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Air Temple. Episode 3 of Season 1. After Aang proves he's the Avatar, he becomes a celebrity. Watch Winter Solstice: Part 2: Avatar Roku. Episode 8 of. Season Three (Book Three: Fire) of Avatar: The Last Airbender, an American animated television series on Nickelodeon, first aired its 21 episodes from. Book Three: Fire (火) is the title of the third and final season of Avatar: The Last Avatar The Last Airbender – The Complete Book 3 Collection, All episodes of.

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Avatar The Last Airbender Book 3 Sub Thai

Avatar: The Last Airbender has an expansive soundtrack produced by the Track Team. All the Avatar OST Avatar Season 3. Avatar. Avatar: The Last Airbender - Book 3: Fire Ratings. by AlSwearengen | created - 28 Jul | updated - 6 months ago | Public. Season Rating: /10 Best. Avatar The Last Airbender: Book 3 Vol. 1 (Exclusive). Nickelodeon/Paramount Clips. Next page. Upload your video. VIDEOS. SHARE.

Book Three: The title refers to the Avatar Cycle: It consisted of twenty-one chapters. The season began on September 21, , with the airing of " The Awakening ", and ended on July 19, , with " Sozin's Comet, Part 1: Into the Inferno ", and " Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang " all airing on that date. It was followed by several comic trilogies and a sequel, The Legend of Korra , starting with Book One: The episodes were first released on four DVDs, with five episodes per DVD except for the last DVD, which contained six episodes , before a box set containing all twenty-one episodes of the season was marketed. The DVDs were initially released throughout and Their quest is to find and defeat Firelord Ozai.

This theme is usually played when the Dai Li are present in a scene. This is the song played during the conflict between Zuko and Admiral Zhao. It is also played during the fight scene between Zuko and Aang in the second episode, " The Avatar Returns ". This is only found in the end credits of the last episode " Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang " the last episode in place of the usual end credits.

Representing the Avatar State , this song is usually played when any Avatar goes into this state, though only when it is triggered by anger.

It was first played in " The Southern Air Temple ", when Aang was enraged by Monk Gyatso 's death, for a second time when he thought General Fong had killed Katara , and later when he found the sandbenders who stole Appa in " The Desert ". This song is played at the opening sequence of each episode and lengthened in " The Boy in the Iceberg " because of the longer opening sequence.

Despite its name, this is not a character theme. It is played when the citizens of the Northern Water Tribe notice the soot falling from the sky along with the snow.

As they rush toward the chief's temple, Yue tells Sokka that they cannot be together. Sokka is upset, but the Tribal Princess runs off toward the temple ahead of him.

This theme is usually heard when Team Avatar has resolved a problem and the episode is ending. The most well-known use of this song takes place as Appa is flying toward the full moon. It is followed by the end credits. This is played before and during Zuko's speech as the new Fire Lord. He says he intends to start an era of peace between the four nations. The unexpected minor chord at the end is the segue between this scene and the next, which is when Zuko asks his father where Ursa is.

This theme is played when Team Avatar rides on a monorail through the Inner Wall, revealing the stunning view of the Earth Kingdom capital. This is the theme played when Azula is present. The only time the entire theme is played is during " The Avatar State ", when Azula makes her first appearance other than the small scene at the end of " The Siege of the North, Part 2 " and the flashback in " The Storm ".

This song is played while Zuko is standing atop a mountain, trying to get lightning to strike him, so he could redirect it. He had recently learned how to do so from Iroh in the episode " Bitter Work ".

After screaming at the sky, Zuko begins to howl in frustration. This particular variant of the song is played during the scene in " The Blue Spirit " as the Yuyan Archers ambush Aang. They swing from trees using ropes tied to their arrows and shoot large nets to trap the Avatar.

Eventually, they succeed in their mission and take Aang to the Pohuai Stronghold. The song is largely used for Prince Zuko at any time he fights using his dual broadswords.

Later in the episode, when Zuko, as the Blue Spirit, and Aang attempt their escape from Pohuai Stronghold, a much longer variant of this song is played. She reveals that she trained the Dai Li in order to stop the peasant uprising. This song is played when Aang and La join together to become " Koizilla ". The song played during the final conflict between Zuko and Azula , concluding with Zuko protecting Katara from Azula's lightning.

This song is played only once, in " The Fortuneteller ", when Aang is climbing Mount Makapu to pick a panda lily for Katara. As he reaches the top and discovers the volcano will soon erupt, the music takes on an apprehensive tone. The first time, he sings it while playing the pipa in order to calm a crying child.

The second time, he sings it to honor his son, Lu Ten , during a private memorial atop a hill. This song is in honor of Mako, the actor who voiced Iroh. This song is played as Pathik helps Aang unlock the heart chakra, also known as the air chakra, during " The Guru ".

Aang has a deeply emotional experience as he confronts the impact that the loss of his people has had on him. The season began on September 21, , with the airing of " The Awakening ", and ended on July 19, , with " Sozin's Comet, Part 1: Into the Inferno ", and " Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang " all airing on that date. It was followed by several comic trilogies and a sequel, The Legend of Korra , starting with Book One: The episodes were first released on four DVDs, with five episodes per DVD except for the last DVD, which contained six episodes , before a box set containing all twenty-one episodes of the season was marketed.

The DVDs were initially released throughout and Their quest is to find and defeat Firelord Ozai. Along the way, they discover that Ozai his plans of his own. The leader of the Fire Nation intends to use the massive power of Sozin's comet to spread his dominion premanently across the four nations. Short on time, Aang has a lot of bending to learn and no master to help him learn it.

However, his friends are there to help, and he finds unexpected allies deep in the heart of the Fire Nation. In the spectacular four-part conclusion, Aang must fulfill his destiny and become a fully realized Avatar, or watch the world go up in smoke. This deluxe box set includes all 20 action-packed chapters from Book 3: Sign In Don't have an account? He hides his tattoos with a headband and long sleeves, and learns the Fire Nation pledge of loyalty and must maintain his cool upon hearing propaganda about the death of the airbenders.

He organizes a school-wide dance party for the up-tight Fire Nation kids. When the principal arrives to shut it down, the kids help Aang escape. A form of movement similar to Capoeira is shown as a Fire Nation traditional dance. Meanwhile, Zuko becomes increasingly certain the Avatar is still alive and hires an assassin to kill Aang.

Ethan Spaulding. The gang arrives at a Fire Nation village populated by sick and starving people. They are sick because of a nearby Fire Nation munitions factory polluting the river.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Book 3: Fire Ratings

Katara convinces the group to stay by making Appa appear sick and assumes the role of "The Painted Lady," a local legend, in order to heal the sick and steal food from the factory. In response to the destruction of the factory, Fire Nation soliders attack the village, but are repelled by Team Avatar. Katara reveals herself to the villagers, who thank her for her selfless aid.

Later that night, Katara is also thanked by the spirit of the real Painted Lady.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Book 3: Fire Ratings - IMDb

At the end of the episode, Sokka gives Toph a piece of the meteorite. She bends it to create the Nickelodeon splatter shape. Zuko, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee are forced to go on vacation to Ember Island while Aang and his friends meanwhile are attacked by Zuko's assassin, who uses an obscure form of firebending later referenced as "combustion bending" which channels his power through his third eye to create powerful localized explosions with much more destructive force than normal firebending.

After winning a beach volleyball game, Zuko and the girls get invited to a party where Azula tries to flirt but scares guys away with her psychotic raving. Zuko, who has resumed a romantic relationship with Mai, observes a boy flirting with her and destroys a vase in anger, prompting Mai to tell him off.

Later around a campfire, Ty Lee reveals she is so outgoing because she grew up with six identical sisters and hated it. Mai reveals that her parents were worried about their careers and gave Mai anything she wanted, but required that she always kept her emotions subdued and acted properly, and that this created the cold persona that she feels she must always project to others.

Zuko reveals that he hates himself because he is unsure of the difference between right and wrong anymore. Azula reveals that she knew her mother thought she was a monster, before brushing it off by claiming that her mother was quite obviously correct.

The group then bond and end the night by returning to the party and trashing the place as the horrified host looks on and cries. At the end of the episode, Toph asks if friendships can transcend life times where both Aang and Katara acknowledge and accept Toph's intuition implying that Aang's next incarnation, Avatar Korra , will befriend both Katara and Toph.

Katara expresses her disapproval when Toph begins scamming Fire Nation civilians for quick cash. Toph thinks Katara is acting too motherly, and a rift forms within the group. To patch things up, Katara decides to pull a scam with Toph, but they are caught by Zuko's assassin, Combustion Man. He uses them as bait in an attempt to kill Aang, but Katara's quick thinking saves the day. The gang discovers that there have been strange disappearances in a Fire Nation town during a full moon. They befriend an elderly innkeeper named Hama, who reveals that she is a waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe that had been taken away sixty years previously alongside her fellow Southern waterbenders.

She becomes Katara's mentor and shares with her the tragic story of her life as a longtime prisoner of the Fire Nation.

Avatar The Last Airbender S03E15 - The Boiling Rock, 2

Katara then discovers that Hama is enacting her revenge by kidnapping Fire Nation civilians with bloodbending, a sinister and dark technique of waterbending which can only be used by an incredibly strong and skilled waterbender, and only during a full moon when his or her waterbending abilities are at their strongest potential. The resulting battle forces Katara to use the technique against Hama to save Aang and Sokka. After being arrested by the village, Hama congratulates Katara on mastering bloodbending.

A horrified and saddened Katara cries and Aang and Sokka comfort her. The invasion is four days away, and Aang begins to feel nervous about confronting the Fire-Lord. Feeling that he is unprepared, he trains constantly and loses sleep, causing him to hallucinate and have nightmares. After three straight days, it takes the collaboration of Sokka, Toph and Katara to get him to finally sleep and feel confident about facing Fire Lord Ozai.

Michael Dante DiMartino. On the day of the solar eclipse, many allies featured in previous episodes reunite with Team Avatar to a launch the planned invasion of the Fire Nation, lead by Hakoda. Aang finally kisses Katara as sign of his strong feelings for her, worried that he may not return.

Relying on several forms of bending and aquatic vehicles designed by Sokka, engineered and constructed by the Machinist, and propelled by waterbending, the invasion forces successfully circumvent several layers of Fire Nation defenses and infiltrate the capital, where they begin a grueling assault towards the palace under constant onslaught from Fire Nation forces.

Aang reaches the Fire-Lord's palace, only to find out that no one is present. As the eclipse begins, Sokka, Aang, and Toph search for the Fire-Lord, but only find Azula in an underground bunker, and give chase to her.

When Sokka realizes that Azula is merely delaying them to exhaust the time they can benefit from the eclipse, he initially attempts to stop the chase, but Azula provokes him into going on the attack again by telling him of Suki's capture. Zuko confronts his father in another bunker.

He tells Ozai that Azula struck down the Avatar, who survived the attack, that the Fire Nation only spreads fear and hatred, and that in order to restore peace he will join forces with the Avatar.

Zuko refuses to kill Ozai as that is the Avatar's destiny, not his. As he begins to leave, Ozai stalls him by revealing the events of the night Fire-Lord Azulon died. Azulon had ordered Ozai to kill Zuko, as punishment for Ozai's request to be made heir to the Fire Nation throne, following Iroh's retreat from state affairs after the death of his son Lu-tan at the siege of Ba Sing Se.

Desperate to save her son's life, Zuko's mother sought an alternative, creating a treasonous plan for Ozai to take the throne immediately by assassinating Azulon with poison which she would produce; Zuko's mother was banished following the successful implementation of the plan, but Ozai does not reveal where she was sent.

As Ozai finishes the tale, the eclipse ends and he attacks. Zuko redirects Ozai's lightning back at him, using the technique taught to him by Iroh and leaves, intent on freeing his uncle.

However, Iroh single-handedly breaks out from prison before Zuko can join him. The exhausted and diminished invasion force has no choice but to surrender and be captured, but at the urging of his allies, Aang flees with his friends to the Western Air Temple with Zuko trailing them on a stolen warship balloon. Zuko follows Aang and his friends to the Western Air Temple, seeking to join their group.

There, Zuko desperately tries to prove to them that he has changed for the better and wishes only to atone for his past mistakes.

It is only after Zuko helps save them from Combustion Man that he receives their acceptance as Aang's firebending teacher and the fifth member of Team Avatar.

However, an embittered and cautious Katara still refuses to trust that Zuko has really changed and threatens to take his life at the slightest sign of treachery.

Zuko tries to teach Aang how to firebend, but has lost his own ability to bend as he is no longer reliant on rage, the previous focus of his firebending.

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Toph suggests they learn from the original source of firebending, the mighty dragons. Zuko reveals that his uncle Iroh killed the last dragon long ago, in the last of a line of glory hunts that earns a firebender the title of 'Dragon'. Zuko and Aang travel to the ruins of the Sun Warrior civilization, where they discover a tribe of the fabled people still exist.

The pair must carry a sacred flame up to the mountain to meet the "Masters", who turn out to be a pair of surviving dragons, but their flames go out at the last moment. They perform the dragon dance, a series of firebending forms seen carved in the ruins, and the last two dragons reveal that at its core firebending is a source of life, not destruction. The Sun Warriors reveal that Iroh had lied about the extinction of the dragons after receiving similar training, in order to protect the remaining members of the species from further hunts.

Both Aang and Zuko begin to firebend again, stronger and more skillfully than before. It is surrounded by a boiling lake, trapping Sokka and Zuko when their balloon crashes. They find Suki and hatch an escape plan with Sokka disguised as a guard. Zuko is captured and the warden, Mai's uncle, recognizes him. A prisoner, Chit Sang, blackmails them into letting him join help orchestrate the escape.

As they are nearing escape, a new batch of prisoners arrive, including Sokka's father Hakoda. Sokka, Zuko, and Suki decide to stay to save him. Chit Sang and his friends leave without them but make a mistake. Sokka, Zuko, Suki, and Chit Sang create a new plan for escaping the prison after the original plan failed.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Mai appears and demands to know why Zuko left her. He says he's trying to save the Fire Nation, not destroy it. Later, Sokka and allies take the warden hostage to escape on the gondola which provides access to the prison over the boiling water. The guards attempt to cut the line following the warden's orders, but Mai saves them by stopping the guards.

Azula is furious over her betrayal, but Mai declares she loves Zuko more than she fears Azula, enraging Azula further. After Ty Lee stops Azula's attack on Mai with Chi-blocking a technique which allows her to temporarily eliminate the abilities of a bender and tries to aid her escape, Azula furiously has them both imprisoned. Azula chases Aang from the temple.

Zuko confronts Katara about her distrust of him and tries to gain her friendship. He decides to help Katara find the soldier responsible for Kya's untimely death. Aang warns her that revenge is not the answer. Along the way, Katara's behavior becomes increasingly aggressive, and she even resorts to mercilessly bloodbending a Fire Nation soldier.

They eventually find the retired soldier, Yan Rha, who reveals that Katara's mother had died protecting her.

Despite Katara's rage, pain, and desire for revenge, she is unable to take Yam Rha's life as revenge. Katara and Zuko leave, and once reunited with a relieved Aang and the rest of Team Avatar, Katara finally forgives Zuko and accepts his friendship. Sokka discovers that the Ember Island Players, a Fire Nation theater group, is debuting a play based upon their adventures.

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