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The Copywriter's Handbook, Third Edition A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy The Adweek Copywriting Handbook The Ultimate Guide to Writing Powerful. The copywriter's handbook: a step-by-step guide to writing copy after publication of the first edition of The Copywriter's Handbook, the club. Order by 31st January and we'll rush you your free guide to growing I'm talking about the sheet of paper (or, increasingly, the PDF) that gives your.

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The Copywriters Handbook Pdf

Editorial Reviews. Review. "This book succeeds on two levels. For beginners, it offers a clear, comprehensive guide to the business of and techniques used in. This. The Copywriter's Handbook. publication was reported as an alleged copyright violation. Publishers may not upload content protected by copyright law . Therefore, this ebook should be used as a guide - not as the ultimate source of .. you try to delve deep into copywriting and other forms of sales writing.

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But they dont know how I put myself into this state. I cannot say what Agatha Christie did to ramp up her vibration, but I can assure you that she did something because no one writes the way she did without being deeply connected. I believe the quality of being emotionally free, willing and able to express yourself without resistance is the key to greatness in writing.

Whether were 4 www. To my knowledge, no one teaches you how to write without resistance, without blocks, fear, or apprehension. Yet it is the KEY that unlocks the door to greatness.

Writers block and other self-limiting hang-ups do NOT need to exist in your world. Imagine that you could delete from your mind all extraneous thoughts anytime you wanted. Imagine that you could sit before your computer and crank out extraordinary copy, on command. Imagine that you could do it day after day after day, without fail.

If interested in learning more on how to get into this fearless state of mind when you write then youll want to get your hands on the DVDs from my Zero Resistance Writing seminar held in May of To enquire send an email to goldmedalpublish gmail.

And that something is all the mistakes you see being made by almost everyone. Thing is, you might not think what you see in so many emails is a mistake because. Well, as your mother probably told you once or twice perhaps when you got caught smoking, Just because you THINK everyone else is doing it doesnt make it right. Bear with me for a moment. I realize what Ive written above may come off as arrogant. It may come off as I know everything and everyone else is wrong. Not my point.

The copywriter's handbook

My point is I have a different take on this matter of Email Copywriting, and I have a different point of view for a damn good reason. My emails kick butt and those who follow what I teach quickly learn to do so as well. So lets suspend judgment about me being pompous, at least momentarily, and concentrate on whether or not you can learn something from me. Okay, let me cover some mistakes I see being made in many, many emails mistakes that make the reader stop reading.

Not something you want to have happen to you, right? And every time you email me the subject line or headline says something like, Matt, Top 3 Ways to Burn Fat.

Hm... Are You a Human?

As I learned in kung fu years ago, A strength over-extended becomes a weakness. Using someones name is good salesmanship. Using it in the subject line of every email is not.

Mistake 2: Top of message lists the contents of the email Why on earth do I need to see the contents of an email at the top of an email? Instead, why not suck me into your universe with powerful, riveting copy?

Chances are excellent that when I see the contents listed I will quickly scan and say, Ah, not for me and move on. Not only that, but part of being an effective email copywriter lies in your ability to convey warmth. How warm is a table of contents at the top of an email? Mistake 3: First sentence is boring, dull or too long to keep me jazzed After someone reads your subject line and opens your email, you must not take anything for granted.

Your first sentence has to be powerful. It must arrest the attention of the reader and make him so curious he has to keep reading. For example, heres an opening sentence I read a few minutes ago in a recent email, followed by what I wrote to make it more compelling: First sentence: Do you know someone who will be going into surgery soon? Rewrite: Surgery sucks.

Especially open heart surgery. I know people who almost died from it. Some who have. Now, you might say, Hey, Furey, you cheated. You wrote four sentences instead of one. And some of your sentences arent grammatically correct.

Theyre not even sentences. Your English teacher would flunk you for what you wrote. And in reply Id say, My English teacher never made a dime from her writing, I do. In our most recent MasterMind meeting I handed out a booklet containing emails that several members had recently written. I read each email out loud and stopped reading whenever I thought the writer had lost the reader OR when I thought the writer satiated the thirst and hunger of the reader. When I say satiated the thirst I mean that the reader would no longer feel the need to download the product because he has just been fed.

Instead of being teased to the point that hell pay for his meal, hes been given enough that hes forgotten he was hungry or thirsty in the first place. Over and over you see emails being sent out that teach, teach, teach. The emails scream, Let me show you how smart I am. Let me show you how much I know. Want to know how to make money on the Internet well, Ill prove Im your man. Here are five ways to do it. Heres what happens when you do the above.

He makes a note if you write something good. Most of the time, though, he thinks to himself, Hey, I already know that. Why should I pay for a product that tells me what I already know? Or he doesnt agree with your tips. In fact, he strongly disagrees. Youve lost him again. If you only knew how to dangle the carrot youd have the money and the prospect would have an entire system to look over to make the decision about whether or not your product is worth a damn.

Thats how it works, my friend. Mistake 5: No story A couple months ago a member of my coaching told me that if he didnt send informative nuts n bolts emails to his list they would begin opting out like crazy. So what does he do? He teaches in his emails. Wrong answer. The right answer is to figure out how to write incredible stories that make people feel like they are getting more than theyd get if you gave them how to.

Fact is that the story is the only thing most people will remember. Not the facts. Not the stats.

Not the studies or theories. People want to listen to and read stories. Imbedded in these stories are instructions on how to live a better life as well as how to order your product. If you lose a ton of people when you tell stories, then your stories need a lot of work.

At the same time, look at the people who opt out. Most are not downloaders. If youre not losing the non-downloaders from your list each and every day, youre lukewarm in your selling. And lukewarm gets spit out. Recently I was talking to Pete Lillo about decisiveness and desire. I said that any goal you have that you are lukewarm about, you might as well give up on now because youll never create the result you want with anything less than a burning desire.

Not only did Pete agree but he went so far as to say that he wont do business with anyone who signs his name after using the word, Warmly. I agree. Do business with people who are red hot. Not with the cold, the warm or the lukewarm. How to Write Red Hot Emails For a moment, lets pretend youre witnessing a conversation Im having in a bar with a few aspiring email copywriters.

After Ive had a few drinks, these men and women realize I am about three sheets to the wind. Without hesitation, I say, The biggest mistake of them all is over-teaching in your emails.

Lets be honest, teachers arent very highly paid. Theres no money in the profession. But there is big money in copywriting, especially email copywriting and its the easiest way for a copywriter to hit six figures per year.

When you hear this, your eyes pop with amazement. You can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch. You jump into the conversation to say, But I heard an email needs to be loaded with content. I heard it needs to teach. It needs to teach all right, I reply. It needs to teach people to sit up and pay close attention to everything you write. It needs to teach people to be in AWE to be mesmerized. It needs to teach people how to laugh again, how to enjoy life, how to be inspired to reach for the stars and go for it.

Thanks for sharing. Take this down immediately. The publisher has an attorney on staff who does nothing but pursue copyright infringement cases such as this one. Sadaf Pervaiz thank you for this information but the ugly font you used for examples is pretty much unreadable and annoying, kindly change the font and upload again.

The copywriter's handbook: a step-by-step guide to writing copy that sells

Thank you. Vepo Story , Freelancer writer at Freelance Writer a amazing: Show More. Deniz Stambol. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. The goal of advertising is to sell products. Prepared by Colin Post — find me at www. Get attention. Persuade 3. Writing to Get Attention: The Headline Direct mail sales letters have 5 seconds to gain the reader's attention. But even the greatest writer can't save an ad with a poor headline.

In print advertising, it's the headline and visual. In an email, it's the From and Subject lines. In radio or TV ad, it's the first few seconds. In a direct-mail package, it's the outer envelope or first few sentences of the letter.

In a press release, it's the lead paragraph. In a sales brochure or catalog, it's the front cover. In a sales presentation, it's the first few slides or flip charts. On a website, it's the first screen of the homepage.

Four Possible Headline Functions 1. Select the audience. Deliver a complete message. Draw the reader into the body copy. Urgent — gives the reader reason to act now instead of later. Unique — says something new or something familiar in a new way. Then tweak it to boost your total average rating. Carefully organize your selling points 3.

Break the writing into short sections — Long paragraphs are intimidating 4. Use simple words 6. Avoid technical jargon 7. Be concise — avoid wordy phrases, unnecessary adjectives, redundancies, etc.

Be specific 9. Go straight to the point — start selling in the first line. Write in a conversational style Avoid sexist languagePrepared by Colin Post — find me at www. The Motivating Sequence 1. Show a Need — With most products, the need for the product may not be obvious. Satisfy the Need and Position Your Product as a Solution — After demonstrating need, quickly show that your product satisfies the need, answers questions, or solves problems.

Ask for Action — Last step must be a call for action to the next step in downloading process. Proposition must be different from competition. Proposition must be so strong it pulls new customers. Stress an underpublicized or little-known benefit. Dramatize a known benefit in compelling fashion. Dramatize the product name or package. Build long-term brand personalities. Copy hits prospects on 3 levels: Intellectual — based on logic.

Not as strong as others. Emotional — tap into fear, greed, love, vanity, benevolence. Personal — use you, you, you. Most powerful. Nervous and fearful? What change? Motivators Checklist 1. To be right 3. To feel important 4. To make work easier 6. To be secure 7. To be attractive or sexy 8. To be comfortable 9. To be distinctive Prepared by Colin Post — find me at www.

Motivators Checklist, contd. To be happy To have fun To gain knowledge To be healthy To gratify curiosity For convenience Out of fear Out of greed Out of guilt Prepared by Colin Post — find me at www.

Long Copy vs. Short Copy Length of copy will depend on: Product — how much to say about it?

JAH 1: Bob Bly On The Secrets Of Freelance Success

Audience — how involved are they with the product? Purpose of the copy — which step in the downloading process are you asking for? Getting Ready to Write 1. Get all previously published material on the product — Brochures, reports, catalogs, ads, websites, everything.

Ask questions about the product — Features and benefits? Which are most important?

How is it different from competition? Ask questions about your audience — Who will download? What is main concern? What motivates download? Determine the objective of your copy — To generate inquiries, sales, qualify prospects, generate store traffic, keep in touch with customers Prepared by Colin Post — find me at www. Technique for Producing Ad Ideas 1. Identify the problem 2. Assemble pertinent facts 3.

Gather general knowledge 4. Look for combinations 5. Sleep on it 6. Use a checklist 7.

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