Three Dark Crown by Kendare Blake!!! Photo Credit- The Book Swarm. The Oracle Queen - Kendare KB. The Young Queens. Three Dark Crowns - Kendare MB. One Dark Throne - Kendare MB. Two Dark Reigns - Kendare MB. 5. Queen Katharine has waited her entire life to wear the crown. But now that she finally has it, the murmurs of dissent grow louder by the day.

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[FREE] READ & DOWNLOAD Two Dark Reigns (Three Dark Crowns, #3) by Kendare Blake EPUB PDF. TIPS to Read / Download "Two Dark. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake. Three Dark Crowns (Three Dark Crowns #1) by Kendare Blake ePUB When kingdom come, there will be one 1 year. Kendare Blake is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Three Dark Crowns series. She holds an MA in creative writing from Middlesex University in.

Two Dark Reigns is the fiction, thriller, mystery and suspense novel which describe the story of the Queen who is surrounded by enemies. Description of Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake ePub Two Dark Reigns is the suspense, literature, fiction, thriller and mystery novel which plot the story of Fennbirn Island which is surrounded by enemies. Kendare Blake is the author of this insightful novel. Queen Katharine has waited many years for this moment when she became the Queen of Crown. She loved to be on the charge since her childhood and finally, she accomplishes what she dreamed of. There are still a number of challenges which her kingdom face and her sisters are also the part of it. Arsinoe and Mirabella are still alive but hiding from the forces of their sister. She never imagines in their entire life that Katharine would do this her own sisters. While running they come to a strange place. These girls meet Jules here with her war partner Emilia. This girl is the finest of shield maiden in all the women. The girl can even take the head of the commander and no one has dared to challenge her. These girls have single hope if they got help from Blue Queen and she is ready to help but on certain promises. On the other side, the Queen is ready to face any challenge.

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I felt like the pacing was up and down. One Dark Throne took me longer to read than the first book since my attention kept wandering during the slower parts, but the ending was amazing as just like Three Dark Crowns. Theres some action throughout but its definitely a slower burn focused primarly on the characters.

Since I tend to prefer plot driven books I would have liked more action, but my connection to the characters kept me invested in the story. I enjoyed all the different relationships and the dynamic between the 3 Queens. Im really excited to find out what happens in the next book, especially with Katherine and Jules plot line. Though not, perhaps, as prettily. Her snore sounded like a pig searching excitedly for mushrooms.

Camille crept past. The newborn queens in the bassinets were dressed in black and affixed with the colors of their gifts. Blue buttons for elemental Mirabella, and a purple patch for poisoner Arsinoe.

Pretty green ribbons for tiny naturalist Katharine. Even the bassinets had been decorated with items associated with each gift: a cloud-shaped pillow, a mobile hung with snakes and spiders, and a quilt embroidered with flowers. She did not blame them. Their lives would not be easy.

And then two lives would be over. Camille was a poisoner, like Queen Nicola, and Queen Sylvia before her.

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Three generations of poisoner queens. Almost a dynasty. But instead of growing stronger, it seemed that the blood of the poisoner queens grew thinner. The Arrons flourished in their power, as well as other poisoner families in Prynn and the capital, but Sylvia was stronger than Nicola, and Camille was the weakest of all.

Over hundreds of years, the other gifts of the island had lessened: elementals lost their mastery over one or more elements, and the war-gifted lost the ability to guide their weapons with their minds. And the oracles. The true oracle gift was almost gone, thanks to generations of drowned oracle queens. Something was changing on the island and within the line of queens. As a queen, Camille could feel that. Not that anyone would believe her. The Arrons never listened when she spoke of queenly instinct.

They never listened to her about anything. They had been bullies her whole life, from the moment they claimed her from that very cottage. They shamed her when she failed. They did not let her rule. With each successive poisoner queen, the queen herself mattered less and less. The line of queens was not important, the Arrons said. It was the poisoners who the Goddess truly favored. In their bassinets, the new triplets hummed with an aura of the gift each carried, that energy—like a scent or a heartbeat—that linked them to the Goddess and called to the queensblood in Camille.

It was that which told her what she had given birth to, when she announced it to Willa, and named them, as though in a trance.

It was like a trance. On Arsinoe and Katharine, the auras that lingered were weak. On Katharine it was barely a hint. But Mirabella still blazed with it. The messengers have been dispatched? The elemental, poisoner, and naturalist cities, respectively. They rode out at dusk. A messenger to Indrid Down was hardly necessary anymore.

The poisoners were so assured of their destiny. Camille nodded to the baby in the storm-blue blanket. She will be the next queen. The walls of the cottage where the queens would spend their first six years, where she spent her own first six years, closed in, squeezing her out. Here they would play and have their hair braided.

Here they would learn to walk and run, and if they were lucky, to not love one another too much. And I was mistaken about those two. But they would never believe it.

They would investigate and look too closely. Camille clenched her jaw. She was still bleeding, and exhausted. For all she knew, she was slowly dying. But she willed herself to look strong.