by pros.

Besides these, there are featured photographs from professionals and readers and these are inspiring enough to get the reader to go out and try the techniques to build their skills. Nature photographer magazine is published three times a year, covering all the seasons of the year with the Spring edition published each March, Summer edition each July and the Fall and Winter issue each November.

The magazine aims at helping readers with planning successful trips so that they get to photograph the wilderness in far-away destinations, local national parks or if they intend to do it even in their backyards. The magazine also helps research locations that are best for wilderness photography and the locations are showcased with the aid of stunning images.

The readers can be field contributors so that they get a chance to have their photographs published in the magazine. Photographs in the magazine are highly impressive and are accompanied by essays from the photographer themselves and they are written in such a way that the photographer expresses what they actually felt and how they photographed in that particular situation.

This adds a human touch to the magazine and will inspire photographers to get out and shoot. The images showcase nature at its best and are accompanied by camera settings and gear specifics.

There are sections covering product information and reviews that will help readers select the equipment they need for their photography and field techniques that will help one get the best images when out on location. Besides the above, nature photographer magazine focuses on community and being kind to nature with sections that include information on natural history. The Digital Photographer Magazine is one of the best photography magazines in the UK and is aimed at enthusiast and professional photographers who are looking to improve their skills and build up on their portfolio.

This magazine is geared towards enthusiasts and pros — basically all levels of photographers, who are looking to refine their skills. The readers can learn about how pros established themselves and took shots that helped define their career.

There are news, reviews and comparison of the latest gear, information on must have kits, and latest technology explained. The featured posts cover most genres of photography including landscapes, portraits, macro, astrophotography, travel, fine art, architecture, etc.

The magazine also comes with free actions and presets with resources for download. Amateur Photographer Magazine is a British weekly photographic magazine and is one of the oldest magazines in the UK with its first publication in October This magazine is geared towards amateur and professional photo enthusiasts and comes with the latest news and reviews relating to photography and photography gear.

If you are an amateur looking to take your photography skills to the next level and create meaningful photographs, then this magazine will be the right one for you. Also for those who are just stepping into the world of photography or are looking to upgrade their gear, this magazine provides reviews on the latest photography gear and accessories.

The magazine features reader portfolios, details about product launches, tests on latest photography equipment and unbiased product reviews, technical tips on photography gear, etc. External competitions are advertised in the magazine and news area covers information about film and digital photography. Ads on new products on behalf of retailers in the UK can be found. This magazine is quite a detailed one and is dedicated to landscape, wildlife, nature, and adventure photography.

This monthly magazine comes with a bunch of beautiful photographs contributed by leading photographers in the UK and outside. The magazine includes a wide range of sections that include tutorials, gear reviews, and news that include a bit of all things related to outdoor photography.

Reviews are done by experts and provide detailed information on the technical side of things like photography, gear and accessories, and technical information on how to get the best shot in difficult conditions like bad weather or lighting.

This section is detailed with high definition photographs from leading international photographers and they contain the stories behind the photograph, which is an interesting feature. As all outdoor photographers would like information on photographic locations that they would want to visit or hike to, this magazine provides all of that information like photographic locations across the UK, hiking difficulty, food and lodging recommendations in those locations, and so on.

The magazine also focuses on conserving the environment which all photographers need to give importance to. Overall, this magazine has all the information required for an outdoor photographer with recommendations for outdoor locations and more on the location itself.

The magazine is aimed at beginner and intermediate photographers who are looking to get started with a bit of all the information they need.

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Here are some more top magazines from the UK that have already been discussed in various sections above. Practical Photography magazine is one of the best technical photography magazines for enthusiasts who want to improve their camera and editing skills.

Each issue of Practical Photography magazine, contains complete subject guides, creative projects, pro interviews, editing suite, in-depth answers to technique and gear related questions.

This magazine features great black and white images form some of the leading photographers in the world and is for any photographer who appreciates the art of black and white photography.

This magazine deals with the basics and is one suitable for amateurs and beginners in photography. Readers can learn all the basic skills required to start with digital photography. The magazine has a good layout and design, without cramping in too much information in each page, giving the reader just the right space with valuable information. The articles in the magazine have a professional touch with stunning images that have technical details for readers to look and learn.

The magazine features photography techniques, tips, international travel photography, documentary and advanced approaches to photography. Besides the above, the magazine showcases industry news and events that readers can participate in. There are annual photo contests run by the magazine, crash courses on important topics that photographers need to be knowledgeable about, gear reviews and guides on products related to photography. The magazine publishes themed articles for various seasons of the year.

Also covered are interviews of famous photographers, post-processing tips and shooting techniques and there is something new to learn in every issue. Outdoor Photography Canada is a quarterly magazine and is aimed at photographers who are passionate about outdoor adventures. This magazine comes with information that will be beneficial for all levels of photographers and covers information relating to landscapes, wildlife, nature and everything that the Canadian wilderness has to offer.

The magazine is informative and interesting with the articles covering outdoor photography using modern equipment and techniques. The images are stunning showing off the great outdoors and landscapes of Canada and the amazing wildlife. The articles portray the love for outdoors and photography which can inspire the reader to just get out and shoot. Each issue highlights a different part of Canada so readers are not bored of the same images and information all the time.

Moreover, it helps photographers from all regions of Canada to look for information about their natural surroundings. The magazine publishes information relating to workshops conducted by their editors and columnists where readers get a chance to learn from the pros and this helps a photographer build their workflow and take it from concept to execution.

Print subscribers get the digital version free. The PhotoEd magazine is designed to promote inspiration and education in Canadian Photography.

This magazine is quite different from the other magazines in the sense that it has various themes that are incorporated in each issue and they range from travel and landscape photography to underwater photography and portraits to still life and every genre of photography.

Photography stories are published by photographers who are skilled in that genre. Each issue comes with tips and techniques relating to the theme that the issue is based on, for example, if the theme is based on travel photography, then travel tips are also included along with photography techniques.

The magazine is a great resource for image arts education that incorporates both traditional and modern techniques and there is something new for everyone to learn.

The magazine comes in good quality glossy papers and contains original work from the members of CAPA. The magazine features stunning photography and articles written by their members and each issue comes with a highlighted theme. The magazine publishes information relating to Canadian photography clubs and competitions.

There are also featured portfolios of photographers, stories, news items and reviews on equipment used for photography. The articles are of high quality and provide in-depth information on photography techniques that can be used to create unique photographs. Australian Photography Magazine of one of the best and top selling photography magazines in Australia and has been around for almost 60 years.

It is the brand behind the best photography competitions for amateur photographers and photographer of the year. Their goal is to help one become a better photographer. Besides the above, the magazine publishes news and reviews on the latest gear and any other news related to photography.

There are useful tips to help readers improve the way they plan, shoot, edit and share images — heaps of interesting information. In-depth interviews of experienced and leading photographers are featured along with their works so the reader gets to know the story behind how the images were created.

There are sections where constructive critiques are provided to images submitted by readers. Better Photography Magazine is an Australian photography magazine aimed at enthusiast and professional photographers. The magazine focuses on providing information for readers to capture the best photographs and gives special importance to photography techniques be it analog or digital. This is a quarterly magazine and each issue comes with various informative sections that novice and amateur photographers can benefit from.

The techniques discussed here cover both digital and darkroom so that everyone is included no matter what medium they shoot on. The magazine is bi-monthly and is laid out and presented in such a way that its contents are easy to understand, informative and at the same time entertaining even when they are relating to advanced and latest technologies.

The editorial content in the magazine helps amateur photographers make the best use of their equipment and to master new skills. The articles are detailed with comprehensive and accurate information and is the only Australian magazine invited to join the TIPA where they are involved in judging the TIPA Awards for imaging product design. The articles and other contents of the magazine are written by highly experienced contributors with its editor having over 32 years of experience writing about photography, cameras, techniques, etc.

The contents include photogenic places, post-processing tips and detailed features of experienced photographers along with their images and stories behind the images. The magazine aims at helping its readers choose the right tools to become better photographers and get maximum benefit out of their photography by expanding their skills, techniques and vision.

Photo Review Magazine is a quarterly magazine that features inspiring photography, tips and other information for photographers of all levels. Their editors are highly experienced and hence the information laid out are genuine and accurate. They have a review philosophy and test procedure for cameras and lenses and its outline can be seen here.

The magazine provides tips and advice in an easy-to-follow method and they are detailed starting from downloading the right camera for your needs through to shooting, organising, editing and printing your images.

18 Photography Magazines You Should Read in 2019

The portfolio section features inspirational content that has high-quality images from the best or pro photographers with details on how the photographers created them like settings and shooting techniques. The equipment reviews are thorough with clear information regarding performance and other technical details. There are photo challenges run by the magazine.

The magazine comes in a slightly larger format than A4 and is printed with ISO environmental accreditation.

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