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CONVERSATIONS. WITH GOD. Book 3 an uncommon dialogue. NEALE DONALD WALSCH. Even if I'm not God, and I'm just “you” making it all up, can you get any better advice? · With this, as with the information in all three books, just live the wisdom. Start by marking “Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 3” as Want to Read: Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality.

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Conversation With God Book 3

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Neale Donald Walsch is a writer of internationally best-selling books on spirituality and personal development. He lives in. Conversations with God Book 3: Embracing the Love of the Universe (): Neale Donald Walsh: Books. "You must learn to be gentle with yourself. And stop judging yourself" - Page 3; " Truth is truth, and it can neither be proven nor disproven. It simply is" - Page 4.

Neale Donald Walsch Part 1. Part 1. When you need no approval from outside yourself, you then own yourself. Love and awareness are what we are. Fear paralyzes us. Fear and guilt are the only enemies of man. Love is a feeling of wanting to do what the other person wants. If you want to give what the other wants, then you love them. If you want the other to have what you want for them, then you love yourself through them. Knowing comes before experiencing. Yet, it works the other way around. First you want to Be something happy , then as you are happy you will start Doing things of happiness, and that will bring you to Have something.

This incredible series contains answers that will change you, your life, and the way you view other beings. Other books in this series. Add to basket. Conversations with God 3 Neale Donald Walsch. Communion with God Neale Donald Walsch. Awaken the Species Nemuna Ceesay. Friendship with God Neale Donald Walsch. Conversations with God Matthew Robert Payne. Review quote I read this and it completely turned everything I believe about religion on its head. If you are at all religious, you should read this book.

Together they have formed ReCreation, a non-profit foundation for personal growth and spiritual understanding with the goal of giving people back to themselves. Walsch lectures and hosts workshops around the world to support and spread the messages contained in Conversations with God..

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All there is is love. That which you call life you could just as easily call it God is pure energy. That energy is vibrating constantly, always. It is moving in waves. The waves vibrate at different speeds, producing differing degrees of density, or light. Yet while the objects are different and discrete, the energy which produces them is exactly the same.

Indeed, that energy coalesces in a particular way to form those objects. There is only One of us. There are Many of us. This is the energy of life. This is what you have chosen to call Absolute Love. Not by proselytizing, but by example. Be the source of the love which I Am in the lives of all others. For that which you give to others, you give to yourself. Because there is only One of Us.

Whatever you want to experience in yourself, You have said, be the source of it in the lives of others. This is the sacred wisdom. You have simply chosen not to use them. Or, to be more accurate, you have misused them. The end is the action. Action is God creating — or God experienced. You all do it! Every one of you! You deny your own greatness as you deny the existence of Me in you.

Not just in thought, not just in word, but in deed. Is it not that you would one day be a great teacher? That is Who I Am! Because to deny You is to deny themselves, and to deny themselves is to deny you. To your own wisdom.

To your own truth. That is the place to which you must always go, for it is the place you must turn around and come from as you teach the world.

Always declare Me as Source, and no one will mind you declaring yourself as great. This is what is meant by enlightenment. Yet what you call the individuated soul is huge, hovering over, in and through hundreds of physical forms.

Yet your parents, teachers, ministers tell you something else — that you may only love one person as special as another in any way, you are often made to feel that you have betrayed that other.

Of any kind. That is what has sparked every revolution in the history of humankind. You are love. Love is all there is. So you are love, I am love, and there is nothing which is not love. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is the opposite of love, which you have created in your reality so that you may know experientially That Which You Are. That which love is unlimited. No before and no after. Love always was, always is, and always will be. For if love is unlimited, and always, then love is…free.

Love is that which is perfectly free. You may not always get it, but that is what you will seek. Think of them as the same thing: With it, you agreed to become partners for life. Announce it, and declare it. Yet make your declaration an announcement moment-to-moment of your freedom, not your ongoing obligation. Yet if you see this decision not as a promise made only once, but as free choice, made over and over, that day of resentment will never come.

There is only one sacred promise — and that is to tell and live your truth. All other promises are forfeitures of freedom, and that can never be sacred. For freedom is Who You Are. If you forfeit freedom, you forfeit your Self. The lie is that you can know now how you will feel about a thing, and what you will want to do about that thing, on any given tomorrow.

You cannot know this if you are living your life as a reactive being — which most of you are. Only if you are living your life as a creative being can your promise not contain a lie.

Until you can predict your future…not promise anything truthfully about it. Change is a fundamental right of all creatures. It is the highest betrayal. When your cultural ethic is changed to include an understanding that you are all One, you would never use force, because that would only damage your Self. What goes around, comes around.

A bargain was struck. You are unlimited. Eternal, and free by nature. I hold this relationship above all others. It is a faulty construction. I am simply observing that your religions do not take you there. As with religion, your invention called marriage does well with this in the early going, when you are first experiencing it. Rather, your governments lead you to war, increasing lack of freedom, and domestic violence and upheaval. Until they change, nothing else will change.

This is the myth of original sin. The myth holds that not only is your basic nature evil, you were born that way. This is the basic instinct of all sentient beings everywhere. It is your cellular memory. It is your inherent nature. Thus is exploded your first cultural myth. Indeed, exactly the opposite is true. Creating a society in which two beings are truly equal is not only impossible, but undesirable.

This is called fairness. Equality in fact, produced by exterior forces and laws, would eliminate, not produce, fairness. It would eliminate the opportunity for true self- re-creation, which is the highest goal of enlightened beings everywhere. Systems that would allow society to meet the basic survival needs of every individual, freeing all beings to pursue self-development and self-creation, rather than self-survival.

In other words, systems that imitate the true system, called life, in which survival is guaranteed. In these societies self-interest and mutual best interest are identical. Yet it is the truth you most frequently ignore. Now when you are in a relationship with another, that relationship has only one purpose…to decide and to declare, to create and to express, to experience and to fulfill your highest notion of Who You Really Are.

And it is not about changing words to alter meaning, but changing perceptions to alter experience. Not as an individual, not as a country, not as species or a race. Do not destroy it, do not do away with it — alter it. And that is what your marriage vows should state. The body is enveloped by the soul.

No more, no less. So let the force be with you! This is the moment of your rebirth, as an individual and as society. You must re-create your world now, before you destroy it with your insanities. And you are not separate from each other. Our reality is a co-created reality.

If you terminate a pregnancy, We terminate a pregnancy. Your will is My will. Because I am. And all creatures have an intuitive knowing of this. This is called evolution. And that is based on what you think you are trying to do. Not just in your life in general, but in every moment of your life specifically.

Because it is in the moments of life that a life itself is created. Is this Who I Really Am? Is this who I now choose to be? No matter is inconsequential. There is a consequence to everything. The consequence is who and what you are. That is your answer to the abortion question. Every act is an act of self-definition. Not only because it sets the tone of your experience, but because it creates the nature of Mine.

I come now to tell you this: You are creating God. And yet it is a necessary one if you are to go about the true work for which you came. Will you hear these messengers? Will you become one of them? That is the grand invitation. That is the glorious decision. What you create, you become. What you become, you express. What you are. What you are you think. The circle is complete. And, now that you are actively engaged in it, that conversation will soon lead to friendship.

Social evolution is demonstrated by movement towards unity, not separatism. Separatism is the illusion. Those are the three steps to God. Proclamation of it for all the world to hear. And demonstration in every way. And so the master continues to play, but in a new way, and with new tools. Every evidence, not matter how scientific, not matter how demonstrable or compelling, will be denied if it violates your self interest.

It took so long because to stop the poisoning would cost many major companies a great deal of money.

It took so long because it would cost many individual people their conveniences. It is merely an observation of What Is. You have only just begun to experience your splendor! The days of your blossoming are at hand. The stalk has grown strong, and the petals are soon to open. And I tell you this: The beauty and the fragrance of your flowering shall fill the land, and you shall yet have your place in the Garden of the Gods.

Cloning and genetically engineering, and not doing so with sufficient care to have this be a boon to your species, but threatening instead to make it the greatest disaster of all time. Stop ignoring them.

Read them. Act on them. Awaken others to them. Start a revolution. Make it an evolution revolution. For the first time in your presently recorded history…. You can actually render yourselves extinct. He is clear that he needed none of it to be happy, or to survive.

With everyone. Not a being goes without. All the natural resources of their world, of their environment, are divided equally, and distributed to everyone. Quite to the contrary. The fact that individual beings do matter is reflected in the fact that effect on the specie system is uppermost when considering any decision. You may use it one day yourself, to send a different message….

Not to worry. They choose to do this, rather than serve the desires of one small portion of the system, for they realize that no species within the system can survive if the system itself is destroyed. You have to change your idea about who you are in relationship to your environment and everything in it before you will ever act differently.

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And you have to raise consciousness before you can change consciousness. Speak up. Raise a ruckus. Raise the issues. You might even raise some collective consciousness. Why not grow hemp and use it to make paper.? You are waking up! The paradigm is shifting. The world is changing. You are part of it. Remember, you are in the room to heal the room.

You are in the space to heal the space. There is no other reason for you to be here. The grandest adventure has just begun! We are All One. Everything in the One Interrelates. In your language, this is how the difference could be described. Many of you, though, still cling to the notion that you can possess land, and everything on it, under it, and over it.

What profit is there in that? Therefore, the HEB does not produce biochemical reactions within her own body that eat away at it and destroy it. She speaks of the Self, the family, the community. Offspring are given to elders to raise. They are not shuffled off to live by themselves. They are not ignored, and left to work out their own final destinies. They are honored, revered, and held close, as part of a loving, caring, vibrant community.

They realize that when one loses, everyone loses. It is self-contradicting. This includes all the sentient beings, or what you have chosen to call souls.

A single Awesome Being which is a collective of individualized parts? This might be called The Reformation. You are all Gods in Formation. So clever you are with language. You fold into it secret wisdoms that you do not even know are there. This is part of a system that humans claim contributes to their quality of life and to the common good. Yet, from the vantage point of a highly evolved being, your system violates the common good.

For it does not allow that which is good to be experienced in common. This is the cosmology of all of life, and it is merely failure to observe this cosmology, to understand it and to live within it, which creates all of the discord of your experience on Earth. Just start acting that way tomorrow. Just go around tomorrow and try it. See everyone through new eyes. Would you share more openly, freely, equitably? I see millions recognizing the simple truths here. And I see a new force for change growing in intensity on your planet.

Entire thought systems are being discarded. Ways of governing yourselves are being abandoned. Economic policies are being revised. Spiritual truths are being reexamined. That you recognize them as truth can be tremendously encouraging if you allow this to be the fuel drives the engine of change.

You are the one who can make a difference in how humans create and experience their lives.

Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue: Book 3, Volume 2

Be the change. You can do it differently. That could be very exciting to you, if you allow it to be. You have to better see what serves you. It is merely a question of when, not of whether. What do you suppose this dialogue is about? The greatest complexity is the greatest simplicity. Indeed, it is utterly elegant in its Simplicity.

That is why a highly evolved being lives in utter simplicity. It is why all highly evolved systems are also utterly simple. Highly evolved systems of governance, highly evolved systems of education — all are utterly, elegantly simple.

There is something much larger going on here. Some of you are highly evolved. That is, you re-member, more. You know Who You Really Are. Jesus knew it, and declared it. He was a highly evolved being. His intention was to demonstrate that by showing you what you can become. Indeed, what you are — if you will only accept it.

conversations with god, book 3

Follow me. Many of you believe it is what you keep from each other, not what you tell to each other, that makes life work. Secrecy has thus become your social code, your code of ethics. It is truly your secret Code. Lying —about things large and small — has become so accepted by so many that they even lie about lying.

Thus, you have developed a secret code about your Secret Code. You even try to pretend its not so — and in this you are lying to yourself. These clusters are not further organized into cities, states, or nations, but each interacts with the others on a co-equal basis. There are councils, or conclaves.

They also understand that all beings proceed from the same source, and thus, We Are All One.

Using the Triangular Code, he is first made aware of all the outcomes related to something he has thought or said or done. Finally, he is given an opportunity to take responsibility for those outcomes by putting corrective or remedial or healing measures into place. Motivation is thus at its highest level, and life skills are acquired quickly, easily, and joyfully. Such a decision would be, to a HEB, incomprehensible. They see television ruining their children, and they ignore it.

They observe that tobacco harms the body, and pretend it does not. They see a father who is drunken and abusive, and the whole family denies it, letting no one say a word about it. They see clearly that their governments do more to oppress than to assist, and they ignore it.

If your objective is to live a life of peace, joy, and love, violence does not work. Objectives determine outcomes. Life proceeds out of your intention. Your true intention is revealed in your actions, and your actions are determined by your true intention. As with everything in life and life itself it is a circle. Humans do not. Humans too often lie, to themselves as well as others.

Humans say one thing and do another. You see clearly both what is so, and what works, and you are becoming unwilling any further to support divisions between the two. Your time of fulfillment is at hand. You are ready now to step through the door. First, to point to it. There it is! For the light of truth will forever show the way. And the light of truth is what you have been given here. Hold this truth now, and share it.

Embrace this truth now, and treasure it forever more. You will find that your question has been answered. Yet if you really feel it has not, then seek your own answers. Create your own truth.

In this will your experience Who You Really Are. Is our species flirting with self-destruction — with actual extinction? And unless your consider they very real possibility of that, you cannot avoid it.

There is something I do not know, the knowing of which could change everything. You are making everything up. Nothing stands still. Nothing — nothing — is without motion. God is life. And remember this always: If you saw you as God sees you, you would smile a lot.

That is, trust God. Or, if you wish, trust yourself, for Thou Art God. Remember, We Are All One. Know and understand that you are bringing it to your Self. You decide what to label them. If not in this lifetime, then in the last. Or the one before that. You need merely remember them — know that they exist — in order to invoke the universal law of relativity.

All of you. All of you have experienced everything. That goes for all beings in the universe. You have separated your Self from the body of God, from the All from the collective, and you are becoming a member of that body once again. We are concluding this dialogue, and I have explained to you the mechanics of the universe, the secret of all life. And this is the truth I have come to share with all of you. These are: You want to be happy?

Be happy. You want to be wise?

Be wise. You want to be love? Be love. Truth has a elegance that startles the heart to its own reawakening. It is a question all of humanity must ask itself. Can, and will, you create a new cultural story? Can and will you devise a new First Cultural Myth, upon which all other myths are based?

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