THE WATER OF LIFE. A Treatise on Urine Therapy. JOHN W. ARMSTRONG. About this book. J.W. Armstrong has written a remarkable treatise in support. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. As a young man during WW1, J W Armstrong was download The Water Of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy: Read 75 Books. Thank you for reading the water of life a treatise of urine therapy. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have search hundreds times for their chosen readings.

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The Water Of Life. Imprint: Vermilion. Published: 02/06/ ISBN: Length: Pages. Dimensions: mm x 9mm x mm. Weight: g. This books (The Water Of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy [PDF]) Made by John W Armstrong About Books Title: The Water of Life(A Treatise. Life () - Three princes go out in turn to find the Water of Life to cure the sick king. The first two brothers insult a dwarf they meet on the road and are captured .

But the desire for the fresh feeling of youth and energy is as natural as the forces that erode it. And it would be unnatural not to balk at the abyss of death — if not our own annihilation, then the unfathomable loss of loved ones. Heidegger was accustomed to hold consultations, in all difficult cases of his practice. In the obscurest corner of the room stood a tall and narrow oaken closet, with its door ajar, within which doubtfully appeared a skeleton. Between two of the bookcases hung a looking-glass, presenting its high and dusty plate within a tarnished gilt frame. Taking a desiccated rose that has lain in the pages of his spellbook for more than fifty years, he dips it in a vase of water and restores the flower to life. The water, he tells his friends, is taken from the Fountain of Youth that Ponce De Leon and countless other adventurers once sought. They never found it, Dr.

It is there that he loses his way. Heidegger himself, who has taken on the visage of impassive Father Time.

Heidegger fully expects his experiment to reveal human fallibility — so that it might excuse his own weaknesses. His declaration of love for the rose is not a show of humility; it is the arrogance of a man who has succeeded where his subjects have failed.

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Heidegger has not only harnessed eternal youth but eternal life. In order to attain that power, Heidegger becomes objective — consummately and yet perversely objective. Human life and its meager concerns are, to him, things to be shaken off, impediments to a stoic acceptance of our fate. Here is a man with power over life and death who stands idly by while the beautiful and the fragile, together with the wicked and the ugly, perish.

Heidegger sees only the accidents of a deterministic universe for which no one in particular is responsible. This is the great lesson confirmed for Heidegger in his experiment. At least, this is the lesson that he wishes to confirm: that it does not matter that he failed in what he first set out to do, to bring his lover back to life.

There is no real resurrection water, only one that mimics its effects for a few minutes. It is not good for much of anything except the kind of farce that Dr. Heidegger has staged. In selecting subjects whom he knows will display the maximum amount of folly, Heidegger has rigged his experiment; he knows in advance that it will prove to him that everyone is better off for his not having invented the true Water of Life.

And perhaps they are. But at some point, having given up that aim, he chose to devote himself to the illusion of it, neglecting other good that he could do.

He exhibits an inhuman coldness in his reluctance to fellowship with others except to show them up — a coldness calculated to match that of the universe itself, which one way or another ultimately claims all lives.

To be indifferent to our powerlessness against this loss is to claim a certain power over it. But, though Time is unforgiving, there are other, better ways to accept our place in it. It is notable that no one in the story apparently has children.

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Giving life to others instead of grasping after it ourselves is one way of transcending mortality. And offering comfort instead of ridicule to those around us softens the brutality of errors that cannot be undone and losses that can never be reclaimed. Just as he was going out of the iron door it struck twelve, and the door fell so quickly upon him that it snapped off a piece of his heel. Then they all three rode on together, and on their way home came to a country that was laid waste by war and a dreadful famine, so that it was feared all must die for want.

But the prince gave the king of the land the bread, and all his kingdom ate of it. In the same manner he befriended two other countries through which they passed on their way. Then they waited till he was fast asleep, and poured the Water of Life out of the cup, and took it for themselves, giving him bitter sea-water instead.

Scarcely, however, had he tasted the bitter sea-water when he became worse even than he was before; and then both the elder sons came in, and blamed the youngest for what they had done; and said that he wanted to poison their father, but that they had found the Water of Life, and had brought it with them.

He no sooner began to drink of what they brought him, than he felt his sickness leave him, and was as strong and well as in his younger days. You have had the trouble and we shall have the reward. Pray, with all your cleverness, why did not you manage to keep your eyes open?

The Water Of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy [PDF]

Next year one of us will take away your beautiful princess, if you do not take care. You had better say nothing about this to our father, for he does not believe a word you say; and if you tell tales, you shall lose your life into the bargain: but be quiet, and we will let you off.

Meanwhile the princess was eagerly waiting till her deliverer should come back; and had a road made leading up to her palace all of shining gold; and told her courtiers that whoever came on horseback, and rode straight up to the gate upon it, was her true lover; and that they must let him in: but whoever rode on one side of it, they must be sure was not the right one; and that they must send him away at once.

The time soon came, when the eldest brother thought that he would make haste to go to the princess, and say that he was the one who had set her free, and that he should have her for his wife, and the kingdom with her. But when he came to the gate, the guards, who had seen the road he took, said to him, he could not be what he said he was, and must go about his business. But when he came to the gate the guards said he was not the true prince, and that he too must go away about his business; and away he went.

The Water Of Life

So he journeyed on, thinking of her all the way, and rode so quickly that he did not even see what the road was made of, but went with his horse straight over it; and as he came to the gate it flew open, and the princess welcomed him with joy, and said he was her deliverer, and should now be her husband and lord of the kingdom. Articles, Games and more Penguin Shop Penguin Shop Book bundles. Penguin gifts.

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