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Book now at medical-site.info, on or in person at Box Office. Discover, enhance or revive your creativity at DCA. Digital Courses. 2 medical-site.info org. DCA equips the students with skills required for designing, developing .. an address book from another program, Using keyboard shortcuts in Outlook Express. PDF | On Dec 10, , Boris Goldengorin and others published Book Review DCA

Certificate of Authority. You will need a NY. To request a paper application, call Please note that taxes, penalties, or interest may be due before you can obtain tax clearance. You must: Submit an original letter with a signature from the U. License and Clearance Fees For in-person application submissions, fees must be paid by credit card, money order, or check. Credit card payments are subject to a convenience fee. Please note that a convenience fee applies if you submit your license application online. A major credit card is required to submit applications online. The chart below lists the amount due depending upon when your license application is filed. Note: Honorably discharged veterans and the surviving spouses or domestic partners of honorably discharged veterans who reside in New York State do not need to pay a license fee.

Limited Account:. Multiple users Feature of Windows Windows Xp. Computer administrator:. Windows xp esa QksYMj. Printer Sharing: Printer dks 'ks.

Spell Check. Auto formatting. Creating a New Document. Mail Merge. Page Numbers. Different Page Views and layouts. Shortcut Menus. Paragraph and Page Formatting. Unit II Office Packages: Office activates and their software requirements.

Applying various Text Enhancements. Working with Columns. Importing and exporting to and from various formats.. MicroSoft Office. Introduction to MS Word. Open-Office etc. Working with MS Word. Adding References and Graphics. Text Editing using various features. Symbols etc.

Text Attributes. Working with -Styles. Presentation graphics. Auto texts. MS Word Basics: Introduction to MS Office.

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DCA 1st Sem Objective Questions

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Windows Menu:. Using Wizards. Using different features with Data.. Use of Formulas. Z ljyrk ls fd. Using different features with Data and Text. Splitting etc. Column Freezing. Z dj ldrs gSA. Cell and Texts. Various Data Types. Working with Different Chart Types. Z dks vklkuh ls dj ldrs gSA blesa. BB10 vkfnA. Another benefit of desktop computers is the cost. If you compare a desktop and a laptop with the same features, you will most likely find that the desktop computer is priced lower.

Some desktop computers have a built-in monitor to save space. These are often called all-in-one desktop computers. Laptop Computers The second type of computer that you may be familiar with is a laptop computer or laptops as they are often referred to. Laptops are battery or AC-powered personal computers that are more portable than desktop computers, allowing you to use them almost anywhere. Since a laptop is smaller than a desktop, it's more difficult to access the internal components.

That means you may not be able to upgrade them as much as a desktop. However, it's usually possible to add more RAM or a bigger hard drive. A laptop computer is sometimes called a notebook computer because of its size. Servers A server is a computer that "serves up" information to other computers on a network. Many businesses have file servers that employees can use to store and share files. A server can look like a regular desktop computer, or it can be much larger. Servers also play an important role in making the internet work: When you use your browser to click a link, a web server delivers the page you requested.

Other Types of Computers Today, there lots of everyday devices that is basically specialized computers, even though we don't always think of them as computers. Here are a few common examples: These use a touch-sensitive screen for typing and navigation. Since they don't require a keyboard or mouse, tablet computers are even more portable than laptops. The i Pad is an example of a tablet computer. Mobile Phones: Many mobile phones can do a lot of things a computer can do, such as browsing the internet or playing games.

These phones are often called smartphones. Ex- Samsung Galaxy series. A game console is a specialized kind of computer that is used for playing video games. Although they are not as fully-featured as a desktop computer, many newer consoles allow you to do non-gaming tasks like browsing the internet.

Many TVs now include applications or apps that let you access various types of online content. For example, you can view your Facebook news feed or watch streaming movies on Netflix PCs and Macs Personal computers come in two main "styles": PC and Mac.

Both styles are fully functional, but they do have a different look and feel, and many people prefer one or the other. Today, this is the most common type of personal computer, and it typically includes the Microsoft Windows operating system. The Macintosh computer was introduced in , and it was the first widely sold personal computer with a Graphical User Interface, or GUI pronounced gooey. All Macs are made by one company, Apple Inc.

Although PC can refer to any personal computer, including Macs. If you're using a Mac, you may notice some differences with the way that your computer works. However, much of the information in this tutorial will still apply, no matter what kind of computer you're using. Think about all the computers that are necessary for you to complete your day-to-day activities.

Each part plays an important role whenever you use a computer. Central Processing Unit Case The computer case is the metal and plastic box that contains the main components of the computer. Sometimes it is also called Cabinet or System Unit.

It houses the motherboard, central processing unit CPU , the power supply, and more. Computer cases come in different shapes and sizes. A desktop case lies flat on a desk, and the monitor usually sits on top of it. A tower case is tall and sits next to the monitor or on the floor. Most of the personal computers you can download today include tower cases, rather than desktop cases; however, some computers are being made with all of the internal components built into the monitor, which completely eliminates the tower duly known as All — in — One Computers.

Back of Computer Case On the back of the computer case are connection ports that are made to fit specific devices. That varies from computer to computer, and many companies have their own special connectors for the specific devices. Some of the ports may be color coded to match a color on the device, which will help you determine which port is used with a particular device Mother Board Mother board sometimes alternatively known as the main board, system board, planar board or logic board.

It holds many of the crucial electronic components of the system, such as the central processing unit CPU and memory, and provides connectors for other peripherals. A motherboard contains significant sub-systems such as the processor and other components. This board is the "mother" of all components attached to it, which often include sound cards, video cards, network cards, hard drives, or other forms of persistent storage.

The term has been in use in the computer industry at least since the early s. The ALU performs mathematical, logical, and decision operations in a computer and is the final processing performed by the processor. After the information has been processed by the ALU, it is sent to the computer memory. The AU performs the arithmetic operations and the LU performs the logical operations.

Speed of a computer depends on the speed of its CPU. Memory Memory is also a main component of a computer. Memory is a place to store Data, instructions and information temporarily. This is also known as Primary Storage.

It is made of chips and attached with any circuit of mother board. RAM contains Memory Chips which is read through processor.

When a computer is started the information or file are transferred to RAM and remains till you use it. Some other program and Data also load during the process on RAM. Until the data is not removed processor Depending on capacity of RAM you can run many programs simultaneously among them the program you use get visible on screen. Most of the RAM is Temporary. As soon as you shut down your computer they loss their contents.

This is why we need to save any file in any of the drives of computer. Saving is the process used for copy the contents of RAM in any Hard disk. Data in ROM cannot be modified or can be modified slowly or very difficultly. Chip of ROM contains permanent Data, instructions and information.

ROM Chip contains data for booting also.

The circuit board is useful to expand the capacity of computer and adding some new equipment. Ports Ports is a connector point attached in rare side of Case. External devices like Monitor, Mouse, Printer, Keyboard etc are attached with system unit by using this ports only.

An average computer uses about watts. It contains a fan also which is controls the temperature of CPU. UPS is not like inverter it is gives a backup power to complete the running work and shut it down. In the rear side it contains sockets for screen, CPU etc.

Keyboard The keyboard is one of the primary ways we communicate with the computer and enter data. There are many different types of computer keyboards such as wired, wireless, multimedia, and more.

Although there may be differences in the location of some keys or features, keyboards are very similar and allow you to accomplish basically the same tasks. Mouse Mouse is a pointing device. It lets you point to objects on the screen, click on them, and move them. However, you can also download a wireless mouse, which works using Bluetooth. What did they look like? Were they all-in-one, or did they have a separate tower?

Are there any keys that you haven't used before? Although they belong to the fifth generation they can be divided into different categories depending upon the size, efficiency, memory and number of users. Broadly they can be divided it to the following categories.

Microcomputer is at the lowest end of the computer range in terms of speed and storage capacity. The microcomputers are built of 8-bit, bit and bit chips microprocessor chips. Microcomputers are computers that have a microprocessor as a CPU and are often personal computers.

Mini Computer: A computer of medium power, more than a microcomputer but less than a mainframe. It supports more than one user at a time as 4 to users simultaneously. The mini computer is used in multi-user system in which various users can work at the same time.

It possesses large storage capacity and operates at a higher speed. A large digital computer serving or sometimes thousands of users and occupying a special air-conditioned room.

In some ways, mainframes are more powerful than supercomputers because they support more simultaneous programs. But supercomputers can execute a single program faster than a mainframe.

Mainframes use proprietary operating systems, most of which are based on Unix, and a growing number on Linux. Mainframes are so called because the earliest ones were housed in large metal frames.

The fastest type of computer. Supercomputers are very expensive and are employed for specialized applications that require immense amounts of mathematical calculations. For example, weather forecasting requires a supercomputer. One of the ways in which supercomputers are built is by interconnecting hundreds of microprocessors other uses of supercomputers include animated graphics, fluid dynamic calculations, nuclear energy research, and petroleum exploration. Ex- Mouse, Keyboard, Motherboard etc.

It is what guides the hardware and tells it how to accomplish each task. Some examples of software are web browsers, games, and word processors such as Microsoft Word. Ex- Microsoft Word, Operating systems A computer uses basically 4 types of software: System Software: System software co-ordinate between Users, applications software and Hardware storage devices i.

Communication, Printers, Readers, Displays, Keyboard of computer. Application Software: Helps user in doing computer related one or more works. Ex- Tally etc 3. Programming Software: This is used to program new software. It provides tools for computer programs and software write for programmer. These devices are called peripherals. Below are a few examples of peripherals.

A printer is used to print documents, photos, or anything else that appears on your screen. There are many types of printers available, including inkjet, laser, and photo printers. You can also download an all-in-one printer, scanner, and copier. A scanner allows you to copy an image or document and save it to your computer as a digital computer-readable image. Speakers and headphones are output devices. It means that they are devices that communicate information from the computer to the user.

They allow you to hear sound and music. Depending on the model, they may connect to the audio port or the USB port. Some monitors also have built-in speakers. A microphone is a type of input device, or a device that receives information from a user. You can connect the microphone to the computer and use the computer to record sound or to communicate with another computer user over the internet.

Many computers come with built-in microphones. A web camera, or webcam, is a type of input device that can record videos or take pictures. It can also transmit video over the internet in real time, allowing you to do video chat or video conferencing with somebody in a different part of the world.

Webcams are used often in business, and they also help many friends and families stay connected. A joystick is a lever that is used to control computer games. There are various other types of controllers that you can use, and you can also use your mouse and keyboard to control most games.

A digital camera lets you capture a picture or video in digital form. By connecting the camera to your computer's USB port, you can transfer the images from the camera to the computer. You can then print the images, email them to a friend, or post them on the web. When you download an electronic device such as a mobile phone or mp3 player, check to see if it comes with a USB cable. If it does, that means you can connect it to your computer.

With many devices, you can synchronize or sync them with your computer, which automatically keeps your contacts, music, and other data up-to-date whenever you connect the device to your computer.

Also the paper discusses in detail the legacy form of input and output devices used to the latest devices that has revolutionized the way an end user interacts with the computer as well. There are different types of input devices like: Keyboard A flat board with grids of buttons which are programmed to input characters into the computer. Keyboards can be classified into different categories based on their layout, connection type, form factor etc. A standard keyboard includes about keys, each of which sends a different signal to the CPU.

Wireless keyboards use wireless technologies to communicate. Most commonly used technologies are: Infrared, Radio frequencies and Bluetooth Touch screen Touch screens are touch sensitive displays which can detect location of touches within the touch sensitive display. There are three basic systems that are used to recognize a person's touch: Like a scanner, it consists of a light source, a lens and a photo conductor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. The decoder analyzes the barcode image data and transmits to the CPU.

Each barcode has specific symbols defined as a series of bars in a barcode. The way to differentiate the barcode is by the height and width as well as the bar spacing.

Each strip of bar c an represent a number, character or alphanumeric character depending on which type of barcode symbol set is used.

Barcodes are printed on nearly every product. The barcode contains the product details such as product name, size, manufacturer and the country of origin. The price is looked up from the shop's database.

DCA 1 Sem Objective Questions | Computer Objective Questions

OMR Optical Mark Reader systems are suited to reading pre-printed forms and checkboxes such as multiple choice exam papers. The OMR captures data by contrasting reflectivity at predetermined positions on a page. Magnetic strip Reader Magnetic strips are built into many plastic cards such as check guarantee cards, cashpoint cards and personal identity cards. The magnetic strip on the back of the card can hold the personal details of the card owner and, with the necessary PIN, will allow access to secure information e.

Data stored on the strip is scanned and input into a computer system by a magnetic stripe reader. A MIDI musical keyboard can be attached to a computer and allow a performer to play music that is captured by the computer system as a sequence of notes with the associated timing instead of recording digitized sound waves. Finger printer reader Fingerprint scanners are very common now-a-days.

Most of the laptop computers are equipped with a finger print scanner which provides highest level of security from unauthorized use. Video Conferencing Video conferencing is a facility of video chat between two people using internet. For video chat all participants must have some basic equipments like- Video camera, video conferencing software, microphone, speaker etc.

There are three broad categories of printer: Dot matrix printer, Inkjet printer, Laser printer etc. Dot matrix printer: In dot matrix printer the print head with umpteen numbers of pins runs on page and prints by impact, striking an inked cloth ribbon against the paper, much like a typewriter. This is done by several tiny pins, aligned in a column, striking an ink ribbon positioned between the pins and the paper, creating dots on the paper.

Example- Printers at Railway booking counter Inkjet printer: An inkjet printer is any printer that places extremely small droplets of ink onto paper to create an image.

Ink cartridges - Depending on the manufacturer and model of the printer, ink cartridges come in various combinations, such as separate black and color cartridges, color and black in a single cartridge or even a cartridge for each ink color. The cartridges of some inkjet printers include the print head itself.

Laser Printer: Laser printers are commonly used in offices for bulk printing. Because faster in terms of output and cost per page is cheap. These are best for Black printing. They have in built memory also. It can store incoming data stream in printer memory and process for printing.

Many heavy-duty printers are network capable. Networked PCs can print directly from these printers without requiring the printer to be connected to any PC. These printers can also send, receive fax and make photocopies. Some printers also have Scanner, Fax and copier functions inbuilt. These are known as MFD or multi-functional devices also as per there working capability. A 3D printer is a device that allows physical output of the digital material that has been drawn on the computer.

This is the latest printing technology. Research is going on 3D printer technology. Projector A projector takes a video signal from computer video output and projects the corresponding image on a projection screen using a lens system. All video projectors use a very bright light to project the image. Video projectors are widely used for conference room presentations, classroom training, and home theatre applications Surface Computing The system is composed of a horizontal touch screen under a coffee table-like surface, with cameras mounted below to detect the user interaction.

All interface components such as dialogs, mouse pointer, and windows, are replaced with circles and rectangles outlining "objects" that are manipulated via drag and drop. Global Positioning System satellites transmit signals to equipment on the ground. The next month, another US federal court in New York struck down the portion of the CDA intended to protect children from indecent speech as too broad.

American Civil Liberties Union , stating that the indecency provisions were an unconstitutional abridgement of the First Amendment right to free speech because they did not permit parents to decide for themselves what material was acceptable for their children, extended to non-commercial speech, and did not carefully define the words "indecent" and "offensive. Shea , was affirmed by the Supreme Court the next day, without a published opinion. A separate challenge to the provisions governing obscenity, known as Nitke v.

Gonzales , was rejected by a federal court in New York in The Supreme Court summarily affirmed that decision in Congress has made two narrower attempts to regulate children's exposure to Internet indecency since the Supreme Court overturned the CDA.

Court injunction blocked enforcement of the first, the Child Online Protection Act COPA , almost immediately after its passage in ; the law was later overturned.

It added protection for online service providers and users from actions against them based on the content of third parties, stating in part that "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.

On July 23, , the Attorneys General of 47 states sent a letter to Congress requesting that the criminal and civil immunity in Section be removed.