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Cambridge University Press - Complete CAE Student's Book with Answers Guy Brook-Hart and Simon Haines Frontmatter More information. Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker with Hour Playtime, 6W Dual-Driver, Low Harmonic Distortion, Patented Bass. [PDF+MP3] Cambridge Complete CAE Student's Book with Answers | Sách Việt Nam.

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Complete Cae Students Book Pdf

Complete CAE is a new course for the updated CAE exam. Informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus and providing a complete CAE exam paper. system by completing a number of tasks at text and (CAE). The introduction gives an overview of the exam and its place within Cambridge English Language Assessment. This is followed by a . publications such as fiction and non-fiction books, journals, . free resources for all teachers preparing students for our exams. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for Complete CAE Student's Book with Answers Guy Brook-Hart and Simon Haines Frontmatter More.

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Alternative treatment To give students practice in summarising a short text and speaking at length' yo- can do the following: Students work in groups of three. Each group re. They now form new groups of three, with stude. Students then return to their original groups a Notes 1 D I spent hours listening to the bookseller's s. I realised that he was himseif a Iiving p-. It was an unofr These rules n' - ' happy.

Complete Advanced Student's Book with Answers with CD-ROM with Testbank

I always knew where I stood. Bul you abandon rules there's bound to be c - and right now what I had on my hands "' ' serious case of anarchY. Reading Part I Q Suggest to students that they can talk about the activity or relationship they find most interesting or exciting.

However, before they look at the four choices, it's always a good idea to read the question and try to locate and understand the relevant passage in the text first. Ask students to work in pairs to do this exercise and to: By the time I graduated from college I had outlasted the original crew members I had started with Explain that they should start by identifying what type of word they need fnoun, adjective, etc. Answers I adjective 2 noun 3 noun 4 noun Students should try different words in each of the gaps until they find one which fits in all three gaps.

Answers ilwarm 2job 3force 4life fetl students to do these questions following the steps in Exercises 3 and 4, i. Answers I position 2 running 3 take 4 strict Extension idea Ask students to use a good advanced learner's dictionary [e.

Ask them to write three sentences of their own on a piece of paper using the word with different meanings in context, but with a gap where the word itself should be. Collect and photocopy the sentences on one or two sheets of paper and distribute copies to the whole class, who then solve the questions set by other students.

What has the narrator How can we tell which meaning of Ansuer; from the context. Ask them to suggest other meanings. Ask them to work in small groups and brainstorm five or six questions they might be asked. They then open their books and compare their questions with questions in this exercise.

Recording script cDr rrack 3 I Nagwa: One of the best is really from the summer vacation which we always used to spend together as a family al the seaside and going out fishing with my dad in a small boat. Yes, that's a very good one, because I loved being close to my dad and doing things with him, you know, things I wouldn't have done with my mum. QZ 2 Carlos: QO O n When students have answered the questions, elicit from them why it's important to: This allows the examiners to listen and assess their level of spoken English.

This part of the test is supposed to be a fairly informal conversation. You can also point out that in preparation students can think about how they would talk about their activities and interests, but they should not prepare set speeches.

The examiners want to hear naturai, spontaneous Engiish. One of the best is really from the summer vacation which we always used to spend together as a family at the seaside and going out fishing with my dad in a small boat. Yes, lhat s a very good one. And Nagwa, what is the best way for people visiting your country to make friends? There is extra help for students on Speaking Part 1 in the Speaking reference on page Writing Partl Aletter Q as a uormer With books closed, ask students: Point out that it is important to identify who will read the ietter and to write it with that reader in mind.

Identifying the reader will determine the style the writer uses. Answers I your friend Elena 2 informal 3 Students , shoud underline: Our teacher is great because Thank you.

Carlos, a question for you. What's your happiest childhood memory? Give them: Suggest they try --rng some of them when they do the writing task.

Students may use ,,. Here silssestions for how students can use them , -. A student's version of the recording scripts:: In many cases the definitions will coincide, ". At this web page' '-. Unit 1 photocopiable activitY: From 12to Ask them to work alone and write down four or five adjectives [both positive and negative] which describe them at that age, e. Students then work in pairs, read their adjectives to each other and explain why they were like that.

Tell students to ask their partners supplementary questions while they are talking, e. Did you have a Iot of friends? Were they mainly boys or a balance of boys and giris? Students should change partners to do this exercise. Tell them to back up what they say with examples from their own childhood.

Complete: Complete CAE Student's Book with Answers with CD-ROM

Ask them: Do any of these quotations reflect attitudes to childhood and children which are typical in Your countrY? Extension idea Ask students to think of a quotation about childhood in their own language.

Tell them they should explain it in English to their partner. Unit 1 photocopiable activity From 12 to 1S: Work alone to answer these ouestions. I'd help my family with the housework. I'd get on the phone or chat to my friends I'd watch TV. I'd go out. B tell a joke?

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C keep calm and try to talk your way out of trouble? D panic? Tell each other your answer to each question and give details or tell a story for each answer. Read these quotations about childhood. Which do you agree with and which do you disagree with? They contradict their parents, gobble their food, and tyrannise their teachers 'People who get nostalgic about childhood were obviously never children.

I used to be bored and daydream a lot of the. I used to concentrate on my work and get goc- I used to be naughty and I'd play up [behave in class. I've worked hard for this.

I deserve it. I haven't worked particularly hard for this I'm just good at it. I've been lucky this time. I'm used to this. It doesn't mean much to: RS indicates that the word - ltrase appears in the recording script a student version of the recording scripts can be found at ,', w. J ]1il"? Unat2 Mastering languages Unit objectives r Reading Part 2: QS Man 2: At east I know qu , a lot of people who speak several foreign languages.

People do worry a bit about how the langl.. I think. With books ciosed, ask them to work in pairs and brainstorm as many reasons as possible for learning a foreign language.

Get feedback from the whole class. Then ask students to discuss in pairs their own reasons for studying English. Qt0 Woman 4: Qtl I spent years at school studying Spanish a-: I guess I shou. Language is a tool for achieving other thin. I wouldn't consider accuracy. I thinkthe main thing is to make oneself understood. We lrve in a highly competiLive world. Cou- conpele with each other. Consequently, we should be teaching you.: O ,itudents needn't remember the exact words - the gist.

Do you know anyone who is particularly successful al learning languagesl. How do you define success at learning languages: Can you explain what makes a person successful Jt learning languages? Tell students that ,r'be a good idea in the exam to make a note ' ' Students should always read the base --arefully first and follow the argument of each.

He had a gift. Start with parts of the body After learning the nouns, He was the last person on earth to speak some languages. For , Voca bu la ry Collocations with make, get and do Q as a uarmer Ask students to suggest verb-noun, verb-adverb and adjective-noun collocations.

If they all speak the same language, ask them to suggest some mother tongue collocations. Tell students to collect collocations in their notebooks, perhaps in a special section. They should learn to iook for new ones when reading. O Tell students they should look out for and avoid these mistakes when speaking or writing.

When rvriting they should be ready to use a dictionary to check for possible collocations.

A;,;;;; 2 reeeive get 3 g-ive make 4 turn make 5 m-ake do 6 aehieve do 7 make do 8 praetisi: When students do the exercise in the book, point out that working on predicting answers and how they ma,, be expressed is key to success in listening tasks.

To help them with questions c and d, write the following words on the board: Asi; students to look at the box on page 2l showing tltroug- thorough, tltough", ptouglt and rouglt. Ask them which word on the board rhymes with each word in the box.

Qt Woman: It's actually a remarkable book, Colin, and particularly because, unlike other travel writers. Did you go to classes? Not exactly. I'd done that for Russian and Chinese, both of which I now speak fluently, but for Khalkha, well, I thought I should pick it up while I was there, you know, learn it on my own and in my own way, so as soon as I arrive: I settled into a flat and immersed myself in the neighbourhood and just started talking to peo: And now you speak it fluently?

Well, I reckon I can more or less hold my own - a conversatton. And what do you think is the key to good language learning?

Do you have to be naturaj " gifted? Well, obviously for an adult it helps to have so-. Being fairly outgoing and uninhibited hell, too. Tell us a little about that Doing a job interview in English is becoming a common experience for many people from overseas, Peggy, but what can they do to avoid coming a cropper? Peggy QS Well, Simon, the problem is that the candidate often lacks the sort of cultural background that would stand them in good stead in these situations.

You know, a question like 'What do you most enjoy about your present job? And at the same time, because they're nervous, they may be less expressive than normal anyway and this may also show up in their gestures and so on as well. In fact, for many jobs, especially jobs where language skills are not absolutely essential, interviewing isn't necessarily the best way of selecting the right employee anyway.

And this goes for native speakers just as much as for people from Q0 overseas. A better approach might be to set up a simulation of the job in question so as to see whether the candidate has the skills and attitude they're looking for. Anyway, interviewers need to realise that they can't always expect people who've recently arrived from abroad to deal with interviews in a way that they, the interviewers, would find natural. So the fault is often more with the interviewer, not the interviewee?

Atternotiue treatment Ask students to work alone and choose one of the two questions to prepare a short talk. Students then take turns to give their talks, either in small groups or to the whole class. If your students speak different languages, encourage them to choose the first question because what they say will be of interest to the whole class. This may be a suitabie moment to do the photocopiabie activity on page I mean, I remember the trauma as a small child of..

The tTauma of learning how to spell - you know, they used to give us dictations in class to make sure we knew things like putting a double 'p' in 'approve' and spelling 'right'with 'G-H-T'.

But it's paft of the character and beauty of the language - not everything has to be reduced to something functional. Maybe not, but as a language teacher it would make my life a lot easier. I wonder if that's tfue - after all, it's not you but your students that get into trouble with bad spelling.

Anyway, nowadays with spellcheckers that's hardly their biggest handicap. But they just don't know how to say new words correctly!

Then perhaps it's your teaching methods that need reforming! You've really got it in for me today, haven't you? Anyway, I got to thinking about all this some time ago when I came across something in a magazine quite by chance. One thing it mentioned was that spelling reform would cut the space it takes to write something by about fifteen percent.

And think about having to reprint every book and replace every road sign. I think you're reing unrealistic, quite honestly. Mind you. Sc you might have something there.

Mastering languages Use of English Part 3 Q as a u armer Ask students: Why is English spelling difficult, both for learners and for native soeakers? Suggested answers core: Incorrectly spelted word. According to t Cambridge Learner Corpus, punctuation and spellii. Answers l2beginning 3successful 4government , l,"lui'g,lTent 6 l'ltv fn.

Complete CAE / Complete Advanced

Gr BLend: Ask students how best to decide what type of word ther- need. Point out that if they need a verb, they must choose the right form. If the-, need a noun, they must decide whether it is singula: She needed to perfect her Englislt for her work-: She was going to attend English closses there.

WhiLe tlrcre she met someone wln she Later married. Sludents should identify that sentence a is the reason,: A tunnel was built under the English Channel'. There are always two parts to a Speaking Part 2 task and it's important to deal with both.

The Atlantic passage, Writing Part 2: A psychological Speaking Part 3 Formal or informal? These explain the possible tasks you may have to do in the Speaking and Writing papers, and they give you examples together with additional exercises and advice on how best to approach these two CAE papers.

Each unit contains: Each ability to express yourself. Each unit from the Cambridge Learner Corpus and they deal contains full exam practice in one part of the CAE with the areas which are known to cause problems Reading Paper or in two parts of the CAE Use of for students in the exam. English Paper. Each gap corresponds to a word. Part 4 Five questions, each one containing three discrete sentences. Each sentence contains one gap, which must be completed with one word which is appropriate in all three sentences.

There are two multiple-choice questions for each extract. Part 3 A two-way conversation between the candidates visual and written stimuli, with spoken interaction. Part 4 A discussion on topics related to Part 3 spoken questions. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

Need an account? Travelling on a river. When you see this by a vocabulary exercise. When you are doing grammar exercises you will sometimes see this. For those of you who are not planning to take the exam in the near future.

Book as follows: Also available are: The units provide language input and skills practice to help you deal successfully with the tasks in each part. It teaches you the reading. A Grammar reference section which clearly explains all the main areas of grammar which you will need to know for the CAE exam. These explain the possible tasks you may have to do in the Speaking and Writing papers.

These contain exercises which revise the grammar and vocabulary that you have studied in each unit. These exercises are based on research symbol: Each unit contains: Part 3 A two-way conversation between the candidates visual and written stimuli.

Candidates are expected to be able to respond to questions and to interact in conversational English. Candidates are expected to be able to write nonspecialised text types such as an article. Part 4 A discussion on topics related to Part 3 spoken questions. Part 3 A text followed by seven multiple-choice questions.

Part 5 Eight separate questions. Candidates are expected to be able to show understanding of agreement. Each text has two multiple-choice questions.

Part 4 A text or several short texts preceded by 15 multiple-matching questions. Each gap corresponds to a word. Candidates are expected to demonstrate the ability to apply their knowledge of the language system by completing a number of tasks. Each sentence contains one gap. Part 2 A text from which six paragraphs have been removed and placed in a jumbled order.

Part 4 Five short themed monologues. Part 4 Five questions. Part 3 A text involving interacting speakers. Part 3 A text containing 10 gaps.

Candidates are expected to show understanding of attitude. The stems of the missing words are given beside the text and must be changed to form the missing word. There are two multiple-choice questions for each extract. Part 2 A monologue with a sentence completion task which has eight items. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

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