How to amazon ebook without kindle

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The best part is that site, Barnes and Noble and Google have made Readers can “download” Kindle ebooks they've downloadd and start. Read Kindle books on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone with Kindle You can download a Kindle reading app for free at Whether you're looking to back up your Kindle books or read them on another device, When you download an ebook from site, it's yours, right? If they're not in a format you like (some may become MOBI files, others AZW3).

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How To Amazon Ebook Without Kindle

The site Kindle is a great ebook reader, but it's tightly tied to just email the. pdf file to your Kindle's address without a subject line. Yes, you can in theory read Kindle books on almost any other ebook reader or These are not sold by site, but you can find them in online. January of last year I launched a growth hacking ebook that has since sold + copies and made over

These instructions are courtesy of Ilona Andrews, who wrote a fabulous post detailing this. Here are different types of free downloadable software that allow you to read an ebook without an e-reader. Browse through to decide which one would work best for you. Top Features courtesy of site Website:. Go here:

How to Put Free Ebooks on Your Amazon Kindle

For both apps, simply search the Chrome Web Store for the app and install it. Again, once you've downloaded a book, read it in Chrome.

Readers can also access the Kindle Cloud Reader on their browser; it's a website that syncs with your site account and showcases your ebook library. Because it is a website it works on every browser. You can start using it by visiting https: Readers can "download" Kindle ebooks they've downloadd and start reading instantly.

The apps and the website are best for those who have multiple computers or laptops or who need access to books in various locations like at work and at home. Read e-Books on your Computer. If you prefer using standalone programs on your computer, instead of relying on your Internet browser, both Kindle and Nook offer free software that you can download to read books on your computer.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software on your computer you can start to browse e-books you have downloadd and begin reading -- all without having an e-reader!

How to read an ebook without an e-reader

All of these apps access your account and allow for reading on the go. Again, the only thing required is that you download the ebooks. Once they're downloadd, you can "send" the e-books to your devices from your account or you can access the app and download it to your phone.

This is best for those who are constantly traveling or on the go or who use their smartphone as their main source of Internet access.

For those of you who want to see what ebooks are all about, the options listed above are great opportunities to find out more without breaking the bank.

How to Read Kindle eBooks Without a Kindle

Have you used any of these methods to read ebooks? I'd love to hear your experiences reading ebooks! Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Read e-Books in Your Browser. Kindle software Nook software. This is best for those who use one main computer. Read ebooks on Your Smartphone or Tablet.

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Real Life. When you download an ebook from site, it's yours, right? Technically speaking, site is merely licensing the book to you. And the company can, seemingly on a whim, close your account and delete all your books. This isn't likely to happen, but it gives me pause. Indeed, it makes me want to back up the books I bought and paid for, just in case.

What's more, if I ever decide I want to read those books using, say, another reader be it an app or device , I'd like the option of converting them to another format.

Both options require the removal of site's DRM -- the digital lock the company puts on its books to prevent unauthorized sharing.

I have no intention of sharing. I simply want to exercise my fair-use rights. Luckily, it's possible to remove site's DRM at your own risk, of course using free book manager Calibre and a couple plug-ins. I'm going to give you the broad strokes of this process.

If you're not especially tech-savvy or want a more detailed guide, get Googling. If you haven't already, download and install the Kindle program for your PC.