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PDF | Evaluation of English Language Teaching (ELT) materials is an inevitable factor if the materials are aimed at assisting in the effective. English textbook 'English For Today', making it available to teachers and If this book is used properly, it will no doubt facilitate learning English at the desired. English for Today - Class pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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English today book medical-site.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Here are the PDF versions of the Textbooks for download. I hope, these books . English For Today For Class XI and XII From Download. English for Today - Class 8. Файл формата pdf; размером 1,96 МБ. Добавлен пользователем grassleaf ; Отредактирован

This textbook has been developed to help students attain competence in all four language skills in English through meaningful and enjoyable activities. Emphasis has been given on listening and speaking skills as the foundation on which to develop reading and writing skills. Topics and themes have been selected in a way that would not only help students address the needs of real life situations, but would also inculcate humanistic values in them as well as broaden their mental horizon. Grammar points and planned activities to develop students' competence in all four language skills have been presented within contexts in a systematic and graded way. A Bit from Everything. Children's Songs.

This creates a general disconnect that the instructor must navigate. Clarity rating: 4 Though the text utilizes plain language and defines technical terms, it is sometimes either too fragmented beginning chapters or too dense later chapters.

This might cause some accessibility issues. Consistency rating: 5 Overall, the textbook utilizes a strong framework per chapter: learning objectives, definition and explanation, examples, exercises, and takeaways. Modularity rating: 5 Each chapter contains several sections: anywhere from three to nine. Later chapters contain sections that can easily support individual lesson plans. Though the hierarchical structure can be questioned, the logical flow is fairly coherent and is rather strong for chapters "Writing Preparation," "Writing," and "Revising and Presenting Your Writing".

Now write a paragraph in words about Tereshkova and Chawla based on the information provided in the text.. What do you think? Who are some of the famous women in your country and why are they famous?

What ……………………………………………. Now find out the similarities and dissimilarities between Tereshkova and Chawla. Where………………………………………… born? Tereshkova was born in Russia while Chawla was born in India. They both are engineers. Areas of similarities 1. Why ………………………. Why ……………………………. How ………………………………………………… die?

When ……………………. Unit Two: As conditions in the traffic keep invariably changing. The difference between traffic in the roads and highways and racing circuit must not be blurring inside you. Leave no room When you are in the driving seat of a car. Speak in a group. It is the most sophisticated machine that is able to operate on 15 ever-changing conditions and standards of judgement. These are all very visible.

But the human brain is intelligent by nature. If you don't know how to ride a bicycle. The same can be said about a motorcycle rider. Never imagine yourself to be a Michael Schumacher driving an F-1 at mph. Discuss in a small group the following questions. CPUs are artificially intelligent machines that are programmed to do specific jobs under fixed conditions and judgements. Read the passage below and complete the activities mentioned at the end of the passage. Do you ride a bicycle? If yes.

Read the following questions. Still you must always restrain yourself because. Hollywood hero. You must always be ready to encounter unexpected behavior from any vehicle or pedestrian. Now you see. English footballer. Michael Schumacher is a- i. What is a steering used for? What is the function of the accelerator? Australian cricketer.

Which organ is the word visible associated with? German racing driver. Each question has a word in italics with four alternative meanings. The word sophisticated in line 15 means- i. Choose the word which is the closest in meaning: Traffic Education 19 5. How is a racing circuit different from a public road? What are the main challenges facing a driver? Do you think the bus and truck drivers of our highways maintain traffic discipline?

What are the reasons of road accidents in our country?

Write your answer within words. Where do you see the difference between other human organs and the brain? What is a racing circuit?

What is the difference between a computer and the human brain? Do you think our towns and cities are pedestrian friendly? If your answer is ''no''. What is a CPU? What are its functions? Make sentences with the following words and phrases: If you're poor. Up ahead. Now read this article written by Michael Hobbes titled "Welcome to the Traffic Capital of the World" I am in a tiny steel cage attached to a motorcycle.

Two rows to my left is an ambulance. In the last ten minutes. I'm here working on a human rights project. In a small group ask each other these questions and write down your answers. Alleviating traffic congestion is one of the major development challenges of our time. Government efforts to unify or regularize the system would amount to a hostile takeover of all of these small companies.

There are too many of them. Government efforts to get people out of rickshaws and into buses and trains are going to attract huge opposition. The government is under pressure to designate some lanes as car-only.

Dhaka residents have no choice but to crowd into the middle. Many of the bus companies are owned or linked to political parties or powerful trade unions. Most people you talk to in Bangladesh blame the traffic jams on the rickshaws. All of these fixes sound easy and obvious. Then there are the users of the roads.

English today book 1.pdf

A World Bank analysis found 60 separate bus companies in Dhaka. There are major intersections. Since the bus companies compete with one another. And this brings us to the third reason why the traffic problem is so difficult to solve. Dhaka also suffers from the absence of a planned road network. Besides pedestrians. Even increasing bus capacity is more complicated than it sounds. One and a half million people drive rickshaws for a living.

Without roads or trains to whisk them to the suburbs. All these modes take up a different amount of space and have different top speeds. Traffic Education 21 the proportion will rise to nearly 70 percent by Just 7 percent of the city is covered by roads.

According to the author. Thanks to the donors. Car owners are a small part of the population. For residents of Dhaka. Dhaka adds an extra But with traffic? Who knows? Each year Only 10 percent of Dhaka is covered by roads.

What do you think of the style of the author? In The annual cost of traffic congestion is 3. The author compares CNG to a piece of pie. But that. Any attempt to solve the traffic mess means annoying the poor. What are the arguments given for banning rickshaws? Whenever I asked my Bangladeshi colleagues how long it would take to get somewhere.

Every year. Column A Column B i. Suppose you are stuck in a traffic jam in a car, bus or rickshaw. Think of various things that you can do while you are stuck. Consider the following activities: Sleeping; Counting vehicles on all sides; Sending text messages from your mobile phone; Listen to the radio or music; Play games; Chat to the people sitting next to you or outside your vehicle; Play cards; Shout out to the people going by; Read newspaper etc.

Now rank these activities and share your rankings with your partner. Put the best at the top. Change partners and share your rankings again. Form two groups to debate this proposition. Then write down how you think traffic management can be improved in our cities. Now read the poem given below and answer the questions that follow:. Amidst killer speeds I stand Facing the traffic, stretching my hand. Be it sunny or rainy, For your safety I must be Vigil and agile, on the middle Standing erect, as fit as a fiddle.

My ear hurts! My head aches! Look at the weather But I cannot swerve; I must be on duty. I care for your safety. Be it noisy or dusty; Be it sunny or rainy; I must be on duty. Who is the speaker in the poem? What is your view of a traffic policeman? Why do his ears hurt? What is 'unpredictable'? What is the attitude of the speaker to the job he does? The poem has three stanzas. What is the rhyme scheme of the stanzas? What are the advantages of using rhyme in a poem?

Attempt a 8 or 10 line poem about a policeman standing at a busy intersection in a city or a paragraph or two in prose. Make sentences using the following words: Write down the adjectival form of the following words: Elaborate on the meaning of the lines: Amidst killer speeds I stand b.

Standing erect, as fit as a fiddle. You have just finished your shift directing traffic near a school from morning till noon. Talk to a small group for 5 minutes about your experience. Now read the short passage about the film and answer the questions that follow: It has often found important space and close treatment in literature and other arts.

Besides the many poems about this fascinating character, there is at least one movie where the central character is a traffic policeman. It featured a slightly manic traffic policeman, Antonis Pikrocholos, who is utterly devoted to service and duty, and applies the traffic code with unyielding severity. For all these reasons, the road to marriage for both couples is long and strewn with obstacles, but the outcome is a happy one for everyone involved.

Guess the meanings of the following words from the context: If possible. What idea of the central character have you formed? Can you remember reading about a traffic policeman in any novel.

Describe in 5 sentences how a manic traffic policeman would behave in real life. Do you think our traffic policemen perform the following duties? If not. The passage suggests that traffic policemen have found important space in literature. How does the movie end? Go to Google and find out more about the film and write a words paragraph based on your search. Imagine that you are a taxi driver and have broken traffic rules on the road. Now write a dialogue between the traffic policeman in My Brother.

Traffic Education 27 4. In which language was the movie probably made? Have you heard the name of a pesticide called formalin which is used as a preservative? A member team of the National Food Safety Laboratory. Unit Three: What is food adulteration? Read the following feature item published in a Dhaka daily.

14. English For Today Class 4 TG

Karwanbazar and Mohakhali markets. The amounts of pesticide in these samples were found to be 3 to 20 times greater than the limits set by the European Union. Chlordane and Heptachlor. The survey report. These samples also contained lead at 20 to 50 times above the safety limit of 2. Arsenic and chromium above safety limits were detected in a total of 5 out of 13 rice samples. Adulteration was thereby detected in samples of coriander, mango and fresh shrimps.

The tests indicated that poultry feed in the country had also been contaminated, as samples of chicken and fish contained traces of antibiotics. High microbial populations were found in several samples of pasteurised milk, indicating poor processing procedures by the manufacturers. Samples of cucumber and street foods also showed high microbial populations, suggesting widespread contamination in the water supply.

Further tests of different products were being carried out at the Food Safety Lab. A former Director General of the Health Services and senior national adviser of the FAO, said the findings were shocking for the whole nation.

He added that instead of focusing only on the end products, the issue should be addressed at the root level. Pointing out that there were four steps in the production process-farmer, transport, wholesale, and retail trader, -he said better monitoring and supervision were mandatory for stopping food adulteration.

Adulterated food products are reportedly the cause behind thousands of people suffering from fatal diseases like cancer, kidney failure and heart problems.

Health specialists told the Dhaka Tribune that the Ministry of Food had enacted a Food Safety Act, but was yet to prepare the necessary rules. As the issue of food safety was also linked to 14 other ministries, a coordinated agency should take responsibility of ensuring safety in food products, they added. Choose the right answer: What percentages of the milk samples contained pesticide?

How did the scientists realize that the water supply was contaminated? Why were microbial populations present in pasteurised milk? How many ministries are concerned with the food safety issue? What confirms that even our poultry products are contaminated?

What are the health risks related to adulterated food? What is the current state of the Food Safety Act? With a friend, discuss the observation made by the former Director General of Health Services. Is it enough to keep an eye on end products? Make a list of things that you can do to monitor and supervise the production process. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily pointing out the problems of food adulteration in your locality. Or, write a response to this news item published in Dhaka Tribune.

What is a short story? What are some of the essential elements of a short story? What is a balanced diet? Why do we need to take a balanced diet? Why do some people become overweight? Maugham was a British novelist, playwright and short story writer whose work is characterized by a clear, lucid style, and a profound understanding of human nature. I caught sight of her at the play, and in answer to her beckoning, I went over during the interval and sat down beside her.

It was long since I had last seen her, and if someone had not mentioned her name I hardly think I would have recognized her. She addressed me brightly. How time does fly! Do you remember the first time I saw you? You asked me to luncheon. If I cut out coffee for the next two weeks I could manage well enough. I think people eat far too much nowadays. I had a tiny apartment in the Latin quarter overlooking a cemetery.

But she reassured me. The waiter asked her if she would have something while it was being cooked. She was talkative.. I answered. She was. But I was flattered. She had read a book of mine and had written to me about it.

She was not so young as I expected and in appearance imposing rather than attractive. I was startled when the bill of fare was brought. A little fish. I ordered it for my guest.

I had eighty francs gold francs to last me the rest of the month. I wonder if they have any salmon. I never eat anything for luncheon. I mentioned casually that my doctor had absolutely forbidden me to drink champagne. I knew I could not afford caviare. I never want more than that. I ordered half a bottle.

She waved him aside with an airy gesture.

She gave me a bright and amicable flash of her white teeth. I never mind caviare. But I wondered what the bill would come to. For myself I chose the cheapest dish on the menu and that was a mutton chop. She talked gaily of art and literature and music. I should be sorry to leave Paris without having some of them.

When my mutton chop arrived she took me quite seriously to task. I told the waiter by all means to bring caviare. Just a bite. My mouth had often watered at the sight of them. I was past caring now. They were enormous. The smell of the melted butter tickled my nostrils. While we were waiting for the coffee. I had seen them in the shops. The fact is. I have a cup of coffee in the morning and then dinner. It was not a question now of how much money I should have left over for the rest of the month.

A happy smile spread over his broad. I never eat asparagus. I was speaking for you. I see!

NCTB Book Download. NCTB all Book Download

So I ordered coffee for myself and an ice cream and coffee for her. I tried with all my might to will him to say no. Panic seized me. The asparagus appeared. But surely peaches were not in season then? Lord knew what they cost.

I do not believe that I am a vindictive man. They had the blush of an innocent girl. I retorted. Her eyes rested for an instant on the three francs I left for the waiter.

But when I walked out of the restaurant I had the whole month before me and not a penny in my pocket. English For Today 36 basket full of huge peaches. Today she weighs twenty-one stone.

The bill came and when I paid it I found that I had only enough for a quite inadequate tip. Read the story a second time. What is an asparagus? Find out the food value of asparagus. How did the lady manage to get the luncheon invitation from the writer? Find out 5 adjectives from the story and write sentences with them.

The writer also uses irony in the story find out the definition of irony elsewhere in your text book. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions: The lady obviously has a tendency to eat much. What examples of irony can you find in the story? The story is told in flashback. At one stage of the luncheon.

Write an essay on the bad effects of overeating. Find some instances of humour in the story. Keep the example of the lady in mind. Find out the meanings of the following idioms: How many items of food does the lady order?

Why does the writer only order a mutton chop? Humour is the quality that makes something laughable and amusing. How does the lady look in the restaurant. We are social beings and have to consider the effect of our behaviour on others. No one likes a bad-mannered person. You must also have been taught to be polite in company and keep quiet while others. Unit Four: Human Relationships Lesson 1 Etiquette and Manners 1. Do different rules apply to women and children?

Write down your answer. There are rules of behavior you have to follow in a company. For example. Manners can be good or bad. Remember that etiquette and manners vary from culture to culture and from society to society.

There are rules of behaviour for all kinds of social occasions and it is important to learn them and practise them in. Read the text below and answer the questions that follow: As a child you must have been told to greet your elders and visitors to your home according to your culture and tradition.

We learn etiquette and manners from our parents. There are many more. Stand in queue. Be a helper. Be on time. Here are some basic rules of etiquette: Eat politely. The manners that are correct in a wedding reception will not do in a debating club. How many more can you add to the above list? Here are some thoughtful observations on manners and etiquette from some famous people. Chew with your mouth closed.

Treat them kindly. Give and receive compliments graciously.

The tips for etiquette have been adapted from Debby Mayne's discussion on the Internet. Hold doors for people entering immediately after you. Do not shout at children. Refuse to gossip with and about friends.

A few more tips on etiquette are given below: Family etiquette: Listen to your parents. Shake hands when appropriate. Basic social etiquette: Always be on time. Use indoor voice while talking to people. Different situations call for different etiquette and manners. These are divided into three groups: Professional etiquette: Dress properly.

Discuss the meaning and significance of each of the observations above in pairs and groups. Write an essay describing how proper etiquettes can help our families and society function better. Find the antonyms of the following words: Find out the meaning of the following words and make sentences with them: Boys and girls reading in the same class may become good friends.

Most friendship is feigning. That dost not bite so nigh As benefits forgot: Maybe recite your grocery list. You can use apps on your phone, like Duolingo, to practice English in your spare time. There are several free apps that can help you improve your English.

Duolingo is just the one that I use to improve my German, but they also have an English setting. Instead of checking Facebook or Instagram during some down time, devote minutes to improving your English by completing a few modules on an app. In addition, listen to the news at least 5 minutes every day. Basically, the hourly new summary is a 5-minute summary that updates every hour. There are no transcripts available, so it really does test your listening comprehension.

There are other news sites specifically aimed at English language learners, and you can find those links on the show website. Find a show to binge-watch on Netflix or YouTube. Binge-watching means to watch many episodes of a series all in one sitting.

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