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Welcome to the Shimano Catalogue. As one of the world's leading fishing tackle companies, Shimano is committed to Massy Tartaglia, winner of the contest UNA CATTURA DA CATALOGO on Welcome to the Shimano Catalogue. As one of the world's leading fishing tackle companies, Shimano is committed to designing. Itâ€&#x;s Wonderful Fishing. Shimano, your guarantee of quality Innovation, quality, and value, these are some of the things.

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Shimano Katalog 2015 Pdf

Published on Dec 30, Catalogo Shimano Profile for · Follow. Advertisement. AI FRONTLIGHT USB HIGH POWER. USB RECHARGABLE. VISABILITY: METER. LITHIUM BATTERY MAH. 1WATT LED. BATTERY LIFE. Shimano Product Website Update history · Archive · Privacy Policy · Terms and Conditions. © SHIMANO INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

downloading a Shimano product is your guarantee of quality, a guarantee that you are getting the very best for your money. These have been designed by the same experts who win new product awards worldwide and in many instances contain features taken directly from our most advanced products. The clearest example of this is the new P4 reel range. Totally Shimano and totally affordable the range has been designed for anglers wanting Shimano at an affordable price, yet it features our AR-C spool design which we also use on the award winning Stella! This new manufacturing technology produces lighter, stronger and more responsive rod blanks across a wide range of models, including our new mid-priced rods. As I said at the start of this introduction Shimano is very proud of its enviable reputation. As a company we work hard to bring you the best we can. Innovation, quality, affordable products combined without compromise. See us on YouTube http: A failure to use such freshwater reels in the manner for which they have been designed and sold will render void any warranty which may have been provided at the time of sale. Shimano Europe is a proud member of:. C Rod Glossary. The strength and rigidity of a metal bodied reel at a significantly reduced weight. Technology from the ultra-demanding world of competitive pro cycling, backed by seven wins in the toughest race of them all: Zero corrosion, longer gear life plus stunning looks.

There are 2 types of motor structure for electric reels. One is Spool-in-motor,which means the motor is inside of spool. Another one is Spool-out-motor, which means the motor is outside of spool. By placing SA-RB ball bearing at the appropriate position, line can be release with only 3g of pulling pressure. For fishing in the middle-deep waters, line capacity is necessary in addition to power.

When a standard size electric reel is somewhat unsatisfactory, it is a that is required during this time. Likewise, if you are a tuna angler, standard reel size will be ForceMaster has a outstanding Shimano winding force of 56 kg while Force Master is equipped with Shimano winding force of 69 kg. With practical and winding endurance of 14 kg and the maximum drag force of 26 kg, these are models with power exceeding the concept of their class.

Forcemaster has a line capacity of m for PE6, m for PE8 which should prove more than enough for any fishing condition known to man! Specially designed drag system consist of 8 stacks of carbon drags to produce a smooth drag of up to 25kg. A labyrinth structured body suitable for line PE No. Perfect uniform winding speed and constant speed winding control demonstrates its power with rubber lure fishing for snapper.

It is also suitable for squid fishing, as well as the light game fish species. Forcemaster represents a new world of light game electric reel equipped with a sharp function as well as a super free spool rotation performance and size as small as that of a small bait casting reel. Anglers demand not only lighter and more compact reels but also better operability these days. Super Free Spool and Quick Return Clutch improve the operability when utilising only one hand for control.

Super Slow Retrieve is good for madai fishing with the stable low speed needed for ultimate lure presentation. This reel is poised to be the new basic of powerful electric reels, with a body that is redesignd to be low profile, enabling the user to control with a single hand. A smoother and stronger drag is achieved with Carbon Cloth Washer and the newly added function Instant Stop allows the angler to instantly stop retrieving with just a press of a button.

Maximum drag is also increased up to 15kg. In terms of its performance, this reel is more than a basic model and has taken over the previous generation of ForceMaster.

Introduced for the South East Asia Angler. Most of our fishing grounds vary from metres. Sinkers used can be up to size The ideal electric reel would be a compact and powerful one.

Designed with the same principle as the more expensive forcemaster, this reel packs a wallop. Monsters lurk in the deep. If you want to fish at depth of m and beyond, get ready to hit some real monsters! There is no better reel than the Plays to add to your fishing arsenal.

With a line capacity of 80 pound test with metres, you can be sure there is enough line to battle it out with the deep sea groupers. Simple is the best. The new Plemio emphasizes on one button interface to control all the action, providing anglers with easy and simple way of deep sea fishing.

It comes with a lot of new functions such as Super Slow Retrieve, Memory Back Ip function, Automatic Retrieve and Rakuraku mode which adjust motor speed responding to the load.

With the new Plemio , it is so simple. Just press one button and let the onboard motor do the rest. Use a tube brush to brush small accessible area Reel seat , Line guide area to ensure removal of remaining salt.

Wash when star drag and cast control is not tightened Dip or Soak the whole reel into bucket of fresh water Using high pressure water to wash down your electric reel.

Place under direct sunlight after washing as it will melt the grease inside. Hagane is the concept of power. By using a cold forging technique, we produced a class-leading drive gear that is stronger and more durable.

The System, without compromising strength, reduces noise and provides you with far better sensitivity. CI4 CI4 is a material created by the interfusion of carbon and polyamide. The upshot is a reel whose precision inner workings are housed within a protective shell with all the performance advantages of metal, but weighing less and therefore reducing arm fatigue whilst increasing feel and balance throughout the rod.

By supporting the pinion gear on both ends with SA-RB bearings on Stella models and introducing a bigger drive gear, Shimano increased gearing efficiency and high power. This results in a fishing reel with ultra-light handle rotation for less effort, even under heavy loads.

This increases the efficiency of the reel, meaning it will stay smoother and perform at its peak for much longer. The redesigned Magnumlite Rotor delivers ultra light, almost friction free rotation, ena bling you to control the retrieve with ultimate precision and sensitivity.

Lures become even more animated when using the MGL Rotor reel, and the ultra light experience lets you feel every movement of the lure, the bottom and ultimately the strike of the fish, no matter how slight it is.

The concept of Core Protect is simple, to provide water resistance without creating a heavy rotation feeling. There are three key areas of the reel that require protection: This has been achieved by moving the oscillation mechnism 19mm up from the bottom of the reel to the top.

By placing sealing gaskets in 12 critical locatons throughout the rigid aluminium body, we are able to creat a water resistant structure that can hold up against the toughest conditions and fish that Mother Nature has to offer. The first in lip in the proprietary three-lipped rubber seal system is designed to keep low pressure water out.

The grease between the second and third lips resists high pressure water while enhancing a smooth rotor rotation. The result is smooth and consistent drag performance throughout the fight. The Coil Wave Spring features steady elasticity at any compression level, and little deformation under repeated compression. This results in precise drag adjustments throughout the curve, giving the angler more control at high pressure.

AR-C SPOOL Through tens of thousands of casting tests and computer simulations, it has been detemined that AR-C spool lip design produces longer casting distances than a standard spool lip, while preventing backlashes and wind knots from forming.

It also allows the line to flow off the spool in smaller loops during the cast, which means less slap on the strip per guide. This results in longer casts with less friction. With E. This treatment is forced into the remaining surface impurities. This gives salt no hideout and also results in an extremely smooth-to-the-touch finish.

A reel with E. This new digitally controlled braking system makes adjustments by the angler unnecessary, resulting in smoother, more accurate and backlash free casts. SVS Infinity provides settings and an adjustable brake dial to provide a much wider and more precise range for maximum control and consistent brake performance in all conditions.

Compact body design to reduce weight and allow for better grip and leverage while fighting a fish. The result is an incredibly smooth drag even at extremely light settings. S A-RB. Shielded Anti-Rust bearings are similar to A-RB, but feature additional shields for the ultimate protection. Anti-Rust Bearing possess extreme durability, at least 10 times the corrosion resistance of standard stainless steel bearing.

One piece bail allows the line to travel unimpeded to the line roller. Its seamless design reduces friction and the chance of tangles or cut to the bail arm. The result is a longer cast requiring less effort. Aerowrap II is a worm gear oscillation system with a specially designed pitch to create optimal oscillation speeds for the AR-C lip design. It provides uniform line lay and winding shape to prevent loss of energy during a cast, while providing longer casts than other oscillation systems.

S3D The Shimano Stable Spool Design technology features balanced and uniform thin wall aluminium construction throughout the spool. This precision significantly reduces spool vibration and creates an incredibly smooth feeling when casting and retrieving.

This results in an even line lay, delivering excellent casting and overall manageability. As the rotor turns, the spool moves forward quickly and then returns slowly. This prevents the coils of line on the spool from bedding in with each other and improves casting performance.

Keeping it light weight, rigidity and durability of the material under fishing conditions are highly improved. From this charactristic, we were able to reduce the volume and weight of the rotor and the body. Shimano OCEA series - This name is well-known to the angling field for its powerful, reliable and lasting performance.

The blanks of this rod come with Hi-Power and Spiral X construction which is suitable for heavy duty jigging. This rod also come with the Fuji K-guide for tangle free fishing.

The high density EVA grip allows anglers to have a more comfortable hold and better fighting of your prized catch. Available in 9 spinning models. Slow jigging is slowly becoming the preferred jigging style of anglers. It is easy and most importantly, it catches fish! We are proud to introduce our flagship, Ocea Jigger Infinity.

This rod is made for slow jigging. Concept of slow jigging is to have an elastic rod that can glide the jig inside the water. Majority of bites come when the jig is falling, thereofere an exceptionally sensitive rod is needed to feel the bites.

The Ocea Jigger Infinity has a sensitive tip, much like the suspension in cars that can damper the effect of jig movement, moving load away from the angler. This rod is suitable for long stroking or slow pitch jerking. We have studied extensively the requirement of slow jigging and developed this rod for this technique. Anglers will be entice by its amazing action and smooth loading of the blank.

Sensitive tip on the rod allows for good line tension control to cater to changing fishing conditions. It took us 5 years to study and develop the entire series of Game Type J. This rod is most ideal for targeting of pelagic fishes through jigging style. The new design blanks made with our renowned Spiral X and High power X technique increases the strength to twisting and reduces power loss during jerking and fighting.

Rod action is versatile to adapt to different jigging rhythm. The new Game Type LJ line up is now more comprehensive to cover all the different jigging applications for jig up to g. Light jigging is unique from the way the angler pitch and jerk of the rod.

There is a lot more wrist action than other types of jigging method. The oversize EVA handle also allows maximum range of motion for flicking action of the jig. One of the notable new model would like the micro jigging type, S and B These 2 SKUs are perfect for targeting small pelagics like diamond trevelly or golden trevelly.

Lighter tip action gives maximum control over light jigs and the Spiral X and Hi-power X blanks gives an extra backbone so that maximum pressure can be applied onto the fish at the end of the line. In total, there are 8 SKUs for all the disciplines of light jigging!

Jigwrex are built to endure the toughest abuse and still come out of it bragging. Made with a Spiral X core and Shimano UD glass reinforcement, this is the rod to choose if you have to fish max drag and not let the fish gain a single yard. We would highly recommend this rod to anglers fishing near oil rigs or hunting for giant groupers in deep waters. Micro tune Microjigging is all about sensation. The Jigwrex Microtune is the most sensitive rod that we have ever made for jigging.

Designed to work 40g jigs, we stripped down the rod to the bare bone to tip the rod at g for Spinning model and g for Baitcast model. Rod action is 4: Parabolic action of blank will give excellent control on the wild dashing reef species, offering anglers the ultimate sensation. This rod is made to take real monsters and is not for the faint hearted. If we could put a warning sign on it, we would tell people to expect one of the strongest rod they ever encounter!

Made with a unique blend of UD-glass material, this rod is expected to jig at gg jigs PE 10 version. We carefully studied the different contact points between rod and anglers to achieve the latest breakthrough in fishing sensation.

Spiral X and Hi-power X blank construction gives the perfect synergy between power and sensitivity in the rod. The blank design was also designed to enhance elasticity to give the best possible jig presentation at any depth. Fuji T-DPS reelseat with various contact point enhancement like rubber paint and anti-slip grip area provides the most comfortable hold. The new Speedmaster Saltwater series is our most complete offshore rod to be launched.

Featuring 8 distinct SKUs, we have cover almost all the different saltwater applications that modern day anglers would require. With sensitive tips, combined with extreme power the Speedmaster will control any wild charging pelagic in double quick time, bringing it back to shore with ease.

All Speedmaster models feature Fuji K guides for unbeatable casting performance and ergonomic EVA handle to enhance user experience. A must have rod for any sea going anglers! An elastic rod with a sensitive rod tip! These are the qualities anglers look for in a slow jigging rod which is slowly becoming the preferred jigging style of anglers.

Grappler is our series of rods for anglers looking to upgrade to the next level. This rod features construction techniques usually reserved for top end products. Grappler rods have High Power X reinforcement all the way to tip of the rod. This family of rod is certainly going to make the angling fraternity all excited! This rod is specially designed for the light jigging aficionado. Reel seat design makes use of Fuji reel seat with a unique design handle hood area for better palming during fishing.

Better grip feeling also increases maneuverability of the setup. Pair it with the new Grappler BB reel and you have a jigging outfit that will bring you endless joy! This rod comes in full Fuji component and completed with a vivid yellow finish. Available in 7 types of SKUs to suit the different fishing environment. Also a good choice for bottom fishing! Designed to fish with our coltsniper jigs, this rods are a joy to behold. To keep in line with its shorecast cousin, the Exage Metal Game has a camouflage concept at the label area and EVA handle.

However, as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. The K type guides provide an even spread of load across the bend to achieve a parabolic curve of the blank. The new handle seat design is a dream come through for anglers looking for a light weight and sensitive option.

The design of the reel seat allows for a 3-point of the hand to the rod. This improves the control of the rod as well as the feedback to angler about fishing condition. With the emerging new style of fishing in light jigging, Shimano launch the new Trevala S light jigging rods that comes with medium fast action Butt joint construction makes this rod a convenience to travel with.

The cross-taped C4S green blanks make these rods tough enough to jig up decent sizes of fishes from the ocean. Fuji reelseat and Fuji alconite guides complete the fine finishing of the whole rod. Available in both spinning and baitcast model.

Economical lightweight jigging rod suitable for a wide variety of saltwater fishing, such as seabass, squid, groupers and snappers. It is easy to clean and good for jig weights up to g. All series are equipped with slender rod tip that allows users to feel the moment a fish strikes. Comes with luxurious color of navy blue and reddish brown for squid rod.

If ever looking for a versatile SW rod, this series is it! Currently with 4 SKUs, both models are serious workhorses, capable of jigging, bottom fishing and even light casting! We use highly durable Fuji MN guides that has proved to be one of the best performer for different fishing styles and with different types of line.

Shimano original reel seat with long nut hood gives a secure hold no matter what type of reel seat you are using. Finished off with a premium aggressive styling, this is one SW rod that all angler should have. Featuring a selected range of vertical jigging rods with versions designed for both fixed spool and multiplier reels; Shimano Beastmaster Bottom Ship Jigging rods offer top quality at an affordable price.

The use of quality fixtures and fittings ensures that these superb rods will provide many years of reliable performance with. Low on price does not mean low on features. The new Moonshot is a rod that punches above its weight. Equipped with Fuji SiC K type guides and Shimano original reel seat, this is a rod catered to anglers of all level.

Available in 10 models, Coltsniper series covered all bases of shore jigging. Made through Spiral X and Hi-Power X, these rods are good casting and perform well under fighting pressure. The tip is soft to achieve a long cast and the butt has been reinforced for the added power to put any large pelagic under control. Contoured EVA grip allows for a more comfortable fighting position, especially important for safety when fighting on rocky coast.

Shorecasting is exciting and is one of the most raw form of fishing. Both predator and prey are in their original environment. To enjoy shore jigging, you need a strong rod that can fight hard and yet, taper well adjusted to cast far. The Coltsniper BB is a good entry rod for any anglers who wants to start shore casting. Model Rod Length Closed No. As the name imply, this is the rod for Anglers looking to do AJI fishing into deeper waters, usually off a boat or coastal dropoffs.

Specially tune for this purpose, the stronger backbone of the rod allows the angler to work the rig more comfortably on deeper waters as well as manage different profile jig heads. There are total of 4 SKUs, split into 2 main fishing style: Vertical Contact or Fishing Jig style.

Choose the right profile to suit your fishing style. The rod also features our new bridge reel seat design. This design is compact and allows for the angler to have contact with the blank. Also added is our new profile carbon monocoque handle for the ultimate contact point that greatly enhances blank sensitivity. We promise you will feel even the slightest bite! The Soare BB rod might just be the rod you are looking for! This rod shares all the characteristics of its more expensive brothers.

All models come with solid tip construction to give you the best balance between sensitivity and balance. Split butt grip and oval shape EVA handle grip allows for a lightweight and comfortable hold for all day fishing.

Ready to move up to the next level? Look no further! The Soare SS is the rod for you! The blank is specially reinforced with our own carbon tape process, Hi-Power X.

This greatly strengthens the lifting power for the rod. It is especially important if you are fishing in heavy coral areas and you really need to move the fish out quickly.

All models come equipped with our High Response Solid tip for the best balance between power and sensitivity. The progressive action of the rod allows a firm hook set without too much pressure that might tear the lip of the fish. Definetely a rod for the serious Aji angler! Guides up to 20lbs model are exclusive to Shimano, with rollers from 30lbs and the reel seat is lightweight aluminum. AX Trolling The Catana AX Trolling benefits from a deep progressive action and strong heavy duty guides, making it more than up to the challenge of taming large pelagic species.

There is more than enough power through the blank to make sure you are always in control. The Catana also features under wrapped guides to secure them in place and a multiplier aluminium reel seat. This range has all you need to catch the biggest fish. The Tyrnos Trolling Lite is designed for light line sport fishing with both natural and artificial baits. The semi parabolic action gives maximum fish-playing pleasure, but can also overcome hard fighting species like tuna and sailfish often on remarkably light lines.

The lightweight HPC carbon blank delivers great response during the fight and the top of the range fittings ensure efficient performance with both mono and braided main lines. This is the ideal live baiting rod to catch pelagic species. The rod is a little longer than a traditional trolling rod to make it easier to fish from smaller boats with outboard engines.

The deep progressive action and heavy duty guides will withstand any hard fighting fish and help you to land fish more efficiently. The result is a more responsive rod in the Mediterranean fishing spirit. Guides for the models for 20lbs are Fuji SiC made exclusively for Shimano, for the 30 to 50lbs rods Pacific Bay rollers are used, which work on our famous AR-B ball bearing. The cosmetics are totally new and even more stunning than before giving the Tiagra XTR-B a distinctive look.

Standup The slim diameter of the new Tyrnos A Stand-up delivers quite remarkable power, aided by Shimano Twist-Control which reduces blank twist dramatically. The lighter models of the Tyrnos Stand Up rods are built with ALPS heavy duty SIC lined guides to disperse the heat generated by a fast moving line as quick as possible, while the heavier models are completed with Pacific Bay roller guides.

Shimano never stops developing new processes, products and components and the new TLD Standup features many of these. An example is the new roller guides fitted to the 50 and 80 model which can cope with the hardest conditions. The glassfibre butt reduces the rods weight considerably and the XT60 carbon with added Biofibre makes the TLD extremely strong. A perfect round up to our standup range of rods. Glass tips are expertly blended with XT30 carbon butts for the ideal combination of subtletly and strength.

Ocea Plugger Popping series is for the professional anglers looking for the best popping rods. The series encompass power and workability, ensuring that angler fatigue can be properly managed throughout the fishing trip. This rod is developed in the seas. With the experience of our fieldtesters, Shimano created a popping rod that will not pop your bank balance. Speedcast Kaibutsu features full Fuji components applied on a Fine Crystal carbon blank results in a very strong rod that is light in weight.

All rods are tune with progressive action that allows for easy casting and comfortable handling of big fishes. Available in 5 SKUs to suit the decided lures. All GT anglers worth their salt knows that to bring out the best action in stickbaits, rod action is very vital. Complete with full Fuji components, the Orca Plugger is made from Shimano TC4 high modulus carbon that provides a strong backbone for fish fighting.

This series of rod is tuned for perfect pairing with our Orca Lures. A supple, tenacious, high strength with High Power X structure combined in the design. High Power X significantly increased the torsional rigidity and torsional strength and at the same time it has the power to catch large runs securely.

The high-strength parts that had been selectively choosen were hardened and finished in a single piece that makes BeastMaster Kihada the best electric fishing rod without question. Carbon and glass contents fused together with Shimano Spiral X, combining strength and power that can capture large fish. Deepgame, high-load general-purpose model, a worthy fit for the wide ocean. Many people think that bottom fishing with electric reel is boring. With the Depthhunter fishing rod, we want to change this concept.

Designed with a 6: The soft taper allows for a more natural presentation of bait as the rod will gently lift and drop along with the current. The softer taper also has less tension on the bait so that the fish would give a more firm bite. Boat Designed for fishing very deep waters with electric reels like our Beastmaster , the Speedmaster is built on high specification blanks using HPC carbon with added Biofibre for added resilience.

Dimensions of this rod is designed to suit the facilities of our South East Asia charter boats. Composite blanks of glass and carbon are lightweight, giving a slim and sharp impression with a body design that makes you feel the strength. Metal ring and the decorative thread winding give Deepgame BB rod a classic design. The fun of lure fishing for all anglers. Our Bantam rod developers have made it their goal to find the essence of lure fishing and create tackle which have high power in every form of lure fishing.

Spinning type models consist of 6 rods which have versatility and adaptability. All rods are designed to have strong power. From finesse fishing to power game, this new world standard rod is ready for any fishing field. The blank bends smoothly corresponding to the load to prevent line brake.

This rod makes it able to control a small rubber jig, shake a down shot rig at one spot and search with very small plug lure. When using middle loading lure like a small hard bait, it gives you a stable retrieve and fight due to the powerful butt section. Thin and sharp blanks are good for technical fishing like shaking and twitching.

Smooth rod bending carbon works as a reel drag and prevents line brakes and hook outs. Micro guides contribute to light weight and high sensitivity. Hard bait and worm lure can be used.

It is good for technical lures like poppers, jerk baits and twiching and jerking as well. Run and gun style, boat game, slow pitch to high pitch fishing, this rod covers any fishing style. Even if you cast further, hooking performance is still high. This is good to be used with texas rig, swim jig, high density no sinker, top plug, vibration, spiner bait, and any lures less than 20g.

This has not only long casting performance but also a good control of lures far away and the power and length to hook up firmly. Even if you fight with big fish, this rod can control them well. This model can be used from slow control fishing style with a worm to fast control fishing style with a small plug.

Even though this rod allows you to do twich and dart, when you retrieve fast and fight with fish the blank bends smoothly to absorb the load. This guide setting can reduce line resistance for long casting and give a better casting feel.

It also can handle braided line very well. This rod can handle a wide range such as jig head, no sinker, bug lure,light calorina rig, shad plug, etc. You can achieve a long distance with light lure. Shimano conducted many field tests, including shore fishing in Japan and US bass fishing tournaments to focus on catching a big target with a light rig. This model has good control for short and middle range to cover shooting, long casting performance, firm hooking performance and power to control big fish as well.

We made a gap on tip action to extend the range of tip motion, allowing you to do shaking and swimming control easily. Spiral X and High power X get rid of power loss and dull feelings, enabling you to do a full cast and fight with fish in bush. Hard plug and small swim bait can be used. The guide setting is good for braided line as well. This model can be used in any fishing fields.

A high performance rod in which Shimano has put its pride and technologies. Expride is reborn with a new design. Furthermore, its sharpness, sensitivity and response have also been improved.

Each model is redesigned specifically for each fishing technique and field. The rod shorter than 7ft is designed for sensitive rod action and the rod longer than 7ft is designed for powerful fighting with big fish. Light weight blanks are very sensitive just like a finger and the specially designed micro guide allows you to move the small lure little by little.

A slightly stiff tip section can search the conditions of the lake bed and a powerful belly and butt allows you to control lures precisely. In addtion to jig and worm, this rod is good for spiner bait and buzz bait when you cast them into weeds. Powerful and light weight, this rod is compatible with fast moving lures like vibration lure and spiner bait and shooting lures like rubber jig and texas rig comforatbly. Both long casting style and close range shooting style match this rod.

When you cast lure under a tree with overhanging branches, you can skip and manoeuvre light rigs in a weeded area, giving you enjoyment. This model is also good to use small plug like shad and minnow with a constant speed retrieve and twitching and jerking. Smooth bending curve allows you to prevent line brake. The soft tip allows you to cast to accurately on target and the high elastic belly and butt enable you to continuously fish comfortably. This rod is suitable for fishing with carolina rig, shad plug and jumping jig head and have power to hook up firmly even if the bite is far from you.

An all-round model for small, middle size lures for boat and shore. This rod is good for technical plug game like twiching and jerking. Light texas rig and light blade bait,high density no sinker worm are also suitable.

When you control the lure, this rod shows you its sensitivity but when you fight with fish it shows you power. This model is a spinning finesse rod. This rod is highly recommended for fishing under high pressure. This is special rod for shaking with Excite top which can automatically slacken the lineto move the worm attractively.

This rod is a long length versatile model with power and long casting property. It can be used for both close range pitching and full power casting.

Zodias was developed after many tests in Japan and USA. Each of the 50 models in total have different individuality to handle many kinds of lures. It allows you to cast, control and hook up smoothly. Zodias is a new generation multi-performer to handle many kinds of lures. It can handle many type of lures like small rubber jig, worm, small crank, minnow and top water lure.

The large diameter spool makes casting easier with the stronger line now being used on commercial fisheries and the front drags deliver smooth, confidence building performance when playing fish. All Aero reels have Shimano X-ship engineering which provides smooth and efficient power transfer from the handle to the rotor, even when placed under excessive stress. Available in a versatile size, in both standard 4. The combination of X-ship gearing and 6 Shielded A-RB bearings plus a roller bearing ensure maximum power and smooth performance.

The Aero Concept reel with the fastest gear ratio 5. The oversized AR-C spool improves casting performance, especially when using heavy mono main lines which have become more necessary in recent years as fish get larger. Along with a prestigious line up of top Shimano features, the Aero Feeder comes with two different sized line reducers enabling spool capacity to be changed to suit personal preference.

For anglers who prefer a double handle for feeder fishing an additional handle can be downloadd from your Shimano dealer. MATCH As its name implies, the Aero match is the perfect reel for serious match anglers, with a versatile gear ratio of 5, 2: Its large AR-C spool, combined with Aero Wrap II, ensures that casting performance is not reduced when using heavy mono reel lines up to 10lb, making it perfect for all commercial fisheries.

The Aero Match comes with two different sized line reducers enabling spool capacity to bechanged to suit personal preference. The Aero Spinning version is equipped with a relatively slow 4. Finished in metallic silver, the Aero Spin features both Aero Wrap II and an oversized AR-C spool which combine to deliver outstanding casting performance, even with lightweight lures.

The Aero Spinning comes with two different sized line reducers enabling spool capacity to be changed to suit personal preference — perfect for anglers who swap between braid and mono reel lines. There are four sizes in the range covering most general, spinning and match fishing situations, all finished with champagne and gold graphics.

The shallow spooled size is perfect for match fishing or spinning with thin mono or braided lines. The perfect choice for the new Exage FD reel is the new Exage monofilament line. Exceptional knot strength, with supple characteristics, it is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. See page for more details. The result is excellent line lay. This provides trouble-free, longer distant casts and reduces the chance of line bedding-in when playing hard fighting fish.

Made from a new composite material called XGT-7, which is an improved version of the tried and trusted Shimano XT-7 composite material.

The result is a lighter and more rigid body that offers excellent support to the gearing and moving parts of the reel. Featuring an AR-C spool for better casting performance, Varispeed line lay and DynaBalance to reduce vibration, the Aernos performs as good as it looks. The gun metal coloured body contrasts superbly with the red detailing making this model one of the most visually attractive reels available.

Inside the sleek body are 5 Shielded Stainless Steel ball bearings and a roller bearing which deliver outstanding smoothness and efficient winding power making playing fish off the multidisc front drag more assured and increasing confidence.

Available in a wide range of sizes the size has a compact body and makes a great feeder reel for match and pleasure anglers. The model has a shallow spool suited to float fishing. With its distinctive blue colour scheme, designed to complement the Nexave rods, the Nexave is certainly a reel that will get noticed. Featuring a superb multi-disc front drag, the Nexave also has an aluminium spool combined with AR-C line management and Varispeed line lay.

Contained within the XT7 body are three Stainless Steel ball bearings and a roller bearing which combine to produce a super smooth powerful performance. The striking red colour of the Catana FC makes an aggressive statement for anglers who want to stand out from the crowd.

Part of the P4 reel range, the Catana produces smooth performance and offers exceptional value for money. Fitted with 2 shielded stainless steel ball bearings and a roller bearing, with Varispeed line lay and an Aluminium AR-C spool, the Catana is an excellent all round reel for most general fishing situations. FB The Hyperloop features classical styling along with high-tech features such as Super Stopper and Varispeed line lay. The Hyperloop also incorporates a Power Roller that keeps line twist to a minimum.

Whereas the smaller models in this series are designed for all types of fishing such as spinning, float, feeder, or any other light to medium styles, the large size is an ideal model for heavy duty spinning, specialist fishing or light surf casting. For anglers wanting Shimano reliability and quality at a budget price the Alivio FD takes some beating.

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The silver XT-7 body contains a Shimano roller bearing and 1 stainless steel ball bearing which produces the smoothness expected from Shimano. Ideal for many freshwater situations the Alivio uses Varispeed line lay and an AR-C spool for excellent line management. Sizes range from to and includes a shallow spool size for float and spin fishing. To achieve it, toughness, cranking power, rigidity, water resistance and drag performances have all been upgraded.

Synergy generated by all these technologies combine to prevent loss of power input from the handle and create enormous cranking power.

X-Tough Drag, with its dramatically enhanced heat resistance and toughness, anticipates the blazing speed of bluefin tuna and giant trevally. Drag performance has been made even smoother, further assuring its reliability. In addition to these epoch-making mechanisms, focus is also placed on water resistance, in order to maintain their initial performance and toughness.

The dependable X-Shield system has been applied throughout, and X-Protect provided at the roller clutch assembly - a crucial area for water resistance. Ultimate toughness was sought for the main gear to withstand the maximum drag needed when tackling offshore pursuits.

The difference is obvious; the new main gear is thicker and stronger. By providing dependable sealing structures and gaskets at necessary points, including the reel body and lid joint and the contact point of the spool and drag knob, possible water ingress is blocked. Considering the harsh environment of saltwater fishing, aluminium was selected for the rotor material because of its excellent durability, rigidity and corrosion resistance.

Thorough attention was given to the thickness of every detail to create a strong rotor with assured toughness. The rotary inertia typical of aluminium generates the powerful and smooth performance of the new STELLA SW and effortlessly supports fishing with heavy load lures or while deep sea jigging.

This feature provides tremendous certainty in challenging saltwater fishing conditions, enabling anglers to focus on their big prey with confidence. The use of thicker titanium wire dramatically increased the rigidity and impact resistance of the bail arm. The nature of the metal makes the bail lighter and provides excellent corrosion resistance. A super-reliable bail system has been created by combining a onepiece bail wire, an SW barrier coat big roller reinforced with Diamond Like Carbon DLC , and a high-strength hard coated arm cam.

This all-in-one structure enhances rigidity of the shaft casing, while in addition a new configuration is adopted for the mating surface with the handle shank. This allows the shaft casing to thoroughly and accurately The new handle shaft casing design results encase the top of the handle shank, thereby in rigidity equivalent to a cast piece.

For size reels and larger, primarily used for power fishing, a cold-forged handle shank is used to prevent flexing and distortion while preventing internal torsion.

Even under high load, the energy applied by an angler can be directly transmitted to cranking power. The basic drag performance has been extensively reviewed and each of the metal and carbon drag washers show excellent heat resistance and durability. Through an in-depth study of the thickness and frictional force of each component within the drag system, the best combinations for optimum performance parameters have been found for each model and size. The contact type triple-lip structure is introduced to the roller clutch, the pivotal point concerning water resistance.

In this structure, the first lip prevents water from entering through the space between the rotor and the body. In addition, the special grease between the second and third lip - where it makes contact with the rotor collar located at the upper part of the roller clutch - not only resists water from entering but also minimizes friction resistance. With sizes from through to a powerhouse size, these are seriously tough reels, appealing to saltwater anglers seeking all sizes of fish including big game blue water species.

Freshwater spinning experts will also appreciate such top-end quality. Gear ratios range from 4. Powered by 10 x S A-RB bearings, these are true thoroughbreds. The combination of powerful and efficient X-Ship gearing plus six high quality Shimano A-RB ball bearings and a roller bearing deliver amazing power and reliability.

Available in sizes ranging from to , with different gear ratio options to suit specific uses, the new Biomaster SW-A offers trusted Shimano engineering excellence and reliability with affordability. The Saragosa SW comes in a wide range of sizes from up to a massive to suit the demands of all saltwater game anglers.

The smaller sizes are perfect for casting, spinning and jigging whilst the and sizes, with their rigid support cross carbon drags are perfect for large bluewater game fish like tuna. Packed with the best Shimano features including X-ship and HD gear, the Saragosa SW also features X-shield waterproof body and drag to protect it from the harsh saltwater environment. The Aerlex PG is the perfect partner for many different styles of sea fishing.

Perfect to use for bottom fishing and also surfcasting, the Aerlex PG has a powerful 3.

With this reel, you get strength without compromise to smoothness, whilst retaining the finer details of angling, such as the ability to microadjust the drag setting while playing a fish. A black, gold and silver colour combination adds stunning good looks to an attractively priced package suitable for a wide range of sea fishing methods. The CI4 body and rotor deliver good weight saving compared to similar sized reels whilst the unique Tri-Drag system offers the ultimate in drag setting versatility.

All of these systems work together for super smooth fish-playing. Their are four models to choose, all suitable for general and match fishing, on both the float and feeder, with the and models coming with shallow spools for fine line. Available in four sizes from up to , to cover a wide range of fishing styles, the model has a shallow spool for thinner diameter lines. The pearl-white body cosmetic has become synonymous with Stradic, and the range is renowned for its combination of quality and performance.

One of the most popular rear drag match reels, the Stradic GTM is trusted by thousands of anglers for both feeder and float fishing.

Biomaster is a famous Shimano name with a big reputation. The super fast retrieve ratio of between 5. To provide the required smoothness at high speed the Super GTM is fitted with 3 Shielded Stainless Steel ball bearings, a roller bearing and a double handle for optimum balance. To keep the reel in perfect condition an easy maintenance port for lubrication is built into the lightweight XT-7 body. Super GT reels have earned a strong following over the years offering outstanding quality combined with value for money.

Available in , , S and sizes, the S features a shallow spool, and like the rest of the models, comes with an XT-7 spare as standard. RC Nexave RC has a blue colour scheme designed to complement the full range of Nexave rods, and is the mid-range P4 reel which offers fantastic quality for an affordable price. Three shielded ball bearings and a roller bearing combine to produce a super smooth powerful performance and the multi-disc drag combined with Super Stopper II performs consistently and accurately when playing powerful fish.

Featuring an Aluminium Spool with AR-C line management, plus Varispeed for excellent line lay with low diameter monos and braid delivering more precise casts even with light set-ups. The Nexave RC is one of the most recognisable reels in the rear drag range, and one that any angler can be proud to own.

Exage is the top P4 rear drag model and exudes quality with a visually stunning metallic platinum and gold finish. For match anglers there is also a high speed 6. RB The superb striking design of the Catana features two shielded ball bearings and a roller bearing, providing smoothness usually found on much more expensive reels. A strong lightweight aluminium spool comes as standard making the Catana ideal for both mono and braided lines.

The Catana RB is beautifully balanced and suitable for light lines as well as more demanding situations. Dyna-Balance for exceptional smoothness and performance, and Super Stopper II for instant hook setting and assured fish-playing, make the Catana RB the outstanding rear drag reel in its price class. RC RB The Alivio RC not only has recognisable silver and blue graphics, it also has the Shimano AR-C spool for longer casting performance and comes in a single or double handle version to suit angler preference.

The S is a shallow spool version and will suit match anglers who want the power and casting performance of the size without an excessive line capacity. The equivalent of ball bearings ensures smooth performance, which is enhanced further by the balance of the double handle DH Version. The Hyperloop RB is the entry level of the P3 range.

The reel features classical styling along with high-tech features such as Super Stopper and Varispeed line lay. The Hyperloop offers Shimano performance and reliability at a truly exceptional price.

The tough, lightweight hybrid body is finished in contrasting dark charcoal grey and silver. The Super Baitrunner XTR is guaranteed to match your performance and expectations, no matter how high you set them. The latest version of the popular Baitrunner XT range has received a cosmetic face lift and has been upgraded.

Line management is now controlled by Aero Wrap II with 2-speed oscillation to deliver faultless line lay which in turn increases casting performance. Available in , , and sizes the Baitrunner XT-RB offers carp anglers a choice of sizes to suit personal preference at a very affordable price point.

Line lay is excellent thanks to the Varispeed oscillation which involves an oval and a square gear, computer engineered to interact perfectly. Incorporating a gutsy 4. Both have prodigious line capacities — yards of 12lb on the and yards of 10lb on the — and are powered by a Diecast Drive Gear backed by 3 Shielded Stainless Steel bearings plus a roller bearing for assured performance.

The size is a favourite of specialist anglers fishing for barbel, tench, chub and bream whilst the size suits carp anglers fishing both large and small waters. The Baitrunner DL offers an excellent quality to cost ratio for carp and specialist anglers looking for a mid-priced Baitrunner. Designed for lighter specimen and specialist angling, the XT combines the Baitrunner free spool facility with a silky smooth multi-disc front drag for versatile performance over a wide range of methods, from predator fishing through to carp.

Possessing many technological features from the top of the range Shimano specimen reels, the XT has 4 stainless steel shielded ball bearings and a roller bearing for super smooth, reliable performance. A Cold Forged AR-C spool with Varispeed line lay makes this reel perfect for thin mono and braided lines, and offers excellent casting performance every time.

With a powerful 4. Since their introduction, the small sized Baitrunner DL FA reels, available in and size have opened up a whole host of freespool fishing applications never catered for by Shimano in the past. As comfortable when deadbaiting for pike or zander as they are feeder fishing for barbel or tench, these small sized freespool masters are built using the finest components and world renowned Shimano quality standards. The size is perfect for feeder and bomb fishing on small waters when fishing for carp or other hard fighting fish whilst the size offers more versatility and power making it suitable for all general, pleasure and specialist fishing.

Over the last years the DL version has started to become popular with match anglers for feeder fishing where the use of the freespool Baitrunner facility is a big advantage as it lets you pick up the rod and get it in position before engaging the drag. There is only one Baitrunner - the Shimano Baitrunner - so why accept imitations when these mini-marvels are available at such an attractive price? Aero Wrap II, plus 2-speed slow oscillation ensures superb line lay, which in turn improves distance casting by reducing line friction to a minimum.

The large aluminium handle, powerful gear ratio and multidisc front drag all combine to deliver prestigious winding power and brilliant fish-playing control both at distance and close to the net. This combination ensures maximum distance casting performance. Internally all 5 ball bearings are shielded A-RB for increased durability and the gears have been redesigned to minimise friction and increase power transfer from the long aluminium handle to the rotor.

This delivers more torque and winding power making fish playing easier and delivering more control. The Baitrunner D series incorporates enough power to take on the biggest of fish. Featuring an XT-7 body and rotor, one piece bail, cold forged Aluminium spool and gear, waterproof drag, shielded A-RB, maintenance port and single Biomechanical handle. This reel is a true workhorse which can be used for both freshwater and saltwater applications.

Available in four sizes from a compact size to a powerful distance casting version to cover a wide range of preferences. The combination of the AR-C spool, Aero Wrap II and super slow oscillation approximately turns of line per full oscillation produces the most perfect line lay and the inclusion of X-ship engineering ensures maximum cranking efficiency when playing fish.

The inclusion of a line guard guarantees trouble free performance and prevents any chance of the line getting under the spool. The XT-C also features a line guard for protection. The is supplied with 3 line reducers per spool, while the more compact is supplied with 2 reducers to cover any situation. These combine to produce smooth, efficient and totally reliable fish-playing performance.

The Ultegra XTC comes in two sizes, a compact and a massive Both models have a Baitrunner spool and benefit from the inclusion of X-ship engineering, plus 4 Shielded A-RB bearings and a roller bearing all housed in a compact body. The result is smoothness and efficiency never seen in this price range before. The is excellent for fishing the smaller waters or for long range specialist fishing.

The huge is perfect for large waters where distance is a must. A gutsy 4. The size is a perfect balance between a long distance Big Pit casting reel and a more traditional sized specimen reel. The Navi XT-B has a lightweight XT7 body finished with brushed metal side plating, giving it a subtle but high end finish to match its performance. Finished in understated metallic charcoal grey, with gunsmoke grey and silver components, this is a reel which will compliment any rod.

Featuring a Baitrunner II spool for simple free spool operation, the Beastmaster uses Varispeed to produce fantastic line lay, and an AR-C spool which improves casting performance. The lightweight XT-7 body houses quality Diecast gears, a Shielded Stainless Steel bearing plus a Roller Bearing and features Dyna-Balance to reduce reel vibration when retrieving at speed.

Perfect for inexperienced carp anglers or those on a tight budget, the Beastmaster delivers totally reliable Shimano performance.

The high specification includes Aero Wrap II, with 2 speed oscillation line lay and an AR-C spool, for maximum casting performance and a 4. A specially designed spod version is also available for anglers who want a separate spodding reel.

XS-B MgS Breathtaking to look at, and then you pick it up … words cannot begin to describe the impact that a magnesium body and rotor make to this legendary reel, weighing in at a staggering g.

The gear ratio of 4. The One Piece Bail totally eliminates line wrapping around the Power Roller and cold forged gearing ensures this reel will never let you down. The multi-disc Instant Drag facility enables a freespool to power setting in just half a turn of the front lever. With 9 shielded A-RB bearings and 1 roller bearing providing a staggering 12 ball bearing type performance this reel is one of the most advanced distance casting models in the world.

Available in two sizes, the has a shallower spool more suited to carp fishing whilst the has a large capacity spool. The result is awesome performance for anglers who really know what they want. To further increase casting performance the Ultegra uses 2 Speed Slow Oscillation line lay and an AR-C spool fitted with Instant Drag for simple, ultra fast adjustment.

The combination of these features, plus the outstanding metallic visual appearance, make this model perfect for anglers wanting a high performance casting reel for either surf or long range freshwater fishing. The larger models are out and out distance reels suitable for surf casting or large carp waters where extreme distance is required. Shimano X-ship gearing, combined with 2 S A-RB and 2 SSS bearings, plus a roller bearing, deliver remarkable power and efficiency and has never been seen on a reel of this price before.

The subtle black on grey styling and Instant Drag spool makes the Speedcast XS-A the perfect reel for surf and large water fishing. The size is the perfect compact long casting reel. Simple, but hugely effective, this is a reel that brings Big Pit affordability to almost all anglers. The XT-7 body houses a Stainless Steel ball bearing and a roller bearing for smoothness. The metallic blue body and silver detail combine to produce a modern look and the superb Aero Wrap II line lay with 2 speed oscillation, combined with the AR-C spool produces the excellent casting performance required by surf anglers.

A high torque 4. The introduction of the Titanos XS-A has made compact sized reels available at an affordable price. These handy mid-sized reels have already become popular with many specialist anglers seeking extra spool capacity combined with tough performance. Attractively priced, but still loaded with features, the Titanos certainly delivers everything expected of it and more. The big game reel that became a worldwide market leader has too many features to explain in a catalogue!

A one-piece machined aluminium frame, Cold forged aluminium spool, A-RB ball bearings, 2-speed gears, Twin Disk Drag system on 16 size , elastomere grip and much more.

This reel will play and tame the biggest fish with poise. The Tiagra A reel will give you confidence in your tackle, allowing you to concentrate on catching. Based upon a narrow body principle which equals less weight, smaller dimensions and easier handling than equivalent lever drag multipliers, Talica is truly a high-speed dream machine. Equipped with a Diecast aluminium frame, Waterproof Drag, Shielded A-RB bearings, brass gears and an aluminium spool, choose from 8, 10, 12 or 16 or the new 20 and 25lb rated twin speed versions.

Line capacities range from yards of 20lb to yards of 40lb. A full range of single speed models are also available. At Shimano we use two different styles depending on the model you choose. Both are soft to the touch and offer the maximum in both grip and comfort, whilst giving you the maximum torque when winding in that fish of a lifetime. A powerful range of lever drag multiplier reels available with either a single or dual speed retrieve.

The Tyrnos 30 is the reel currently in vogue on the British shark-angling scene. When loaded with modern, ultra-low diameter braided lines such as PowerPro, the smallest models within the Tyrnos range are proving increasingly popular with specialist anglers.

Shimano UK product catalogue by Shimano Europe Fishing Holding BV - Issuu

The reels are small and light enough to fish comfortably all day for key species such as cod, ling and pollack, yet retain the inherent strength and high levels of engineering to comfortably handle the most powerful species available in Europe, including the likes of wreck conger, giant skate and sharks offshore in deep water. Quite possibly the most versatile, feature loaded and affordable multiplier reels currently available to the UK sea angler. Like the TLD, the Charter Special range of two reels has been thoroughly tried and tested over two decades by countless anglers, in fact it is unlikely that you will step aboard a British charter boat and not find an angler using a Charter Special!

Wherever you fish in the world, you will find Shimano TLD reels being used by anglers in both fresh and saltwater. The design meets the demanding requirements of British sea anglers who typically load their reels with either monofilament or braided lines, fishing for a wide variety of species with natural baits or artificial lures at anchor or on the drift.

Key features that have made Charter Special such a success include a unique combination of a smooth lever drag, a level wind and a centrifugal breaking system all built into a rigid corrosion free graphite frame.

The reel is suited to braid or mono lines. TLD 2-Speed are also the perfect choice for the increasing number of anglers who travel abroad to fish for the likes of Billfish, Tuna and other large, powerful and fast running species. Boasting many features of the flagship Trinidad range, including an ultra fast 6. With a model to suit any European saltwater angling application requiring the use of a multiplier reel, not surprisingly Torium have become an immensely popular range.

In direct response to requests from UK anglers, the Torium 14 has been engineered to include centrifugal brakes making it ideal for beach or uptide offshore fishing.

For many types of sea-angling a slower rate of retrieve is required. In these circumstances, the Tekota range is ideal with its 4. All models are also available with a line counter to help target fish feeding at specific depths.

The TR is the perfect choice for the novice angler. However this feature packed and highly affordable reel is also ideal for more experienced anglers looking to carry a second or third reel for use as a spare, or with a selection of different breaking strains or types of line. The reel features a level wind and is ideal for general downtide fishing at anchor with bait, or fishing on the drift with either bait or artificial lures.

With the added benefit of an easy to use menu, which allows you to fish your favourite fishing style quickly. Line Learning Adjustment also gives you the chance to have a millimetric setting of fishing depth.

Available in three sizes. Both reels have two A-RB bearings on either side of spool, ensuring smooth and reliable operation for years to come. Our DDM Beastmaster represents state-of-the-art in electric reels technology. It will amaze you with its incredible performance all contained in a compact body with a weight of just grams. Spool capacity is incredible, and can handle metres of 80 lbs Power Pro. Maximum winding strength is a massive 90kg, due to the clever construction which puts the engine inside the spool resulting in no loss of power.

DC The Calcutta DC incorporates a self energising Digital Braking system which features 8 different pre-programmed braking patterns based on lure and casting types. With this technology, each of the braking patterns provides awesome control over the feeding of the line, by applying the ideal amount of braking force at critical intervals. As a result, it is possible to achieve long, accurate casts with consistent backlash control. At the same time, the pre-programmed braking patterns allow for easy, instant, external adjustment to cope with any situation.

Most likely one of the most liked and used round profile baitcasters ever sold in Europe got now upgraded incorporating the latest Shimano technology. Its one piece cold forged frame now houses an X-Ship engine which will let this reel operate even smoother than before with increased cranking power capabilities.

The Variable Brake System VBS keeps overruns to a bare minimum, and the Ergonomic thumb bar spool release allows instant casting to moving targets or quick release when trolling. The Cardiff is the essence of what a small multiplier should be. Strong, responsive and easy to use, It is built with a die-cast aluminium frame and a machined aluminium spool for strength. These digital controlled reels have their own power station that creates electricity, which powers the magnetic brake system and therefore avoids over-runs.

This reel also has a precise working drag with Dartanium washers for total control in extreme conditions. The use of X-ship with a brass pinion gear ensures making winding efficiency and strength in tough situations and the built in level wind delivers line smoothly across the spool. For smoothness and durability there are 7 shielded A-RB bearings and a roller bearing. For smoothness and durability, each has a shielded A-RB ball bearing, five shielded SSS bearings, and a roller clutch.

The Citica can handle yards of pound test mono, or yards of pound PowerPro braid. Contributing to reel smoothness, Shimano uses three stainless steel ball bearings at key stress points, and an A-RB roller bearing to eliminate any handle backplay.

The Caius is made for anglers wanting to step up to the fishing benefits of a low-profile casting reel. The Caius reel has three Shimano SSS ball bearings and a roller clutch to eliminate any handle backplay. Also featured is a drilledout handled to reduce weight, a graphite frame and aluminium spool. Delivering performance and durability, the Caenan reel does it all with style and a great price.

This mini reel is typically used on the continent with light telescopic rods for Bolognese-style fishing. Taking up and mending the line is made easy by using it with the longer rods, and the Club Demi is also gaining popularity with anglers who use it for very light lure fishing. Cold forging technology ensures a strong yet lightweight frame and spool.

The frame is then machined and the result is a reel that is as impressive to behold as it is to use. As well as cold forging, Shimano is known for the quality of its drags. Created from natural cork, with an exclusive Shimano treatment, it does not degrade or age cosmetically. Power Cork is washable and used on many Shimano rods.

Fuji are one of the leading rod component companies in the world and have a close working relationship with Shimano. Fuji guides are used extensively on Shimano rods. Fuji reel seats are also used on many high quality Shimano rods. Adding Biofibre reinforces the carbon fibres in all directions.

This gives outstanding strength, shock resistance, lightness and power. High quality aluminium reel seats are used on the best Shimano boat rods and lightweight Pac Bay Minima guides are becoming popular on telescopic rods. Fossil Wood is used on some Shimano reel seats. Created by compressing organic raw materials into a carbon like state using over degrees of heat, the resultant material is much stronger than wood and each component is both unique and resistant to moisture.

Shimano Low Resin Carbon uses less resin to hold the carbon fibres together. This results in lighter more responsive blanks. Low Resin Carbon is usually used on lightweight rods where balance and action are very important.

GeoFibre is a naturally derived component that provides rigidity and high tensile strength when added to rods in the lower to mid-price rod band. ALPS roller guides have a reputation for excellence which perfectly matches the expectations of Shimano. The unique SDR construction process eliminates any spine forming during manufacture, meaning the blank action remains uniform, regardless of which way the rod is bent. Shimano High Pressure Carbon is a process which creates stronger, more responsive blanks.

Pressure is applied to the blank surface during curing heating which evenly distributes the resin through the carbon fibre matrix. The result is a much stronger, more consistent performance and improved responsive. XT Carbon is used throughout the Shimano rod range. The number following the XT XT , denotes the quality of carbon fibre used. The higher the number, the stronger the carbon. Shimano is one of the few companies in the world allowed to use 3M Powerlux. This feature delivers a spineless blank with reduced sideways torque, making casting more accurate.

The fast tip enables you to impart life and action to lures to entice fish to attack, whilst the parabolic middle keeps you in total control when playing the fish as it delivers controlled power combined with superb shock absorbing properties. The Antares is built on a HPC blank with the addition of Biofibre, resulting in a fast, progressive action. The addition of Steady Cast vastly improves casting performance and ensures that your bait can be placed accurately time and time again.

Fuji Alconite K-type guides help to ensure smooth, tangle free casting. Rapid heat transfer of the Alconite guides will cope easily with all types of line, giving it a longer lifespan. The natural Power Cork handle ages much slower than standard handles, making sure that the Antares DX maintains its superb performance. Available in a wide range of lengths and casting weights to suit even the most demanding anglers, the Lesath BX Spinning is quite simply one of the most outstanding spinning rods in the world.

Because the Speedmaster BX is stronger, to handle even larger fish, Fuji Alconite guides have been used, which are one of the strongest guides from Fuji and perfect for extreme fishing situations!

DX The progressive action of the Beastmaster helps to ensure easy lure presentation and great control during the fight. A lot of heat can build up on the ceramics whilst battling large predators, and this can damage the line. With the Fuji Improved Hard guides, the level of heat is dramatically reduced, vastly helping to increase the longevity of your mainline and prevent any unnecessary breakages. The optional Balance Weight enables customized rod balancing to suit you preference.

The Exage Spinning is built on a strong and well balanced progressive action blank. This is achieved by incorporating the use of Geofibre within its blank. All rods in the range are fitted with Fuji Improved Hard guides for superior casting performance and exceptional line guidance.

This range matches perfectly with the Exage front drag reels. This progressive action rod is exceptionally strong due to the inclusion of Geofibre within the blank. This helps to dramatically improve casting performance and balance. Fuji Improved Hard guides reduce friction and further more allow for better casting performance and longer lifespan of your line. A stylish ergonomic reel seat finishes off this fantastic looking rod. The Geofibre material in the blank creates more stiffness, maintains strength and provides an excellent fish-playing action.

A Vibra Spot reel seat adds further value to this affordable range. Vengeance is a range with models between L and H. Constructed upon XT30 blanks with Shimano reel seats and Hardlite guides, Vengeance brings superior levels of quality to the budget price bracket.

Five Telespin rods also bear the Vengeance name, ranging from medium to heavy actions. Shimano reel seats and Hardlite guides adorn the XT30 blanks, all armed with easy access hook keepers. Ideal for anglers on the move with limited time available. Alivio CX Spinning is our entry level spinning rod range and wears the Shimano name with pride.

The outstanding cosmetics match our Alivio spinning reel for a coordinated combination when used together. This model also has the addition of Geofibre which makes the rods even more responsive and robust under pressure than before. Speedcast Kaibutsu features full Fuji components applied on a Fine Crystal carbon blank results in a very strong rod that is light in weight.

All rods are tune with progressive action that allows for easy casting and comfortable handling of big fishes. Available in 5 SKUs to suit the decided lures. With the spiral X construction, this rod has a very strong backbone with exceptional twist resistance to control any dashes by the fish. Aluminium butt gives extra strength and also provides better grip when mounting onto rod holders.

Simply said, this rod is made with one purpose in mind, and that is to catch big fish! The choice for deep game monster fishing! Tested at up to metres of water. Perfectly suited for electric reels of sizes. The Deep Game rod is the perfect choice. With its specially tuned 7: Many people think that bottom fishing with electric reel is boring. With the Depthhunter fishing rod, we want to change this concept. Designed with a 6: The soft taper allows for a more natural presentation of bait as the rod will gently lift and drop along with the current.

The softer taper also has less tension on the bait so that the fish would give a more firm bite. After the fish has biten down hard on the bait, the backbone of the rod will begin to kick up and aid in the setting of the rod. Available in 2. Boat Designed for fishing very deep waters with electric reels like our Beastmaster , the Speedmaster is built on high specification blanks using HPC carbon with added Biofibre for added resilience.

Dimensions of this rod is designed to suit the facilities of our South East Asia charter boats. Bringing new sensation to seasoned anglers. A target of [ Bantam ] is understanding the essence of bass fishing and developing an All-round quality bass rod. There are 9 different SKUs for Baitcast type. The high versatility of each rods can satisfy the demand of the most discerning angler. Spinning rod have 5 SKUs with high versatility as well. We studied in detail different fishing environment and the rod actioin most suitable.

Extra care is taken to adjust the blanks to be stable and powerful when the rod is loaded. This is truly a series that will bring Bantam rods out of Japan and into the global market. With the expertise of Murata, we adopt fighting grip design. The F model features basic versatile rod suitable for single hand casting while the R model adopt a semi double handle setup, both hallmarks of Scorpion legend.

Born from the home of bass fishing, we tested this rod extensively in the competitive bass fishing environment in Japan and USA. All possible technique of bass fishing is covered in the list of SKU. Guides placement and sizes are carefully chosen to maximum userability and to keep the rod weight low. The revival of Scorpion XT rod rekindles the Scorpion spirit that has impressed anglers in the past. Ready to move up to the next level bass rod?

This Airswing might just be the rod you are looking for! Different taper across the skus is designed to suit the different lures commonly used. Choose the right rod to suit your favorite lures and witness how it will greatly improve your catch rate!

Available in Spinning and 5 different SKUs. First impression counts. This is the weapon of choice for shore casting anglers. With the use of Fuji K guides and a fast taper tip, this rod is easy on the anglers during whole day of casting. Oversized EVA handle also help gives better leverage during prolonged fights.

The new Ultegra series is made with this in mind. There is a total of 7 SKUs in this series and they are specifically tuned for the different lures. One of our favorite in this series is the H. This is THE toman rod. With a FAST action, this is perfect for heavy cover fishing using propeller lures and large frogs.

Casting weight up to 50g, this rod is also suited for light shorecasting! Equipped with Full Fuji Components, this rod pushes above its weight class. Rod action is tuned to be fast to cater to different fishing situation Extra attention is placed to ensure that this rod is durable and will bring joy to angler for years to come. Light and powerful, the Bassterra AX exhibits the characteristics of what an ideal bass rod should be.

Cross Carbon Tape on the rod increases strength during different angles of flex. Designed with high line poundage capabilities and ergonomic EVA grip, be assured of a better grip during rugged fish fights. In addition, double wrapped Fuji guides allows silky smooth travel of the line through the guides. RODS For the angler looking for the finesse touch, this rod is for you. Full equipped Fuji K guides and with SiC guides for tip, this rod offers incredible sensitivity to the angler.

Carefully placed guides allows sharp and crisp casting while still retaining top power in the blank. Split butt design helps reduce overall weight and the use of cork gives it the premium finish. NEW A legend refreshed.

Bass Rise has been one of our most popular fishing rod ever introduced to the market. With the latest edition, we gave it a sparkling coat of paint with matt accentuation at strategic spot to give this old dame a fresh lease of life.

Components remain top quality with guides and reelseat from Fuji. Action of the rod retains the tradition of making this rod the choice of the casual anglers looking for a no frills and affordable fishing rod. Made to produce medium to medium heavy action, the action of the rod promises to deliver a satisfying user experience. Equipped with Fuji guide and Fuji reel seat, this rod is made to be durable and still maintain its sensitivity to ensure that you feel even the slightest nibble on the rod.

Available from 5ft to 9ft, the Lurematic series is affordable and a must have for all lure anglers. Length m. The Scabard is built as a general purpose rod. Be it shore casting or river bottom fishing, there is a SKU to suit your needs. Responsive rod tip ensures you feel every take and not miss a hook set!

Special mix of fibre improves rod durability and at a very affordable price! This rod is made from good quality fibreglass for long lasting durability.

Available in attractive colors and multiple lengths to suit all category of anglers. GS The latest generation of freshwater competition spinning rods. When fishing in stocked ponds, it is common to fish the fishes inside to be wary especially with species like Patin, Bighead Carp and Rohu. These notoriously finicky fishes requires a rod with a ultra-sensitive tip to register the tiniest bites and still possess the power to control and stop these rampaging fish from swimming to stuck.

The design is a representation of classic design using modern techniques creating the perfect blend in form and function.

GS Gelatama Anglers are like snipers. One shot, one kill. The Speedmaster is swift and deadly. Specially tuned to react with the angler, this rod ensures more hook sets than hook drops!

Extra attention is paid to ensure that this rod is gelatama specific. This include rod end retainer and clicking reel seat. Blank is made of Shimano High Power Carbon reinforced with Biofibre to ensure the strong and steady effort of the rod under intense fighting.

GS Upgrade your light tackle. Setup with the high performance Bassterra GS competition rods. Uncompromising performance from a production rod that performs like a custom built rod. Aero guide design ensures line slither through the guides with minimal resistance. The light weight and ergonomic reel seat found in this rod provides a firm grip for the angler to make every cast to be smooth and accurate.

Bassterra GS fast action tip ensures high sensitivity and effective hook up when fish strikes. An EVA retainer is also included to safeguard your rod from disappearing into the water in those unexpected moments.

Galatama style fishing has its own unique requirement. This rod features a fast action tune with full Fuji components for smooth handling. At the base of the handle, we added an EVA knob to give stable hold onto rod holders. Each rod in this range is designed for a special purpose in mind. Aeroguide design using Fuji guides, reduce line resistance when casting.

Length ft. GS Galatama Style Fishing has its own unique requirement. To cater, we built the Aernos GS This rod features a fast action table with full Fuji SiC guide for smooth line transition through the guides. At the base of the handle, we added a EVA knob to give a stable hold onto rod holders. Casting into the blue beyond A stunning looking surf cast rod designed for the most discerning angler.

This rod is built with power and control as the main defining principle. Equipped with the trustworthy Fuji K guide with alconite ring, line transition is smooth throughout, regardless of the type of line used.

Oversized tip guide allows more smooth casting when using heavier baits. Top Blank Construction; Spiral X. Top reinforcement: High Power X and not forgeting top quality Fuji component. This rod is a high spec rod that comes at a reasonable price. This rod is design to cast far with its unique tape, ergonomic shape gascon grip and Fuji SiC guide.

This rod employs the latest K-guide from Fuji to reduce wind knots during casting. NEW Added to the popular Shimano surf range for this year, the Swingcast surf rod comes in 3 different lengths 4. Built technically on superior material, his range is designed for anglers who want longer casts everytime!

Equipped with Fuji MN alconite guides, this rod is the perfect choices for anglers who prefer to use nylon line for surf casting. This is a serious rod for the long caster. This range is fitted with full Fuji components and is the quality rod for serious surfcasters.

Available in spinning and baitcast models. Smoky blue comestic finish, this is a generalist rod that will suit most surf anglers. Available in two length, this model has a forgiving action made for easy long cast.

SURF These unique surf rods have a very fast action, but still respect the angler to give enough room of curve to cast large distance even with soft bait. This range of rods is packed with special features like; Fuji guides, Taptec Alpha tip and cast control grip. This rod will help you to perform better and cast further! Ready to go into the next level of surfcasting? Looking for ways to reach those monster fishes m away from shore? If your answer is yes, then Forcemaster is the rod for you.

The characteristics of low weight, crispy action and strength are typical for the Forcemaster surf rods. Geofibre in combination with XT40 is the secret. Available in lengths from 4. Like their freshwater counterparts, surf anglers will soon be aware that the Vengeance name equates to genuine Shimano quality at extremely pleasing prices. The three-piece Surfcasting rods bearing that name are built upon XT30 carbon blanks with Shimano hardlite guides and reel seats. As well as maximum recommended casting weights, the visually pleasing butt sections carry the ideal performance statistics to help surfcasting new comers in their tackle selection.

Choose the right rod to suit your favorite lures and witness how it will greatly improe your catch rate! Prosurf AS continues to woe the professional surfcaster with its new design and features. Hi-Power X design blank improved rod strength, providing stiffness and at same time giving the required elasticity. Fuji SiC guides ensures all types of lines could be used on this rod with minimum resistance.

Cascon grip further ensures firm grip hold for the satisfying cast each time. Shimano Prosurf AS rods, providing endless enjoyment for the professional surfcaster in you! This rod is design to cast far with its unique tape, ergonomic shape cascon grip and Fuji SiC guide.

Fuji reel seat and cascon grip usually found on higher end models are placed in this rod. There is no compromise on the performance of this affordable yet reliable surf rod. EV The Surf Leader is the ultimate rod to use for surf fishing where you need portability without any compromise on performance. Everything about this rod is purpose built and no effort has been spared to make it a serious big fish fighting tool.

The rod features full Fuji SiC guides that sit on our propriety Shimano guides grooves to prevent twisting. It also comes with a Cascon Grip and a lightweight Fuji plate type reelseat. The Speedcast surf rod has unbelieveable casting ability due to the specially engineered blanks. This rod comes equipped with Fuji Components to deliver the best cast, every cast! Fuji reelseat and cascon grip usually found on higher end models are placed in this rod.

With a high composition of carbon, the Surfleader AS telescopic rods are light on the scales yet will not hurt your wallet. Featuring full Fuji guide, this rod promise to get maximum distance with every cast. The joy of surf fishing really starts with Super Spin Joy. The Super Spin Joy series is catered to appeal to the regular surfcasters who want an affordable rod that does not compromise on quality or features. The Super Spin Joy is constructed from a new carbon structure to improve on castability and elasticity.

It is available in lengths ranging from 3. This rod is perfect for anglers looking to start out enjoying surf cast fishing.

Attractively priced, this rod is not short on features. Full Fuji components and cascon handle grip makes this rod a pleasure to fish with.

The rod keeps at a convenient cm, making it a easy keep into car boots. Just take it out, extent it, fix on the reel and you are ready to go!

EV Looking to sneak away for a quick cast? The Holiday EV is the perfect rod for you. Telescopic design allows the rod to collapse into a convenient length for easy storage in a small duffel bag or the car boot. Rod action is regular design with medium power, suited for a wide variety of fishing application. White painted tip gives better visual cues so that you can feel and see everything strike! Any fish, anywhere. All rods are 4 pcs design for the compact kept length and comes with a sturdy tube for protection when moving around.

Fully equipped with Fuji components. This rod rises to the occasion on all levels. Driving along the highway and spot a potential holding spot for big fish? Looking for something compact to bring on your holiday? Look no further!

We have the Exage S. C rod just for you! This series is based on our wildly popular Bassterra range. Anglers can expect the rod to have lots of power and a fast action tip.

For the pole fishing enthusiast. This rod is competition tuned for a faster action. This results in a rod with a strong backbone that gives angler a quick lift. Hera Fishing Competition is all about numbers and this is the rod you want at your side.

Garuda is Eagle in Bahasa Indonesia. Like an eagle, this rod is swift and deadly. With its Fast Fast action, this rod puts the power into the hands of the anglers allowing him to catch the most fish in the shortest time. In a competition environment, every gram matters!

Action tuned for competition game. First impression of the rod would be how balanced the fully extended rod is. Tuned with the perfect counter balance, it is very easy to strike the shrimps even from the faintiest bites.

Probably one of the finest shrimp rod. Having a good hook set on a shrimp is most dependent on the taper of the rod. Xiao Bing has a revolving taper when set hook. The sensation of the strike is transmitted from the tip to the hand of the angler almost instantaneously.

This way, angler can control the tension and safely bring in the prize. We observed Prawn anglers at the pond and we built this rod. This include a bright white tip for easy sighting as well as a non slip matt surface handle for comfortable gripping. Action of rod is tuned to give maximum hook up rate and sensitivity. Hitotsu Tenya fishing is quickly proving to be one of the best style of bottom fishing. Hit rate for this style of bottom fishing consistently out performs the other styles.

To do Hitotsu Tenya style efficiently, we need a rod that is strong and maintain its sensitivity. For that, we have the Engetsu series. Rod action is tune to detect the faintest bite and power set to hook up any finicky species. For M and H model, we equipped it with solid tip to increase rod performance. Available colors:. Available in: The Power Pro Super Slick lifts the bar on regular braided line. Super eight Slick is as the name suggests an 8 carrier braid, making this line smooth as silk and silent.

These qualities transfer into better castabilty and a more subtle line when lure fishing.

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Super slick comes in high vis yellow and aqua green for those lure anglers who really want to go undercover. Super Slick is the next level of braided line for the serious lure angler. Simply tie your knot in one of the clearly black marked Termination Zones and feel a level of confidence that is unmatched by any other Superline on the market. With four contrasting colors, you get accurate casting and depth placement all the time!

Giving you an added advantange over anglers who uses normal braids. Every 5ft indidually marked. Available in 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 65lb, 80lb, lb, lb Available in spools of ft, ft, ft, ft and ft. Using lures especially Soft baits the line falls slack in the fall back to the bottom. This is the moment a lot of fish strike without the angler feeling the bite!

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