In order that the work of the boy scouts throughout America may be uniform and intelligent, the National Council has prepared its "Official Handbook," the. This handbook will guide you through your progression and development in Scouting Baden-Powell wrote a series of articles called Scouting for Boys which. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg.

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This is the full PDF version that contains updates as of January Sports and Activities Clarified Sea Scout participation in Climbing and Rappelling. newer version of Adobe Flash Player. Get Adobe Flash player · scouting mag · boys life link · scout stuff. Catch a preview of the BSA Handbook. Boy Scouts of. Free Download. PDF version of Boy Scouts Handbook by Boy Scouts of America. Apple, Android and Kindle formats also available.

Scouting is camping with your patrol, and one of my favorite ways to go camping is backpacking. Reducing everything you will need to live for a couple of days to what you can comfortably carry on your back is a test of skill, and planning ; it challenges our moral, physical and mental abilities. Don't be put off by the logistics, start with trips designed for … [Read More Scouter Training is closer to employee training than active Scouting. Sitting through scripted sessions punctuated by unrealistic, often dated, videos is one way to learn, but it's not the best way to learn Scouting. I've never been a good classroom student, I learn more by doing, so I tend to value hands on experience. Experiential, "on the job", learning is more … [Read More If you are reading this you are a volunteer, and probably not just for Scouting. Volunteering for Scouting returns more satisfaction and joy than we really deserve, but there's always a danger of getting spread too thin. It's a running joke among volunteers who keep running into each other at different activities there must only be about ten or twelve volunteers … [Read More Engaging youth leadership and helping them develop their skills is one of the most rewarding parts of our work. Scouting may have many things in common with other youth activities but it is unique. We apply what we know from our professions and our own experiences to training and mentoring youth, but often miss the unique opportunities Scouting presents. Start by laying … [Read More Welcome to the ScoutmasterCG newsletter; selected posts and podcasts published every other Monday about a specific aspect of Scouting.

The book describes many Scout-like virtues and qualifications. After a lengthy section on what a Scout should know, including chivalry, history, and national issues, it is noted that "in short, to be a good Scout is to be a well-developed, well-informed boy. It is available in two editions with identical content but one with photos of boys and one of girls. The Official Handbook for Boys 2nd ed. Revised Handbook for Boys 3rd ed.

Revised Handbook for Boys 4th ed.

Handbook for Boys 5th ed. Boy Scout Handbook 6th ed. Boy Scout Handbook 7th ed. Scout Handbook 8th ed. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Imperial Anxieties: The Boy Scouts and the re construction of Canadian manhood. Tom Keefer. From what I have seen of you Canadian boys I have a great admiration for you. You are already good Scouts in the woods, but to be perfectly reliable you must also be sure that you are disciplined and can obey orders, however distasteful they may be, without any hesitation—and cheerily.

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Canada can be a very big nation in a few years if each one of you determines to do his bit in making it so. A nation is not made merely by its territory or wealth, it is made by its men. If they only loaf through the game, each in his own way, it is not likely that this country will succeed against others. So—play up, Canadian lads!

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Owen Sound boasted the first recorded Canadian Scout troop in , and one year later there were fourteen different troops containing over Scouts spread out across the dominion of Canada. The Canadian Boy Scout p.

One answer is that Baden-Powell carefully cultivated his contacts throughout his long military career and had the good sense to graft his Scout organization onto the already existing institutions of colonial society instead of starting from scratch. The original Scout masters were drawn from the military; the first Scout chapters were opened up under the auspices of church organizations such as the YMCA, as well as groups like the Rotary clubs, while the support of the business class was vigorously sought after.

This paper argues that the phenomenal success of the Scouts in Canada furthered by Christian reform movements, large corporations, and by the government itself was due to the perceived effectiveness of the Scouting program in solving the problems of imperial malaise through its comprehensive plan to reconstitute white manhood for a new generation of boys growing up under very different circumstances than their elders.

Imperialism separated settlers of British heritage from all others. Canada was dominated by Anglophones seeking to reconstruct the values and culture of their original society. Canadian soldiers went overseas to fight alongside British troops, but the Boers with their use of hit and run guerrilla tactics made a mockery of the efficiency of the British army. At the Manchester recruiting depot in , out of men were rejected as virtual invalids; only of them were found after service in the army to be physically fit in all respects.

Health of mind and body exalt a nation in the competition of the universe. The survival of the fittest is an absolute truth in the conditions of the modern world. And though it had defeated any number of attempts against it, it fell at last, chiefly because the young Romans gave up soldiering and manliness altogether….

We must see that the same fate does not befall our Empire. And it will largely depend upon you, the younger generation of Britons that are now growing up to be the men of the Empire. As Colonel G. What sort of a fate will fall upon the nation composed of units like these— and they are alarmingly on the increase.

While Baden-Powell sometimes tried to play down the militaristic side of Scouting so as to be able to gain access to working class families influenced by socialism 7 Ronald Hyam, Empire and sexuality, p.

Apart from the fact that Baden-Powell openly exhorted Scouts to embrace the cause of defending and promoting the conquests of their valiant empire, the Scouts drew most of their organizational personnel from the military. In Canada, twenty-three of the thirty members of the council governing the Scouts in were high ranking military officers, while the other seven were businessmen, members of Parliament, and church leaders.

The Scouts merged with the imperial war machine in both the first and second world wars, and played roles of internal security by guarding bridges and patrolling strategic sites. While external threats haunted the empire, internal changes to the economy and the structure of wage labour played just as important a role in challenging traditional gender relations.

White masculine identity was faced with a series of challenges stemming from the ongoing economic and social upheaval of processes of industrialization and urbanization. On this question the Boy Scouts were prepared with answers to assist in the re-invention of gender and class relations in conformity to the demands of 10 E. Reynolds, The Scouting Movement, p. Scouts were defined in ringing terms: Those men who are working in the farthest corners of the earth reclaiming it for their race, whether as explorers, missionaries, hunters, or police—these men are the Scouts of the nation.

To carry out their work they have to be resourceful and self-reliant, to be able to endure climate, dangers, and difficulties with cheerfulness, to be helpful to each other as well as self-helpful; to be loyal to their employer or government; to do their work far from applause or regard simply because it is their work—in a word, they have to be men in the best sense of the word, that is, citizens of character, if they are going to do any good.

There were also very important ways in which this manufacture of manly character designed to turn boys into men was racialized. The Canadian Boy Scout, p. If we pick the plums out of the pudding, we find his romantic story, picturesque dress and customs appeal, in some cases, to the boy, and he can thus be useful to us.

Although it may merely be make believe, yet, as a vacation to the ordinary Scout training, Red Indianism can take hold, and can well be applied, for a period in a Scout troop. Scouting was an opportunity for ordinary boys of working class and lower middle class origin to have a taste of the exclusive male bonding experience of the schools that Baden-Powell and his social equals attended. While Baden-Powell evinced an early revulsion to the inclusion of girls in the Scout movement, he was convinced that girls could benefit from some of his ideas.

With girls it has to be administered with greater discrimination; you do not want to make tomboys of refined girls, yet you want to attract and thus to raise the slum girl from the gutter. This understanding of the social practices of gender creation was also matched by a distinct biological determinism reaching back to the early years of the Girl Guides.

For this purpose the Boy Scouts proved well suited. In the edition of the Scout handbook, Baden-Powell did not pander to anti-French sentiments common at the time, but instead pointed to the need to build a united dominion of the British Empire. As Baden- Powell stated while speaking in an address to the Empire Club of Canada, it was important not to let the games played in scouting to get out of hand: You also want discipline and self-sacrifice [and] then courtesy and chivalry.

Another interesting thing about the Scouts, especially given the upper class circles within which its founder moved, was the conspicuous attempt that the organization made to unite boys across disparate class lines.

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Law four of the scout law promised class peace, and manly brotherhood to all other scouts — firmly looking down on both lower class envy and upper class haughtiness. Scout law equally condemned the airs of the rich and poor, stating that: A snob is one who looks down upon another because he is poor, or who is poor and resents another because he is rich. The Scouts became one of the foremost tools for re-inscribing ruling relations through the enthusiastic channeling of acceptable forms of masculine citizenship into a common organization which helped to create social stability by addressing the frustration and alienation of middle and lower class youth with modern capitalism.

Building Character in the American Boy: The speed with which Scouting spread to other countries beyond the pull of the English empire, points to the successes of this model for other patriarchal nation states in first half of the 20th century.

That formulation would appear to be one which that broad cross section of the Canadian ruling elite took to heart in making the Boy Scouts the phenonomenal success that they were. Bonds and Barriers.

The first of these involves the nature of the similarities of the Boy Scout movement to the mass state-run youth organizations of the empires competing for world domination with the British.

A study of similarities and differences of the Boy Scouts and the Hitler youth, on the basis of their organizational character, military underpinnings and ideological assumptions, would bear interesting fruit. So would a look at the underlining questions of sexuality and sexual repression that went into the formation of the Boy Scouts and the British imperial experience at home and abroad. He mitigated his sexual repression only by a life-long interest in the male sex, especially in men and boys nude for bathing whether in the flesh or in photographs.

Another fascinating area of study would have to include looking at the way the North American Scout movement was affected by social movements and upheavals in the latter half of the twentieth century.

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In the U. Baden-Powell, Robert. The Canadian Boy Scout: A Handbook for Instruction in Good Citizenship. Morang, Rovering to Success: Herbert Jenkins, Bristow, Joseph.

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