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medical-site.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Essential English Words is a six-book series that is designed to focus on practical high-frequency words to enhance the vocabulary of learners from high. English is today's lingua franca; its evolution is driven by the current demands Below, we have compiled a list of common English usage problems that can.

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100 Common Errors In English Pdf

List of common Grammatical errors compiled in PDF format. 15 pages PDF available Correct: Smith likes Maths more than he likes English. Common Mistakes in English with Exercises. b y T. J. Fitikides, B.A.. F.I.L. 2 Before the words hundred and thousand: A hundred soldiers were in the camp. Very likely, though it's really aimed at the most common errors of native It took a hundred years to get to the year , so the next hundred.

If the answer is he, then who is correct. If the answer is him, then whom is correct. So, who called me is the right option. Examples Who is the team leader? He is Who ate my sandwich? He has Whom should I call? Call him We, you, they Incorrect: You, they and we should go together. Correct: We, you and they should go together. Rule First use personal plural we , followed by second person plural you , and the third person plural they. Correct: They both love each other.

Correct: My father said the earth moves round the sun. Rule In the case of a universal truth, a past tense in the main clause can be followed by a present tense in a subordinate clause.

Example Our teacher said the sun rises in the east. Present perfect continuous tense Incorrect: I am waiting for you in the office for the last two hours. Correct: I have been waiting for you in the office for the last two hours.

Preposition Errors: 130+ Common MISTAKES With PREPOSITIONS

Rule Use Present Perfect Continuous Tense when an action began in the past and it is still going on at the time of speaking. Generally, it is used with adverbs of time for, since, how long. Examples How long have you been working as a trainer? Future Indefinite Tense Incorrect: I will wait for them, till they will finish their work.

Correct: I will wait for them, till they finish their work. Rule Present Indefinite Tense is used in the clause of time, place and position.

Future Indefinite Tense is not used in this case. Past Indefinite Tense. Incorrect: I have completed my project yesterday. Correct: I completed my project yesterday. Examples My mother bought a gift for me yesterday. We visited Agra last week.

Correct: Can I borrow some money? Rule Some is used in questions for making a request or for offering something. Any is generally used in negative sentences.

Examples Would you like some milk? Comparing two qualities of the same person.

100 Most Common Grammar Errors - Download PDF

Incorrect: Jack is wiser than strong. Correct: Jack is more wise than strong. Rule The comparative in -er is not used while comparing two qualities of the same person or thing. Example Rohit is wiser than brave. Correct: She is senior to me. Rule To is the right preposition to use with senior Phrasal Verb Incorrect: Smith came across with a beggar. Correct: Smith came across a beggar.

Rule Came across is a phrasal verb which means happened to see or spot. So, use of with is unnecessary here. Example I came across my aunt. Cardinal and Ordinal numbers Incorrect: The two last columns of the article are not clear. Correct: The last two columns of the article are not clear. Rule A Cardinal Number is used for counting such as one, two, three, four, five. An Ordinal Number is a number that tells the position of something, such as first, second, fourth, last.

An ordinal number always precedes the cardinal number. Example Last two overs were really interesting. Missing subject Incorrect: We noticed the man lying seriously ill and died shortly afterwards. Correct: We noticed the man lying seriously ill and he died shortly afterwards. Rule The subject was missing after the conjunction and. So, add subject he to complete the sentence. Neither nor Incorrect: The company decided not to appoint him neither for the position of clerk nor for that of a stenographer.

Correct: The company decided to appoint him neither for the position of clerk nor for that of a stenographer. The robbery occurred at PM. Three employees were injured during the armed robbery. We immediately reported the theft to the police.

Ken was accused of identity theft. My favorite pizza shop was robbed last month.

Luckily, no one was hurt. I was robbed at gunpoint while walking home from work. Jim was caught stealing money from his own company. Was anything stolen? Every student in the class has a computer. All the necklances in this store are expensive. I finished reading the entire book in three days. Here are more examples that show the difference between all and whole: I ate the whole cake. I ate all the cakes. All the fruit is rotten. Politics refers to government.

Before is used for past times from another time in the past. I tried eating American food at restaurants, but now I cook myself as much as I can. I tried eating American food at restaurants, but now I cook it myself as much as I can. Correct: I want to travel all over the world use both words together. Incorrect use of word form Incorrect: Her father paid for her fly to Canada. He has been eaten at expensive restaurants. Correct: Her father paid for her flight to Canada. He has been eating at expensive restaurants.

Correct: From my point of view, the language learning program really helps or In my view, the language program really helps. I need to make my makeup. Can you make me a favor? Correct: I need to make my bed. I need to do my makeup. Can you do me a favor? Correct: I suggested that they go swimming.

He drove the car the car is his. Correct: I am going to my house. He drove his car.


Correct: I was born in Correct: I can speak much better than before. It is at 15 minutes from now. Correct: My flight departs at p. It is in 15 minutes from now. She studied for the football game. Correct: My sister studied for five hours. She studied during the football game. Correct: I always go to school by bus.

Correct: I was coming home from work. Late, I have been going to the movies. Correct: I always sleep late. Lately, I have been going to the movies. Who were they talking about? Please help whomever needs it. Correct: His boss was the one who gave him a raise. Whom were they talking about? Please help whoever needs it. Correct: I changed my mind. Having difficulty pronouncing certain vowel sounds and letter sounds th, ch, j, ld, rd and leaving off endings completely Incorrect: I would like to go to the batroom bathroom.

It is a hard wod word to say. The weather is very cod cold.

I see the ba bear. Correct: bathroom, word, cold, bear I have to go to the bathroom have to use the restroom. Correct: Wait to be asked for seconds and then say Yes, I really like … or Yes, please.

Most Common Grammar Errors - Download PDF | BankExamsToday

To your boss say, Do you need any help or Perhaps it could be organized this way … Say, I have to use the restroom or where is the restroom? Accurate word choice Incorrect: She was boring in class the teacher or the student? Correct: Mrs. Jones the teacher was boring in class.

I was bored with the class student. It could be better than that when there is room for improvement! Stumbling for word choice Incorrect: I am all wet hot.

Correct: I am all sweaty. There you have it. Write to me using the comments below and share an example of a common mistake you have heard or one you have overcome in learning English. I am sure someone could benefit from what you have learned.

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