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Smart Brain Gat General By Muhammad Idrees Dogar Brothers. ₨ ₨ Title: Smart Brain Gat General Author: Muhammad Idrees Pages: Muhammad Idrees Smart Brain ECAT Book by Dogar Brothers is available here. .. NTS Guide For GRE GAT (General Local) and Foreign Scholarships. 0. Title: Smart Brain Gat General Author: Muhammad Idrees Pages: Publisher: Dogar Brothers. HOW TO download ONLINE? CALL/SMS Quantity.

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Smart Brain Gat Book By Muhammad Idrees

GAT General Test Smart Brain, GAT Preparation Guide of NTS Free nts books free download pdf, gat general book by muhammad idrees pdf. Book detail Smart Brain GAT General of Admission and Employment Test Preparation category. Written by Muhammad Idrees and Published by Dogar Brothers. download CSS - PMS - NTS Books Online. Cash on Smart Brain Gat General By Muhammad Idrees Dogar Brothers. ₨ ₨ Author: Muhammad Idrees.

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Muhammad Idrees is famous for his dedicated work in educational counseling for admissions, fiancial aid guidance , and the preparation of admission tests. During the last 20 yeras, more than 50, students have benefitted from his guidance.

ECAT Smart Brain

His students range includes students after FA, FSc, school teachers, college professors, university professors, and professionals of various fields. His students are found around the globe in major institutions for higher education and learning. I know that all books have some errors but this book has so many errors that it is totally unacceptable. Vocabulary: Personally speaking, one of the worst ways to study vocabulary is by learning and memorizing from a list of words or flash cards.

This word list has around words grouped alphabetically. Each word has a definition but it does not have a sentence or any contextual usage of the word, which is a bad thing.

It becomes really difficult to just keep memorizing words without ever knowing where and how they are used. Nevertheless the high frequency word list has a lot of good words that you will definitely see on the test day.

Moreover the GAT book also has words that are grouped into segments of related words. These are also some of the most commonly seen words on the GAT test. This process is great for letting similar words sink in. Muhammad Idrees also provides the root method of learning words for the GAT exam.

NTS Book For GAT General PDF Free Download - World Government Jobs

However it lacks in hard practice questions — one area that you will have to cover from some other source. This book teaches some concepts that will work on the test day and also helps students learn over new words for the GAT exam. The reason you want a high score is simple. The higher your score, the better you look to the members in admission committee. This book will help you review of the overall content of IBAT as well as a comprehensive interaction of qualified practice questions.

After learning all concepts in this book thoroughly and having practiced all drills, you will be able to have the required score in the test.

Nts Book For Gat General 2019 Free Download PDF

You can use this book for the effective preparation of IBAT. This is a complete book for the preparation of the test. You can have the required score with minimal efforts for preparation.

Content Review: Identify the topics new to you or you have little knowledge about them Revise all identified topics through textbooks. Formulae and Key Point: Memorize all formulae and key points given in this book. Question Drills: Try to solve each question in each topic drill.

Revise the topics associated with wrong responses. Grand Test: Take the grand tests at the end and plan to revise topics accordingly. Home Muhammad Idrees. Author s: Muhammad Idrees. Main Description: Product Video: Currently video of this book is not available, we will upload soon.

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Islamabad Constable guide 0. Prepare specific syllabus first and then practice the sample and past papers.


First and main step of your success in the test is to complete preparation two days before the test.

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