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NOVEL: Death Note L Change the World. Identifier manga_Death_Note_L_Change_the_World. Identifier-arkark://ts OcrABBYY. Death Note: L, Change the World by M - L has twenty-three days to live, and twenty-two days to save the world. L to R (Western Style). In an alternative. Death Note book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In an alternative continuity in the Death Note setting, ace detective L.

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Death Note L Change The World Ebook

L: Change the World (novel) could therefore be viewed as a spin-off of a spin-off. Fans of the Death Note manga or anime should be warned. Death Note: L change the World: Novel (German Edition) eBook: Takeshi Obata, M: Kindle Store. Death Note: L, Change the World [M] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. L has twenty-three days to live, and twenty-two days to save the .

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Death Note: L, Change the WorLd

Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Death Note , please sign up. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Why does L always have to die? I love him so much, it's not fair: Julia Hayes This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ He died as a result of his beliefs. Since Light died in the end L considered that as a lose.

Since he lost, he was no longer the perfect detective he …more He died as a result of his beliefs. Since he lost, he was no longer the perfect detective he tried to be. So he ended his own life. Geraldine Neither, it's a novel entirely without drawings except for the two at the very beginning. See all 3 questions about Death Note…. Lists with This Book.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 22, Alienne rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I thought it was an excellent 'what-if' addition to the Death Note universe. I never saw the movie, so everything in the book was a complete surprise to me, and it certainly didn't disappoint. I like that L, while still undeniably L, takes more of an action stance in this book. His interactions with that little girl are adorable and bring out a side of him that we never got to see, yet is still believable.

New Wammy's Kids are always fun. I enjoyed the tiny tidbit about Q being the one who program I thought it was an excellent 'what-if' addition to the Death Note universe. I enjoyed the tiny tidbit about Q being the one who programed Watari's data deletion software.

What I really liked about the feel of the book was the strangeness that came with L solving a case post-Kira. That the plot is set after Light's defeat and death completely threw me for a loop.

And that ending was pretty perfect-slipping in Near, the Yagami family and the Task Force, and then ending it peacefully with L an his mentor. Terrific book; would recommend it to any Death Note fan who has finished the manga series.

Death Note'un film serisini izlemek istiyorum bu yaz. Apr 26, John Egbert marked it as to-read Shelves: It's just not fair I tell you! Not fair! If my love of Death Note didn't even out my absolute detest of that albino brat, I don't think I would be able to say I want to read this book with a straight face. View all 3 comments. Jul 26, Anton rated it it was amazing. Change The World" movie, this book stayed so close to the original feel of the Death Note world and blew me away.

L's character is developed so much more than it ever was in the manga, which made me love his character even more than I already did! His growth throughout the book touched my heart and had me tearing up quite a few times, and his childish commentary made me chuckle quite often. Great writing accompanied by many plot twists which the Death Note series is known for, this book is for any die-hard fan of Death Note. View 1 comment. Apr 27, Alexandra rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was great.

It was a nice alternate perspective of what happened after what happened in death note. L was alive and wrote his own name in the death note for reasons that I will not say. He only has 23 days to live and solve one last case.

The story was great and I enjoyed the cast of characters quite well. The whole disease wiping out the population angle was interesting.

L was on top of everyone like usual even if most of it was by luck and being in the right place at the right time. I This book was great. I liked the fictional book format just as much as the manga format.

Though, getting some extra description was better. I do miss the internal monologues. Only complaint. The ending hit me in the feels though. Let us explore the world of nothingness together" "In a kind comforting voice, Watari announced the time" The first thing that makes me love this book is the cover. Can you see how gorgeous is this book cover?

And the illustrations of inside cover are so gorgeous too! So beautiful, you shouldn't miss chance to collecting this book. I love the storyline too.

It's different with the live action story. But this book still keep some points from the live acti Purely download this light novel because I love L, and I also love the live action of Death Note with the same title with this book, L Change The World. But this book still keep some points from the live action story like virus, terrorist organization with scientists as the cover and also same characters with the live action cast.

However, there are some things that I find odd about this book. Like what I said before, the book has same characters with the live action movie. But, there is no F and kid that will be the key to break the terrorist organization. About L character. Why is it change too drastically?! It's not like L anymore L that I know from live action, anime and manga is not a person that will do "cekikikan" or "giggling".

And for Indonesian translation edition, I found some weird and typo translation. Like "kejer". Why not use "tersedu-sedu" instead? Also there is part that written anak perempuan instead of anak laki-laki when they do undercover and make fake reports. But the conclusion is despite what I said, I enjoy this book. I love Death Note Another Note: Dec 27, Phee rated it liked it Shelves: I didn't enjoy this one as much as the BB murder book.

This was alright and it was good to be back in the Death Note world again. But I did find it to be a bit boring at times. It's probably not one that I'm going to be rereading in the future, unlike the BB one. View 2 comments.

Sep 17, Naya Kyo rated it liked it. To be honest, it does not equal them and it does not deserve to be labeled ''L's last case''. However, we should take in consideration that this is an alternative ending of death note from other perspective. To be fair enough this was published in as an adaption to the movie ''L change the world', so I put this an excuse too because I did not watch the movie -just yet- , and I do believe in the chang This is totally different from LA BB Murder cases and from death note itself, if I may say.

To be fair enough this was published in as an adaption to the movie ''L change the world', so I put this an excuse too because I did not watch the movie -just yet- , and I do believe in the changeable expectations of the audience over the years.

Now most of people expect what will happen due to the ''too much reading of death note manga,anime titles and books", so whenever they are about to choose a next death note novel to read, it has to be greater and more unexpected than what they have read. Death Note anime was in , and it was a hit!

And one of the most successful, famous and magnificent manga that can not be erased from the memory. Although this book is almost 5 years ago, it was published in an era that readers still not used to unexpected actions, so maybe it was worth reading at that time.

However, there are some parts that were worth reading indeed. Those who haven't read the manga nor watch the anime will not understand this book to the fullest, and those who watched the movie will have more understanding of what is going on, especially because I think this book is obviously an adoption of the movie.

In other words, it is like the author was simply writing the novel while watching the movie. It is hard to explain and analyze this book since individuals won't get it only if u clarified a spoiler from the manga. L is the greatest detective of his time , despite that fact that no body saw him nor heard his voice he was able to solve the world's most difficult cases.

In a very young age, he was able to change the course of the future and all the presidents of other countries seek for his investigations. A very reliable and valuable person to the FBI itself. He is the most remarkable and memorable character not only in this series but he made a striking jump in the anime and manga world. This book was written by ''M'' so no one really knows the real author; however, it is credited to Mello, one of L's successors as a way of showing that this story is written from his perspective same as LA BB murder cases novel.

Although this is not convincing in one thing, since he mentioned an important role for Near, the 2nd successor of L, who he hate the most. LOL It was confusing for me at first to get the plot, because it is totally different from the series' ending.

I can't deny that I was lost at the beginning of this book but I really enjoyed this confusion; it makes you think deeply about events and the opposite of what you are actually trying to figure out.

There is an important connection between this book and the other death note published works. To those whole are still doubting and lost in the dark , think of it this way: L has 23 days left to live to save the world from a bio-terrorist group who are seeking for a level 4 virus, so powerful that would eliminate half of the human population.

Surprisingly, their intentions were no different from Light's who kills criminals in the name of justice. And again, for those who wondered why 23 days? L wrote his own name in death note, and this is because he knew that Light will write his name in the death note eventually so he adjusted the time he wants to live to solve the last case so efficiently because if Light's did make this step first , he won't mention the cause of death nor will pick a specific time for his death, so eventually L will die with a heart attack in 40 secs, make sense?

So L wrote down his name to mention the cause and the timings of death so he can solve the last case to save the world. What kept me really turning the pages right till the end is the background story of L.

The strong relationship between him and watari, his assistant, but actually the founder of the wammy's house; the orphanage in Winchester, England which teaches children who are really intelligent and have high level skill and provides them with a specialized education. We can also say that Watari is the spokesman of L and he, as well, goes with the letter ''W''. The only man except L who knows L's real name and than who always believed that no one can take L's place after his death. L has already decided, and it meant to be the Last name in the shinigami's death note, the Last name ''L''.

I do no think that any person could hate L. Fans of Light would probably spread the rumor of how much they hate him, this is actually not true. They probably want to attract attention of how they are huge supporters for villains and their intentions. Me , as a person, I respected Light's desires, but never hated L.

Since they really love Light, L considered him as a friend; he is still wearing his watch. L's supporters are the only ones who have the right to hate Kira, who is light hide spoiler ] Although I consider myself in Ryuk's side, the shinigami, who is not considered as a villain nor a good creature. It is so so so so interesting to read more about this orphanage.

The author introduced a new character who only had like 3 lines in the book. He was called ''Q'' a mathematical genius who developed a hacking defense system for Dr. Nikaido's Labratory who is an immunologist and a researcher in the infectious diseases field who created the antidote of this killer virus. No body knew how this antidote can be created; however, it is astonishing to say that view spoiler [ the clue to the vaccine formula was found in Maki's last Homework, Dr.

Nikaido's daughter hide spoiler ] I hated the dialogue deeply. I think it is a repetitive of many books I have read not mentioning that there are really interesting parts; for instance, L's conversation with the shinigami and with Watari. I was not comfortable with the fact that most people knew L's place so easily also not amusing to know that the majority of characters in the book finally saw him.

NOVEL: Death Note L Change the World : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Some of the actions were familiar and duplicated. All i can say that i had no emotions in this plot. The only emotions I had were towards L and his life.

I would probably rate this book 5 stars if it was more like a biography of L and other Wammy's house gifted children. I can categorize it as an action book more than a mystery, really.

NOVEL: Death Note L Change the World

The villains in this book were not worthy of L's attention nor to be listed in the criminals of L's last case. This battle is defiantly not in the level of L's and Light's battle.

I would probably rate this book 2. Although i feel so glad to read this book and put it on my shelves along with my death note collection. At the end, it was worth it. I would probably enjoy any death note related thingy and I think ''M'' did great job in most parts too. The book was beautifully ended in the last pages of the book. He said to himself while taking off Light's watch from his wrist: Since the people that their names were written in the note won't go to heaven nor hell.

Finally, L was playing the chess with the imaginary Watari, himself. L's last words were " Watari, have i fulfilled your expectations? Dec 09, Ethan Smith rated it really liked it.

L, Change the World is a fantastic book if you have seen the show or read the manga. The book has a lot of fanfare for fans of the Death Note series. Also, some characters from the series make appearances in this book with little to no information on their backstories.

With that being said, this book is filled with a lot of awesome and interesting characters. Not to mention being able to witness L one of the smartest people in the world accomplished even more feats of intelligence is always a L, Change the World is a fantastic book if you have seen the show or read the manga.

Not to mention being able to witness L one of the smartest people in the world accomplished even more feats of intelligence is always a fun time. You should read this book, just watch Death Note first. Sep 29, Annabelle rated it liked it. Change the WorLd is a novel by an author who uses the pen name "M. It will make a lot more sense if you have prior knowledge of the series specifically of the movies, as they are notably different from the manga , though is still enjoyable if you haven't.

The story is about the world's greatest detective, L, who must stop a terrorist or L: The story is about the world's greatest detective, L, who must stop a terrorist organization called "Blue Ship" before his inevitable death in twenty-three days. The main theme is that no human has the right to decide who deserves to live and who deserves to die.

I'm a huge fan of Death Note myself, and pretty much everyone in the fandom has gone through some huge phase where they were completely obsessed with L.

To be honest, I'm far past that point, and L in this novel isn't exactly true to the original from the manga. I'm not going to say that none of the characters interested me, though; almost all of the Blue Ship members I didn't feel very strongly about Yoshizawa or Kujo caught my attention pretty quickly.

As a whole, they get a lot more elaboration on their characters as a whole than they did in the movie, which is part of the reason I like Konishi as much as I do. CtW is really a novel that is easy to like, but also easy to hate, depending on what kind of book you like. As I mentioned earlier, L isn't exactly like his canon self, so if you'd rather stick to canon L, you might have a problem with his portrayal.

If you just generally like L a lot and don't care too much about a bit of change from main canon, you'll probably enjoy it. As for the story outside of L, it's alright; honestly, it's not nearly as good as the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases novel or the rest of DN, for that matter , but it's still okay if you're not comparing it to the original. Mar 10, Udolpho rated it it was ok.

Only devoted fans who want more L will be interested in this book.

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The cover art is beautiful and I'll be keeping this book just for that. The writing style was off, and it wasn't just translation issues. It read like someone had developed story boards for an anime, it got cancelled due to budget constraints, so they tossed it to some random hack and said "You, make this a novel! By the time I got to the Only devoted fans who want more L will be interested in this book.

And that's the problem, It doesn't read like a novel should. You really, really can tell that there's a disconnect with the medium. There's no flow to the writing, things happen way too fast with so little description. I had to go back and re-read short sections because way too much was being crammed into a few short throw-away sentences.

It's also very poor at telling you who people are and where in the time frame of the Death Note series this is taking place. If you read it very, very slowly, visualizing it in your mind as if it were an anime, it is somewhat bearable.

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And sadly, L isn't very L-like. He is presented as a caricature of himself. It becomes silly. Dressing in goofy outfits, elaborate scenes with sweets and treats, and less about being a brilliant detective. One scene he throws a hissy-fit screaming tantrum when things don't go his way.

This, I assume, was supposed to "humanize" him. I rolled my eyes. How about next he walks on water and was resurrected? Jun 09, Mbst87 rated it it was ok. I hadn't had high expectations of this book.. Don't read the book if it represents your first approach to "Death Note" world.. You'd better read the manga first or watch the anime otherwise it will be quite hard to understand the plot.

It is a novel, not a manga.. So deep and full of details.. In here, we find no drawings at all.. Enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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