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The Guide of Bain is a promotional PDF released as part of PAYDAY 2's Career Criminal Edition, to provide players with a rudimentary manual on the know. The Guide of Bain The Guide of Bain is a Bonus included in the Career Criminal Edition of PAYDAY 2 which was pdfimages -j "The Guide of" page. The Guide of Bain - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The Guide of Bain from Payday 2.

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Payday 2 Bains Guide Pdf

/r/paydaytheheistonline - A subreddit to find players to play Payday 2 with. Please post there rather than here if you are looking for people to. “CGO” is presumed to mean Alessandro Cagliostro, Alchemist and author of “The Most Holy Trinosophia;” a book, similar to Bain's Guide, loaded with hidden. Overkill, could you please re-release the Guide of Bain so all new heisters learn their history too and get the best possible start they can have.

Overkill Death Wish On the higher difficulties the enemies will have more health, deal more damage and be stronger in general. Some enemies are exclusive to certain difficulties. The reward, cash and experience, for completing contracts will scale with the difficulty. Professional Jobs[ edit ] In PayDay 2 there are the so called 'professional' jobs or pro jobs that heisters can take on to gain more experience. Pro jobs cannot be restarted like normal jobs if a day of a contract is failed which makes it more challenging to heisters. Some heists have a normal and pro version, but some only have a pro version like Big Oil and Ukrainian Job. Viewing Intel[ edit ] After selecting a contract from Crime. It is possible to complete a contract by yourself, but it can be incredibly difficult! After pressing 'Start Heist', you will see the intel screen.

Basic Voices Basic Voices allows you to bind loads of ingame sounds to any key on your keyboard or mouse. Installation : Download the file, extract the Basic Voices Reborn somewhere Desktop or whatever then extract all the sub-folders within 1 to 11 to your Payday 2 mods folder. This mod tweaks and changes certain aspects of the bots so they are both more useful and are more similar to human players. No longer will you have to deal with babysitting new players from the most recent Steam sale.

Health amount 2. Damage multiplier 3. Enabling dodging 4. Forcing instant custody upon being downed 5.

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Forcing arrests by Cloakers rather than downs 6. Disabling of warcries 7. Announcing low health ie, asking for a doctor bag 8. Enabling independent domination of cops, rather than just assisting with your own dominations 9. Enabling additional bots with the Big Lobby mod Giving the bots near-instant reaction times Forcing bots to mask up immediately when a loud sound is made, rather than waiting for the actual alarm This is actually a bug, but enjoy it while you can. It is very new, and most of the bugs from my proof-of-concept are still there.

The Guide of Bain

However, none of them should involve crashing. In-game, you probably won't be visibly bipodded, but it still works regardless of whether or not you're the host. When deploying or undeploying a bipod, your view and weapon will just warp to the bipodded location instead of playing any sort of animation.

If you know how to add custom animations, this could be a job for you! Otherwise, this is just how it's gonna be. Faceplanting into a wall, on your teammates' backs, looking straight up, standing on a flat surface with nothing around you, you name it. I've only barely begun to adjust them. I'm working on it. This whole mod is basically a series of huge workarounds for the convoluted Bipod system, so it's the best I can do right now.

Contact me for help, feedback, questions, answers, or the average rainfall of the site basin. Have fun! Blackmarket Persistent Names About This mod enables persistent names to be displayed for the various Blackmarket screens. Items which are not being selected or focused upon will have their names and weapon mod icons, in the case of weapons dimmed. Previews New in 0. Wishing for a revert to what it used to be prior to Update 79?

Now you can. No configuration is necessary. It adds 4 buttons to the skills window. It's a very simple text file that you can easily edit. The import costs are applied normally. Failing that, you can cut them open if you brought a SAW. And that's pretty much it.

Drill safes, grab money and fight the cops who respond to your crime in progress. The environment I hope you familiarised yourself with the map in casing mode because now you'll need to know where everything is. Generally speaking, Payday 2 is made with the assumption that you know where you are, where your team-mates, where you're going and what you're doing at all times.

The game will throw cops at you in a constant stream and expect you to fight them WHILE accomplishing objectives. Don't expect that you can kill 'em all then go fix the drill.

They won't stop coming. Keep your head in the game and your eye on the objectives. Everything else will sort itself out. Four Stores is divided into two sides by a street. DON'T stand in the street.


You'll get shot, usually by cops you either can't see or who are too far away to hit. Pick a side and stay in it, moving between the two stores in that side via the back ways.

There's an alley behind the pear store and the grocery store with windows overlooking each other and there's a back door to the china store which leads to a window of the cafe. DO NOT attempt to cross the street unless you have a good reason to do so, such as having finished everything on one side or needing to rescue someone on the other. Open spaces are killing fields in Payday 2.

Avoid them at all costs. Invariably, cops will come for you and rush into the stores. All the better - let them. They're easier to kill at close range and they drop ammo you can pick up without having to be shot at. However, never leave yourself without cover. Think about where you're standing. Think about where you can be approached from.

Think about where you can take cover. A sense of orientation really helps here, because it pays to know what's behind you without having to turn and look. Usually, you want to put your back to a "safe" direction where you're not likely to get shot from. When this isn't possible, you want to have a place where you can do this close by. If you get shot from behind, dash to that place.

The Guide of Bain

On Four Stores, this usually means standing inside the stores themselves, usually behind something which blocks line of sight from the street but which you can still step around and get line of sight of the street-facing door. In the pear store, that's the rec room. In the grocery store, that's crouching behind the counter. In the china store, that's either the back room or behind the counters. In the cafe, that's usually the door leading to the kitchen.

Find places that make you feel safe and don't stick your neck out for no reason. If you MUST cross the street, do it quickly. DON'T stop to engage the cops. DON'T try to hide behind cars and have a little shootout. You will almost always lose, or at least lose health. Shoot as many cops as you feel comfortable from inside the safety of the store, then dash across.

If you get shot along the way, ignore it. There's nothing you can do about that, just keep on running. Your first priority is to find cover and find a safe spot, THEN you can return fire.

This is never a good idea and should only be attempted in utter desperation. The enemies spawn indefinitely. Your goal is to keep yourself alive and conserve your ammo. Do this, and the kills will come naturally. The bots Whether you play solo or with other people, chances are you'll have a bot or two, so it's worth knowing how they work.

Bots in Payday 2 work kind of like they did in L4D2, but they're actually quite a bit smarter. Unlike you, Bots have unlimited ammo, so don't worry about them wasting shots. They're pretty hard to take down, although they can still be overwhelmed. Bots will generally pick a person and try to follow that person as best they can. However, yelling at bots will cause them to follow you.

If you're solo they'll always follow you, obviously. If you're playing with a friend, though, it's usually best to split them up - one bot following each player. Though bots have a lot of hit points, they're pretty stupid and will get themselves into peril if you don't look after them. For instance, bots usually can't follow you if you move too fast. They're very easily distracted, and will often stand in open space shooting at cops instead of following. Yelling at them a second time will usually snap them out of whatever they're doing, but only for a few seconds.

If you want a bot inside and it's circling the house like an idiot, it may become necessary to keep yelling at the bot. Like cops, bots have "hurt" animations. If they take too much damage, they'll stagger and sway and may even trip over. While this doesn't really do much, it's usually a sign that the bot's taking A LOT of damage and may need help.

It also roots them in place so they can't follow you. If you go down, all the bots on the map will attempt to revive you, but they're kind of stupid about this. They do have some degree of intelligence as to when they can revive you and when they have to kill the cops shooting at them, but this tends to cause them to "flip-flop.

You can still yell at the bots if you're down and that'll usually snap them out of it, but not always. Also, if you get downed by a Cloaker more on that in a bit , bots will may act irrationally. A bot is better than no team-mate at all and indeed far better than a blithering idiot team-mate , but they have their limitations. Know those limitations, work around them and you'll have a dependable pet with infinite ammo and tons of health.

Get it wrong and you end up with an annoying liability you have to babysit. The cops Since you're playing on Normal, most of what you'll see is "regular cops. You have the "beyond the call of duty" blue shirt beat cops who show up from time to time. They're incredibly easy to take down since their armour is a blue shirt.

However, note that they deal disproportionately huge amounts of damage. Shoot those bastards as soon as you can. You then have regular cops - usually SWAT dudes. They're your bread and butter enemy, fairly easy to take down but they show up in large numbers. You then have the "heavy" cops - "canaries" on lower difficulties.

They have a lot more health but show up in smaller numbers. These guys are dangerous, so deal with them as soon as you can. I'll talk about "special" cops later," but you'll also run into Shields. These are regular SWAT guys with a large shield and a rapid-fire pistol.

Accommodations, All Courchevel

Unless you have explosives or a sniper rifle, you'll need to shoot them in the back. There are a few things to remember about how cops work in Payday 2: 1. They have "hurt" animations. Shoot them hard enough or often enough and you'll make them stagger. They'll trip, they'll stumble, sometimes they'll fall flat on their backs. While this prevents them from shooting for a time, keep in mind that it doesn't mean they're dead.

These guys are resilient and can get knocked down multiple times, depending on the situation. They can be "suppressed. Guns with a greater threat rating are better at doing this. Cops have three stages: normal, suppressed, scared. Normal is normal - their base stats. When you suppress them, they'll sort of crouch and shoot both less often and less accurately.

If you scare them, they'll dive for cover, then run for their lives until they break line of sight for a while. This works through walls, as well, allowing you to lay down suppressing fire if you need to cross a street or cover a team-mate. Remember this. They don't aim at all. Like in an RPG, all cops need is line of sight of your head to shoot you.

The rest of your body literally doesn't matter. When a cop "sees" you, he'll start rolling to-hit checks. If he rolls a hit, you're hit.

Doesn't matter if you were flipping through the air 10 miles away - you're hit. If he rolls a miss, he misses even if he was spooning you. What this means is there's no such thing as "partial cover. If the cop can see the top of your head, you may as well be standing on top of your cover dancing the can-can.

Their melee attacks SUCK. Just don't let cops melee you. They deal shotgun levels of damage and will strip all of your amour in one knife stab. Even the most basic grunt with the least impressive attack hits you as hard as a sniper can. The Martial Artist Aced skill from the Ghost tree can mitigate this, but my point stands - don't get stabbed and you'll live longer.

The van So Once you have your hostages secured, your bots managed, the cops killed and the safes drilled, Bain will tell you that "the van will be there in two minutes. Once this happens, the van will show up in one of I think two or three possible locations.