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Night Angel Trilogy Ebook

Night Angel Trilogy has 9 entries in the series. Night Angel Trilogy (Series). Brent Weeks Author (). cover image of The Night Angel Trilogy. Results 1 - 12 of Search results for "the night angel trilogy" at Rakuten Kobo. Read free previews and reviews from booklovers. Shop eBooks and. [PDF] Download Night Angel: The Complete Trilogy (The Night Angel Trilogy) Ebook | READ ONLINE Download at.

Vir users are also referred to as wytches, though this term insults them. The prayer that the Khalidorians say to their goddess is actually a spell that empties a small portion of their glore vyrden into her "reservoir" of magic; she then returns however much she desires back to them as vir. Like the Talent, it can act as an extension of the physical being. The difference between vir and Talent is that the vir is living, and has a measure of sentience, mostly because it is part of Khali. It is described as a magical parasite. It opens new channels in the user's Talent, so initially a vir user will have stronger Talent, but the vir eventually consumes all the user's Talent permanently. There are thirteen shu'ra; however, only the Godking can attain the thirteenth. The vir appears on a Meister as a black, living tattoo of vines on the body of a Meister. The strength of a Meister's vir is shown by the amount of vir on his or her body, and the intricacy of the tattoos represents his or her mastery of the vir. Usually only the wytch's arms show vir, but stronger vir users, such as Dorian and Garoth Ursuul, are almost completely covered in vir when they choose to display it. The Ursuuls are the only Meisters who can hide their vir and bring it to the surface of their bodies at will. According to Neph Dada, the Ursuuls are also capable of removing access to the vir from another wytch. Curoch also has the power to destroy the vir contained in a wytch's body and does so in a small but violent concussive explosion. The Ursuul family's hidden vir can be stopped by stopping the physical expression of it, which appears to be the only weakness of their ability to hide their vir.

Of these powers; accelerated healing and the ability to see through shadows remain to the user whether he is in possession of the ka'kari or not.

The Way of Shadows (The Night Angel Trilogy)

It is unclear as to what powers remain to the a person whom the ka'kari abandons, but it could be speculated that the ability to see through shadows remains as Durzo has never had a problem navigating through a place of total darkness; even after the ka'kari had abandoned him as is evident from him easily moving through the tunnels to the nine's meeting spot without the use of a light source and there is no point when Durzo takes enough harm to tell if he still has the benefit of the accelerated healing though due to one having the ability while not in possession of the ka'kari would suggest that he does.

Once bonded, the silver ka'kari makes the user impervious to blades and other metals.

The Globe of Edges in Cenaria was thought to be the silver ka'kari, but was a forgery. This could be the item that Garoth Ursuul wanted but is never made specific. The current location of the silver ka'kari remains unknown. Once bonded, the red ka'kari gives the user power over fire.

This action turned Mount Tenji into an active volcano. White Ka'kari[ edit ] Originally given to Trace Avagulania. Once bonded, the white ka'kari gives the user the power of glamour. Glamour being defined as a weave to give the bearer an illusion to others, and in this case, the glamour of the white ka'kari was so powerful that it could be used to create an irresistible compulsion in others.

Trace, reputed to be horribly ugly, became the most beautiful woman ever seen. Using the power given to her by the ka'kari, she became the Khalidorian goddess Khali. This ka'kari was destroyed when Kylar used Curoch to kill Khali.

Brown Ka'kari[ edit ] Originally given to Oren Razin.

Once bonded, the brown ka'kari gives the user power over the earth. The user can become a thousand-pound brute with skin made of stone. A much younger Durzo Blint gave it to the Wolf before deciding he needed to keep the artifacts safe from the Wolf. Green Ka'kari[ edit ] Originally given to Irenaea Blochwei. Once bonded, the green ka'kari gives the user power over plant life.

It is believed to be somewhere in Ladesh.

However, it is possible that this ka'kari was thrown into Ezra's wood, as Durzo states he threw two ka'kari into the wood, and all other ka'kari are accounted for. Blue Ka'kari[ edit ] Originally given to Shrad Marden.

Once bonded, the blue ka'kari gives the user power over water. It also is said to allow the user to drain the liquid from a man's blood.

It was thrown into the ocean by Durzo Blint, which created the Tlaxini Maelstrom. Iures differs from Curoch in that it grants no additional power, but instead allows the wielder to focus his or her power to an extreme degree, allowing them to create or undo extremely complicated weaves with ease. It also has the power to record any weaves created near it and it remembers those weaves forever. Like Curoch, the wielder can also change Iures' appearance and shape at will. Durzo Blint and Kylar both use Iures disguised as the sword Retribution.

The location of Iures is not explicitly stated at the end of the trilogy, but it is highly likely that the Dark Hunter has it in Ezra's Wood. The sword is made of pure mistarille.

There is a dragon on each side of the blade with a gap at the mouth, from which fire is produced whenever danger or magic is near. On the hilt there is a mark of two crossed war hammers. The hilt also contains a very large and pure red ruby.

It first appears when Feir is running from Lantano Garuwashi and he has to confront him with Curoch.

Curoch takes on the appearance of this blade and it is suggested that Curoch, through its inherent shapeshifting abilities, may very well be the original Ceur'caelestos , and Lantano Garuwashi subsequently takes it from Feir. Kylar then steals the blade and throws it into Ezra's Wood. Feir enters the Wood to retrieve it, and receives instructions on how to recreate Ceur'caelestos. He then travels to Black Barrow and forges a perfect replica of the sword; save for Feir hiding his own smithing symbol near the base of the blade, which he gives to Garuwashi.

However, the replica does not breathe fire like the original, as Feir cannot find a ruby to bind the necessary magic into. Immediately before the inspection of the sword by a Ceuran mage, Solon brings a suitable ruby to Garuwashi, completing the sword in truth, and causing it to gain the ability to breathe fire.

The inspection reveals Feir's symbol, which according to the document is supposed to be on the blade. Thus, Ceur'caelestos existed only as a legend before Feir forged it.

The Night Angel Trilogy (Night Angel, #) by Brent Weeks

However, while Iures gives the bearer greater control over magic allowing them to create or undo weaves with greater precision Curoch amplifies the bearer's power to an extreme degree.

With the vast majority of mages, this amplification exceeds what the bearer's body can handle, with only the strongest mages in the trilogy being capable of handling Curoch even at its lowest levels of power. The two best examples of Curoch's power are when Solon Tofusin used it to kill all the meisters using their vir during Roth's coup in Cenaria, when Jorsin Alkestes used it to blow apart the magic that was giving the krul form in the Alkestian Cycle an era predating the time in which the Trilogy is set , and when Kylar uses Curoch to kill Neph Dada, euthanise Elene, and kill Khali, who was possessing her at the time.

Curoch is also responsible for the destruction of the vir as it destroyed Khali, the goddess who supplied the vir to the Khalidorians. Curoch is the blade that Lantano Garuwashi originally believed to be the Blade of Heaven.

Although the dark hunter appears to have taken Curoch at the end of the final book, it was prophesied by Dorian that there is one meant to wield Curoch, but this person has yet to come.

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