completo degli articoli del codice civile aggiornato e consultabile gratuitamente online o scaricabile in pdf. Edizione QUESTO EBOOK È UN'ANTEPRIMA. Codice Civile - [FREE] [PDF] [EPUB] Codice Civile [Ebooks] Il testo completo degli articoli del codice civile aggiornato e consultabile. Download Table free pdf, Download Table Pdf, Read Online Table pdf . such as: codice civile e di procedura civile. settembre , caterina ediz. a colori, concorso per 35 ripam area amministrativa e giuridica anac. manuale completo.

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Download 28 1 2 free pdf, Download 28 1 2 Pdf, Read Online 28 1 2 pdf . amministrativi mef. manuale completo per la preparazione alla codice civile non commentato. aggiornato con addenda. Codice Civile - [FREE] CODICE CIVILE Il testo completo civile aggiornato e consultabile gratuitamente online o scaricabile in pdf. Download The Oath free pdf, Download The Oath Pdf, Read Online The Oath pdf, . completo per la preparazione al concorso, esercizi di microeconomia, il caos dei recipienti in pressione. evita le fregature della ped, codice civile.

Codice Civile cc art. Nella redazione del bilancio devono essere osservati i seguenti In questo secondo. Sezione IX Del bilancio. Redazione del bilancio. Gli amministratori devono redigere il Pubblicato in Gazzetta Ufficiale n. Approvazione del testo del codice civile. Articolo Redazione del Estratto articoli codice civile sul bilancio - Didattica ; 1. Gli articoli del codice civile sulla redazione del bilancio d'esercizio. Sezione IX. Del bilancio.

Federico Sciarra Il matrimonio nell'Ottocento italiano fra potere civile e Il diritto commerciale dalle origini ad oggi e la sua disciplina nel Versione PDF del documento. Prima dell' entrata in vigore del codice civile c'era il codice di commercio che risale al Commentario del Codice civile diretto da Enrico Gabrielli Delle Vista la legge del 2 aprile , n.

Codice civile - Wikisource ; 17 mag Questo testo fa parte del "Progetto diritto".

ex art 1655 codice civile pdf

Premi sull'icona per saperne. Codice civile Regno d'Italia. Informazioni sulla fonte del I primi codici del Regno d'Italia - Ministero della giustizia ; 20 feb Articoli estratti dal Codice Civile del Estratto del Codice Civile del Regno d'Italia Requisiti dell'uso della cosa comune.

La destinazione della cosa comune - che, a norma dell'art. Uso delle parti comuni da parte del singolo condomino: quali sono i Uso della cosa Art cc: le modificazioni al bene comune fatte dal singolo Quando sono legittime le modificazioni poste in essere dal singolo condomino al bene comune? Quando sussiste una lesione dell'art. Uso della cosa comune. Norme regolatrici. Quote dei partecipanti. Con la maggioranza calcolata nel modo indicato dall'articolo precedente, puo' essere In caso di innovazioni vietate ai sensi dell'articolo del c.

Codice civile in materia di Condominio. Regolamento della comunone e nomina di amministratore. Uso della A contract is synallagmatic or bilateral where the contracting parties bind themselves mutually towards each other.

Come sancito dall'articolo , paragrafo 4, del trattato sul funzionamento , cosiddetto Codice dell'Ambiente , da parte di questa alla succitata discarica di via D'autres Leggi - Il Codice Civile nel Condominio.

Choose a specific subject and create a discussion, isolating the linguistic elements and the grammar functions that are the most useful for your purposes. Verify the acquired knowledge with a formal test mid or final exam or an informal one, during other activities. For more information, you can go to the website of the Ministry of Education: Give recap sheets of acquired knowledge: When the class is over, exchange contacts with the students, be at their disposal for helping them or for further explanations, try to give to each one of them useful advices to carry on their learning and integration process in the Italian and European society.

End the class with an intercultural dinner, a trip, a last activity to do all together. Scusarsi, spiegare, apprendere in modo strategico 1. Lei mi ha pestato il piede! Vuole stare attento per favore? Collega le domande con le spiegazioni: Non potevo, dovevo lavorare Non vieni al lavoro? Esprimere opinioni: Pensa a un tuo amico che ti ha fatto del male, cosa dovrebbe scrivere per farsi perdonare? Dividi ordini e divieti nei due insiemi: Non si fuma qui!

Consigli ad un amico: Metti in ordine i seguenti aggettivi numerali ordinali: Pronomi personali, scegli la formula corretta: Trasforma i verbi in riflessivi: Correggi gli errori: Part III A didactic experimental approach: They have been conceived to provide the students with the practical and linguistic tools for private, public and job contexts.

The trainers had to turn their point of views upside down when creating the didactic sheets, looking at the Italian system as something organic, found- ed on the intrinsic values of the Republic, clearly separating theory from the practical aspects of the services offered by the State. The reception of the sup- plementary modules has been very positive, both by the recipients and by cul- tural mediators, and have acted as inclusion workshops, lowering the limits of the linguistic relations and having an effect on daily routine.

Moreover, one of the initial difficulties concerned the linguistic transmis- sion of concepts and terms, which could prove to be hard even for an Italian speaker, or even completely unknown; however, with a confident approach, a simple, clear and expressive language, the obstacles have been removed suc- cessfully, also thanks to the internal mediation among the users.

The students provided a lot of useful information, and they kept asking questions, even when the lesson was over; additionally, the focus on the mod- ules has been of capital importance, leading the listeners to ask themselves about several forgotten matters, or perceived as of minor importance, stim- ulating productive discussions between the trainer and the recipients and the students themselves.

Listed below are the materials used during the lessons, which have often been reconfigured during the lessons, to further improve the impact on the re- cipients. The modules are divided in theoretical units and a practical part, with self-learning exercise sheets, with exercises on procedural or semantics as- pects. Specifically, the supplementary modules concern the following in-depth areas: The main purposes are helping foreigner adults, residing in Italian territo- ry, to better grasp the structure and the workings of the Italian institutions and society, to understand the fundamental principles of the Constitution of the Republic and the organisational framework of the public institutions of Italy.

The goal is to make clear that the foreigners have rights and duties on par with the ones of the Italian citizens, and that each person is safeguarded as a human being, other than a citizen.

We will highlight the fundamental rights and the personal freedoms, safe- guarded by the Constitution, focusing on the articles that regulate the condi- tion of the foreigner in our Country. We will provide the general guidelines on civic education and everyday administrative-bureaucratic aspects, support- ing the citizens of third Countries throughout their integration process and achievement of linguistic skills and knowledge. The course analyses the subject of citizenship education, closely tied with the actual everyday needs for the linguistic and socio-cultural integration of the new citizens.

The contents are developed in didactic units, joined by ac- tivities aimed toward developing linguistic skills and increasing the vocabu- lary, other than just learning their contents.

Each unit gives the student an in- ductive approach, divided in stages, flagged by the sections composing them. Constitution is divided in four distinct parts: Democracy, participation, freedom, equality, right to work, rejection of war. Sovereignity belongs to the people and is exercised in the forms and limits of the Constitution. The Republic adapts the principles and methods of its legislation to the requirements of autonomy and decentralization. Amendments to such Pacts that are accepted by both parties shall not require the procedure of constitutional amendments.

Their relations with the State are regulated by law, based on agreements with their respective representatives. It safeguards natural landscape and the historical and artistic heritage of the Nation. The legal status of foreigners is regulated by law in conformity with international provisions and treaties. A foreigner who, in his home country, is denied the actual exercise of the democratic freedoms guaranteed by the Italian constitution shall be entitled to the right of asylum under the conditions established by law.

A foreigner may not be extradited for a political offence. Italy agrees, on conditions of equality with other States, to the limitations of sovereignty that may be necessary to a world order ensuring peace and justice among the Nations. Italy promotes and encourages international organizations furthering such ends. The inviolable status of the rights does not mean that the State cannot limit them in fact, the Constitution sets limits when regulating freedom , but said limits have to be put in place with lawful acts.

Lastly, the acknowledgement of the rights is guaranteed to every person within our State, not just to Italian citizens. A cosa serve? Tutela il paesaggio e il patrimonio storico e artistico della Nazione. Inserisci le parole che trovi sotto: Conclusions Recognizing the fundamental rights means accepting something that is already there, since these rights are not created by the State but they exist indipendently from it.

Diritti fondamentali — Elenca 5 diritti fondamentali che ricordi: To obtain this permit, the foreigner has to go to the Embassy or the Italian Consulate in the origin Country to officialize the request.

The visa is issued within 90 days and allows entrance in Italy for a short or long period, which is fixed in any case, to the foreigner Conclusions wishing to take university lessons, courses of study or professional training in qualified or recognized institutions, meaning cultural and research activities.

The duration of the residence permit for study reason is one year, renewable in the case of multi-year courses, like the university Recognizing ones. The the fundamental renewal rights means is possible only ifaccepting something at least one exam that is is already passedthere, during since the these first rights year are notifcreated and by the at least State two butpassed are they exist in indipendently the following from it.

The years. The inviolable study visa isstatus alsoofgranted, the rightsfor doesthe notnecessary mean that the State cannot period, to thelimit them inwho, foreigner fact, the Constitution sets limits when regulating freedom , but said limits have to be put in after graduating in an Italian university, has to take the qualification place with lawful acts.

Lastly, examstheforacknowledgement of the rights is guaranteed to every person within our State, professional activities.

Request-renewal of the Residence Permit Conclusions The Residence Permit is the document that allows non-community foreigners to legally stay in Italy and the other Schengen countries, and has to be requested to the immigration Office of the competent Police Recognizing the fundamental station according to the rights meansor residence accepting something the abode of thethatapplicant is already and there,the since these rights are not created by the State but they exist indipendently from it.

Foreigners wanting to stay in The inviolable status of the rights does not mean that the State cannot limit them in fact, theItaly Constitution for more setsthan limitsthree when regulating monts havefreedom , but said the to request limitsresidence have to be permit. Italy for the first time has an 8 day limit to request reaches Lastly, the acknowledgement the residence permit. When within our State, presenting notthe justapplication, to Italian citizens.

The duration they exist cannot indipendently be: Specifically, the following requests have to be presented there: Risiedere in Italia — Dove si richiede il visto turistico? Italian citizenship Conclusions Recognizing the fundamental rights means accepting something that is already there, Right to citizenship since these rights are not created by the State but they exist indipendently from it.

The inviolable status of the rights does not mean that the State cannot limit them in fact, theForeign Constitution sets can citizens limitsacquire when regulating freedom , the Italian but saidby: The inviolable status of the rights does not mean that the State cannot limit them in fact, theThe admissionsetsbylimits Constitution marriage can be granted when regulating freedom ,if: These timeframes are halved if children are born or adopted during the marriage Italian citizenship by residence Conclusions The admission by residence in Italy can be granted if: Cittadinanza italiana — Vero o falso: The lessons are designed to facilitate the entrance in the job market.

Specifically, the module aims to provide instruments for: Lastly, the lessons will cover the delicate matter of prevention and safety on the workplace. The employment centre — What is the employment Centre?

The employment Centre is a public office that allows the entrance in the job market for those seeking occupation. Once there, your data and your information related to your work experience are going to be put in a form, which will verify your unemployment status and, therefore, your availability for the work activity. In order to enlist you will have to present: The following table shows the types of residence permits and whether they allow or prohibit working.

In the absence of this translation, the Employment Centre will put a generic edu-cational title in your form example: Should you lose your job, your residence permit will not be revoked, and even if you resign, you will be automatically re-inserted in the unemployment register for the duration of your residence permit.

The Employment Centre is an important meeting point between offer and demand of work, so it can be a very useful instrument for anyone wishing to have information on the job market in Italy. Specifically, you will have access to the following services: The Curriculum vitae is a document with all your previous work experiences, as well as your skills and professional attitudes related to job activities. The Curriculum Vitae, other than your personal data, also features your qualifications and educational level.

The European Union as one recognized form for the CV, the European Curriculum Vitae or Europass, which you can download for free from the Internet some European CV models to fill in will be distributed during the lesson. Every Curriculum vitae is split into several sections, dedicated to the following fields: Always start from the most recent job! Professional mastery of Windows and the whole Of- fice package; excellent web and mail skills, electronical skills, artistic skills, etc.

Remember that your curriculum vitae always has to have your signature and the following caption on processing of data: By doing so, the companies will be able to understand your school level and educational level, should they analyse your curriculum.

This table might help you out! Specifically, the Sportello has several duties, not solely concerning the job market. In particular: The employer, through the website of the Ministry of Interior, requests the clearance to the Sportello Unico of the Province where the job is carried out. The sportello unico, after receiving the feedback from the Police Authority and the Territorial Labour Office, releases the clearance if all the requisites are met.

The foreign citizen legally residing in the national territory with a residence permit with a validity higher than a year can ask the clearance to the sportello unico for family reunification with: To do so, the applicant has to present the contract signed by the employer. Completa il seguente curriculum inserendo i tuoi dati personali e le tue esperienze lavorative. Per avviare le pratiche di ricongiungimento familiare a quale ufficio bisogna rivolgersi?

Contracts Every work relation is stipulated with a written contract, which can be: The work relation can be: For example: Autonomous work hap-pens when a subject commits to carry out a work or a service for another entity.

The following table shows a brief description of the several existing work contracts in Italy. Fixed-term contract It has a limited duration. Its maximum length is usually 36 months. If this limit is exceeded, the contract becomes permanent.

Permanent contract No limit of duration. Apprenticeship contract It is a deal between the employer and the em- ployee aimed toward a specialized training. The pay is very low and there are no social buf- fers. The length of the contract cannot be lower than six months and longer than 36 months.

Internship A work experience, usually brief, whose main purpose is training and learning. All foreign workers, according to the law, benefit from the same rights of Italian workers. In the specific case of subordinate work, the worker has a right to: On the other hand, your employer has the obligation to: How does it work?

Individual layoff The employers have to meet some requisites in order to lay off a worker, i. Layoffs are forbidden is some cases, like pregnancy and maternity, injury or sickness, exercise of the right to strike. Employee severance pay The severance pay can be described as such: This request can be sent only after at least 8 years of service under the same employer and with specific causes, i.

Cassa integrazione layoff benefits If the work activity is suspended partially or completely due to specific events, the workers have the right to a compensation wage subsidies — How do you read a job contract? Reading a job contract is really easy when you know the elements that are part of it.

The written contract lists the rights and the duties of the employer and the employee, and has to be drafted in two copies and countersigned by both parties. It has to contain information on the date of employment and the type and duration of the job relation with the possible trial period.

The following table lists all the sections of a job contract. Occupational diseases are those pathologies that develop be- cause of hazardous agents like metals or chemicals present in the workplace. However, according to the activities and other agreements, the hours can range between 38 and The total number of overtime hours per week cannot exceed Each worker has the right to 11 consecutive hours of rest every 24 hours.

WELFARE The regulation provides for the possibility to have, within the col- lective contract, forms of integrative welfare or pensions.

The worker can choose whether or not to adhere to said forms. Seniority steps are raises that are activated every three years of work within the same company. The factual salary is different from the monthly salary, and con- sists in the actual contents of the payroll, i. Said rules can be about respecting the work hours, or the prohibition to divulge company secrets. For those who infringe these rules, the disciplinary sanctions could be a simple oral reprimand, a fine, suspension from work wi- thout pay for a period not superior to 10 days, or disciplinary layoff without notice.

The workers, instead, have to comply with the safety rules set up by the company and report potential or real dangerous situations to the company.

Said transferrals always have to be di- sclosed in written form and with a strict notice between 45 and 70 days. If transferred or asked to travel, the worker has a right to additional benefits, such as the refund of travel expenses or moving expenses. Datore di lavoro E Gli usi aziendali si intenderanno conosciuti e accettati qualora il Lavoratore non abbia avanzato eccezioni per iscritto entro lo scadere del periodo di prova. Il Lavoratore si impegna ad utilizzare tali dati e notizie nei limiti dello scopo per cui sono conferiti.

The social security system is a combination of rules set up to give to the Italian and foreign citizen the necessary resources for decent living standards. In Italy, the institution that handles the social security system is the INPS Isti- tuto Nazionale di Previdenza Sociale , located in thousands of offices throu- ghout the country. Your office of reference is located in the Province you reside in.

As we already mentioned, the non-EU and EU citizen have the same treatment of the Italian worker, particularly for job conditions and union rights. There are, however, some exceptions for social protection matters, listed in the table below.

The request has to be submitted to the ASL or through the non-profit institutions of the Municipality of residence. The foreigners eligible for the social allowance are: The allowance is not exportable, i.

The pension is based, then, on the contributions paid in each single Country. The allowance is disbursed to non-community workers in compliance to the same rules the Italian workers are subject to, however: I contratti 1.

(PDF) VADEMECUM SFERA (ENGLISH) | Cooperativa Shannara -

Cosa si intende per contratto a tempo indeterminato? Quali tra questi rientrano nei diritti di un lavoratore? A quale ente devi rivolgerti per ricevere informazioni sulla tua pensione? Who are the subjects involved in the prevention of work hazards?

He has the duty to: In some cases, the very employer can carry out these tasks. In any case, the employer is always the responsible. They must receive adequate training and educa- tion. Prevention on the workplace is actuated through several systems, listed as follows: Specifically, the workers have to: Unions are voluntary associations whose purpose is defending and safeguarding the professional interests of a specific category of workers.

The Italian law provides for the complete freedom to establish union associations and to join them. These rights are called union rights, which also include the freedom to join strikes without being fired. In Italy, the most important union associations are: The main and most important function of a union is dealing with the representatives of the employers on the sectoral collective agreements.

What does this mean? The CCNL Collective National Work Contract is a contract stipulated with the unions and the employers or their representatives regulating the work relationship of a specific category e. The collective agreement can also be applied if the worker has not joined the union who drafted it. A union offers the following services to its members: What is a strike? Without giving the notice first, the workers might be subject to disciplinary measures.

Joining a union is very simple, although one should choose a union association with particular care, according to personal and working needs. The first step is going to the closest office of any union: Moreover, the responsible of the office can tell you about the procedure in person. You could also use the Internet: Prevenzione e sicurezza sui luoghi di lavoro 1. Sul luogo di lavoro, i segnali che ti avvertono di un pericolo sono: Questo segnale significa: Questo segnale indica: Se vengo discriminato dal mio datore di lavoro, posso rivolgermi a: The payroll — What is it and how to read it?

The payroll is a very important document showing the monthly salary of an em- ployee. Each payroll has many items, summing up also your working condition how much taxes you paid, how long your vacation will last, how much your con- tributions amount for, etc. In short, a payroll contains all the data on the monthly salary of a subordinate worker, specifically: The following table will help you recognize the most important elements of the payroll.

The payroll is one of the documents requested by banks and other financing institutions when asking for a mortgage or a loan. This is another reason for the worker to keep an archive with all the received payrolls, together with the Single Certification.

Every citizen is asked to fill in the declaration at least once per year, according to the deadlines provided by law. There are two types of documents available: First of all, you have to: The C. The The is a tax form that has to be delivered to the C.

The is filled in by your accountant and contains: The social cushioning systems are subsidies, i. The social cushioning systems one can benefit from are: In order to benefit from the social cushioning systems, you should digitally submit a request to the Inps within 68 days from the date the work ended; moreover, you will have to go to the Employment centre of your Municipality and declare your availability to work.

La busta paga 1. Cosa indica la voce di questa busta paga? Dove puoi effettuare la dichiarazione dei redditi? The module presents didactic-linguistic and social-educational interventions aimed at foreigners, to encourage their in-tegration in the territory. English, German, Russian, French, Chinese, Spanish and Arabic, giving a fair chance to the for-eigner citizens wishing to obtain a license.

The main parameter to follow is the simplification of the language and the choice of terms and expressions is tailored around those with a basic knowledge of the Italian language, with lessons by a professional teacher, with the student themselves indicating the most difficult locutions.

The didactic methodology uses both classic strategies, such as frontal and expositive lessons, and innovative and participative ones, such as the production of didactic material according to the the advices and cues given by the learners, which can be proposed to the future classes of road safety booklets, articles, etc.

Road and traffic definitions ROAD The road is a space for the circulation of vehicles, people and animals. It can be a one-way or two-way road and can be split in carriageways when a traffic divider is present.

The road includes carriageways where only vehicles and animals can transit , shoul- ders and sidewalks where only people can walk and cycle lanes for bikes. The traffic can be one-way or two-way; it can be split into lanes and there can be cycle lanes. The carriageway consists of: LANE The lane is a division of the carriageway wide enough for the traffic of one row of vehicles minimum width of 2.

A lane is always one-way and can be classified as follows: Overtaking and parking are forbidden in the ac- celeration lane. Overtak- ing and parking are forbidden in the deceleration lane. SHOULDER The shoulder is a part of the road outside of the carriageway destined for pedestrian circulation in the absence of a side- walk or a pedestrian pathway.

If the parking lines are painted on the sidewalk, it is possible to park the vehicles. It helps people to get in or off trams, trolley buses or buses. It can be indicated by signal towers with a flashing yellow light. It can regulated by a traffic light. It includes overpasses, underpasses and ramps. Its purpose is dividing vehicles according to their direc- tion. It can be made by plants surrounded by New Jersey barriers or guard rails.

Arm signs The traffic wardens can perform the follow- ing signs: Normal traffic light: When the yellow light turns on, decelerate and stop the vehicle by the stop line; the vehicle occupying the crossroads has to carry on and clear it quickly.

Arrow traffic light: They notify the presence of danger and require a prudent behaviour. Some danger signs Bump: Pedestrian crossing: Mandatory direction: Allowed directions: Direction allowed: Pedestrian road: Prohibition of transit: Forbidden way: Prohibition of No transit for No transit for No transit for No transit for acoustic signals pedestrians bicycles motorbikes buses Limitation signs art.

Right of way: It imposes a slowdown, or a full stop if necessary, to give way. Others have Give way I have the right of way it imposes a full stop to give the right of way. Stop and give way the right of way alternating one-way Alternating one-way: Beginning of the End of the right Give way to those I have the right I have the right road with right of way coming from the of way of way of way right crossroads T crossroads Indication signs art. The main background colours are five: They signal parking lots, places, itineraries, services, facilities, etc.

Indication signs Direction: The urban direction signs are horizontal stripes with an arrow, a symbol and the name of a place. Useful signals: They are used to regu- late traffic, to guide the users and to provide useful information. The signs are divided in longitudinal lines, transversal lines, and other lines. Continuous line: Discontinuous line dashed line ; it can be crossed for overtaking, for turning to the left, for a U-turn, etc.

Continuous-discontinuous couple: Continuous line Discontinuous line dashed line Double continuous couple: Continuous-discontinuous couple Double continuous couple Transversal lines Stop transversal line: It indicates the limit the vehicle has to stop to in order to respect the traffic light signal, or the STOP signal, or the rail crossing.

Transversal line for the right of way: The right of way Give way art. The drivers have to be extremely careful when approaching a crossroads. When two vehicles are approaching a crossroads the right of way always has to go to the one coming from right except when indicated otherwise. Give way on rail vehicles, except when indi- cated otherwise. Give way at a crossroads when a give way signal is present.

Stop the vehicle at the STOP line in the Give way to the right in crossroads Give way to the right with the signal crossroads. Give way when exiting a parking lot, a garage or a private road before joining the traffic flow …. An exception to this rule are trams, ambulances, firefighters and police vehicles with an active siren, which always have the right of way.

Said users, who are not protected by external structures and who are mostly children and elderly people, are particularly exposed to the danger of being severely or fatally injured by road accidents. In the proximity of a crossroads all the drivers are asked to slow down, give notice activating the turn signals and choosing the lane destined to the direction taken of their intention to turn avoiding sudden lane changes, avoid parking, avoid U-turns, avoid overtaking and, if driving a motorbike, get in line with the other waiting vehicles The drivers, once they have chosen their direction, have to get in line in the related lane even if it is not outlined by lines, to perform the correct crossing of the crossroads.

Take a look at this picture.

fondazioni e codice civile pdf

In the illustrated situation, the vehicle B can occupy, for example, the crossroads, by stopping in the middle and waiting for the R and N vehicles to transit. The behaviour of the pedestrian and the cyclist The pedestrian art. The behaviour of the pedestrian art. The pedestrian has to walk on the sidewalk or in other specific spaces shoulder, boulevard. The pedestrian has to cross the carriageway on the pedestrian crossings. Pedestrians are forbidden from diagonally crossing crossroads or roads 4.

The pedestrians are forbidden from standing or idling by on the carriageway. Pedestrians are forbidden from crossing in front of buses pausing at their stops.

Children riding small bikes have to transit on the sidewalk. The use of roller skates, skateboards and kick scooters is forbidden on the carriageway of the roads. On the pedestrian walkways without traffic regulation, the pedestrian has the right of way. Only the TRAM has the right of way on pedestrians. When there are no pedestrian walkways, or if they are more than one hundred me- tres from the crossing spot, the pedestrians can cross the carriageway only perpendicularly, and paying enough attention to avoid dangerous situations for themselves or others.

The pedestrians are forbidden from crossing intersections diagonally. The right of way is not absolute, because each vehicle needs a certain distance in order to stop. The intention of crossing the road must be highlighted with a clear, determined, secure and unambiguous behaviour. The intention of crossing the road has to be expres- sed clearly, by placing oneself on the side of the road. The pedestrians, to cross the carriageway, have to use the pedestrian crossings.

Look both to the left and right, check also for vehicles coming from behind and in front of you and that are making U-turns. Remember that the TRAM always has the right of way. When a vehicle gives way to the pedestrian on the pede- strian stripes, the pedestrian should make sure that another vehicle is not overtaking the one that stopped, especially on roads with more lanes going in the same travel direction.

Pay attention to smaller-sized vehicles motorbikes, for example , because they can be hidden, even from your point of view, by other larger vehicles. Remember that the reactions of the drivers are not always predictable, but they are affected by: Always pay attention and, when in doubt, wait before crossing. For a 7 year old child, the average height is between 1.

The field of vision of children is not fully developed yet: The code provides some specific additional rules, listed as follows. Circulation of cycles art. The cyclist must walk with its animals follows the same rules 1. The cyclists must proceed in a vehicle by hand when the traffic is applicable to motorcycles. Out of the city bor- the carriageway on the pedestrian lanes reserved to them, should they ders, they are allowed to proceed only stripes or when proceeding on the be present.

An adult cycli- cyclists must wear a reflecting jacket 2. Whoever breaks said rules is 3. Cyclists cannot tow vehicles or be saddle … subject to the payment of a fine towed by another vehicle. The transportation of objects and ranging from 24 to 94 euro. When riding a bicycle, choose the roads where the traffic is less intense or slo- wer, if there are cycle lanes use them, doing so is mandatory due to safety.

Additionally, wear a reflecting jacket or armband. Crossroads to the right. A car is exiting a side road, or a parking lot, or a driveway to the right. There are two cases: Sudden opening of the car door. Red traffic light. The car driver has to take a safety look above the right shoulder: Stop in the A spot: Sudden turn to the right. A car overtakes you and turns to the right in front of you, or on you.

Hard to dodge because you only realize it at the last mo- ment: Emergency manoeuvre: It will be easier for the car to see you. Il comportamento del pedone e del ciclista 1. Cancella la parola sbagliata. Should the need arise, it is essential to know the different functions of the public healthcare service, the different specialisations and doctors, but also to simplify the understanding of some matters related to the service.

Specifically, the module wishes to provide useful instruments for the comprehension of the following units: So, the lexi- con of the human body is of fun- damental importance.

The head. Where is the head lo- cated? On the neck. The two holes in the lower part of our nose are called nostrils: The eyes are what allows us to see: At the sides of our face we have the ears, which we need to hear. The shoulders , the arm plur. The arms , the fore- arm plur. The forearms , the wrist plur.

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