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Lars Kepler - [Joona Linna 05] - Stalker (retail) (epub) Chapter Epilogue Keep Reading About the Author Also by Lars Kepler About the Publisher It wasn't . okt Download: Lazarus Ebook Free (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Lars Kepler Lazarus Lars Kepler Mysteries & Thrillers Gyldendal AS Danish MB .. Cover of "[PDF] Free Download Stalker By Lars Kepler". The hypnotist [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)] / Lars Kepler. Saved in: Main Author: Kepler, Lars. Headquarters (AVRL) - eBooks (EPUB) - Adult Fiction Published: (); Stalker / Lars Kepler ; translated from the Swedish by Neil.

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Lars Kepler Stalker Epub

You thought you were alone. Think again. The groundbreaking fifth thriller in Lars Kepler's bestselling series featuring Joona Linna. Perfect for fans of Stieg. Lars Kepler - Joona Linna Series | Nordic Noir | epub | 9 mb | List: Lars Kepler - Joona Linna Series. | Nordic Noir Stalker (). 4. The Rabbit Hunter (). Simple Way to Read Online Stalker (Joona Linna, #5) by Lars Kepler Book or Download in PDF and Epub hi, my fellowship readers. This is by far one of the best.

Krigsveteranen Niels Oxen lever et stille liv i sin lejlighed i Vangede. Han ser frem til hver Sam Berger frygter, at hun er blevet offer for en seriemorder, men hans kolleger ved Stockholms Politi vil ikke lytte: Og i skyggezonen venter en sandhed, som alt for mange har interesse i at skjule. He strangled it, up by the horse. While Billy is obviously mentally distressed, and cannot remember many concrete details, there is something sincere about him and his story. But before Strike can question him further, Billy bolts from his office in a panic. Trying to get to the bottom of Billy's story, Strike and Robin Ellacott - once his assistant, now a partner in the agency - set off on a twisting trail that leads them through the backstreets of London, into a secretive inn. Hvilken morder er dristig nok til at udrydde en hel familie? For ikke.

Because at the time the video was sent, the killer was already inside their house Who will the Stalker target next? General Imprint: United Kingdom Series: May Authors: Lars Kepler Format: Electronic book text - Reflowable Pages: Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one! Need help?

Download: Lars Kepler - Joona Linna Series

Partners MySchool Discovery. Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. Email address subscribed successfully. The Ahndorils were both established writers before they adopted the pen name Lars Kepler and have each published several acclaimed novels. They live in Stockholm, Sweden. Translated by Neil Smith. Toggle navigation. New to eBooks. How many copies would you like to download?

Availability: The hypnotist [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)] / Lars Kepler.

Stalker A novel by Lars Kepler Series: Joona Linna No. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. Kepler is a virtuoso at delivering scenes of suspense.


The forensics team's minutely detailed recording of the evidence of the bestial attack is relentless. The dead woman is filmed from various angles as she sits with her legs stretched out on the floor, surrounded by dark blood.

Her bra is in shreds, dangling from one shoulder, and one white breast is hanging down towards the bulge of her stomach. There's almost nothing left of her face, just a gaping mouth and red pulp.

Margot stops as if by chance beside the fruit bowl on the table by the sofas, looks over at the guard, who is talking on the phone, then turns her back on him. For a few seconds she watches the guard's reflection in the glass wall facing the large inner courtyard, before taking six apples from the bowl and putting them in her bag.

Six is too many, she knows that, but she can't stop herself taking them all. It's occurred to her that Jenny might like to make an apple pie that evening, with lots of butter, cinnamon and sugar to caramelise them.

Her thoughts are interrupted when her phone rings. She looks at the screen and sees a picture of Adam Youssef, a member of the investigating team. It would only take one phone call to arrange a full year of paid maternity leave. Perhaps that's what she would have done if she'd known how violent her first case would turn out to be. The future lies in shadow, but the planets are approaching dangerous alignments.

Right now her fate is floating like a razor blade on still waters. The light in the lift makes her face look older. The thick dark line of kohl round her eyes is almost gone. As she leans her head back she understands what her colleagues mean when they say she looks like her father, former District Commissioner Ernest Silverman.

The lift stops at the eighth floor and she walks along the empty corridor as fast as her bulging stomach will allow. She and Adam moved into Joona Linna's old room the same week the police held a memorial service for him. Margot never knew Joona personally, and had no problem taking over his office. Adam Youssef is twenty-eight years old, but his face is round like a teenager's. His hair is long and his short-sleeved shirt is hanging outside his trousers.

He comes from an Assyrian family, grew up in Sodertalje and used to play football in the first division north. Standing outside the window and-' 'We don't know that, but-' 'I think he is,' he interrupts.

Have you downloaded a copy? There's a ping as an email arrives and Margot quickly stuffs a piece of pizza crust in her mouth. An impatient worry line deepens on her forehead.

She clicks on the video file and maximises the image on screen, pushes her plait over her shoulder, hits play and rolls her chair back so Adam can see. The first shot is an illuminated window wavering in the darkness. The camera moves slowly closer, leaves brushing the lens. Margot feels the hairs on her arms stand up.

Stalker (Electronic book text, ePub ed)

A woman is standing in the well-lit room in front of a television, eating ice cream from the tub. She's tugged her jogging pants down and is balancing on one foot to pull her sock off. She glances at the television and smiles at something, then licks the spoon. The only sound in the room in Police Headquarters comes from the fan in the computer. Just give me one detail to go on, Margot thinks as she looks at the woman's face, the fine features of her eyes, cheeks and the curve of her head.

Her body seems to be steaming with residual heat. She's just been for a run. The elastic of her underwear is loose after too many washes, and her bra is clearly visible through her sweat-stained vest.

Margot leans closer to the screen, her stomach pressing against her thighs, and her heavy plait falls forward over her shoulder again. The woman puts the tub of ice cream on the coffee table and leaves the room, her jogging pants still dangling from one foot.

The camera follows her, moves sideways past a narrow terrace door until it reaches the bedroom window, where the light goes on and the woman comes into view.

She tramples the jogging pants off and kicks them towards an armchair with a red cushion. The trousers fly through the air, hit the wall behind the chair and fall to the floor.

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