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The Mind Map Book book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The potential of the human mind is absolutely phenomenal, and To. The Mind Map Book is his most important and comprehensive book on the subject. It offers exciting new ways of using and improving memory. THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER The potential of the human brain is phenomenal, and Tony Buzan has been a pioneer in researching that.

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The Mind Map Book

The Mind Map Book, part of Tony Buzans revolutionary Mind Set series, The Mind Map, which has been called the Swiss army knife for the brain is a. Now, in The Mind Map Book, Tony and Barry Buzan have provided a comprehensive operating manual for all who want to use their brains to their fullest. Book Reviews. The Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan and Barry Buzan. ISBN Publisher: BBC Active Pages: Mind maps are an efficient .

Using Mind Maps as part of a study method is still one of the most popular applications of Mind Maps and Mind Mapping. By using Mind Maps for notes, you can reduce volumes of writing to a single page. The main idea behind the use of Mind Maps as study notes, is not simply to make notes on the subject, but to actually organise the notes. The structure of the notes should reflect their original thought of the author and, if possible, reflect your thoughts on the matter. We will look at how to Mind Map a Text Book, as an example. You can use this method to Mind Map most non fiction books, as they normally have a good structure, with a table of contents. Some of them are even divided into divisions or sections to make your life even easier. Browse through the whole book Pretend you have half an hour in a book store and you are browsing through the book.

Just stick them all over the board. Put everything you can possibly think of onto the board.

Free associate. Fill the board to capacity. When you think you are done, think again. Organize the notes. Look for related topics.

The Mind Map Book - Tony Buzan

Pick up the notes and move them around. Consider which groupings are well suited to become chapters. More then likely, the ones with the most information, but you may have to break some of them into more than one chapter if you have an overabundance of notes on one topic.

Use a different colored Post It Note at the top of each grouping to delineate a chapter; give it a chapter name. When done, you should have chapters—typical for a nonfiction book. To see this clearly, use a word processing program and type each chapter name or topic into an outline, or table of contents; it becomes a chapter. Tony Buzan is the inventor of modern mind mapping the concept of mind maps actually have a much longer history. I use mind maps a lot when attending presentations, learning a new domain, or understanding an existing program.

I read this book with the goal of making my mind mapping more efficient and understand how it's really done. Buzan kicks-off the book with a brief but informative overview of how our brain works on the neuro-biological level.

It's obviously a strongly simplified presentation, but it serves its purpose by setting the stage for Buzan's idea of radiant thinking. Radiant thinking is intended to reflect the structure and processes of our brains, where associative thought spreads in different directions from a given point.

And a mind map mirrors this activation pattern; a mind map always radiates from its central image or idea.

Mind Map Book

The result is a hierarchical and non-linear view of its subject. But a mind map is more than just a different organization.

Mind maps build on ideas from learning theory and memory research by harnessing and combining multiple senses and skills like colors, images, and words. You should see the central idea, the overall structure, and how everything is connected at a glance.

Instead, simply reorder your branches or draw another mind map if you need to.

Experimenting with your mind maps is a good practice. You could try different pictures and colours, play with the shape of your mind map and the way you branch and order your ideas.

Prune Your Mind Map As you fertilise your mind map with your ideas, it will grow rapidly and in many directions. Have a plan for turning your mind map in something you write or create.

Book Reviews

Or if your mind map serves as a visual aid, print it out, and keep it with you for a while. I also save digital mind maps in Evernote. Next, I expanded these main points and branched them out into sub-topics. I paid little attention to the order or structure of my ideas until I was done.

After completing the first version of this mind map, I added colours and images to the mind map. Next, I reorganised my mind map in a clockwise fashion. Creating a mind map took about 20 minutes.

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