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[PDF] Download Wheat Belly Total Health: The Ultimate Grain-Free Health and Weight-Loss Life Plan Download and Read online For. Wheat Brain List of Gluten Free Foods helpful shopping list vetted by Dr. David Perlmutter - Grain Brain Wheat Belly Recipes ♥ Grain Brain Diet -- Please repin -- medical-site.info Wheat Belly cheat sheet. 50 Low Carb and Gluten Free Snack Ideas. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Mar 1, , Joseph E Scherger and others published Wheat Belly Total Health.

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Wheat Belly Total Health Pdf

Consumption of modern wheat distorts health at so many levels. Removing wheat is Reserved. | medical-site.info . Modern diets in which we are advised to cut fat and cholesterol and eat more “healthy whole grains” are woefully. Join the millions of people worldwide who have lost 30, 50, or + pounds and reversed chronic health problems by embracing the Wheat Belly message. Read Download PDF Wheat Belly Total Health: The Ultimate Grain-Free Health and Weight-Loss Life Plan Free download and Read online Free Online.

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I add lots of cinnamon, coconut oil, and flax meal to it. I have stopped taking Prilosec-type caps for reflux since starting this diet, plus taking cider vinegar in the mornings. I am taking a good systemic enzyme dose in the early morning to try to reverse some of the damage done from past eating.

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I do not crave sweets or carbs, and my desire for larger portions and frequent snacks has decreased drastically. My low-grade sinus and eye inflammations have gone. Joint and feet aches have gone. Breast inflammation and fluids edema, maybe? Gas, even with beans, has reduced greatly. Inches off belly and legs noted—fluid gone for sure. I am not weighing because doing it has blown my efforts in the past. Thank you for this site! I downloadd a big box of PureVia packets from Costco.

Not good…. Same with a small box of Monk Fruit packets. So read those labels well before spending the money.

We have been using Sucralose Splenda for many years and will continue to do so as we have no intolerance that we are aware of and like the taste.

I did download Erythritol and Xylitol granular forms but have only used them cooking and baking. BTW… for a great treat or dessert…. I recently saw Dr. Davis on the Dr. Oz show, and think I should give this a try. Not for losing weight, but health reasons. I do love my bread and pasta,but in moderation……. I am a very healthy eater, exercise every day, etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated………Thank you! You could try an elimination-reintroduction diet that covers foods other than gluten and processed foods.

The goal of these programs is to clean out your diet until the point that you get rid of symptoms, the reintroduce foods one at a time in a controlled environment to see how you react to them. The Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas helps you test a wider range of foods, and is very specific about what to eat on which day.

Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo and Your Personal Paleo Code by Chris Kresser are paleo-type diets that eliminate a lot of possible trigger foods, discuss autoimmune diseases, and help you reintroduce foods to test them. Clean Gut by Alexander Junger has a program to repair your gut, followed by a reintroduction program — you could follow this in conjuction with Clean by the same author to address the possible issues of other environmental triggers.

If you want to go all-in and devise your own testing plan harder work but more controllable , try using Food Allergies and Food Intolerance by Jonathan Brostoff and Linda Gamlin. I know that the ingredients are: Can anyone help me out? To make 5 cups: Store in an airtight container, preferably in the refrigerator. It also contains fresh yeast.

Are these okay or should I avoid this bread? The difference between flour and starch can be a fine line — starch may be ground more finely than flour, or not have any fiber in it. Thanks again! I am new to Wheat Belly and have not yet started! Can you please advise me as to what I should download, the websites I should visit besides this one and the best way to kick this off?

Thanks to any and to all who suggest! What about veg I can in the summer like green beans tomato juice and tomatoes. Can I have them? Or can green beans from the grocery. All the foods you asked about are listed as okay to eat — in the Foods to Eat section above, see Vegetables and Odds and Ends.

I do not see Canola oil listed. Is an oil to avoid? He tells you to avoid polyunsaturated oils. Canola oil is high in monounsaturated fats and has moderate polyunsaturated fats, according to CanolaInfo. But the proportions of different types of fat look similar to those in safflower oil, which Dr. Davis lists as a food to avoid. Also, a lot of canola oil is genetically modified according to a study quoted in the Wikipedia canola page , and in general Dr.

Davis asks you to avoid GM foods. My assumption would be that you can eat it but not in unlimited amounts. I need advice please…….. It sounds like the diet you were following before may have worked better for you than this one.

Your thoughts? Sometimes rheumatoid arthritis may be triggered or made worse by environmental factors including the foods you eat. For some people, wheat could be a trigger. Many people have more than one trigger food. Hi, I have been trying to go on this diet but I am having trouble.

I find I am limited to what I can eat and am always hungry. I tend to want to eat every hours. I have been drinking Natura original unsweeten non-refridgated soy milk. I also live with vision loss and find it extra difficult as I have to rely on assistance shopping and having the person to read the ingredients. I am currently listening to the WB book. I am also not a fan of nuts except for almond and pecans. I hate the taste of flaxseeds to. I would like to lose 15 pounds though I am not over weight.

Since I am so limited I find I am eating carbs more then what the book is saying. Any suggestions or detail help will be greatly appreciated. In recent years, the old guidelines saying that animal fats raise cholesterol have been very strongly questioned from many fronts, and many diet experts now say that animal fats are less of a problem than refined carbohydrates, which can be the cause of high bad cholesterol and heart disease.

See The Great Cholesterol Myth one of the authors is a heart doctor for more details. If you have very strong feelings about being vegetarian, Dr. If you eat fish, that can be a good source of protein, and fatty fishes also have fats to help you feel full.

Hope that helps. Cheeses and eggs are allowed on the diet, and also legumes in moderation. You can have minimally processed soy products, preferably non-GMO — e. And keep up with eating veggies! Wheatgrass is the green shoots that come out when wheat is sprouted; it looks like very bright green grass. Corn should be limited on this diet — Dr. Davis says it is increasingly likely to be genetically modified and should be consumed cautiously, if at all.

Been on this 47 days or so.

It nice. Not easy but I feel real good. Still get overwhelmed when I go shopping for food so much to leave alone but as I get better with menu ideas its better but I notice how my smell of foods is more intense and taste is more noticeable. Its still new way of living and day by day its working. Hope you can help. I have a vegetable garden and garden season is fast approaching. Can you help? He mentions avoiding high glycemic index foods because they elevate blood sugar levels.

GI 91, GL 4 Carrots — raw: GI 23, GL 1 Carrots — cooked: GI , GL 6 Cassava: GI , GL 12 Potatoes: GI , GL 7 Sweet potatoes: GI 77, GL 4. So I assume that Dr. Davis may have considered the glycemic load GL more important. And beets have a similar glycemic load to carrots, so if that was the reasoning behind which foods are listed as okay, then carrots should be okay.

There are carrots in the recipes, but not in huge amounts. To me, limiting root vegetables as starchy foods sounds a little more in line with the recommendations in the book. Davis posted on wheatbellyblog. Also, why are raw peanuts bad? I actually weigh less now than I did in middle school!

I am strongly considering the WB way of life I have several ailments that should be eliminated if I stick to it , but I have a few concerns.

First off, I am a vegetarian. I eat NO meat, but I will eat eggs and Greek yogurt. I rely on beans a LOT virtually at every lunch and dinner meal to sub meat.

Also, fruit is a big concern. I also add a couple of dried dates for sweetness, and avoid artificial stuff like the plague.

I also use coconut water for the wet part. Maybe I should add a protein powder to make it more filling and healthy…any recommendations? Also, is there a chart of recommended glucose levels? Any tips for a vegetarian would be appreciated!

Feel free to answer privately, if you prefer. Thanks in advance!! Davis says for vegans rather than vegetarians: Strict vegetarians need to rely more heavily on nuts, nut meals, seeds, nut and seed butters, and oils; avocados and olives; and may have a bit more leeway with carbohydrate-containing beans, lentils, chickpeas, wild rice, chia seed, sweet potatoes, and yams If nongenetically modified soy products can be obtained, then tofu, tempeh, and natto can provide another protein source.

Often people put on weight when following a vegetarian diet because carbs are easily found, low priced, and vegetarian — however too many of them can be detrimental. Try some lower-carb protein sources such as nuts and seeds, as well as eggs and fermented milk products yogurt, kefir, etc. By the way coconut water is surprisingly high in natural sugars, all the more reason to use yogurt or kefir instead.

Check with the manufacturer to see whether your supplement is gluten-free. Diet writers are human, and sometimes they make mistakes! Or possibly Dr. Davis thinks that unprocessed deli turkey is okay, better than luncheon meats and salami which are often more processed. Hi Leeona, sorry to hear of your bowel problems. Please try drinking a glass of pure, organic pomegranite juice each morning for a week.

Or maybe even one glass in the morning and one in the evening on an empty stomach. It worked for me. David Williams. Hi i am a normal weight girl…. I am about pounds. I am not trying to lose any weight but i have been using the WB diet and I love that it has taken away my cravings for any sugar. I follow the diet pretty closely but i happen to LOVE sweet potatoes.

Are sweet potatoes really that bad for me? However, Dr. On the other hand, if you get a bit of a sugar rush when you eat them the way you describe how much you loves them kinda sounds like you do!

Yes its those Japanese variety of sweet potatoes. LOL I love them but I dont allow myself to have more than a little bit at a time. I guess can actually eat a whole one… usually about 4 oz and see what happens. I never get sugar rushes from sweet potatoes. I will keep and eye on it just the same. And processed foods with a lot of ingredients are supposed to be avoided as well — low fat ice creams generally have a lot of ingredients, many of them not natural foods.

I have an underactve thyroid due to radiotherapy treatment to my neck some 30 years ago. I have a diagnosed underactive thyroid and taking mg Levotyroxine in the morning. Can you help with supplementation advice and when to take it in relation to the Levothyroxine.

Different people react to different foods, and quite a few people react to more than one type of food. The Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas. Shaz I have underactive thyroid also i am taking mg Levotyroxine and yes it is hard to lose weight. Do you take your pills on an empty stomach in the morning and weight 1 hr before you have coffee and your breakfast , i do not know how many years i did not do that i just did not know. I also have Fibromyalgia, Ibs, and i am also cannot heat whet flour , if i have something with wheat flour i am sick to my stomaach, so i guess there must be many other food that i just be careful.

This is my 1st time on this sight. I also have endometriosis, fibromyalgia, R. My pain has been cut in half. I know ill never be pain free dur to all the rest of my issues but to have it alleviated a little is a blessing.

For those 5yrs I was told my pain was all kn my head.. I switched doctors and she had saved my life…. Hi All not sure what to do I will not eat artificial sweetners so what can I use in baking good luck to all. I am trying the wheat belly diet, because I am 65 years old and weigh lbs. I did heavy construction and lifting all my life. Now that i am not working and disabled, I need to lose some weight and it seems impossible.

For years I could starve myself and get down to , maybe. If you are among those with a powerful potential for wheat addiction, you should be careful with these grains, as well. My granddaughter. Of 5 has been constipated for her entire life. She was diagnoised with a twisted colon.

When she was 4 they gave her mother a choice of an operation or diet change. The diet was choosen and it seemed to help a little. About one moth ago her Dr suggested to remove all wheat. I then came across the WB book. We have decided to have the entire house go wheat free for her.


Its now our third week working on being wheat free; my granddaughter for the first time in her life has gone to the bathroom every day for the last week and somedays twice. In the past 5 years it was about once every days with screaming and tears. This is great for her.

My daughter has lost weight and her acne issue clearing and I have also lost about 10 lbs and sleep better. Davis lists buckwheat as a food to limit. Note that some people are allergic or highly sensitive to it. Is it ok to chew sugar free gum? Also, I noticed that you had stated in parentheses that Starburst and Jelly Bellies were ok. Please clarify what that meant. The recommended sweeteners in the book are Stevia or the stevia isolate rebinia , erythritol, xylitol, sucralose Splenda — make your own judgment whether to use this or not.

Most sugar-free gums use other sweeteners, so have a look at the ingredients. Water kefir is usually made with sugar water, juice, or coconut water. Hi, we have been on wheat belly diet now for 4 weeks. I have lost a 7lbs but now. But for my husband every day it is going down by. Can you gave me help to lose a lot more weight? And men tend to have different weight loss patterns than women.

Stick with this diet for a bit longer to see if it continues to make you feel healthier. Am enthused about the information here about complexities of Dr Davis and the Wheat Belly eating plan. Can sprouted grain bread be allowed, where all the ingredients are sprouted grain? There are lots of stages in sprouting a grain.

Turnips are listed in the original book as a vegetable eat vegetables in unlimited quantities. Parsnips are in a recipe in the Wheat Belly Cookbook. I feel if more people knew about wheat and that dairy too could be a cause of so much distress to others the world would be a different place. In fact I think we have got lazy and find it easy to get home after a hard day and open some processed meal and pop in micro wave. I am 59 yrs old. I have had heart valve surgery.

I take 5 mg of Coumidin every day. I cannot eat any leafy green vegetables plus some other vegetables on the no list. But, on the other hand, I have gained quite a bit of weight since I no longer can eat salads. My chiropractor introduced me to the Wheat Belly book. I have it on my Kindle now and read it. I am terrified to start this diet, but I found this blog and know that I need to do something.

So I am asking: I am always hungry! Thanks in advance. I suggest you look a little deeper into the recommendations about this drug and vitamin K, which is found mainly in leafy green vegetables. The NIH has guidelines for this drug and vitamin K: Coumadin has a page that shows you which foods are high in vitamin K — http: According to these resources, raw vegetables are a lot lower in vitamin K than cooked ones.

Check with your doctor to see whether there were other reasons they recommended avoiding leafy green vegetables, and confirm that the NIH guidelines are acceptable for you.

Fat fills you up!

Because of your vitamin K restrictions, learn which foods you need to keep an eye on for vitamin K regularity. My husband has rectal cancer stage 3 , he has had chemo and radiation, and we have 3 months to complete a homeopathic remedy to cure his condition. I want to cure the cancer in order to alleviate the need of surgery and more chemo. We have an excellent diet , juicing smoothies fresh veg and small amounts of animal protein.

My husband has type 2 diabetes as well and takes metformin 2 tab twice a day to control his blood sugar. This was increased during his radiation and chemo treatments and is still not sufficient to keep his levels acceptable. I just learned about Dr Davis last night, I had been limiting my husbands wheat intake, now this is the next level. I shall also decrease his fruit even more but feel like I am running out of options to feed him. Oats are OK? Some rye crackers are OK? What about soy milk from organic soy beans on his oatmeal?

I have downloadd gram flour, besan flour ,semolina, and am now looking for recipes for crackers and breads and pancakes etc ,. I am a bit challenged with what options there are to make the best decisions. If you can point me in some direction for good info to expedite my research I would appreciate it greatly.

Thanks Sue. Many people find fresh, just before you drink it juicing an excellent way to get lots of nutrients and not tax the digestive system too much — although with type 2 diabetes be careful of what it is you juice and keep an eye on more sugary foods. You could also consider a detox program like Clean from Alejandro Junger. Oats are okay in many diets, although gluten-free diets tend to avoid them.

Try soaking them to make them more easily digestible. Rye is also avoided in gluten-free diets but encouraged in whole food diets. There are many dietary recommendations against soy, but it probably depends on the individual person. What do you do with an egg allergy on this diet? Cutting wheat out has definitely been great, but how do you handle an egg allergy on top of everything else? Many current diets just pile on the eggs. There are a couple of non-egg breakfast recipes in the Wheat Belly book — Berry-coconut smoothie, granola choose gluten-free oats and a dried fruit other than dried cranberries , and hot coconut flaxseed cereal.

There are also a couple in the Wheat Belly Cookbook — grainless granola and homemade turkey sausage patties. There are differing opinions about whether eating meat is bad for your heart — see The Great Cholesterol Myth written by a heart doctor for one of many debunkings.

If you have grass-fed meat, as suggested in this diet, it might not have a negative effect on your heart. Also, have you been minimizing the amount of fat you eat because of your heart condition? For GERD, look out for trigger foods — acidic foods, black pepper, garlic, raw onions, chocolate, citrus fruits and products, coffee and caffeinated drinks, including tea and soda, peppermint, tomatoes.

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Congratulations on your 10 lb weight loss so far! It can be helpful to put together a food diary to track what you eat and how you feel — it can help you spot any habits you should break or anything you eat large amounts of. If you can make ice cream from allowable foods and with portion sizes within the guidelines, then why not!

There are some interesting alternate ice creams using ingredients like avocado. Loving this food plan….. I even liked the wheat in all of the beer I drank, but have sober for 32 years. Yes I have had withdrawals from wheat and by products but am getting through it and am going towards the light. I want to thank this Dr. Thanks, Sue. Is tomato juice alright to drink? I really need to learn how to read and understand the nutritional label.

Tomato juice is listed as okay to drink on the diet. My Husband and I have been on Wheat belly for about 10 days. So far my husband has lost nothing and I have gained 4 pounds. What could the problem be? Milk is also allowed in limited amounts — preferably full-fat. I notice you say to look for gluten free in the ingredients. They should look for Wheat free. Gluten is only part of the problem.

The only sugar-free sweeteners that Dr. However, that would probably be difficult to find. I would like to know what would be the best allowable Wheat Belly mayonnaise.

Wheat Belly Total Health

Please email me with your answer because I am not always able to find these blogs. Because these still contain processed oils, you should have them in moderation. On the diet since Jan 1. Could not feel better. Blood test result improvements are incredible. Have lost 25 lbs, without ever being hungry. We created several of our own, like a what-free pizza that is not included in Dr. I am addicted to it.

Alternatively, you could try tea or herbal tea. My husband had major heart problems and I always cooked healthy or so I thought for both of us. My husband has passed away and it makes me mad that another diet could have helped him instead of the diet given to us by his heart doctor. Also, food is not the only cause of disease.

Wheat Belly Total Health with William Davis, MD

Brain Maker , recently released by Dr. David Perlmutter, is a similar diet to Wheat Belly — gluten free, sugar-free, unprocessed foods. You could have a look at that book to see if it helps. Thank you for your very informative website. I have previously done the Paleo diet very similar which helped tremendously, however more restrictive and hard to stick too. I am hopeful this will be a little easier to abide by. One book says just peas and sweet potatoes, and the other says yes.

Tofu — yes or no? Chia seeds — yes or no? I usually make a breakfast pudding with cashew milk and chia seeds soaked over night and then add blueberries. I think I get the no corn and potatoes — occasionally is what though times a week. Thanks in advance for your help. From what I can tell, all the books advise you to restrict non-grain starchy foods — legumes, beans, peas, sweet potatoes, yams.

Green beans are counted as a vegetable, not a legume — no restriction. Very helpful. Quick question on your last answer regarding arrowroot flour.

My research led me to believe that Tapioca and Arrowroot are one in the same just have different names. Wheat belly says to stay away from Tapioca so would that not also mean no Arrowroot? Very versatile for many things. My husband. And I have been on the diet for three weeks have ever felt better all sneezing gas bloating has stopped. We have lost 15 lbs but also lists of inches were so happy no more wild cravings. The main reason we are doing this diet is we are afraid of diabetes I have seen it destroy lots of people.

I am on multiple drugs for my diabetes. Lantas, metformin, victoza. AIC under 7. I also have primary blood pressure controlled with medicatios of hydrochlorothiazide and lisinopril. My question is; when beginning the WD program are these numbers going to drop? I mean, will I become Hypoglycemic or suffer from hypotension.

Anyone else experienced or are concerned with these health issues? You should expect some changes in your numbers when making major changes to your diet. Keep your doctor in the loop when changing your diet so your medications can be adjusted if necessary. However, you will still enjoy better control over blood sugars and HbA1c, a reduced need for medication, and reduced potential for diabetic complications.

Also, some people less than 10 percent diagnosed with type 2 diabetes as adults, as well as a growing number of children and teenagers, have experienced autoimmune damage to pancreatic beta cells similar to that experienced by type 1 diabetics. Some call this latent autoimmune diabetes of adulthood, or LADA.

These people likewise can enjoy better blood sugar and HbA1c control, weight loss, a reduced need for medication, and reduced potential for diabetic complications with grain elimination.

They will, however, still need insulin, as their pancreatic beta cells provide insufficient quantities of insulin unlike the high insulin levels of the typical type 2 diabetic and they risk developing diabetic ketoacidosis, a potentially dangerous state caused by a lack of insulin.

If you have such a condition, the grain-free approach is best pursued under the supervision of a knowledgeable health-care practitioner. This is especially true for beta-blocker beta-blocker drugs and clonidine.

You should wean off of these with the assistance of a knowledgeable health-care provider, as the feasibility and safety of removing them needs to be assessed. The weaning process for someone taking a beta-blocker for hypertension may be different if coronary disease, angina, heart rhythm issues, or migraine headaches are also present.

Ridding yourself of beta-blockers and diuretics, such as hydrochlorothiazide and chlorthalidone, allows blood sugars to drop, HDL values to increase, triglycerides to drop, small LDL particles to drop, and long-term potential for diabetes to reduce by as much as 30 percent. Also, note that beta-blockers also block your ability to lose weight; removing them helps restore that ability. What about using ItWorks Greens?

There is a very small amount of gluten in it. Here is a link to the ingredient list. Thank you so much!! If you were following the guidelines very strictly, it might not be allowed. This grain free diet eliminates or restricts many fruits and vegetables that have cancer fighting properties.

For example, apples are VERY healthy and good for you, no need to restrict consumption. If you have a family history of cancer, be very wary of a grain free diet! Its not worth it for something that is just a fad. In a few years, nobody will be on this diet anymore and it will be some other type of diet. Not all grain-free diets ask you to restrict fruit, and very few ask you to restrict veggies with cancer-fighting properties.

I download organic broths — and I look at the ingredient list you want the broth with the least amount of ingredients obvious reasons and the few ingredients listed should be safe ingredients.

Just think lunch or dinner at any hour — get over the breakfast food part. I had the same problem as you.

Leftovers, as everyone says, works fine. Thank you so much for this post. It has helped me tremendously. I had the stomach issues the first month bouncing between everything running through me and constipation but I stuck it out and now I have no more issues. I started it out of pure desperation because I could not walk because my knee caps were messed up due to major inflammation and I am very over weight.

Within two weeks I was back on my feet unbelievable! That is I am very grateful to Dr. Davis and your blog which I still read weekly to revise what and how I should be eating because it is so easy to follow with the way you have written it. This is a great article. And so thorough, too! Just for your information in case no one else mentioned it … an important distinction should be made for your readers: They are in the same family as peas, mung beans, navy beans, etc.

Thanks again for all the helpful advice. Sorry for the oversight. Thanks again. Thanks for pointing out the issues! Theoretically avocados and peppers are fruits, but most people expect to see them under vegetables. And peanuts are also confusing to categorize. What do you recommend for replace for him. It is purely textures that he reacts to, or taste as well? You could try making bread with added ingredients; there are a number of books on sneaking vegetables into meals for kids.

And possibly nut flour based breads might be acceptable to him. It consisted of a skinless chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, and vinegarette on a really good tasting bun. Ofcourse I would throw out the bun and just eat the broiled chicken breast, the lettuce, and the tomato.

It was in perfect keeping with the wheat belly diet. It tasted real good, but it was as far as grain consumption goes the equivalent of a bowl of oat meal!!! I am pissed! I am about one fraction of a tenth of an inch from boycotting McDonalds altogether. Hey Hey Hey, best keep away. Next post: Smith What to eat and foods to avoid. Previous post: From site. This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis. What to eat and foods to avoid by Penny Hammond on March 9, Reply Link.

Penny Hammond April 24, , Stacy June 22, , Best wishes, Stacy. Penny Hammond June 22, , 1: Gina B July 6, , 4: Penny Hammond August 25, , Pam Turmaine September 9, , 8: Helen May 21, , Penny Hammond May 21, , Marie September 8, , 2: Marcia Fowler November 30, , 2: Patrice September 21, , 7: Joan February 8, , 3: Aoife Cullen February 12, , 3: Go on Dr.

He has a book and a website. Penny Hammond February 13, , 8: Paula Moran February 13, , 7: Chris July 30, , 3: Lorraine January 31, , 3: Cat March 15, , 3: Metamucil a no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lory August 4, , 2: Patti February 21, , 6: Anna March 21, , 3: Morley Chalmers May 8, , 7: Vikki October 20, , 9: Sue January 1, , 3: Penny Hammond January 1, , 8: Cindy June 4, , 9: Thanks in advance!

Penny Hammond June 4, , Sue June 15, , Julie October 14, , 6: Catherine Rosengren June 16, , Penny Hammond June 16, , 6: Catherine Rosengren June 17, , 8: Penny Hammond June 17, , 3: Catherine Rosengren June 19, , 9: Carla June 22, , 2: Penny Hammond June 22, , 3: Carla June 22, , 4: Thanks I have one more question.

What about Organic Raw Agave as a sweetener? Penny Hammond June 22, , 5: Carla June 23, , 2: Penny Hammond June 23, , 6: Michelle Willis June 28, , 8: Are Quest bars okay? If not, any suggestions? Penny Hammond July 1, , Catherine Rosengren June 29, , 8: Penny Hammond July 17, , 8: Linda Markert July 11, , 9: I have had good results taking a natural laxative called Swiss Kriss. Ward April 30, , 2: Catherine Rosengren July 1, , Brenda July 10, , 6: Penny Hammond July 11, , Tasha January 13, , 3: Alex December 1, , 3: Catherine Rosengren July 14, , Penny Hammond July 14, , Penny Hammond July 15, , 8: Carolyn Rawles October 21, , Gail July 16, , 5: Penny Hammond July 16, , 7: Penny Hammond August 9, , 3: Penny Hammond July 23, , 6: Katy August 1, , 8: Hi on week 3 is popcorn ok?

I see it says whole corn in limited quanities. Penny Hammond August 3, , 8: Michelle January 17, , 8: Sarah August 9, , 8: Penny Hammond August 11, , Great that your cravings have gone down so much!

Peti August 13, , Penny Hammond August 13, , 2: Don Newman August 14, , 3: Penny Hammond August 14, , 7: Jody August 15, , Is is gluten free wheat free rolled oats ok on thid diet. Penny Hammond August 16, , 9: Yes, you can eat gluten-free oats in limited quantities. Jenny August 17, , 4: Penny Hammond August 18, , Phoebe August 21, , 5: Penny Hammond August 21, , 8: Charmaine August 27, , 2: Penny Hammond August 27, , 2: Karen September 7, , Denise September 11, , 5: Dave September 13, , 7: Jenny September 14, , 5: Penny Hammond September 15, , Bev September 19, , Penny Hammond September 19, , Eggs are fine if you eat them.

Penny Hammond October 1, , 6: Lynne Griffith October 26, , Penny Hammond October 26, , 2: Nada October 30, , 5: Penny Hammond October 30, , 7: Jana November 3, , Yael January 11, , 6: Penny Hammond January 12, , Marie November 21, , 2: Penny Hammond November 21, , 7: Autumn December 2, , 2: Penny Hammond December 4, , 5: Penny Hammond December 4, , 6: Frank January 8, , 9: Penny Hammond January 9, , 6: Madonna January 10, , 3: Are Hemp Hearts allowed?

Thanks for all the great info. Penny Hammond January 10, , 7: Jane January 16, , 8: Question Will becoming wheat free eliminate restless leg syndorme. Penny Hammond January 16, , 9: Alice January 10, , 7: Ciara January 28, , 2: Penny Hammond January 29, , 6: Betty Joseph January 28, , Penny Hammond January 29, , 7:

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