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We have a PDF version of this tourist map of Barcelona, in super high definition ( 2 MB). We recommend click the image and download the PNG format for high. Barcelona metro map updated in January There are We also have the Barcelona metro map in PDF ( MB) and PDF in high resolution (8,3MB). Want to Explore Barcelona City? Use our Barcelona interactive FREE printable attractions map, sightseeing bus tours maps to discover free things to do in.

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Barcelona Map Pdf

Back To Barcelona Street Map Main Page -requires Adobe acrobat) Printer friendly version of the Barcelona Metro map (pdf format -requires Adobe acrobat) . My guide and inspiration Now my dream is slowly Barcelona - Such a beautiful horizon Barcelona - Like a jewel in the sun Friends until the. Printable & PDF maps of Barcelona transportation & transport network, tourist attractions map and other maps of Barcelona in Spain.

If you wanted to walk them all, assuming you walked four kilometers an hour, eight hours a day, it would take you 1, days. And, when you need to get home there are 3, bus and tram stops, and subway and railway stations in Barcelona. Brightness Assuming that every kilometer of street in Barcelona has an average of 33 street lamps with 50W of power, then Barcelona has more than 1,, street lamps, which use Over a number of years, that adds up to the amount of energy produced by a volcanic eruption. Local recreation With a total area of

Created by Vinals creative commons license , modified by Mapametrobarcelona. We also have another fourth map created by us: In general you can download these tickets online and you save queuing skip the line.

The "fifth map" consists of several maps of the Barcelona subway lines individually:. All subway lines together on a single page.

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The above map of Barcelona is Zone 1, also including Barcelona airport. If you wish to travel outside the city of Bcn for example, Manresa, Terrassa, etc the price of transport tickets is more expensive, depending on the area you are traveling to.

Much time and money was spent on transportation in order to create ours maps and confirm that all details are up to date.

No need to worry about printing tickets with these two companies. A discount booklet, map, audioguide and headphones are all part of the package when booking with these bus companies.

The audioguides feature multiple languages for travellers to learn about this unique city in their native tongue.

Customers can enjoy free Wifi on board the buses, which is very convenient for those of you who do not have data plans abroad. Children under four years old travel for free, which makes both of the bus options great for families as well as your wallet. If you have a disability, require handicap access or need assistance, both buses are handicap accessible for your comfort.

What is special about the Red Bus? Compared to Bus Turistic, the average waiting time is slightly longer. This is due to their company offering less buses, however there are typically less people on the buses. A unique aspect to the Red Bus is that it covers an extra area in the east of Barcelona.

barcelona city map

For those of you who have done tours before and perhaps you are with friends or family this time, it could be a nice experience to see a different area. This bus has 32 unique stops on its two routes included in the journey.

Speak Hindu? No problem, the audioguide includes Hindu in its language portfolio. However, the cost of tickets for this mode of transportation is quite expensive.

It is thus recommended to plan routes in advance and download travel cards, as this will be economical. You can also save cost if you download a return ticket. The train wagons are very comfortable and convenient. Usually, all of them are provided with air conditioning and toilets. However, some not very popular routes are run by old European diesel trains.

The cost of tickets for such trains is cheaper, but they are less comfortable. The economy of the country was especially developed, thanks to the sectors of medium technological level, among which are its automobile industry, the production of audio-visual equipment, industrial machinery and equipment, and products of the chemical and cosmetic industries. However, the statistics of one of the analytical companies shows that among the hundred most recognized global brands, there is not a single Spanish.

Car rental on OrangeSmile.

Our guide chapters over Barcelona Cuisine and top restaurants The building, which houses Can Culleretes restaurant, was built in The legendary facility is located in the historic district of the city and offers excellent homemade cuisine and premium wine.

This restaurant is often visited by many celebrities — you can see their photos on the walls of the hall. Fans of barbecue will also appreciate Mi Burrito y Yo restaurant, the core of the menu of which constitute … Open. Unusual hotels Architects of Lagranja Design decided to restore an old building and made the style of the 60ss of the previous century the main concept of a new hotel.

Barcelona Tourist Attractions Map PDF

The choice of the concept was not random as that was the time when the tourist industry of the city was yet making its first steps.

All furniture in the hotel was made specifically for this project. Guestroom doors are used as exhibition space for various thematic … Open.

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