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Grammar for Young Learners by Lewis and Mol (OUP). ISBN This is an enjoyable grammar activities book to supplement course books. Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers, are three fun, activity-based exams designed to motivate young learners. From January the exams for young learners have been updated. Choose from our official range of engaging preparation materials to maximise your children's chances. A five-level, British English course with lively stories for young learners, from the tales retold for primary language learners accompanied by e-Books, audio.

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English Book For Young Learners

If you're a parent or teacher struggling with the decision of which English course book to choose for a young learner, look no further: the five. Because this book is focused on younger learners, it comes with a lot of fun worksheets that have oral directions to help students with listening to the English . Want to read awesome children's books in English? These 10 books are perfect for English learners—and are super fun to read!.

Especially useful for Content and Language Integrated Learning classes. Discussion points, activities, and exercises. Audio CD of classroom extracts, and additional online resources. Ideal for self-access work, whether in a group or individually. Intended mainly as a teacher resource, but can also be used as part of a training programme. Storytelling with Children by Wright OUP ISBN Exploits children's natural love of stories by using them to develop an awareness of the sound and feel of English, and an understanding of language points.

Full review of English Know-It-All. To specifically address reading and and writing skills, Focus on Comprehension is an excellent choice. It consists of fun and kid-friendly stories, poems, and articles that are typically between and words and are filled to the brim with useful, simple vocabulary.

Following each piece, there are a series of questions related to the content that call for a written response. Full review of Focus on Comprehension.

General English Course Books for Young Learners

Helpful Tip: The authors of Painless Vocabulary understand that, to a child, nothing could be more boring than trying to memorize long lists of vocabulary. With articles ranging from the Internet to sports to bullying, Painless Vocabulary adopts this approach, thus providing young learners with interesting and relevant articles that entertain them and enrich their vocabulary at the same time.

Full review of Painless Vocabulary. Unspecified, though the topics are most appropriate for learners of middle-school age. A lifesaver for language teachers and parents faced with teaching children, Teaching Young Learners to Think offers 80 photocopiable activities and worksheets that come with helpful teaching tips and easy-to-follow lesson plans.

Includes a selection of ready-to-tell stories, although the activities can be used with any story. This is an enjoyable grammar activities book to supplement course books. It strengthens grammatical accuracy in an enjoyable and interesting way. Activities focus on key grammatical points for young learners. Contents organized by communicative goal e. It includes activities for different learning styles.

It promotes critical and creative thinking skills and language awareness. There are photocopiable worksheets for many of the activities. This book offers a wide variety of original ideas and activities for helping children to tell and write stories in English.

It encourages creativity, confidence, and fluency and accuracy in spoken and written English, as well as teaching creative writing skills. The book aims to build teachers' confidence in their ability to use English effectively, at the same time as providing advice and techniques for primary English teachers.

English for young learners (3-17 years)

The book is written in an accessible, easy-to-follow style and encourages a positive attitude towards using English in the primary classroom. The first unit asks teachers to reflect on the processes of language learning, to examine ways to create effective learning conditions in class, and introduces them to the study methods used in the book. The units follow the processes of natural language acquisition and the pattern of school education, so the order is: A free CD gives examples of classroom language from real classrooms, with pronunciation exercises.

Part 1 identifies priorities for working with young learners and suggest strategies for teaching. Part 2 offers guidelines for creating or adapting work programmes and explains how English can be cross-curricular. This resource book for primary teachers provides appropriate, easy-to-use resources for teaching subjects through English.

Provides practical ideas for introducing drama activities into the English class, including mime, chants, puppets, role play, and short plays.

Because of this, the caterpillar decides to eat something good again and it feels better. Once again, repetition is very important for improving your English, and this book has lots of great repetition. First, he wants a muffin. Then he wants some jam to go with it. Then, he asks you to make more, and more…. This book is one of the shortest on the list, and its language uses a lot of future tense.


He had on a large yellow straw hat. The man saw George too.

This book has such a deep meaning, and it is fun to read at the same time. This makes him very sad because he wants to be taken home by a child.

Macmillan English | Macmillan Young Learners

Corduroy decides he needs to find a new button if someone is going to download him. His mother sends him to his room without eating dinner. When Max finally gets home again, his mother has left dinner for him, still hot. But the other bulls liked to play and butt heads. When Ferdinand grows up, he becomes the biggest and the strongest of the bulls—but he still likes to sit and smell the flowers.

One day five men come to pick a bull from the pasture for the bull fights. Ferdinand does not want to be chosen, but a bee stings him.

The bee sting causes Ferdinand to jump around crazily, so the five men pick Ferdinand for the bull fights. Because of this he is sent back to the pasture. So he offers it to a friend, but the friends does not want to eat green eggs and ham. After Sam asks his friend many times, his friend finally tries the green eggs and ham. This book is a long and very entertaining poem.

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