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I need to disagree with the two earlier reviewers in assessing this book. I used it in the context of a low-end graduate course on Sustainable Construction and. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Kilbert set out to provide a book for professors to use within their environmental departments; however, what he ends up with is a. Sustainable Construction [Sandy Halliday] on who skipped the introduction and opening chapters would miss the true beauty of this book. Prof.

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Sustainable Construction Book

With broad coverage including architecture, engineering, and construction, this book nevertheless delivers detailed information on all aspects of the green. Reflecting the latest developments in the green building movement, and updated to include coverage of LEED ,Sustainable Construction: Green Building. The DETAIL Green Book "Sustainable Construction Techniques" offers a thorough guide to ecological building design and sustainable.

We are a participant in the site Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to site. Sometimes the internet is the perfect way to compare products, do research, and start planning out a project. But of course, sometimes you really want the feel of the pages and weight of a great book in your lap as you peacefully while away an afternoon. Here is a collection of some of our favorite books about modern, sustainable home design to help you on your green home building and renovation journey. Beyond simply being energy-efficient, net-zero homes produce as much energy as they consume and are carbon neutral.

This is just what we need, succinct nuggets of information supported by a profusion of well-chosen images illustrating its core and many recent case studies. I need this edition too. This timely second edition of a foundational text on sustainable design and construction has been thoroughly updated with a glorious collection of inspiring case studies based on best practice in relation to core principles.

These are grounded in the deep wisdom of an author who really gets to the underlying issues. The unique guidance on cost and value as they relate to design is invaluable.

This book is required reading for all those want to make a difference to our built environment. The time for a truly sustainable approach to construction is more important now than ever, this revised edition will help to further advance and inform the construction and design industry sectors.

DETAIL Green Books: Sustainable Construction Techniques

If we are to have any hope of remaining in equilibrium with what our planet can withstand the contents within this book should become standard practice. This updated edition builds upon known, tried and tested techniques, all of which can play their part in transforming construction into a truly sustainable endeavour.

The rapid progress in the fields of construction and industry throughout the past century has majorly affected the natural life on the planet and significantly reduced its resources.

It has disturbed the balance, and now we have to restore it.

Sustainability as a design trend and a lifestyle might be offering the final chance to avoid an inevitable catastrophe. Reducing the negative impact of the built environment on its context starts from design. Architects have the power to control waste in construction and abuse of resources by future users of a building by making the right decisions, using the right materials, applying the right techniques, and utilizing the available technology in the most useful way.

In order to be capable of designing sustainable architecture and cities, architects might need to extend their fields of knowledge to include some fields of geography, geology, properties of materials, fluid mechanics, among many others.

If you have made the decision to adopt the trend and go sustainable, we will help you by providing a variety of helpful book and resources that will broaden your knowledge and put you on the right track.

Building Design and Product Design. Also it integrates all the new information with Autodesk software and tools.

Please choose www. Your GarlandScience. The student resources previously accessed via GarlandScience. Resources to the following titles can be found at www. What are VitalSource eBooks?

Sustainable Construction Materials

For Instructors Request Inspection Copy. Sustainability in Engineering Design and Construction outlines the sustainable practices used in engineering design and construction operations for all types of engineering and construction projects.

Aimed at ushering the engineering and construction industry into embracing sustainable practices and green construction techniques, this book addresses sustainability in engineering design and construction operations from a historical and global perspective, and delves into specific sustainability concepts and processes.

The book explains the concepts of sustainable development, corporate social responsibility CSR , the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index DJGSI , key performance indicators KPIs , corporate sustainability, and the triple bottom line economic, environmental, and social values in design and construction. Relevant to sustainability in every facet of engineering and construction, it also covers life-cycle environmental cost analysis, discusses sustainable engineering and site selection, the economic considerations evaluated when making sustainability decisions, and explains how to measure and quantify sustainable performance and apply these practices in the real world.

It also covers project and corporate level sustainability practices, sustainable construction materials and processes, sustainable heavy construction equipment, traditional and alternative energy sources, provides implementation resources for starting and evaluating sustainability programs, and includes a checklist for measuring the sustainability of construction operations.

Sustainable Construction: Green Building Design and Delivery - Charles J. Kibert - Google книги

The text contains detailed information on sustainable construction materials and processes, heavy construction equipment, and traditional and alternative energy sources. It presents information on sustainable designs, selecting sustainable sites, designing for passive survivability, designing for disassembly, and the ISO 14, standards.

It provides implementation resources for starting and evaluating sustainability programs and a checklist for measuring the sustainability of construction operations In addition, it provides definitions of sustainability terms and expressions, as well as case studies, examples, discussion questions, and a list of supplemental references at the end of each chapter.

Learn more about J.

Sustainable Construction

Yates has written and had published eight books and over 50 refereed journal articles on civil and construction engineering, project management, and international engineering and construction.

Daniel Castro-Lacouture , Ph. His overall area of interest consists of defining and deploying evaluation protocols for technology innovations in the built environment, focusing on areas affecting the built environment from both operational and sustainability perspectives.

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