Sold by INDIA ( out of 5 stars. This , Covers C# and VB Codes, Black Book by Kogent Learning Solutions Inc. Web Technologies: HTML, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, JAVA, JSP,, XML and. Black Book is the one-time reference book, written from the programmer’s point of view, containing hundreds of examples and covering nearly every aspect of in both VB and C#. Chapter 1: Essentials. Chapter MVC Framework. Black Book is the onetime reference book, written from the programmer's point of view, containing hundreds of examples and covering nearly every.

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60422 downloads 157679 Views 25.79MB ePub Size Report Black Book Black Book - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Black Book. Listing of quality physical books about everything Includes books on Core, SignalR, Razor Pages, Web API, MVC, Web Forms, security, C#, . in or Visual Studio , you'd be surprised at the number of changes — people from Wrox for their support and contributions to this book.

NET Core 2. The dev world has permanently embraced open platforms with flexible tooling, and ASP. NET Core has changed with it. This free, open source web framework delivers choice without compromise. You can enjoy the benefits of a mature, well-supported stack and the freedom to develop and deploy from and onto any cloud or on-prem platform. NET Core in Action opens up the world of cross-platform web development with. NET and Windows. Covers ASP. Andrew Lock has been developing professionally with ASP. NET for the last seven years. His focus is currently on the ASP.

Enter pincode. Usually delivered in days? Kogent Learning Solutions, Inc. English Binding: Paperback Publisher: Dreamtech Press Genre: Computers ISBN: MittalBooksNorth 3. About Dreamtech Press Dreamtech Press has been publishing quality and comprehensive books for students, beginners and experts, professionals, IT and non-IT specialists, teachers and instructors in various fields. Frequently Bought Together. Black Book English, Paperba C Programming, Covers.

Add 3 Items to Cart. Rate Product. It's great for initial as well as trained asp. It having practical approach. If you really want to learn practical approach go for it. And thanks to Flipkart coz I never thought they deliver me at the place where I said to.. Very elaborative and wonderful book. Very useful for those who are in secondary level. First have some basics covered from some tutorials before you go for this book.

Once through this book is very handy and can become a professional developer. Murali Kumar Certified downloader , Chennai 1 month ago. Good one for those who want to learn the subject in depth. Choosing a platform for ASP. Advantages of using the. NET Framework. Advantages of using. Preparing your development environment 1. Your first application 2. A brief overview of an ASP. NET Core application. Creating your first ASP.

NET Core application 2. Using a template to get started. Understanding the project layout. The Startup class - configuring your application 2. Adding and configuring services. Defining how requests are handled with middleware. MVC middleware and the Home Controller. Handling requests with the Middleware pipeline 3.

Combining middleware in a pipeline 3. Simple pipeline scenario 1: A holding page. Simple pipeline scenario 2: Handling static files.

ASP.NET books

Simple pipeline scenario 3: An MVC web application. Handling errors using middleware 3. Viewing exceptions in development: Handling exceptions in production: Handling other errors: Disabling error handling middleware for web APIs.

Creating web pages with MVC Controllers 4. An introduction to MVC 4.

The MVC design pattern. Adding the MvcMiddleware to your application. What makes a controller a controller? 4.5 Black Book

MVC Controllers and action methods 4. Accepting parameters to action methods. Mapping URLs to methods using conventional routing 5. What is routing? Routing to MVC controllers and actions. Routing using conventions 5. Understanding route templates.

Using optional and default values. Adding additional constraints to route parameters. Defining default values and constraints using anonymous objects. Matching arbitrary URLs with the catch-all parameter. Handling multiple matching actions for a route. Generating URLs from route parameters 5. , Covers C# and VB Codes, Black Book

Generating URLs based on an action name. Generating URLs based on a route name. The binding model: Understanding the M in MVC. From request to model: Binding simple types. Handling user input with model validation 6. The need for validation. Using DataAnnotations attributes for validation.

Validating on the server for safety. Validating on the client for user experience. Rendering the user interface in MVC. Creating Razor views 7. Selecting a view from a controller. Creating dynamic web pages with Razor 7. Using C in Razor templates. Adding loops and conditionals to Razor templates.

Using layouts for shared markup. Overriding parent layouts using sections. Using partial views to encapsulate markup. Building forms with Tag Helpers 8. Catering to editors with Tag Helpers. Creating forms using Tag Helpers 8.

The Form Tag Helper. The Input and Textarea Tag Helpers. Generating Links with the Anchor Tag Helper. Cache-busting with the Append Version Tag Helper. Using conditional markup with the Environment Tag Helper.

What is a Web API, and when should you use one? Attribute routing: Ordering of conventional and attribute routes. Combining route attributes to keep your route templates DRY. Using token replacement to reduce duplication in attribute routing. Handling multiple matching actions with attribute routing. Enabling additional input formatters: Generating a response from a model 9.

Customizing the default formatters: Choosing a response format with content negotiation. Service configuration with dependency injection Introduction to dependency injection Understanding the benefits of dependency injection. Creating loosely coupled code. Dependency injection in ASP. Using the dependency injection container Adding ASP. NET Core framework services to the container. Registering your own services with the container.

Registering services using objects and lambdas. Registering a service in the container multiple times. Injecting services into action methods and view templates. Understanding lifetimes: Keeping an eye out for captured dependencies. Configuring an ASP. NET Core application Introducing the ASP. NET Core configuration model. Configuring your application with CreateDefaultBuilder. Building a configuration object for your app Adding a configuration provider in Program. Using multiple providers to override configuration values.

Storing configuration secrets safely. Reloading configuration values when they change. Using strongly typed settings with the options pattern Introducing the IOptions interface. Reloading strongly typed options with IOptionsSnapshot. Designing your options classes for automatic binding. Configuring an application for multiple environments Identifying the hosting environment.

Loading environment-specific configuration files. Setting the hosting environment. Saving data with Entity Framework Core Introducing Entity Framework Core What is Entity Framework Core? Why use an Object-Relational Mapper? When should you choose Entity Framework Core? Mapping a database to your application code. Adding Entity Framework Core to an application Choosing a database provider and installing EF Core.

Managing changes with migrations Creating your first migration. Querying data from and saving data to the database Creating a record.

Updating a model with changes. Using Entity Framework Core in production applications. The MVC filter pipeline Understanding filters and when to use them The MVC filter pipeline. Filters or middleware: Adding filters to your actions, controllers, and globally. Understanding filter execution order. Creating custom filters for your application Authorization filters: Resource filters: Action filters: Exception filters: Result filters: Understanding pipeline short-circuiting.

Using dependency injection with filter attributes. Introducing authentication and authorization Understanding users and claims in ASP. Authentication in ASP. NET Core: Authentication for APIs and distributed applications. What is ASP. NET Core Identity? Creating a new project that uses ASP. NET Core Identity Creating the project from a template. Exploring the template in solution explorer. The ASP. NET Core Identity data model. Interacting with ASP.

NET Core Identity: NET Core Identity to an existing project Configuring the ASP. NET Core Identity services and middleware.

Updating the EF Core data model to support Identity. Adding the Controllers, view models and Views. Managing users: Introduction to authorization. Authorization in ASP. NET Core Preventing anonymous users accessing your application.

Handling unauthorized requests.

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