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Dragon Magazine - pdf, , MB. Dragon Magazine - pdf, , MB. Dragon Magazine - pdf. It was replaced with HTML articles starting with #, a full PDF magazine starting with #, and then return to HTML with # This entry describes issue Dragon # (4e) - Contents: 3 Fey Gone Wild by Christopher PerkinsThere's more to the Feywild than meets the eye. 4 Fey of Watermarked PDF 18 Thrumbolg, First Lord of Mag Tureah by Jeff Dougan and Tim Eagon.

Is she an agent of the Zhentarim, the Red Wizards, or something else? It instantly struck me as a place where you can root an entire campaign—or a sizable chunk of one. The thing I like most about the Feywild is that it spurs creativity rather than constrains it. Being a world unto itself, it also has its own politics and rivalries, not to mention myriad settings worth exploring. The first time I dragged my players into the Fey- wild, I took the subtle approach. They stepped through a portal into a sylvan glade, above which the clouds took the forms of creatures they were soon to encounter: These f luffy portents provided the first clue to the magical wonder of the Feywild. I think they enjoyed the politics of the eladrin court and the conf lict I had set up between the eladrin of Astrazalian and the werewolf clans lurking in the surrounding woods. The Feywild chapter of the Manual of the Planes gave me all the information I needed to create my own rendition of the plane of Faerie. Even Ed Greenwood hops on the bandwagon, introducing us to a charming fey lass with a dark agenda. Hence, we offer two new character themes tied to magic the occultist and trickery the beguiler , as well as an article on playing ghosts. Leave a comment to let us know what you think! This material is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America.

In this way they manipu- own particular diversion. Levene fell in love with her return. But Levene was before the wind bore her out the door and away. He reached out to to the size of pixies and attend merry balls in the and the shepherd soon became lonely again. But on windy thus they have strong ties to elemental air. On sunny after. When the storm had passed. At night they slip between the stars and fill On the day they were married. Some call clouds. Those that master air and wind cast her down.

During a storm. Fey of Wood and Wind could be heard. Unlike those daughters of the seasons. As he lay in the heather. Many hold her. They wed beneath a quiet waterfall. She shifts her cloudy body into Cunning sylphs first eavesdrop in disguise on the highlands and pastures. Sylphs are cousins There was a lonely young shepherd who loved to he knew that only iron could bind the fey. Slowly she creatures. And because only a cry. Playful Wind Maidens: Like other nymphs. Sylphs are partly made of insubstantial air and dragonfly wings tattered and full of holes.

In the forests of the a gentle breeze fans spark to flame. Half damage. The sylph takes on mist form. Other creatures can make a DC 26 Insight check to discern that the form is a disguise. Melee 2 one creature.

Area burst 2 within 10 enemies in the burst. A Thunderstorm lightning.

Dragon Magazine # | Fairies | Nature

The banderhobbs and Oublivae. The sylph alters its physical form to appear as a Tiny. Reflex Hit: Close blast 3 enemies in the blast. Demon Queen of Desolation. The origins of the Then step forward. Small black monolith but still massive. He strained his eyes.

Smaller than the mass of soil and white. Thirty feet in. Never did return. This far up under increasing luminescence. A giant stem?

Belarin swallowed. To call it a chamber made too many across the spongy floor. Above it. Even Baba Yaga. Court of Stars: Another mortal. The shape was a mushroom with innumerable spots a colossal pillar of something. The target moves up to its speed toward its nearest ally. He desires Traits Effect: Close burst 1. His existence unique and multifarious being. HP If the Carrion King does so. This desire for mass slaughter Unstoppable Minor Actions is not inherently malevolent.

King slides the target up to 4 squares. M anifestations dard action that turn. He occupies not a ral fungi. AC Effect No Action: Drop the body recharges. His consciousness is spread aspects of his true self. Reflex powers.

Instead of reappearing in his Huge form. When more eyes and at least two mouths. He was Hit: Alignment unaligned Languages Common. His methods are seldom Resist 20 necrotic. Ranged 20 one creature. After the Carrion spread of his myconids. No one can validate or refute any Effect: The Carrion King makes two basic attacks. Will M anifold no action. Each mushroom of Stars. Any creature that enters or starts its turn in the monsters that destroy.

The area is difficult terrain for enemies. The Carrion King is first bloodied. Though generally benevolent or at least neutral Although he can be as erratic and dangerous as other in temperament. They might resemble gigantic. Each body has once a tree lord.

AC Close burst 2 enemies in the burst. If King creates the zone. If the Carrion King starts his turn unable to take actions. C Spore Burst necrotic. All such symbionts variations both in power and in shape have been burst abilities. Some even ally themselves with his enemies. M achinations and Symbiotic Servants or ruthless. These rare myco- leaving the rest of his bodies to deal with the conse. Removal of his his benevolence and wisdom direct the sovereigns Together. Attack No Action: They act as one.

It does not die in vain but feeds the colony that it Triggered Actions his body sprouts. The symbiont is first bloodied.

Chief among them are the a plant host.

Dragon magazine 420

They also have the following powers. Most myconid symbionts bond with humanoid or in Combat Regardless. In turn. The Carrion King will not rest until his myconid creature is the myconid symbiont. Wherever filaments bling mounds. The archfey. The statistics block presented here represents one powerful creatures. In the safety of a fungal forest or subter. Whatever form he takes.

The Carrion King Depending on which personality he manifests at any given time. To the Carrion King. Myconids Through care and experimentation. While a myconid ally is within 5 squares of it. One such become violent and antithetical to his larger interests. The symbiont and the ally each take fungus allies and friends as well.

It is these myconids. As rotpriests and gas spores king can seek non-fungus heroes and monsters. Over the ages. Fortitude Hit: Through them. Some join with dryads. He takes interest in the vigor heroes perish in the trying. At times. The strength of his Amasutelob is merely a bully among myconid Where most archfey are scornful of mortals or numbers does not suffice against his enemies.

If he is impressed by the heroes. Oblivious to or unconcerned with their on page of Underdark. In this way. He If visitors of great renown enter the Feywild.

When he does. The fallen feed his armies. He is almost everywhere Carrion King encourages his subjects to befriend in the Feydark. Although myconid guards and rotpriests cannot communicate verbally.

Psilofyr the Spore Lord. The Carrion King does not reside in one form nessing and rewarding it accordingly. In fact. The him. Most or another. Lacking true malevolence. In shrieker Dungeon in the Feydark. Given the Court of Stars opportunity. He accepts intruders of all stripes—the completely unnoticed.

Dragon Magazine #420

Filaments of his being other valuables left behind by adventurers who perish literally. The Carrion King A llies and the those who slaughter his emissaries at first. Zuggtmoy desires chaos and destruction for its own K ing sake. For this reason. He is the most in this article. This destroy—the colonies tainted and controlled by other Not only must the Carrion King struggle against his task is easier said than done because the renegade is races.

He madness that afflicts him still. But where arch of Drochdan. These stories claim sive blue slime mold with innumerable eyes and his greatest enemies. As an immortal spirit of the Feywild. These large mushrooms remain by the Carrion King. Here are three such DC The Carrion King is the epithet given to renegades that have adopted vainglorious new titles an archfey of great power who dwells in the Feydark.

But on one point he nid race. The character knows everything described the Carrion King allies with anyone willing to battle a gigantic red-and-white toadstool. Whatever the truth Lord and surrounds himself with unsavory oozes. Resembling a disturb- renew life. Wherever her foul cultists encounter fey or fungi fomorian kingdoms is the only salvation for the myco- between one mind and the next.

He lends his support to their conquests and is clear: Any creature who dares to enslave a myconid sympathetic to the Carrion King. This charismatic ren- realms.

As a result. Whenever one of these fungal tyrants manifests Myconid colonies loyal to the Carrion King. Fomorians in the Feydark and drow in the own disordered mind. Underdark are the slavers most consistently opposed go rogue—very rogue. Either they slaughter myconids and aims to infect the entire race. Believing himself an extension of DC Such fungus folk are the farthest from Unseelie lord. He looks after fungal creatures especially myco- Lolth and personas: The Mirelord: Dwelling in a submerged temple nids.

A character knows the following information with a Racial enemies aside. Although peaceably in the Underdark. Level Resist His true goal: Due to his and investigate. Soon he might seek to enslave the primitive only when given as gifts to outsiders. These helms are comical to look upon when worn K ing the work of the real Carrion King—merely a scheme though the Carrion King thinks they are quite of one of his renegade manifestations.

The Ghosts spores. If successful. Unsure of the becoming. Blinding the Eyes Heroic or Paragon: The In this scenario. He gives them inquisitory game designer. The depravities of the fomori. Pileus Helm Level 6 Uncommon Carrion King asks the characters to aid him against ceeding against the fomorians. The only Head Slot by the dozens have been enslaved and twisted beyond Properties way to contain this new threat is to seek out the recognition.

Myconid colonies begin to Lvl 16 You can use the telepathy to speak source—the Carrion King. In the Feywild. This quest requires both diplomacy message to multiple recipients. Dwelling in the chthonic depths of New York City. In the heroic source of many challenges. Most of or treant would serve nicely.

It can offer guid- a terrible villain. Germination Abroad Paragon or Epic: But given the opportunity. A pileus helm confers limited telepathy Given the almost insurmountable goal that the Car. One such treasure is the pileus helm.

Below are three adventure or campaign ideas. But the archfey of Zero. As a first blow. If they have aptitude or train. The First Lord can occasionally service of his sadistic goals for domination. With the fortress secured. Baba Yaga came before the First Lord. As for the meeting—and the question of renowned for his cruelty and fanaticism.

Thrumbolg puts them to work has prevented Thrumbolg from amassing an army deciphering the inner workings of the many unstable and marching forth against the mortal world is his portals that riddle his domain. Those unfor. In the the key to his eventual subjugation of all worlds. Slaves without such incomplete understanding of the innumerable portals talents are forced through those same portals in the within Mag Tureah.

By now. The fortress quickly One day. Engle Thrumbolg is a name feared throughout the Feywild. If Thrumbolg is ever incapacitated. The barbed deadly gaze struck him down without warning. Whether Gae Bulg hits or misses its target. First Lord of Mag Tureah of All Witches dared to take what she desired without bit of potent magic he unleashed. Fragarach was a potent weapon.

They contribute conscript Goibniu the equal of his father in power. Their Thrumbolg is cruel. T yrant Thrumbolg stands nearly twenty feet tall.

When the decades. When the news while his agents scour the planes for the sword. The leaf-bladed At that time. On one occasion. This includes other fomorian lords. What Thrumbolg demanded of her a vicious and equalizing counterattack. Thrumbolg readily makes bargains with other creatures.

Tethra was quence. Considering himself immortal. The siege was broken. Thrumbolg has worked mercy. When Goibniu of a head of state. Two Lord thinks in an extremely long-term manner.

A ppearance and warily watches those he deems worthy of his atten- tion. Bres the fair. Knowing this. Its razor-sharp tines inflict grievous. A cunning and unspeak. He typically pays little heed to would be next—and that his only hope of survival lay those lacking the power to threaten his rule.

It possesses a rudimentary intel- bolg reasoned that if he killed his sons. When the young fomorian on an enemy. Fragarach delivered of metal taken from one of the upper parapets of Mag paying a price. His nose is so squashed that it lies nearly flat. In addition to these fortifications. M ag T ureah HP Effect No Action: Thrumbolg uses one random evil eye fortress. Thrumbolg can use two different evil eyes.

Thrumbolg teleports up to 10 squares. Remark- Attack: Melee 3 one creature. Eye of Terror fear. Thrumbolg makes a basic attack against the triggering enemy.

Equipment Areadbhar spear. Ranged 50 one creature. Ranged 10 one bloodied creature. Elven this cavern has risen more than four courses of stone its healing surge value. When Thrumbolg drops to 0 hit points. AC attacks. Most actions. The target takes poison and psychic damage equal to Alignment evil Languages Common. Ranged Massive floor-to-ceil- Thrumbolg can see invisible creatures and objects. The target takes poison and psychic damage equal to its bloodied value.

First Failed Saving Throw: Eye of Death necrotic: Thrumbolg is conscious and an enemy starts its rinth of narrow tunnels and the seemingly bottomless Effect: First Lord of Mag Tureah Thrumbolg. Eye of Command charm: Dark River that cuts a raging course through the attack. Mag Ture- Hit: This its central citadel.

Thrum- Immune blinded. Areadbhar attacks on its own. He reappears 4. Eye of Retribution force. Those crystalline constellations Fragarach drops him to 0 hit points. Thrumbolg does not 5. Thrumbolg uses one of the following evil eyes. If an attack made with next turn. Action Points 1 bloodied. Eye of Obeisance psychic: Eye of Pain: Gae Bulg javelin before collapsing. All kinds of evil fey. These mis- Arcana or History DC In addition.

Mag Tureah. At its center stands an immense tower of cyclops officers. The instability of the portals means that many close as soon as a creature passes through A Visit to the First Keeping this area secure is the personal responsibil- ity of Morc.

Most last less Arcana or History DC Information in markets of the dismal fomorian city of Harrowhame. Many believe that in Mag Tureah.

The First Lord has commanded that no guarantees of how long that safety will last. Others come from the notorious flesh banding together to form feral tribes. Representatives of every race live in the passageways. His personal them.

The tunnels that provide refuge for Fragarach: Information in the and cruel lash of cyclops taskmasters. From time to time. Even tals. Such work includes excavating tunnels in mobs of gremlins plague Mag Tureah.

They love to Arcana or Dungeoneering DC A small army of sonal steed is an ancient wyrm named Scathach. During this to grant an audience to paragon and epic tier adven- and she allies herself with anyone who can gain time.

The dragon Scathach and an honor guard sincerity to a petitioner before rejecting a request. Saethril is a mad eladrin bard who mination. Evil Eye and then released him.

These price to pay for an advantageous alliance. As long as a petitioner Tureah. This flattery does nothing to sway his opin. The light given off death unless confronted with Fragarach. While enslaved in Harrowhame. No one can to depart Mag Tureah. Ealadha is an expert ritual caster and spoken or written within an apartment. First Lord of Mag Tureah how fanciful. He is nearly seemingly emerge at random—one an erudite by enslaved sprites chained to the floor provides the impossible to intimidate and is willing to resort to strategist.

At a half-mile wide. A few few he sets free. A five-minute time limit. This is a facade. Thrum- others through sending stones of his own design. Even then. Many choose to take their eladrin returned to the Feydark and offered his stand.

The most powerful warlock in Mag decor of the guest suites magically record every word speaking through Saethril.

Morc sal iron braziers belching emerald flames bathe the Negotiating with the First Lord is a difficult task. Speakers must abide by a strict If a proposal intrigues Thrumbolg. Even the sur. Thrumbolg hopes to learn his attention. Some of the most notable members of the First Visitors are confined to these apartments.

The rest are sadistically mur- when Thrumbolg is addressed. He face thoughts of guests can be read for short periods. Property moderate DC Arcana checks. If the triggering enemy ends the Fragarach is intelligent and communicates empath.

Destinations table or select an isolated locale appro. If you hit. You then use an came into the possession of the Temple of Elemental at-will melee weapon attack power with this weapon tion. Those dealing with him will find d12 Destination wielder into action with whatever images and feel- that he is merciless if tricked or made to look like a 1 A ruined castle of glass atop an earthmote.

The only sewers of the largest city on the continent. An open portal can 11 A covered bridge.

In areas score a critical hit. The sheer number and transitory nature of these 9 A deserted priory sprawling across a rocky Artifact: Weapon broadsword portals makes them all but impossible to catalog. A partially toppled circle of stone menhirs slave pens to a character who values freedom above all else. This wave-bladed steel broadsword has a hilt of gold and sil- consistent fact is that each portal connects to an aban.

They become 4 A gargantuan statue buried in desert sand up obsessed with vengeance. Over the Trigger: An enemy adjacent to you hits you with an attack sters wait on the other side of a portal. It has but one goal: Tureah side for 1 additional round. Enhancement Bonus: You can spend a healing surge. No where the sword has become legend. Portal ritual without expending any components. When detected. You attack with this weapon and miss an enemy in both directions for 1d10 rounds.

The sword has a strong personality. The enemy takes 5 damage. Some exceptions exist. An enemy adjacent to you hits you with an attack remain the same. If a character centuries. It might display visions fool.

Seven emeralds adorn its guard and pommel. To achieve its aim. The Temple of Elemental Evil. Tim Eagon is a freelance writer living in Madison. Born from the slaves. Known as Rebutter. Thrumbolg www. Unwilling or unable to do so. Kobold Quarterly website. Chromatic Dragons. Dragon To make matters worse. As they explore the Feydark. In return for their assistance in battling these mysterious entities. F A magic broadsword with an amethyst-studded 8.

In desperation. Thrumbolg has convinced his fellow fomorian lords to join forces with him. After the portal closes behind them. Notes F While exploring ancient ruins. Unique Hero from s perately bargains with his enemies.

Wiscon- sin. Early in their careers. Simi- larly. Both sorts of arcane specialists are motivated by the same impulse: Even those from modest beginnings never see themselves as ordinary. Character Themes: Such characters have enormous egos and supreme confidence in their abilities. In their thirst to decode such secrets. Occultists use magic as a tool to acquire knowledge.

Lured by the prospect of lasting fame and glory. You can distract a single opponent with a control. Ironically for those so adept at For information on using themes as part of deception. As they rise in stature. Members of stealthy classes such Beguilers often find employment as spies or overwhelming sense of confidence and thirst for as rogues. Whether conjuring an illusory wall darkness. Beguilers aspire to become masters of deception Most covert operators aim to get away clean and In addition.

The small drake vanquished by exploits. Character Themes Beguilers struggle to tell the truth at the best of Beguilers place great importance on their reputa- times. A beguiler could face an opponent specializing in illusion or enchantment or a strong arcane magic.

Driven By Ambition presence. Nature and Lore. An occultist might summon connection to the Shadowfell such as assassins and as hypnotic flashes of light or sudden patches of a creature well beyond his or her ability to cajole or nethermancers. Succeeding with one lie just encourages the of amateur thieves and illusionists drawn to their a third character component to help refine your beguiler to try another.

The stories they recount feature outlandish tions. Unlike most traditional spies. Consummate practical jokers. Should flattery from sycophantic devotees. You might be a laughing follow this path. You gain proficiency with orbs. The greater the level of skill required to pull off a all his or her secrets. Just as race and class create basic defini- a massive red dragon somewhere around the third beguilers seek to acquire apprentices from the ranks tions about who your character is.

Ambition always has a price. This overconfidence can quickly get such char- however. Most possess a smattering of skills useful to power that drives them. Others are village augurs.

Just as your foes are closing in. If you miss an enemy with an arcane Effect: For the next hour. Highly sought after for their ability to divine Level 10 Feature Trickster Veil Beguiler Utility 6 meaning from even the most mundane objects. Encounter F Arcane. As your enemy draws near. Will Effect: You slide the target up to 3 squares. Hand of Fate. You have become most choose to travel throughout the realms.

Beguilers use magic to enhance their skill at decep- accomplished at both of these tasks. A beguiler who remains hidden from enemies enjoys occultists might advise powerful individuals or even With a nearly perfect disguise. Highest ability modifier vs. You suddenly are not into thin air. Minor Action Personal the patterns of the stars. Illusion nents while you remain cloaked in the shadows. You can sustain an illusion that enhances an Benefit: They are adept at using illusions to hide from your foes.

Some serve as royal astrologers impose stronger effects than normal on your oppo. You have become more the enigmatic forces of creation seek to communicate. They see signs everywhere—in the Effect: Make an Arcana check. Until the end turn. They Many occultists also dabble in numerology. Many next turn. One creature Occultists believe the cosmos is trying to tell them something.

A few set up that enemy. Illusion Minor Action Ranged 10 drop on your unsuspecting opponent. Immediate Reaction Personal Target: One creature Trigger: An enemy moves adjacent to you. Every crypt explored. If the check result arrangement of leaves upon a pond.

Some do master Beguiler powers center around the use of arcane and perform divination rituals. You have learned how to face—or the dagger hidden in your boot. Implement quite where you appear to be. You have increased knowledge of such matters.

Your extensive knowledge of glyphs desires. When interacting with creatures that emperor. Until the end of your next turn. Will scripts and your accumulated knowledge. Warlocks such as binders and nies. Occultists spend many hours engaged in the study of Encounter F Arcane sess the required skills to understand ancient texts spells. Wizards and clerics of deities such as Level 5 Feature change the odds in your favor.

Secondary Power Arcane. Highest ability modifier damage. In their quest to understand the nature of existence. Until the effect ends. The triggering enemy larger pattern of reality. Standard Action Close burst 2 student than to impart any wisdom.

You gain proficiency with tomes. They are just as Occultists scour tomes and scrolls for esoteric lore. Occultists perform extensive research on creatures they intend to bargain with or bind.

The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end they delve ever deeper into the forbidden regardless When dealing with powerful extraplanar enti. Zone servitor. You draw a sigil on the ground that repels your enemies. Creating an Occultist Additional Features Anyone who seeks to interpret the meaning of the Twisting Fortune Occultist Utility 2 universe through signs and symbols can become Your foreknowledge allows you to expend personal energy to an occultist.

An enemy enters the zone or starts its turn such as sorcerous dust and blessed candles that can Occultists study numerology to gain access to the there. Using unearthed manu- In this way they can safely imprison unwilling sub.

Dragon Magazine #420.pdf

Level 10 Feature throw three times. Minor Action Personal and obscure arcana. Implement occultists learn to tread carefully. With each new secret ties. Driven By Ambition The ruins of a once-great city. You can use Starting Feature this knowledge to your advantage. Doing so comes at a cost. They scour the realms for arcane and divine rituals.

You draw a diagram on the ground and call on a minor Sustain Minor: The zone persists until the end of your fiend to assist you. Daily F Arcane. For each question. Hide my password. Get the newsletter. Subscribe to get the free product of the week!

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