Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Sinner's Creed "Kim Jones knows the MC world from the inside--her stories are authentic and real."--Joanna Wylde, New. FLIRTING WITH DANGER I'm playing with fire. My decision to let Saylor travel with me is potentially life threatening not only to me, but to her too. She knows I'm . read book online or download in pdf epub. Read Online Sinner's Creed ( Sinner's Creed MC, #1) by Kim Jones Book or Download in PDF.

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Available formats: Ebook (1). The sizzling second book featuring the Sinner's Creed Motorcycle Club, bikers bent on riding chrome and meting out mayhem. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share. Sinner's creed / Scott Stapp with David Ritz. ISBN (hc). 1. Stapp, Scott, 2. Rock musicians—United States—Biography. 3. Creed.

Sinners Creed is surprisingly a good read. I checked it out at the local library but kept putting it off. Finally, I reluctantly picked it up and started reading it. Scott Stapp was quite candid in Sinner's Creed was interesting in that Scott mentions most of his songs, and describes periods of his life when he wrote them. He co-wrote the song Sexual Healing with Marvin Gaye. He received the Gleason Music Book Award four times. Sinner's Creed. Scott Stapp. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Now clean, sober, and in the midst of a highly successful solo career, Scott has finally come full circle—a turnaround he credits to his renewed faith in God. In Sinner's Creed , Scott shares his story for the first time—from his fundamentalist upbringing, the rise and fall of CREED, and his ongoing battle with addiction, the rediscovery of his faith, and the launch of his solo career.

The lyrics and music reached into a part of his soul, a dark part that he wished were not there. As the music spoke to Stapp, he wanted so much to express himself that he formed a band. That band would later come to be known as Creed. Working hard, touring, and performing, eventually brought about what Stapp wanted: However, he realized that his acceptance was based on his performance yet again.

Struggling with all the "benefits" that came with being the front man of a hugely successful band, Stapp started to cope with alcohol and drugs.

These addictions led to an out-of-control person who tried, more than once, to end the pain; permanently. Yet, through it all, Stapp continue to seek God. He desperately wanted to be free of his past, his fears He struggled and struggled but soon he found grace from a God who Stapp thought had abandoned him.

Still a "work in progress", Stapp's book is a breath of fresh air for those wanting to find acceptance and freedom from a performance-oriented life.

In Scott's book, "Sinner's Creed", he lays his whole life out on the line.

He divulges so many things that make one realize how difficult and confusing life must have been for him. He did his best, but even his best wasn't good enough at times. That message came through time and time again and explained how he ended up losing his frontman position with Creed. I enjoyed Scott's candor and honesty. He laid it all out there and one cannot help but feel empathy and for this man. The discussion of life, abuse, loss, fame, addiction, recover and love is powerful, but his most powerful message was when he gave his all over to God.

Then the real healing could and did begin. I was a but confused by some of the comments that Scott made about how he felt the band abandoned him. He admitted to his addiction, but it seemed he wasn't getting why he was left behind.

I don't know if this wasn't stated correctly by David Ritz or if Scott was truly clueless. I can't imagine the latter, but that's how the message seemed to be conveyed. Throughout the book, Scott gives insights on how the songs were developed - how and where he got his inspiration from. It's truly an enlightening story that is well worth reading, not only by fans of Creed or Stapp, but by those that want a story of how God can work in one's life when we finally give Him a chance.

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There are moments in the book where I hated him so hard for who and what he was, but I loved him harder. Saylor is both his weakness and his strength. Your good outweighs my evil and your love overpowers my hate. Saylor Samson is like a buoy in the darkest waters of the ocean.

She brings hope and relief to the drowning. Years pass, brief moments in time where they cross paths never actually meeting. I love how there is this deep connection without them knowing each other.

The way she pulls strength from his presence and he soaks in her light. The relationship starts tentatively. Fragile as the last thread holding it together. I absolutely loved watching them grow together.

If ever there were a set of characters that could make a non-believer believe in soulmates — Dirk and Saylor are it. Bumps and bruises along the way, but not without the healing power of hope waiting in the wings. You need to read this book.

Have to read this book. It has every element that MC lovers crave and all the heart that romance lovers need. It almost seems blasphemous to call it erotic, but those scenes are there and are perfection. Dec 04, RCK added it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

WTH thats not romance!!!! Feb 07, Natalie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I fully admit that I went into this book with pre-conceived notions. I have never read a Kim Jones book before but I am no stranger to talks of her talent.

When I saw that she was coming out with a new MC series I figured this was the perfect time to start on my Kim Jones journey. When I later learned that she actually lives an MC life as an old I fully admit that I went into this book with pre-conceived notions.

When I later learned that she actually lives an MC life as an old lady it sealed the deal. If anyone would know how to make this series realistic it has to be someone who lives it right? So my journey began on a random weekday and I started to read.

Sinner's Creed started off really well, albeit in typical MC fashion. I was however instantly pulled in. The story had a great, almost tangible feel to it that I can only equate to Kim's descriptive writing. Dirk Dixon is a Sinner's Creed nomad, a traveling hit man for the organization.

He kills people, lots of them without remorse. As you would expect from this type of book he also has a scarred background, and lives a gritty yet lonely life.

All of the things I love about my MC men. Then we meet Saylor Samson. Young, beautiful, innocent and with an unknown past that only adds to her intrigue. Again, I loved it. I loved her character, I loved her faith and I loved the style with which Kim Jones wrote her. Everything is going along fabulously and then the love happens. So I keep reading, happy with my decision to give this book a try, thinking I can't wait for the next one in the series since the secondary character Shady is really great and I want more of him.

And then Then the tears start. Not just a little mist. Not even a quiet sob. I can only relate my crying to a torrential downpour - a monsoon of tears.

An avalanche of sorrow and beauty that when combined makes this story so touching. This book does not have a conventional ending, which I know a lot of readers will not appreciate. I however have never been the type of person that needs a traditional HEA to love a book although in my heart this book did have its own unique HEA.

I just want a great story that makes me feel and this book certainly accomplished that. I applaud Kim for the direction she took this story.

I don't think it could have ended any other way. It was completely unexpected especially for a gritty MC but it worked. Sinner's Creed was heartbreaking but also beautiful and I hope you give it a chance just like I did. View all 3 comments. Feb 26, Simone rated it did not like it Shelves: Steer clear of this one if you are even remotely interested in a happily ever after. View 1 comment. Jan 18, Tina rated it it was amazing.

PDF - Sinner's Creed

I listened to this book on audible and I loved it! Kim Jones This author's talent is unbelievable. She has a way with making you live in the moment, making you feel every heartbeat, smell every scent, recognize every emotion. Dirk is a Sinner. You want to hate him for all the bad he is and all the bad he's done, but you don't.

Saylor is everything. Well at lea I listened to this book on audible and I loved it! Well at least she is in the eyes of Dirk. She is pure, she is love, she is faith This book is the ultimate dirty, gritty, hardcore, MC, badass, alpha romance you will ever read!

Kim Jones tells it like it is and holds nothing back.

PDF - Sinner's Creed

She will have you crying, laughing, and pissed off all in one book! What a ride! If someone told me in advance what this book was about, I never would have read it And I bitched in some of my comments about how expensive the book is I would sell her my soul to get my hands on the next Sinner's book! I'm so glad I read this book!!

I'm forever grateful! Thank you for being spectacular! Dec 15, Syndi rated it it was amazing. This is a perfect book. Combining the angst, violance, drama and plot twist from a MC background. Blend it with a perfect romance, i am crying,laughing, heartbroken and whole again.

Dirk is a assasin for sinner creed MC. The first time he lays his eyes on saylor, he is hooked. Saylor is a beautiful, innocence, free spirited girl. Whenever she needs help the most, dirk shows up. To me this book is a modern romeo and juliet. It is a really beautiful. Jan 10, Abby McCarthy rated it it was amazing. I went to bed cursing Kim Jones last night because she isn't my friend on facebook. I wanted to reach out to her and scream why!!!

No that's not right, I wanted to tell her I was broken. I wanted her to tell me it was all make-believe and to not be upset.

I wanted, no I needed solace. Kim Jones writes on a completely new level, from the Kim Jones I've read in the past, and although I've enjoyed her previous work, this by far is superb. But, be prepared, she will gut you in this story.

This is Dirk I went to bed cursing Kim Jones last night because she isn't my friend on facebook. It's about growing up in a difficult situation, his struggle with believing it made him a monster and if he's worthy enough for love.

Saylor straight reminds me of Jenny from Forest Gump. She is free spirited and when I picture her, I picture her in a white dress with flowers in her hair.

But not just that, I see her through Dirk's eyes. I see her how he loved her; perfect.

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Kim Jones created scenes and moments that will be etched into heart and soul. I went in blind, I'd have you too. I'm not going to tell you why you'll break, but be prepared to be the masochistic reader that you are, because as much as you'll break you'll also fall in love. Side note: I'm told by friends of mine that Kim is hysterical. I cracked up at her dedications to her sisters. Also, in the midst of being ripped into pieces by Kim she goes and throws in a line about Harper Sloan that had me giggling and breaking through some of my hurt, because she is funny, even when she's torturing you.

Mar 06, Sara Kharroubi rated it it was amazing Shelves: I walked into this story completely blind, I just dove into it to get my stupid ass friend to shut up about it,but maaaan am I glad I did. This was not what you'd expect an MC book to be. It was so real, so emotional, and so gut wrenchingly beautiful. Dirk made all the Christians, Gideons, and every other fucked up alpha male pale in comp 5 I hate you Imane for making me cry so much Stars I have puffy eyes, this book did not only make me cry, it made me cry to the point of having puffy eyes!!!

Dirk made all the Christians, Gideons, and every other fucked up alpha male pale in comparison. He is a true biker: He is the most complex, most beautiful character I've ever came across, and the love and commitment he has for the club and the brotherhood makes him the sexiest character I've ever met.

I could ramble forever about this book but I can't do that without spoiling it for other readers, so I'm only going to say this: Just open the book and start reading, let it take you wherever it wants, I promise you won't be disappointed, I sure as hell wasn't because this book is now one of my all time favorites and is the best I've read so far this year.

View all 4 comments. Jan 20, Wenny Wendy A rated it liked it. This was so not the book I thought it was Jones, I was a little disappointed in the majority of the writing and the characters Note to self: Heroine dies from brain cancer, and the Hero gets gunned down and dies as well.

I have rarely been swept away like I have with this book! So essentially I went from laughing my ass off feeling a gooey, to this book which plummeted me into this deep sadness!!! I am still recovering! There are so many MC books out there. But this one is of its own caliber. All from the hero's POV. He has always been intrigued by the heroine and over the years he has often times ran into her. When they finally do speak, they find themselves irrevocably linked to one another.

As they journey together, our lone biker discovers that there more to life than his nomadic lonely ways. Things blossom. And through it all And a beautiful love story immerges. I cant spoil the plot. But by all means, if you want to catch some 'feels" read this.

But please, bring the tissue. This one hurt. May 09, Naksed marked it as dnf Shelves: The story is dark and gripping. The first person narrative of the male protagonist, an outlaw biker who "enforces" for his club, meaning that he is their hit man, never wavers.

The female protagonist seemed like she had a few screws loose, hopping on the back of this total stranger's Harley, going on a journey that had obvious shady, criminal purpose. There are hints she is in a deep depression which might explain her otherwise illogical actions.

I started getting a really ominous feeling a few c The story is dark and gripping. I started getting a really ominous feeling a few chapters in, that this was not going to end well. I checked a few reviews and once I realized that view spoiler [both h and H die at the end hide spoiler ] , I regretfully stopped reading. This has absolutely nothing to do with the writing style, which is really one of the best I have read in the genre.

It has everything to do with me, personally, as a reader. I don't always shy away from five hankies read but I just did not feel that I was in the mental place to go through that at this particular point in time. Despite his flaws, or perhaps because of them, I found myself incredibly emotionally connected to this anti-hero.

So could not go on, ironically, knowing what loomed ahead. Mar 07, s rated it liked it. What can I say? Even though this book was cheesy and a bit predictable I figured the 'twist' really soon I feel like the author gave out too many hints.

And the Insta-love which was kind of annoying. But over all wow their chemistry was very strong and it was a really great read for me and really realistic. This book started a bit slow for me but when I finally got into. DAMN my heart was devastated. I'm not sure why it started slow for me. It could have been the longer chapters which sometimes makes it easy for me to get distracted or it could have been deep down I knew I was going to be gutted, so I was protecting myself easi.

It could have been the longer chapters which sometimes makes it easy for me to get distracted or it could have been deep down I knew I was going to be gutted, so I was protecting myself easing into this story. I explain this book as Bright side meets the MC.

Dirk's a lone wolf. He's a nomad within the Sinner's Creed. He's also dark and angry. He's the man he is today because of how he was raised. He knows no different then the MC ways. He also believes he's a monster with no redemption. That is until he sees Saylor Samson. And if evil is he, then evil am I. I don't need his pride. I don't need his love. He wanted a monster; he got one. I am the spawn of Satan. I am the son of Lucifer.

I am Sinner's Creed. Throughout the years Dirk sees Saylor but doesn't truly get to know her until years later. He can't stop thinking about this girl, so now is the time to take what's his.

Saylor's a saint. She's embodies joy and pureness. She loves whole heartedly and has a huge faith in god and his plan. This is not a religious book but a book about love, faith, hope and second chances from the two most unlikely duo.

It takes a lot to soften the likes of Dirk, but Saylor is up for the challenge. This love story is epic and heartbreaking. Just writing this review I'm close to tears reliving my experience with these two. The more Saylor and Dirk fall in love the more Dirk changes. Just before I melt into a pool of mushy vagina on the floor, she changes the subject. The character of Saylor is one that you can't love.

You easily see how Dirk fell so hard with this beautiful spirit. Together the are one. If she hurts, then he hurts and vice versa. It's jut a headache, but if she hurts, I hurt. It's that fucking simple. I just loved this beautiful devastatingly heartbreaking story. I don't want to give too much away as this is a story that need to be experienced by all.

I loved everything about this story from the premise to the characters the only thing that held me back was it was a slow start but so worth that hiccup. I'm such a fan of well done MC books as well as damaged men who find their way to being whole again. And this book fit the bill on both counts. This book was done from Dirk's POV, which I quite liked as we got to see in the inside of his head with his transformation after meeting Saylor. I can NOT wait for more from this series and this author.

Shady's story comes in July in Sinner's Revenge can't wait! Jan 08, Lindy rated it really liked it Shelves: My Thoughts: This is my second read by author Kim Jones and I really enjoy her raw, edgy, and unique writing style.

She takes risks in her writing, and I appreciate the fact that her stories aren't predictable or traditional by any means. For someone like myself, who reads a lot, this is a nice change of pace. I think Ms. This is a 1 percent MC. These are men who are trained to hurt, trained to endure hurt, and trained to kill. But only a few can compete with the best. And I'm the best. I'm the best at hurting, enduring, and killing. I'm the man they fear because I have nothing to lose, and they know that.

Sinner's Creed (Sinner's Creed MC, #1) by Kim Jones

He's the shadow that you don't see coming, and only see right before your final breath. He's a third generation, and the MC life is all he knows.

He grew up with violence and blood. The club is his life and his salvation. He rides for it, he kills for it, and he knows that eventually he'll die for it. But then a blonde beauty rocks his world to it's very core. Every man has a purpose. I always thought mine was with the MC. Now I know the real purpose of my existence.

To be anything Saylor Samson wants me to be. Their connection is instantaneous, and yet it also worked for me when normally I'd struggle with something that quick. But being inside Dirk's head really helped. Have you ever tried to show love to a dog that's been abused his whole life and trained only to kill? They don't know what to do with that affection.

They equal parts fear it and yearn for it. That's exactly what happened with Dirk. This is a man that hasn't known an ounce of kindness or affection is entire life, yet Saylor understands him in a way no other ever has.

She accepts him for everything he is and falls for him anyway. But can a man that's the death dealer for an MC hold on to something so beautiful and fragile? Who did I want more?

Her of the club? I couldn't live a life where they both existed.

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