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No ordinary words apply, and you cannot fathom how it could be possible to make other people know, understand, what you feel. They are one of the most contrasting couples out there, and Mary Balogh is one of the few who can pull it off like this. Edward is quiet, sober and, well, dry. He is a perfect gentleman and always behaves as he should, which turns him into a rather boring and ordinary fellow. Balogh creates an extraordinary character, by not only making him as Beta as they come, but giving him angles and issues and little tid-bits that create a wonderful boring hero. Do I make any sense? And then comes Angeline, who is his opposite in every aspect you can think of. She is outspoken, even talks too much, she is an open book to everyone. Her mind is simple, and mind you, not stupid simple, but really just that: simple. One example for that is in the very beginning of the story, where, at her opening ball, she is introduced formally to Edward after they encountered each other a few weeks before. Edward is asked by his female relatives what he thinks of Angeline, seeing that she is the most eligible debutante of the season, and he is the most eligible bachelor. The story begins, and there are many ups and downs and little plotlines, but it all flows very easily, and Edward and Angeline are so very fascinating as the main characters! She has had a sheltered, rather restrictive, and loveless upbringing, and now she has been thrown upon the ton to cope with a Season and the flood of admirers who wish to court her and marry her. She is excited by it all and repelled by it and really quite … well, confused.

Sadly, I found none. Balogh less than 4 stars. I love her writing and the romantic feel she always evokes in me when I read her books, but alas, I'm disappointed to say that she missed the mark in this one. Simply Unforgettable is the first installment in the Simply series , a quartet of I've been struggling to write this review for days, collecting my thoughts and, I confess, trying to find a reason to raise my 3-star rating.

They're all introduced in this first book and their different personalities are aptly drawn by Ms. Balogh, as usual. Schoolteacher Frances Allard was the chosen one to kick off the series and this is her story.

After spending Christmas with her great-aunts in Somersetshire, Frances is on her journey back to Bath when a not-so-unexpected snowstorm makes her carriage overturn. Help comes in the form of Lucius Marshall, Viscount Sinclair, who's on his journey home to Hampshire after spending the holiday with his family in, guess where, Somersetshire.

The Secret Mistress

Considering their vastly different social status, Frances and Lucius have never met before - and things would have remained that way if fate hadn't intervened, stranding both in the middle of nowhere during a snowstorm. Even though Frances blames Lucius for her carriage accident, she has no option but to accept his offer to join him in his carriage so they can find shelter in some obscure country inn down the road.

Luckily, they find an inn right before the snowstorm gets worse. As they're forced to spend the next few days together, stranded in the inn, the initial animosity they felt for each other turns into a sizzling sexual attraction that neither can deny. They have to - after all, any relationship between them is clearly impossible. Well, fate doesn't think so and throw them back together again a few months later.

That's when Lucius realizes he isn't over Frances and decides to pursue her, only to be rejected with no explanation. That happens more than once, to his increasing frustration. He guesses that something in her past prevents her from accepting his love, but she refuses to reveal her big secret. The truth will have to come out sooner or later, though. What will happen then? Is Frances' secret so damning that any chance of happiness will forever be denied to her?

What can I say? Balogh's depiction of Lucius and Frances' days at the inn was perfect and I couldn't help smiling and sighing as they grew fonder of each other. Even though they went from "enemies" to lovers in a very short period of time, I had no problem understanding why Frances did it.

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Simply Unforgettable (Simply Quartet #1) by Mary Balogh

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