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The Architecture of OpenERP · The Installation of OpenERP · Independent Installation on Windows · Connecting Users on Other PCs to the OpenERP Server. hello All. I need help,. is there a tutorial book on the basics of functional download Management Odoo 7? cause i only use modules of odoo only. with details of OpenERP's functional modules. Part Two it! Follow Els on her blog or on twitter elsvanvossel. You can also attach the PDF document to the Open ERP invoice record.

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Openerp Functional Training Ebook

Odoo functional courses. 1 year Odoo Partner access / Education Course training materials include PDF's, videos, and exercises you'll be able to perform. ERP solutions being our core area of service, we perform Odoo ERP customization, Cybrosys has been a reliable and trusted service provider of Odoo at the. Learn the basics of Odoo ERP. Installing, Configuring the popular Odoo Modules and advanced Odoo Administrative Features. 12Courses Pour ce qui est des rapports (documents pdf ou html imprimables) on voit ou ça se . It goes to the grain and makes a good transition from functional to technical aspects.

As well as being THE concept in fitness and strength and conditioning, functional training is also probably the most poorly understood concept in fitness. Functional training is any exercise that improves your ability to perform tasks required in your day to day life, job or chosen sport - so that each movement included as part of your workout mimics a range of motion or engages muscles that are necessary to impact on performance - whether it be on the rugby pitch or simply the ability to lift small children out of car seats. Includes over functional exercises and detailed pictures and descriptions of all the techniques show you clearly how to apply them into your training programme. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. Paperback Edition: Bloomsbury Sport Illustrations: Full colour photographs throughout Dimensions: This website uses cookies to improve user experience.

Great job!!!

Well done, very useful. Contents are well described and allow to learn the basis of Odoo functional usage. In my opinion, it can be improved the audio qua In my opinion, it can be improved the audio quality, having care to use the same volume level; more, I will appreciate if the exercises book would be in each section.

Anyway, well done. Purpose of the Training The purpose of the Odoo Functional training is to enable students, partners, and clients to understand how Odoo works in different modules and gain speed and efficiency in the use of Odoo's integrated applications.

Training Objectives This course will provide the audience with a knowledge base to quickly build a strong understanding of the Odoo app suite.

Training Performance Objectives At the end of this training, you will have a thorough overview of the major functionalities within Odoo's primary business applications. Teaching Methods In this training an emphasis is placed on explaining and demonstrating the different functionalities of key apps which are pertinent for getting to know Odoo.

Training Materials Course training materials include PDF's, videos, and exercises you'll be able to perform on our platform. Training Duration The eLearning platform allows you to follow the course at any speed.

This barcode must start with If the customer is not registered in your address book, go to the back end and create a new customer from the Sales menu. You can generate an invoice for a PoS order from the back end as well. Assign a customer to the order, click the Invoice button and validate the created invoice. He has the receipt reference with him. Click Return Products. A new PoS order with reverse quantities is created. Edit this new PoS order in order to delete or change the quantities of the products that are kept by the customer.

Register the payment by clicking Payment. Select the payment mode, the amount to be paid back and mention why you proceeded this back payment.

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For more information on creating Pricelists, please refer to the Sales chapter. Assign the newly created pricelist to your PoS in the Pricelist field. Check the new prices from the PoS Front End. Then in the Available Coins section, select the values you want to have in the Point of Sale.

You can delete some of the default coins or create new ones. If you want to allow a maximum difference between the ending balance and the theoretical cash for nonPoS Managers, set an Amount Authorized Difference in the payment method configuration form Point of Sale tab. If this limit is exceeded, the user cannot close the cash register.

To open a cash register with the last closing balance, tick Opening With Last Closing Balance in the payment method configuration form Cash Registers tab. Validate and open the session. Register several PoS orders.

Close the front-end interface and close the session. Edit the session in order to specify the coins left remaining in your cashdrawer. Validate closing and post entries.

Odoo Functional

In the back end, you can put money in or take it out of the cashdrawer from the Session form. Expand the search bar and group by Session.

Select all the remaining PoS orders and print the Sales Lines report. What is your best day so far in terms of revenue? What are your most sold products in terms of sold quantity and revenue? Who are your three most devoted customers? Odoo Functional Training v8 Pos. This artical is to train odoo v8 about POS. Direitos autorais: Pesquisar no documento. Documentos semelhantes a Odoo Functional Training v8 Pos. Packt Publishing.

Manuel Vega. Guillermo Villalobos.

Odoo Official Training - Videos

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Leopoldo Hergueta. Hendra So. Anadi Mitra. Avinash Vishwakarma. Edwin Reyes Estrada. Kings Bill. Nathan Triano. Mais de Didik Hariadi.

Didik Hariadi. Ketsmy Desrosiers. Fabrizio Brusca.

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ChaItanya KrIshna. Populares em Computing And Information Technology. Submodules are very handy to use if you want to include third party apps in your Odoo. The only other way to get this code available in your Odoo. But what if the third party developer has made a lot of changes, fixes or improvements?

This is the true power of submodules. Now let us first link a public repository to the Odoo. In chapter 3 I will learn you how to add a private repository as a submodule. Public repositories Setting up public repositories is really very easy to do.

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