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How to F*ck a Woman. Brazen, uproarious, slyly prescriptive, and always entertaining, Ali Adler is a sex and relationship guru who knows what women. In How to Have a Good Day, economist and former McKinsey partner Caroline Webb shows Engels; ; januari ; E-book; Adobe ePub. Apathy is your nemesis and your hunger to change the world keeps you up at night. But no matter how deep this hunger growls, we can only make a meaningful.

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To use your medical-site.info account on Kobo, simply choose the My medical-site.info account You'll sign in to the Kobo website and be re-directed to the home page. When you download an eBook in the Kobo Store, you can read it on any of your Kobo. De verkoopcijfers van e-books vallen al bij al wat tegen. Hoe kan dat? bol. com. E-books zouden dus goedkoper moeten zijn, maar toch. Hier een handig overzicht met websites waar je gratis ebooks kunt downloaden. Heb via medical-site.info geprobeerd een “leuk” boek te downloaden, maar Adobe Digital boeken kan downloaden laat staan dat ik weet hoe.

De verkoopcijfers van e-books vallen al bij al wat tegen. Minder dan 4 procent van de totale boekenverkoop in waren e-books. Ze zouden een pak goedkoper moeten zijn, want ze zijn veel makkelijker te produceren. Aan de prijs kan het dus niet liggen, zou je denken. Maar toch kom je vaak wel e-books tegen die duurder zijn dan hun papieren versie. Hoe kan dat? Newsmonkey zocht het uit. Naast het feit dat e-books gewoon handiger zijn, zo moet je niet liggen sleuren met duizenden boeken, is vooral de lagere prijs het belangrijkste pluspunt. Greet Spaepen van Boek. E-books zouden dus goedkoper moeten zijn, maar toch kom je er soms tegen die een heel pak duurder zijn dan hun paperback-versie. Je ziet het vaak bij grote retailers als bol. Reisgidsen zoals die van Lonely Planet zijn soms bijna twee keer zo duur.

Recensie s So often our culture encourages us toward the quick-fix solution or shortcut to whatever it is we have our hearts set upon.

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But with the deep things of God, there s likely no drive-through version or fast-track approach. His ways are higher than ours and they are often slower too.

My friend Banning s brilliant book is such a timely reminder of how over time we can develop deep roots in Christ, and how these various roots then become the foundation for a life of lasting impact. Banning hits the jackpot with this new book on identity, purpose, and calling a much-needed and timely message and a challenge for all leaders. Rooted reminds us that leaders must not only embrace the process of becoming who God has called us to be but actually love it too!

Rooted is a gift to an entire generation that could otherwise easily forget or, worse yet, never hear the foundations for a distinctive Christian life. Strong winds will come at us and want to take us in every direction, but only the trees that have deep roots will stand when these winds blow. It s our unseen self that truly is our strength.

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I highly recommend anyone to dig deep into these pages. Thank you, Banning, for such an important book for our days. I ve watched him live out the message that is his new book, Rooted. I ve watched as Banning has continuously surrendered his life to God, devoted himself to prayer, served the Church, and intentionally moved toward relationships and challenges within community. He is certainly a leader who has stepped out in faith, allowing God to develop deep roots in his life. I have personally been challenged by Banning s uncompromising trust in God and commitment to being strongly rooted in Him.

The message of Rooted is a timely and prophetic message this generation needs to hear. In an age where everything is so attainable and we are all encouraged to dream big, it is so important to understand the cost of what God calls us to.

It s easy to dream and have vision, but to surrender our lives in trust to God and to allow Him to develop us from the inside out takes tremendous courage and strength. But it is possible and so incredibly important! If you are in it for the long haul, if you want to be able to sustain the dreams God has put in your heart, if you want to bear fruit that will last, this is the book for you! Amidst the highs and lows of life, my heart longs to be grounded in Christ. To be rooted in His truths.

To be reminded that before God can work through us, He must do a work in us. In his book Rooted, it s easy to see his gift for practical lifestyle leadership. Banning s words have a profound undercurrent to push you into developing spiritual integrity. Many of us are looking for a front-row seat to an honest and real conversation about what it s going to take to go the distance. Rooted is a resource you want to have close throughout the years. It s a must-read book! One of those voices is undoubtedly Banning s.

In his new book Rooted, Banning expertly engages the slow-motion button and give us powerful step-by-step insight into how God develops us to be who He has willed for us to be!

Great read!

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He has great insight into discipleship and raising up a generation. This book will impact and empower you to live a life of greatness. I thoroughly recommend this book to you. Banning Liebscher possesses this kind of heart a heart whose soil continues to be tilled, watered, tended, and tested by fire producing lasting fruit that nourishes the nations.

In his book Rooted, Banning takes the enormous fruit of his own life and puts it directly into the hands of each reader, practically walking you into a life so rooted in intimacy and wisdom, it can thrive in every season. I ve had the pleasure of watching Banning become what he has written about a man deeply rooted, who bears much fruit. His life in God is rich and real. For this reason, God is using him to transform the lives of countless people around the world.

Learning to embrace God s process in our lives brings us to a place of rest, where trust becomes a natural expression of our relationship with God. Rooted is sure to have great impact on all who read it.

Rooted gives you the fundamental skills to guide you into being fully grounded and established in Christ, producing fruit that lasts. This book shows us that when we are fully rooted in Christ, we are positioned to influence the world around us. I love Banning s take on how to embrace the journey and trust God on your way to enduring fruit.

This book will help you redefine what success looks like in your life. It will give you keys to help you lean into the Lord when you are in process or feel far from your destination. And you will find yourself getting built up and learn how to enjoy the different seasons of life. I believe Banning does that in Rooted by taking us through David s life and showing us how engaging in high-trust intimate relationships with God and community will allow us to truly serve others in a way that people will see Jesus and be impacted by Him.

In Rooted, Banning invites us on a journey down the narrow path that defines the process of becoming fruitful in our service to Christ. You will find this path to be both practical and biblical, one that defines terms like serving, humility, and community.

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A legacy is a history worth repeating; Rooted equips and encourages us to embrace our true calling, following Jesus and living a legacy that produces everlasting fruit. Lees de eerste pagina's.

Dat deed ze al bij haar boek The Song of Achilles en dat doet ze nu op fenomenale wijze wederom met Circe. Een hervertelling van behoorlijk wat Griekse mythes, door de ogen van Circe. Opgepakt en niet meer weggelegd!

Nog mooier dan Song of Achilles. Wat een fantastische schrijfster! Ik las het in het Engels. Het is een geweldig verhaal, meeslepend geschreven.

Ik vind het jammer dat ik het uit heb.

Ik ben bezig met het vertalen van de Odyssea en heb net hoofdstuk 10 af. Daarin verblijft Odysseus bij Circe op het eiland Aiaia. Bekijk de voorwaarden. Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW en andere heffingen en exclusief eventuele verzendkosten en servicekosten.

The International No. Madeline Miller. E-mail deze pagina. Bekijk video. Ebooks lezen is heel makkelijk. Na aankoop zijn ze direct beschikbaar op je Kobo e-reader en op je smartphone of tablet met de gratis bol.

Miller spent ten years writing the book while she worked as a Latin and Greek teacher. The novel, set in Greece, tells the story of the love between Achilles and Patroclus.

Alles van Madeline Miller.

Toon meer Toon minder. In the house of Helios, god of the sun and mightiest of the Titans, a daughter is born. Circe is a strange child — not powerful and terrible, like her father, nor gorgeous and mercenary like her mother.

Scorned and rejected, Circe grows up in the shadows, at home in neither the world of gods or mortals. But Circe has a dark power of her own: When her gift threatens the gods, she is banished to the island of Aiaia where she hones her occult craft, casting spells, gathering strange herbs and taming wild beasts. Yet a woman who stands alone will never be left in peace for long — and among her island's guests is an unexpected visitor: So Circe sets forth her tale, a vivid, mesmerizing epic of family rivalry, love and loss — the defiant, inextinguishable song of woman burning hot and bright through the darkness of a man's world.

Recensie s Circe gives us a feminist slant on the Odyssey Miller makes these age-old texts thrum with contemporary relevance Homer's witch get a kickass modern makeover Miller's Me Too-era, kickass portrait of a woman trying to defy the men and Fates arrayed against her is enchanting The woman who emerges is complex and sympathetic.

From the author of the much-loved The Song of Achilles, this novel puts a feminist spin on Greek mythology, recasting Circe, the vilified witch infamous for turning men into pigs, in a sympathetic light. Subverting the usual masculine tropes of epic adventure narratives, Miller tells the story of the women who have been historically silenced. And on top of that, she makes Greek myths and culture, which is often perceived as impenetrable and intimidating, accessible.

Miller has determined, in her characterization of this most powerful witch, to bring her as close as possible to the human, as a thoughtful and compassionate woman who learns to love unselfishly In Miller's retelling Circe is a suitably bolshie character who is not going to be bossed around by men. Since her debut, The Song of Achilles - a queer retelling of the Iliad from Patroclus' perspective - I've been crowing about the wit and magic of Miller's prose.

Circe did not disappoint. It's a feminist tale of the nymph child of Helios, the sun god, who is exiled for practising witchcraft. Circe lives for hundreds of years, encountering heroes, gods and legends, but it never feels like a Greek mythology lesson. Actually, it feels more like a splashy, gossipy memoir written by a celebrity who has met everyone.

It also leads to a suspenseful metaphysical dilemma One of the most amazing qualities of this novel [is]: We know how everything here turns out -we've known it for thousands of years - and yet in Miller's lush reimagining, the story feels harrowing and unexpected.

The feminist light she shines on these events never distorts their original shape; it only illuminates details we hadn't noticed before Miller conjures up a cast of strong, relatable characters, from cold-hearted gods and flawed heroes to deadly monsters-and best of all-a strong female protagonist.

Miller's depiction of what it feels like to work magic is extraordinarily vivid and convincing What elevates Circe is Miller's luminous prose, which is both enormously readable and evocative, and the way in which she depicts the gulf between gods and mortals Circe can be part of that cycle of cruel and pointless conflict, or she can choose to break it. Miller creates a magical narrative: The heroes of Greek myths - the gods, Odysseus and so on - get shoved to the side, as Miller brings to the forefront a fascinating, captivating female character.

An alchemist with words, Miller continues to rejuvenate the classics with her exceptional talent A sensuous, thrilling experience, combining exquisite prose with high drama With nods to a wealth of ancient works, she crafts her own triumphant Circe Miller's Circe is a shrewd and cool character, capable of great love but also possessed of a lethally ruthless streak. Reviews Schrijf een review. VeraVB Turnhout 17 september Ik raad dit product aan. Fantasierijk Meeslepend verhaal.

Geschreven bij Circe "When I was born, the name for what I was did not exist. Vond je dit een nuttige review? JudithHofte 22 mei Ik raad dit product aan.

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