Tagged with: free crochet pattern, free patterns, Halloween, top 10, Top 10 Free Halloween Free summery festival patterns Simply Crochet . Cowl neck poncho pattern - Pattern PDF from Ravelry for just £ · Good Vintage Cardigan. Hannah Cross designed this pair of adorable Christmas gnomes in issue 38, and we're all desperate to take them home with us! They're inspired by traditional. Download Simply Crochet - Issue 65, magazine for free from ebook biz. To download click on the following link.

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Simply Crochet Pdf

Simply Crochet is full of creative ideas for anyone who loves - or would love to learn - crochet. Crochet is a wonderfully versatile craft with endless possibilities of. FreeMags – Download Free True PDF Magazines» Search Results» CROCHET . Simply Crochet Magazine in PDF format This issue has the popular featured. Playing Cats Crochet Amigurumi Pattern Downloadable PDF Casa Kahlo Blanket in Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky - Downloadable PDF Downloadable PDF.

Row 1 RS Htr in the second ch from the hook and each ch to end, turn. Row 3 Ch1 does not count as st , htr in bl of each st to end, turn. Row 4 Repeat Row 2, change to Yarn B. Row 5 Repeat Row 3, change to Yarn A. Rows Repeat last 2 rows another 4 times. Rows Repeat Rows 2 and 3. Row 28 Repeat Row 2. Row 29 Ch4 counts as ttr , ttr in bl of each st across, turn. Row 34 Repeat Row 2. Row 35 Repeat Row Rows Repeat Rows Rows Repeat Rows 4 and 5. Row 64 Ch1 does not count as st , htr in fl of first 88 sts, ch

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Simply Crochet magazine designer challenge

Add Bunny and Bear in Blue Jeans to favourites. Add Daisy Stitch Washcloth to favourites. Add Happy Days Mandala to favourites. Add Collecting Dust Blanket to favourites. Add Aspen Infinity Scarf to favourites.

Add Bunnies to favourites. It all became a bit impractical. Considering this, I have tried to become a much more thoughtful yarn consumer and designer. Where I used to design projects in whatever took my fancy, I have tried to be more conscious about the budget of the maker and suggesting budgetfriendly alternative yarns when asked.

I have started being very strict with myself when it comes to yarn downloads. Armed with my new ethos on yarn stashing, I have also begun clearing out the backlog of yarn, giving as much of it as possible away to friends who will use it and packing up a box for a local charity, Artlink Central www.

It feels good to shift some of this excess weight, a spring cleaning of sorts, making way for the year of yarn ahead. Monty the woolly mammoth, with his mop of fuzzy curls and enormous eyes, is made to be cuddled. The pattern is worked using the amigurumi method. Work stitches continuously in a spiral without closing off each round with a slip stitch. It may help to use a stitch marker in the first stitch of each round, moving it up as you work.

Simply Crochet: 24 Stylish Designs for Everyday - PDF Free Download

Using Yarn A, make a magic loop. Round 1 RS 6dc into loop. This will indicate where to start the trunk later. Round 7 2dc in next dc, dc in next 5 dc 6 times. Round 9 Dc in each dc around. Mark 14th and 24th dc on Round 12 with stitch markers. This will indicate where to attach the eyes later.

Round 12 2dc in next dc, dc in next 4 dc 6 times. Round 15 Dc in next 7 dc, 2dc in next dc 3 times, dc in next 24 dc, 2dc in next dc 3 times, dc in rem 5 dc. Monty is stitched with alpaca yarn held together with a mohair blend for fuzziness. Round 17 Dc in the next 16 dc, 2dc in next dc, dc in next 2 dc 6 times, dc in rem 14 dc.

Attach the safety eyes in the stitches marked earlier. Round 21 Dc2tog, dc in next 7 dc 6 times. Round 26 Dc2tog, dc in next 2 dc 6 times. Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sew up. Finish stuffing. Thread yarn tail onto a tapestry needle and pass repeatedly through final 6 sts, gathering together to close gap.

Stitch closed firmly. Place your stitch marker in first dc of next round and move it up to the beg st of each new round as you start it. COM 43 Amigurumi mammoth next dc. Round 7 Dc in next 3 dc, dc2tog, dc in next 7 dc, dc2tog, dc in rem 2 dc.

Rounds Dc in each dc around. Round 11 Dc in next 4 dc, dc2tog, dc in next 6 dc, dc2tog.

Simply Crochet – July 2018 Simply Sewing – June 2018 Crochet World – April…

Round 17 Dc2tog 6 times. Row 1 RS Dc into second ch from hook, htr in next ch, tr in next ch, htr in next ch, dc in next ch, ss into last ch. Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing. Row 1 RS Ss into second ch from hook, dc in next ch, htr in next ch, tr in next ch, htr in next ch, dc into last ch.

Sew on each Eyelid, making sure to curve them around the eyes. Round 1 RS 4dc into loop. Round 3 2dc in next dc, dc in each rem 3 dc. Round 7 2dc in next dc, dc in each rem 4 dc.

Stuff Tusk and cont to stuff as you go. Round 11 2dc in next dc, dc in each rem 5 dc. Round 14 Dc in next dc, 2dc in each of next 2 dc, dc2tog twice. Change to Yarn A, starting your colour change in the prev dc.

Round 22 Working in the front loops of Round ss in each dc around. Row 24 Dc in next dc, turn. HAIR The hair is worked in two parts. First, a base is made for the hair, working in the back loops only. Then sts for the hair are worked into rem front loops.

Using Yarn A, ch9. Round 1 RS 3dc into second ch from hook, dc in next 6 ch, 3dc in next ch, continue around the chain so that you are now working into the opposite side of it: dc in next 6 ch. Rejoin your yarn in the front loop of Round 1 and cont to work into rem front loops as follows: dc in next dc, ch8 18 times, dc in next dc, ch12 22 times, dc in next dc, ch16 30 times.

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Simply Crochet – September 2019

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