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Pokemon Black & White Prima Official Guide 2. Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Prima Official Guide. Pokemon HeartGold & Soul Silver Johto Prima Official Guide. Download Pokemon FireRed-LeafGreen Official Guide. Help for Pokemon LeafGreen on Gameboy Advance. Pokemon Leaf Green Walkthrough and Guide , Pokemon Leaf Green FAQ/Walkthrough (GBA).

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Leaf Green Walkthrough Pdf

Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen | Table of Contents | Walkthrough | Pokédex Pokémon FireRed and Pokémon LeafGreen are remakes of the original Game. This is an in-depth walkthrough for Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen for the Game Boy Advance. These pages detail the remade iteration, not Pokémon Red .

Pokemon names with normal text color can only be found in both versions. Pokemon names with this color are exclusive to FireRed. Pokemon names with this color are exclusive to LeafGreen. This is a remake of the original Pokemon RPGs, so many things are alike. The game starts with a cool intro that is almost exactly like the intros in the original games. It then prints instructions on which buttons does what. After reading what the game has to say, you'll see Professor Oak Prof. Oak from now on , talking about Pokemon.

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If a diner does not wish a refill being offered at that time, the fingers are used to "wave off" or politely decline more tea. This does not preclude taking more fresh hot tea at a later time during the meal. Leaving the lid balanced on the side of the tea pot is a common way of attracting a server's attention, and indicates a silent request that the tea pot be refilled. Fast food[ edit ] Frozen dim sum are widely available at convenience stores Instant dim sum as a fast food has come onto the market in Hong Kong, [15] Mainland China, [16] Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

People can enjoy snacks after a three-minute defrosting or reheating of the instant dim sum in a microwave oven. The customer can dip the whole skewer into a sauce bowl and then eat while standing or walking. When Item is selected, you can use an item in battle if it can be used, but you can't attack afterwards. You always go first unless Pursuit is used.

Run is escape from battle. You don't lose anything. Once in a while, you will fight a double battle. What this is is a two Pokemon on two Pokemon battle. The rules are basically the same.

The fastest of the 4 Pokemon attack first. The only difference between this and a normal battle are the effects of some moves, like Earthquake dealing damage to ALL Pokemon and Surf dealing damage to both opponents. You can also attack your partner, although that's a very stupid idea in most cases. Stat definitions: HP: Stands for hit points.

When you have 0, your Pokemon faints.

Attack: Decides how strong your physical attacks are along with a move's base power. Defense: Decides how much damage you take from physical attacks.

Special Attack: Decides how strong your special attacks are along with a move's base power. Special Defense: Decides how much damage you take from special attacks. Speed: The Pokemon with higher speed goes first. On wild Pokemon battles, if your Pokemon is fast it also has a higher chance of running away when selected. There are two kinds of battles: Trainer and Wild.

To start a wild Pokemon battle, just go to a place wild Pokemon may live. They are usually found in grasses but they also live in caves, oceans, abandones buldings, and more. They are random battles consisting of one Pokemon. The only reward you get from winning is experience. Only certain Pokemon are in certain areas. Trainers usually hang out at just about anywhere except cities and towns.

To start a battle with them, let them make eye contact with you. Trainer battles are a bit different from wild Pokemon battles. First, you cannot run so make sure you have Pokemon in good shape. Second, they will have more than one Pokemon usually, including Pokemon you cannot find in the wild or that area. They are smarter and are a higher level than those wild Pokemon.

Pokemon LeafGreen Version – FAQ/Walkthrough

Third, you will get both experience and money as a reward. All those Pokemon types do effect the battle. Some types of attacks are strong against others. If the Pokemon is dual type, things aren't much different. If one type is strong against another, it does 2x the damage. If both types are weak to the attack, it does a whopping 4x the damage. If the type is immune to the attack, it does no damage. If one type is weak to the attack but the other attack is resistant to it, the damage will be normal.

Sometimes critical hits and added effects happen on moves. There are several tactics of battling which will be explained later. These will haggle your battling abilities are very annoying. There are two kinds of conditions, direct and indirect. You can only have one direct condition at a time and it will say so above your HP.

They stay after the battle and when switched and can only be cured when you go to a Pokemon Center or use a special item. Take 1 HP per 4 steps damage outside of battle. Sleep User usually can't attack. Wakes up after turns. Frozen Same as above, except a fire attack will automatically thaw frozen Pokemon whether used by foe or frozen Poke. Paralyzed Paralyzed Pokemon's Speed halves.

Attack is halved. Faint User can't stay in battle. Unlike the original RBY, this status will stay. Indirect status conditions are not mentioned directly.

There are many of these are incurable by item and are nulled by switching or ending the battle. Awesome move.

Walkthroughs and guides for Pokemon LeafGreen

Damage to itself depends on Attack and Defense. Can only be used on opposite gender. Nulled if either Pokemon is switched. They have one to two types and a special ability. They also have personalities which affect their stats. They also grow at different rates, some taking more experience to reach their max level and some taking less.

Pokemon become stronger by battling, whether wilds or trainers. As Pokemon become stronger, they also learn better moves.

You can keep up to 4 moves. When you're trying to learn a new move, they will first ask if you want to keep that attack, then you go to a screen where you choose the attack you want to delete. If you select no or the new move, then the game will ask if you are sure you don't want to learn the new move. Say yes or no. At a certain level, most Pokemon evolve into stronger creatures, or evolve. They will have higher stats, but sometimes they will not learn attacks they could only learn in their previous stage and they learn new attacks slower Some Pokemon even evolve twice!

If you wish to stop evolution, press B when the Pokemon is evolving. Some Pokemon require a certain condition in order to evolve although most evolve with Level. There is: Level: Evolves at a certain level. Stone: You need to use a certain evolution stone.

Ex: Jigglypuff with Moon Stone. Trade: Trade it with a friend, and get that sucker back. Happiness: Make the Pokemon happy by giving it vitamins, battling with it, and never letting it faint. Probably the hardest to do. Increase its Beauty stat to the max and raise it a level.

About techniques. Pokemon learn moves by leveling up, but there are also other ways of learning. One way is to breed. When two Pokemon are in the same breeding group see breeding section and the father has a move that the baby can learn only by breeding, it will get it! The baby will always be the species of the mother. For more information on this, check the breeding section.

TMs are another way. After you defeat Brock, you get the TM Case. It holds TMs. If the Pokemon can learn it, it will. You can only use a TM once.

HMs however can be used as many times as you want although most of them are useless competitively. Sometimes a move namely HMs can be used outside of battle. These can be useful in most cases and can be used even if the Pokemon has fainted or ran out of PP for that move.

The cry changes when you reach the yellow zone in HP, again in red, and finally once more when it faints. Pokemon also have different growth rates. Some Pokemon get to level with only , experience, but some can take more than 1. You need to have a wide variety of Pokemon on your Pokemon team and getting all is part of the fun!

Here's how to do it.

Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

First, get into a wild Pokemon battle. Weaken the Pokemon down to red to low yellow health. Now go to the item screen, press right a few times until you are in the pocket to the very right, and use one of your Pokeballs. Each Pokemon's catch rate can differ. Generally, the higher level the Pokemon and the rarer it is, the harder to catch. Legendaries are by far the hardest Pokemon to catch.

Each Pokeball also has a catch rate which can effect the chances of the Pokemon staying in the Pokeball. The Pokemon's status can also effect the difficulty of capturing it. Try to get it to fall asleep or even better, frozen. Any other status will work fine but with these two, the Pokemon doesn't have a chance of KOing itself and can not attack. Remember that some Pokemon may be holding items that will help them. One kind of special Pokemon is a shiny Pokemon.

These are very, very rare and have a different color than normal Pokemon. They also have a special animation when they are sent in to battle. They are ordinary in every other way however. Some Pokemon also hold a special condition called Pokerus. This is rarer than a shiny Pokemon and very helpful. This doubles the EVs that you get from Pokemon.

It can be spread to all Pokemon in your party and disappears after a few days. If you can store it in your PC, it will stay.

What sucks is that you can't tell if a wild Pokemon has this condition, but there's a chance your Pokemon can catch it. If you have questions about EVs, take a look at the hidden stat section.

This time, you can view the Pokemon by their size, weight, height, type, Pokeball, and so on and it's much easier to use if you want to search for Pokemon you have to use in your team. These tips are sure to help beginning players. Save often. This is a must in every game. Do especially after tough battles and before a legendary or Gym Leader.

When you reach a town, the first thing you should do is go to a Pokemon Center and heal your party unless a guide says not to. Have at least 10 balls with you. You never know if a shiny or rare Pokemon comes up. Don't use your Master Ball unless you are facing a legendary that can run or a shiny Pokemon which can selfdestruct.

Have a wide variety of moves so that you can have an attack that is super effective to all types. Have HM Slaves. Stick worthless HMs on Pokemon you won't use so that your "good" team won't have useless attacks. Each type of trainer going by sprite usually hold specific types of Pokemon. Search around in each area of grass for new Pokemon.

Sometimes you will find dark spots on the ground. These are usually hidden items! Press A on the spot to find an item! Wild Pokemon - The name of the Pokemon that appears there.

Appearance Rate - This is the approximate amount that Pokemon will appear in the specified area. The first number is the appearance rate in Fire Red, the second for Leaf Green.

If they are both the same, they will appear as the same number. He'll take you to his lab, where your rival known as Gary from now on is waiting. He asks you to choose a Pokemon. Go to the table with the three PokeBalls and choose the Pokemon of your choice. This is the best choice for beginners, as it can take on the Pokemon in the first four Gyms easily.

The level of difficulty of choosing Squirtle is medium. It has certain advantages in the beginning, but begins to have disadvantages faster than Bulbasaur. The hardest Pokemon to choose because of the many disadvantages in the beginning.

However, it will become very powerful later on. Each Pokemon has its own advantages in the game, so choose wisely. It is suggested that beginners choose Bulbasaur , since it's a Grass-type and is strong against the Pokemon in the first Gym, which are Rock-type.

After choosing your Pokemon, Gary will come over to the table and choose his Pokemon, which will have an advantage over your Pokemon. For example, if you were to choose Bulbasaur , Gary will choose Charmander.

He'll talk to you afterwards, and as you leave, he'll challenge you to your first battle.

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