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Flawless is the second book in the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard. It was published on March 7, , by HarperTeen. This book. Start by marking “Flawless (Pretty Little Liars, #2)” as Want to Read: In the exclusive town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, where the sweetest smiles hide the darkest secrets, four pretty little liars--Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna--have been very bad girls So I have already. The following version of this book was used to create the guide: Shepard, Sara. Pretty Little Liars: Flawless. HarperCollins Ebooks, The second book in the .

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Pretty Little Liars Flawless Book

1 New York Times bestselling seriesThe second book in the #1 New York Times bestselling series that inspired the hit ABC Family TV show Pretty Little Liars. Series: Shepard, Sara, Pretty little liars ; book 2. Subjects: And Hanna's obsession with looking flawless is literally making her sick. But the most horrible. Four friends encounter a new set of challenges in Book 2 of the Pretty Little Liars series.

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The girls--everyone but Ali--knew that all too well. Last year, they were just. Aria was the slightly freaky girl who made up dance routines instead of playing soccer like everyone else.

Emily was the shy, state-ranked swimmer who had a lot going on under the surface--if you just got to know her. And Hanna might've been klutzy and bumbling, but she studied Vogue and Teen Vogue and every once in a while she'd blurt out something totally random about fashion that no one else knew. There was something special about all of them, sure, but they lived in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, a suburb twenty miles outside Philadelphia, and everything was special in Rosewood.

Flowers smelled sweeter, water tasted better, houses were just plain bigger.

People joked that the squirrels spent their nights cleaning up litter and weeding errant dandelions from the cobblestone sidewalks so Rosewood would look perfect for its demanding residents. In a place where everything looked so flawless, it was hard to stand out. But somehow Ali did. With her long blond hair, heart-shaped face and huge blue eyes, she was the most stunning girl around.

After Ali united them in friendship-- sometimes it felt like she'd discovered them--the girls were definitely more than just there. Suddenly, they had an all-access pass to do things they'd never dared before. Like changing into short skirts in the Rosewood Day girls' bathroom after they got off the bus in the morning.

Or passing boys ChapStick-kissed notes in class. Or walking down the Rosewood Day hallway in an intimidating line, ignoring all the losers. Ali grabbed a tube of shimmery purple lipstick and smeared it all over her lips. The rumor was that Imogen went all the way with Jeffery Klein, a tenth grader, and she was having his baby. She was the most demure of the group, maybe because of her superstrict upbringing--her parents thought anything fun was evil.

Ali had a talent for finding a girl's weakness, and even if Ali was right about Imogen, the girls all sometimes wondered if Ali was ever ripping on them when they weren't around. Sometimes it was hard to know for sure. They settled back into sorting through one another's clothes. Aria fell in love with an ultrapreppie Fred Perry dress of Spencer's.

Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless Summary & Study Guide

Emily slid a denim miniskirt up her skinny legs and asked everyone if it was too short. Ali declared a pair of Hanna's Joe's jeans too bell-bottomy and slid them off, revealing her velour candy-pink boy shorts.

As she walked past the window to the stereo, she froze. The girls wheeled around. At the window was Toby Cavanaugh. He was just. Staring at them. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Excerpted from Flawless by Sara Shepard All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher. Place a Hold You must be logged in first.

Summaries and Excerpts: Flawless : a pretty little liars novel / Sara Shepard.

Pickup at. The information below is included in your interlibrary loan request. To change this data, submit a Change of Address request, or contact your local library for assistance. Library Card. Full Name. Phone Number. Saved in: The girls meet and actually talk to each other, in the last chapters, in Foxy, a charity party, where they seem to not be able to find Emily and they think she's in serious danger.

And that's the end. It was amazing. It's like I had to decipher the title and make possibilities of what might happen. What I disliked: I know there are teenagers like them, but it was just too much. The characters: She's a very charismatic character.

Although sometimes she becomes really obsessed with fixing everything and becomes whiny. Despite all of this, she's strong, protective and very friendly. The perfect student and child has gone wild.

Since kissing Wren, Spence became more careless about everything. She tricked her parents and Melissa thought she tricked her But her biggest secret yet, is about to be revealed and crash everything around her.

She's in my opinion the most honest and the nicest character in this book if not the series, but I can't tell from two books. She struggles with her true self and with everything going on in her life. Between her swimming, her feelings for Maya that she keeps burying deep within her and her new friendship with Toby, she has no time to deal with her secrets coming out. She the funniest, the most active character by far.

She shops, gossips, keeps secrets and tries to get Sean back. Until her father comes back and brings a bunch of "gifts" for her, one of which turns out to be as deadly as ever. I seriously have no idea what to say about him. In the books, he is friendly, nice and keeps trying to make out for the bad decisions he made earlier in his life.

Until he ends up, well, you'll know when you read the book. Other characters worth mentioning are: Sean, Hanna's ex-boyfriend and Aria's current boyfriend. Jenna, Toby's stepsister who is blind thanks to Ali.

Andrew, Spencer's date to Foxy. He's the first of the class and the class president. Wren, Melissa's boyfriend until Spencer made up with him and now he's her boyfriend. Melissa, Spencer's older perfect sister. Maya, the new girl living in Ali's house now. She's Emily's new friend and possible love interest.

Ben, Emily's ex-boyfriend and fellow swim team member who keeps teasing her about being a lesbian and doesn't stop.

Favorite quotes: Emily gritted her teeth. You hurt me, so I'm going to hurt you. Or maybe I should hurt a certain new boyfriend instead?

You guys better watch out-I'll show up when you least expect it. Emily felt her heart speed up. Poor, confused Emily. I bet you could use a big warm girl hug right now, huh? Don't get too comfortable. It's not over until I say it is.

Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless

To be honest, I wish I've read the books before watching the show. Throughout the book I've been either spoiled or bored because I kind of knew what was going to happen. Also, I read it in a very stressful and confusing time, so I didn't enjoy it really and kept going back and reading each page because the next day I couldn't remember what I read the day before. So yeah, this is why the book was ruined for me. The point? This book is really good.

And I'm sure if I read it, like in nine months, I will probably give it 4 or 5 stars. One more advice: Don't read spoiling reviews or blurbs before you read the book, they might ruin the experience and the suspense element.

What's next? Perfect of course!! I want more of "A"!!! Also reviewed on my blog, the Vintage Bookworm. I can't believe I went through this book so fast! I mean, back in the old days when I really had nothing better to do Ah, sometimes I miss those days where I could sit around and read all day and night! I have to split up times. But this went by surprisingly fast!

I love the TV show, and you know, the TV show does go by the books surprisingly well.

I love reading through the book and reading the details of it--even though I saw it on TV--and going "Omg, I remember that! Like something that happened in this book that certainly has not happened in the show and I really hope it doesn't or I'm going to cry! I'm not going to tell what, though! The details are awesome and so is the writing.

Sara Shepard is awesome. End of story! The book is in different points-of-view, if you've watched the TV show, you know which four girls it is. I LOVE it! I'll finish a chapter super fast and then can't wait to get back to a certain someone's chapter, depending on what happened in her chapter. If that makes sense at all! It's hard to describe this series, I mean, it's light and fluffy but at the same time it's sooo mysterious!

I'm always trying to figure out who A is. It drives me nuts! But I know once I do figure it out, I'm going to hate it and be really sad. Do any of y'all think that we know who A is, and maybe have it in the back of your brain somewhere, but just really can't spit it out?

That's how I am. Especially with the last message A left for the next novel. Overall, I'm really loving this series. If you are a huge fan of the TV show, fill in the times between episodes by reading the books! Holds back your lust a little bit.

Just a little bit, ha-ha. But like many books in a series, you should only read this second book if you've read the first, to get the full effect! You wouldn't want to ruin a good book!

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