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The Sarantos Secret Baby. Home · The Sarantos Secret Baby Author: Gates Olivia Secret Sheikh, Secret Baby. Read more · Secret Sheikh, Secret Baby. Studio is currently offered right here in layout file rar, word, zip, ppt, pdf, Sarantos Secret Baby Gates Olivia such as: volvo bm service and repair manual, . Have Baby, Need Billionaire and The Sarantos Secret Baby (Harlequin . Billionaires and Babies Collec) by Maureen Child, Olivia Gates ebook PDF download.

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The Sarantos Secret Baby Pdf

best read olivia gates pdf. Olivia is the second studio album by the Australian singer-songwriter Olivia Newton-John, released in Two of its songs were. The Sarantos Secret Baby PDF Download. The Sarantos Secret Baby - Keiko Kishimoto & Olivia Gates pdf download. By: Keiko Kishimoto & Olivia Gates. The Sarantos Secret Baby book. Read 86 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. He was as tall and dark as the devil and was her family's.

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But the other elem This book opens with a bang that left me gasping. But the other elements of the book contribute hugely to making it the incredible book it is. It's got the most poignant development of a relationship between a man and his baby, the perfect dissection of how such a powerful, isolated alpha male becomes the best father possible. And then there was Selene's brothers. I can't wait until the Louvardis trio get their books and their deserved downfall in love!

Mar 24, Ladyacct rated it really liked it Shelves: Great book about a lost soul finding love. Feb 17, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. Aristedes Sarantos is the ultimate alpha hero. Hard and powerful and inaccessible and tormented, and then in the hands of the woman and the baby he loves, he's playdough!

And though this was a one-off book, not part of a series, it would be a crime if we don't get the stories of those three Louvard Aristedes Sarantos is the ultimate alpha hero. And though this was a one-off book, not part of a series, it would be a crime if we don't get the stories of those three Louvardis brothers.

So when is the Louvardis brother trilogy coming??? Jul 13, Jenn - Reviews rated it it was amazing Shelves: What an intense read. The last couple of chapters in particular had my heart beating so fast I had to calm myself down!

And, a strong, successful, sexy heroine whose feminine strength matches his masculine strength and they compliment each other in the most fabulous ways!!! That's what we're dealing with here. Add a gorgeous baby and 3 over-protective Greek brothers WOW!! Add a gorgeous baby and 3 over-protective Greek brothers into the mix and you've got yourself one hell of a story!

Jan 03, Jenny rated it it was amazing Shelves: Such an amazing love story. Could not put the book down. It sucked you in and it was written beautifully. The chemistry the heroes shared was so intense and their love so pure, and refreshing. Romantic, sexy and features the most adorable baby you'll read. I cherished every minute of it View 1 comment. Feb 22, Geraldine Jefferson rated it it was amazing.

Fantastic book about how Aristedes Sarantos and Selene Louvardis turn from rivals to lovers, to parents. The best book I've read where a flawed and ruthless alpha hero develops into the best lover and father.

Really amazing and believable transformation. Wonderful writing, emotional and descriptive.

A very powerful book with great characters, and thrilling groundwork for more books for the very intriguing secondary characters of Selene's brothers. Apr 25, Sruthi rated it liked it Shelves: Why do heroines apply reverse-psychology when they dunno basics about it anyway?

She wants him but she won't tell him so , when he proposes she rejects him. When she thinks he is not putting efforts to woo her she goes self-pitying. Some heroines are mess. Mar 03, Mariah rated it it was amazing.

The Sarantos Secret Baby is explosively passionate from the first page to the last. Aristedes "Aris" Sarantos is Selene Louvardis's family nemesis, but she wants him with every breath. After her father dies and he shockingly attends his funeral, messing up her convictions and bringing down her defenses. They spend a night out of time, consoling then losing themselves in each others' arms.

But When he leaves without contacting her again, she considers he wants it to end there. But it doesn't end The Sarantos Secret Baby is explosively passionate from the first page to the last. But it doesn't end there. She has his baby not once thinking he'd be part of his or her life. But he comes back, and demands to claim her and his baby. Selene is powerful and won't let the mega alpha Aris take her or her baby over and makes him work the hardest I've seen for his place in their lives.

And along the way she melts the ice from around this emotionally inaccessible man's heart, brings out the wonderful father and lover he could be, but wouldn't have been discovered without her.

I adored this book from start to finish, and I very highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read real romance with incredible character development.

And I can't really wait to read Selene's brothers' books!! Mar 02, Tara rated it it was amazing. I thought Olivia Gates wrote only series so I was wondering if I'll like a stand alone book from her as much, and boy, did I! Aris and Selene were fantastic toghether. She's so strong and no nonesense and wouldn't let him barge into her and her baby's life and dictate orders but work very very hard for them to let him in.

The Sarantos Secret Baby - PDF Free Download

The best secret baby story I've read and Aris is to die for. Nov 09, Fiona Marsden rated it it was amazing. Who doesn't love an alpha hero brought to his knees by his love for a good woman. Aris is a classic hero, having fought his way up from poverty in Crete to be a multi-billionaire shipping magnate. He had a large family to support because his dad abandoned him but he is cold and distant even to them.

Selene is a company lawyer and the daughter of Hektor Louvardis. His company fits out ships built by Aris but they have a difficult relationship. When he dies, Selene gets an opportunity to spend time Who doesn't love an alpha hero brought to his knees by his love for a good woman. When he dies, Selene gets an opportunity to spend time with Aris and it is explosive. She walks away, half hoping he follows but he doesn't. Eighteen months later he's back to try and sort out a contract problem caused by the Louvardis men, her brothers who have kept the feud going.

Only problem is that he still wants her, so he follows and finds out about the baby she had. His baby. From here on it's merely a matter of time and stubborn wills for them to give in to the immense attraction.

Aris falls hard for baby Alex and it's obvious he's fallen hard for Selene. Lovely emotional book with hero literally on his knees. I love that Olivia's heroes are always faithful even when separated from the heroine.

Aris really does respect women and he says some lovely things when he and Selene talk about his past experiences. I'm looking forward to her new Sarantos book. View all 3 comments. Mar 02, Joy rated it it was amazing. The Sarantos Secret Baby kept me engrossed from the first page to the last.

I love enemies turned to lovers themes AND secret baby stories, and this had one of the best examples of both ever. I loved how Selene was strong and a match for Aris, the unstoppable alpha male, and how she and their son, turned this isolated man into a man who loves with all of him.

Their journey was so touching AND passionate, I recommend it to anyone who will listen. May 01, Brenda rated it liked it Shelves: After reading the reviews and having enjoyed other books of this author, I was very sure I would like this one, but sadly I didn't enjoy this one. One reason for it was I had a hard time connecting with Selene, the heroine, and her insecurities and decisions.

In the first place I just didn't like the fact that she chose to keep from Aristedes the fact that he had a son and took it upon herself to deprive her son, Alex, the right to know his father.

I would've understood if Aris had been an ass t After reading the reviews and having enjoyed other books of this author, I was very sure I would like this one, but sadly I didn't enjoy this one. I would've understood if Aris had been an ass to her in that brief two-day delicious sex-fest weekend that they had, but he wasn't.

She was upset he didn't call her after that weekend, but it was she who had left him while he was sleeping without any explanation or note causing him to interpret it as her not wanting to see him anymore. After all he was her family's enemy. Because, he didn't call her back, not even to thank her for the good time --Seriously? Thank her for the good time?

Fine, once Aris finds out about Alex and proposes marriage, she was right in pointing out that she didn't need him as husband or all the material things he had to offer, but it pissed me that Aris had to literally beg her to allow him to know his son and be tested to see if he was fit to fill the 'position of fatherhood.

A day. Give it to me, Selene. I will give you today, too. But anything else, you check with me first. Aris too, irritated me with his constant begging and concurring with Selene that he may not be a good father as his father wasn't a good father. Over and above, that entire testing thing rankled me. Especially, when Selene finally decides, 'Their test had been concluded. It's a constant learning and evolving process.

The main thing is getting to know one's child and being part of that child's life. And, there was no doubt Aris had fallen in love with his son and wanted to do the best for him. Yet, for almost two thirds of the book, he gives himself to Selene to be tested and she sits on her high horse judging and doubting him as if giving birth to their child automatically qualifies her to be a good mother waiting for him to fail. Moreover, because of her insecurities one moment they would be having a real beautiful moment between them and next she'll be all suspicious.

Like the day she'd taken him sight-seeing in New York and I was enjoying the moment he held her against him in his arms and he told her they'd keep what's going on between them and not tell her brothers as yet --which she'd been thinking too-- but then she got suspicious about his motive. Similarly, she tells him not to bother touching her, but when he pays heed to her advice and does exactly what she told him, she starts thinking maybe he no longer wanted her. Also, keeping in mind her hearty insulting laugh when he'd proposed soon after he'd come to know about Alex, he desistedFor from proposing to her again, but even that upsetted her.

She confused the guy so much --me too-- that I felt sorry for him when after arranging for a grand setting and went down on his knees to propose, seeing her hesitation --that was because she was stunned-- he thought he'd messed up again. By then, I was so irritated with her that it marred my enjoyment of that beautiful moment.

Having said that, there were some nice scenes between them where they connected on an emotional level like the one in New York as I mentioned earlier and a couple of scenes in Crete like the one where they're on the beach, holding hands, confiding to each other and the one where Alex has an accident and had to be hospitalized.

Other than these, they had lots of sex - mind-blowing sex. It was nice to know that both had remained celibate during the separation. What I loved the most was the scenes between Aristedes and Alex.

I would go all mush every time Alex kept reaching for his father. The first scene where he latches on to a stunned Aristedes leg was awesome. I also loved the scene where Aristedes introduces himself to Alex and the scene in Crete where he assists Alex as he took his first footsteps on the sand, the little tot shrieking with delight, also the one in the end when Alex sensing trouble seeing his uncles closing down on his father, clings to Aristedes.

And, my heart broke along with Aris and Selena when Alex fell and hurt his head. I liked how Aris did not let Selene fall apart. Then just when I thought that with the two engaged all would be well between the two, right toward the last few pages of the book comes a crisis to rain on their parade and the two are once again suspicious of each other thinking that the other has betrayed them by using the confidences they shared with each other at Crete.

Selene brothers now join in and we are back to cold and cynical deals and negotiations and requirement of proof from Aris that he is fit to be Selene's husband and Alex's father, which he finally gives.

However, that didn't convince me that the two wouldn't suspect each other when another crisis emerges. I did feel bad that Alex cried because his father was not around for the few days Aris took to arrange for the proof that he loved Selene and Alex. I love angst and misunderstandings that causes angst, but the angst here didn't work for me. Considering the good reviews the book has got, I am just amazed how was it that I came away feeling irritable by the end of it.

Nevertheless, I'm glad for Alex. Loved, loved him and loved Alex and Aris together. Mar 08, Theresa rated it it was amazing.

I adored everything about this book. How Aris and Selene came together, how they came back to each other, how they learned to become lovers and parents.

Aris is an incredible alpha hero and Selene was made to fit him. Fantastic writing as usual by Olivia Gates. Apr 06, Lena Kyrollos rated it it was amazing. I was used to reading trilogies from Olivia Gates, so wondered how she'd handle this standalone book! And I found out how.

The Sarantos secret baby

Then I discovered she'd written many stand alones and went back and devoured all of them. Aristedes and Selene's story is not to be missed!! Apr 01, Nina rated it it was amazing. Amazing passionate scenes and a to-die-for dark and damaged hero who's healed at the hands of his match and the tot that brings them together in this perfectly plotted and paced story.

Now I can't wait for the Louvardis brothers stories the heroine's brothers!!!!

The Sarantos Secret Baby

Oct 09, Laila rated it it was amazing. From the first explosively emotional and erotic chapter in this passion packed story, I was riveted to every word, and drooling right with Selene over Aris.

I never liked Greek heroes, but this one is now near the top of my best heroes ever. Such a dark, tortured and irresistible alpha male. He's hard, he's seductive and when he melts he does it all the way and then some. The addition of a baby in the story adds such an awww factor, yet doesn't take a bit away from its passionate erotic nat From the first explosively emotional and erotic chapter in this passion packed story, I was riveted to every word, and drooling right with Selene over Aris.

The addition of a baby in the story adds such an awww factor, yet doesn't take a bit away from its passionate erotic nature. I don't know how Olivia Gates managed that, since babies and children always manage to dampen if not put out the passion in a book completely.

Not so in her mega talented hands! A book to re-savor many, many times and more than five stars as usual. This was a great read. Our hero and heroine are from rivaling families who could have easily worked together to profit both their businesses. The heroine's family just wouldn't concede and join up so they diligently worked to try and put him out of business but he was to smart for that. They hated the man-genious-hero who could take anything and make it a huge success adding to his billions.

The heroine's father passed away and that evening the heroine drove him back to his hotel That is the way of the book-world. The heroine was crazy about him and had been crushing on him since her teens. She was devestated when she never heard from him and took it as a sign that he would not be happy about her pregnancy news.

She was ready to explore whatever was going on between them and waited daily for his call that never came. Since it was the death of the heroine's father and they were rivals the hero did something very stupid I still believe in the man being the first one to call. After that it doesn't matter. But he doesn't call. About eighteen months later he returns and goes to a party at her family's home.

He decides to follow her back to her home which she did not have when they were together.

It is then that he follows her inside and sees her stop and kiss a baby who is being looked after by his nanny. He takes a glance at the child and does a triple take. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Publication date Topics Infants , Man-woman relationships , Infants , Man-woman relationships. Publisher Don Mills, Ontario: Harlequin Books. Collection inlibrary ; printdisabled ; internetarchivebooks ; delawarecountydistrictlibrary ; china ; americana.

Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive. Contributor Internet Archive. Language English. When Aris Sarantos discovers that Selene Louvardis has borne his child, he is determined to keep them both in his life. Boxid IA City Don Mills, Ontario. Donor alibris. External-identifier urn: Identifier sarantossecretba00oliv. Identifier-ark ark: Isbn

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