you are new to WCF and takes you step by step through the fundamental http :// This tutorial explains the fundamentals of WCF and is conveniently divided below is the step-by-step method for creating a WCF service along with all the. you are new to WCF and takes you step by step through the fundamental concepts of . Using Windows Explorer, move to the Microsoft Press\WCF Step By.

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Wcf Step By Step Pdf

Windows Communication Foundation: What is it? . Examples. Implementing a WCF Service and utilizing that service requires a few steps to set up. This code. Interoperability with Microsoft‟s Pre-WCF Technologies. .. The move to service -oriented communication has changed software significant step forward. Configuration information we got from the above step has to be added to the client application configuration file. WCF automatically opens the underlying.

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ScriptingProfileServiceSection, System. ScriptingAuthenticationServiceSection, System. ScriptingRoleServiceSection, System.

Because this affects performance, set this value to true only during development. NET to identify an incoming user. Specifically, it enables developers to configure html error pages to be displayed in place of a error stack trace. ScriptHandlerFactory, System. ScriptResourceHandler, System. ScriptModule, System. It is not necessary for previous version of IIS.

Set to false before deployment to avoid disclosing web app folder information. Tasks; namespace StudentRegistrationDemo3. ElementAt i ; if stdn. Equals std. And modify the controller class like below: using System; using System.

Tasks; using Microsoft. Mvc; using StudentRegistrationDemo3.

Models; namespace StudentRegistrationDemo2. Models; namespace StudentRegistrationDemo3. Add studentregd ; stdregreply. Name; stdregreply. Age; stdregreply. RegistrationNumber; stdregreply.

Here you can select a browser installed in your system and click it. It will start your web server and run your web service application. Now wait until your browser window loads properly, like below: Now the server is running and we will do our first a GET service call.

Step 6. Please change the port number as it might be different in your case. WriteLine "Counter: This metadata can be exposed to the client to understand the communication with service. Metadata can be set in the service by enabling the ServiceMetadata node inside the servcieBehaviour node of the service configuration file. Configuration information we got from the above step has to be added to the client application configuration file. Then create the object for this class and invoke the service operation.

This underlying channel is closed. Metadata Characteristics of the service are described by the metadata. Describe about the operation that service can provide. Service provided to know the temperature of the city based on the zip code. Data contract. It describes the custom data type which is exposed to the client. Figure 1: Developer will directly use this contract to develop the service. Service contracts. We are also going to do the same now.

The following figure illustrates the major components of WCF. By using DataContract we can make client aware that we are using Employee data type for returning or passing parameter to the method.

Message Contract. Let us see briefly what these contracts will do for us and we will also know that WCF is working on message system. Services can be hosted or executed. Protocols like HTTP.. Specify conditions required to communicate with a service e.

A channel is a component that processes a message in some way. Messaging layer is composed of channels. Specifies how many instance of the service has to be created while running. It contains the behaviors that occur during runtime of service. A set of channels is also known as a channel stack. Controls how many messages are processed. Controls how a message is processed by the WCF Infrastructure.

Tells how and whether metadata is available to outside world. Policies and Binding. Activation and Hosting. Service Runtime. Enables the rollback of transacted operations if a failure occurs. Specifies what occurs. Self hosting 3. As we discussed there are mainly four different way of hosting the WCF service. Windows Activation Service 4. Internet information Service provides number of advantages if a Service uses Http as protocol. IIS hosting 2.

Microsoft has introduced the WCF concept in order to make distributed application development and deployment simple. It does not require Host code to activate the service.

WCF service cannot exist on its own. In addition to HTTP based communication. Single host process can host multiple servers and same service type can be hosted in multiple host process.

Let as do some hands on. It uses the features of IIS such as process recycling. The main disadvantage of using IIS is that. Step 2: I have created sample HelloWorld service. Interface and implementation of the Service is shown below. To avoid disclosing metadata information. Since we are going to hosted in IIS. To receive exception details in faults for debugging purposes. Here I have mention only one end point which is configured to 'wsHttpBinding'.

We will come to know more on endpoints and its configuration in later tutorial. Service file. This file is used to know about the service. Server side configurations are mentioned in the config file.

We have to use only http binding. This proxy is used by the client application. Using service utility we can create the proxy class and its configuration information.

Next we have to consume this service in client application. You need to mention the service file name. Step 5: Now we successfully hosted the service in IIS. Before creating the client application. To create the proxy. IIS Screen shot This screen will appear when we run the application. Step 7: Add the reference 'System. Configuration information about the service.

After executing this command we will find two file generated in the default location. Step 6: Now we will start creating the Console application using Visual Studio Client application. Step 8: Create the object for the proxy class and call the HelloWorld method. Now let start the look on the self hosted service.. If we run the application we will find the output as shown below.

HelloWorld "Ram". WriteLine client.. I hope you have enjoyed the Service hosted in IIS. WriteLine "Client calling the service. Create a console application and name it as MyCalculatorService. Service can also be in-pro i. Add the System.

Now let's us create the WCF service which is hosted in Console application. Very interestingly developer is responsible for providing and managing the life cycle of the host process. Step 1: First let's start create the Service contract and it implementation. We will also look in to creating proxy using 'ClientBase' abstract class.

This is simple service which return addition of two numbers. Host process must be running before the client calls the service. Windows form etc. Self Hosting In web service. ServiceModel reference to the project. These contracts will expose method to outside world for using this service. Step 3: Create an ISimpleCalculator interface. Add ServiceContract and OperationContract attribute to the class and function as shown below.

You will know more information about these contracts in later session. Now we are ready with service. Step 4: ServiceHost is the core class use to host the WCF service. It will accept implemented contract class and base address as contractor parameter. Let's go for implementing the hosting process. You can register multiple base addresses separated by commas.

Open will run the service. Add smb. Multiple end points can be added to the Service using AddServiceEndpoint method. Below code show the implementation of the host process. If you are using rest two method.

A Simple Example of WCF | C Sharp (Programming Language) | Interface (Computing)

Add num1. Service is hosted. WriteLine "Host is running. It will create the proxy only at runtime and so it will take care of everything. Step 9: In the client side.

MyCalculatorServiceProxy proxy. End point same as service information should be added to the configuration file of the client application.

Add 5. WriteLine "Sum of two numbers. Add proxy assembly as reference to the project. Following are the step to configure WAS.

Output of the client application is shown below. Step Before running the client application. Hosting WCF in Activation service takes many advantages such as process recycling. HTTP Activation". Enable WCF for non-http protocols 2. I hope you have enjoyed the Self hosting session. Windows Activation Service Windows Activation service is a system service available with Windows vista and windows server This self host shows advantage such as in-Pro hosting. Expand 'Microsoft. WAS hosted service can be created using following steps 1.

It is available with IIS 7. It can be installed and configured separately.

A Simple Example of WCF Service.pdf

Create WAS hosted service 3. As an example. Execute the following command 5. Similarly we can add different protocols to the Default Web site.

Right click on the "Command Prompt" item. Create the Contract by creating interface IMathService and add ServiceContract attribute to the interface and add OperationContract attribute to the method declaration. Next we need to add Binding to the Default Web site.

Create WAS hosted service Step 1: Next we are going to create the service. Service file is shown below. Implementation of the IMathService interface is shown below.

Without publishing the service Metadata we cannot create the proxy using net. Config file. Execute the following command C: In web. So create the Metada Exchange end point with address as 'mex' and binding as 'mexTcpBinding'. Next we can create the proxy class using service uttility and add the proxy class to the client application.

Create the client application as shown below and add the reference 'System. Creat the proxy class using Visual Studio Command prompt and execute the command svcutil. Now the service is ready to use. WriteLine "Sum of two number 5.

WriteLine client. Create the object for the MathServiceClient and call the method. Add the proxy class and configuration file to the client application.

We will use same set of code used for hosting the WCF service in Console application to this. Now let start create the WCF service. ServiceModel to the project.

This is same as hosting the service in IIS without message activated. There is some advantage of hosting service in Windows service. Add reference System. This is the core assembly used for creating the WCF service.

Next we can create the ISimpleCalulator interface as shown below. Add the Service and Operation Contract attribute as shown below. Implement the ISimpleCalculator interface as shown below. I have mention that we are creating both Contract and Service implementation are in same project. It is always good practice if you have both in different project.

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Build the Project and get the dll. In this project. Now we are ready with WCF service. On stop method you need to close the Service Host. We have to make sure that we are using only one service host object. Following code show how to host WCF service in Windows service.

Add the 'WindowsServiceHostedService. OnStart method of the service. This assembly will going to act as service. So add new Installer class to the project.

StartUp type etc of the service. Run ServicesToRun. In order to install the service we need to have the Installer class for the Windows service. Please find the below code for mentioning the Service name.

Next we need to install the service using Visual Studio Command Prompt. Add process. Add service. Build the project. Binding has several characteristics. Binding Binding will describes how client will communicate with service. Now service is Hosted sucessfully and we can create the proxy class for the service and start using in the client applcaiton.

Protocol Optional Defines information to be used in the binding such as Security, transaction or reliable messaging capability. Bindings and Channel Stacks In WCF all the communication details are handled by channel, it is a stack of channel components that all messages pass through during runtime processing. The bottom-most component is the transport channel. This implements the given transport protocol and reads incoming messages off the wire. The transport channel uses a message encoder to read the incoming bytes into a logical Message object for further processing.

Bindings and Channel Stacks draw new diagram After that, the message bubbles up through the rest of the channel stack, giving each protocol channel an opportunity to do its processing, until it eventually reaches the top and WCF dispatches the final message to your service implementation. Messages undergo significant transformation along the way. It is very difficult for the developer to work directly with channel stack architecture.

Because you have to be very careful while ordering the channel stack components, and whether or not they are compatible with one other. So WCF provides easy way of achieving this using end point. In end point we will specify address, binding and contract. To know more about end point. Windows Communication Foundation follows the instructions outlined. The binding binds your service implementation to the wire through the channel stack in the middle.

It is suitable for communicating with ASP. Duplex service is a service which uses duplex message pattern, which allows service to communicate with client via callback. It also supports communication via SOAP intermediaries. It helps implementing federation which is the ability to flow and share identities across multiple enterprises or trust domains for authentication and authorization.

It supports WSFederation protocol. NetTcpBinding This binding provides secure and reliable binding environment for. Net to. Net cross machine communication. It uses TCP protocol and provides support for security, transaction and reliability. NetNamedPipeBinding This binding provides secure and reliable binding environment for on-machine cross process communication.

By default it creates communication stack with WS-ReliableMessaging for reliability, transport security for transfer security, named pipes for message delivery and binary encoding. Binding configuration Binding can be configured either through configuration file or Programming.

Let us see the binding representation in each method. Administrative Configuration file: Properties corresponding to the particular binding type can be mentioned below. Name of the binding properties that you are going to use has to be mention in the end point.

Press key to stop". Similarly you can also create any type of binding and add to endpoint. I have created the WSHttpBinding object and assign the properties which to be configured. This binding object is added to the Service endpoint for client communication.

In the following code. Http and Https can expose by appending "? Now we are going to focus mainly on publishing metadata. Publishing Service Metadata It is the process publishing metadata. WCF uses the Metadata to describe how to interact with the service endpoint.

HTTP-Get metadata address is given byhttp: There are two way to publish metadata. Retrieving Service Metadata It is the process of retrieving the metadata.

WCF metadata infrastructure resides in System. It is always good practice to represent in the configuration file. Importing Service Metadata. It is always good if you configure the binding properties using configuration file. By default service metadata is turn-off due to security reason. Using the metadata. Description namespace. It is the process of generating the abstract representation of the service using metadata. This can be configures either administratively or Programmatically.

For example service address is http: Using ServiceMetadataBehavior you can enable the metadata exchange. In the below mention configuration information. Then you have to add the behavior to host description as shown. Open ; Console. ToString ; Console. WriteLine "Host is running Press key to stop" ; Console.

There is other way of exposing the using special endpoint is called as Metadata Exchange Endpoint. You can have as many metadata exchange endpoints as you want. Address It is basically Uri to identify the metadata.

You can specify as address in the endpoint but append with "mex" keyword. For example "http: WCF service host automatically provides the implementation for this IMetadataExcahnge while hosting the service. You can create the Metadata Exchange Endpoint either Administrative configuration file or programmatically. In the configuration file of the hosting application, you can add metadata exchange endpoint as shown below.

In the following code I have mention about creating the Metadata Exchange Endpoint through coding. Create the ServiceMetadataBehavior object and add to Service host description.

Add smb ;. CreateMexHttpBinding ;. Add the endpoint to the service host with address, binding and contract. Complete code for hosting the service with metadata exchange endpoint is shown below. ReadLine ;. Contracts Windows Communication Foundation WCF, formerly known as Indigo is built upon the foundation of web services messaging and related standards, while at the same time makes it possible to serialize messages in a more compact binary format, or in a more proprietary way. Still, the core message can always be represented in XML, therefore be considered compatible with any platform that understands XML, and agrees on the contract that defines said messaging between systems.

The contract is a platform-neutral and standard way of describing what the service does. WCF defines four types of contracts: Service Contract Service contract describes the operation that service provide. A Service can have more than one service contract but it should have at least one Service contract. It describes message exchange patterns that the service can have with another party.

Some service operations might be one-way; others might require a request-reply pattern. To create a service contract you define an interface with related methods representative of a collection of service operations, and then decorate the interface with the ServiceContract Attribute to indicate it is a service contract.

Methods in the interface that should be included in the service contract are decorated with the OperationContract Attribute. Data Contract A data contract is a formal agreement between a service and a client that abstractly describes the data to be exchanged. Next we will look into Data Contract. This data type should be identified for serialization and deserialization by mentioning with [DataContract] and [DataMember] attribute.

Serialization reference to the project. This assembly holds the DataContract andDataMember attribute. Through deserialization. Data contract can be explicit or implicit. Simple type such as int. Through serialization. A data contract can be defined as follows: Create user defined data type called Employee. User defined object are explicit or Complex type. Since we have created the data contract for the Employee class. In GetEmployee method we have created the Employee instance and return to the client.

It is two way communication. SOAP body contains information which is used by the target. But at a time only one can send a message 3. WCF uses these messages to transfer information from Source to destination. It is two way communications. The client side code is shown below. SOAP message contain Envelope. Diagram Soap envelope Message Pattern It describes how the programs will exchange message each other. Source will send message to target.

Employee empDetails. Header and Body. SOAP envelope contails name. It is one way communication. SOAP Hear contain important information which are not directly related to message. GetEmployeeDetails empId. There are three way of communication between source and destination 1. Serializing the data. WCF will automatically create the message for operation at run time. Only one parameter can be used in servicie Operation 2. In the RPC model. Let us see the sample message contract definition. On Some critical issue.

What is Message contract? As I said earlier. It also add Name. When using Message contract type as parameter. WCF will automatically take care of message. In Message style operation WCF allows to customize the message header and define the security for header and body of the message. You have to follow certain rules while working with Message contract 1. Most of the time developer will concentrate more on developing the DataContract. If a type has both Message and Data contract. Other data types are not allowed.

EmployeeDetails GetEmployeeDetails. Service operation will accept and return only message contract type. Service operation either should return Messagecontract type or it should not return any value 5. Example using System. SOAP message will look as shown below. None ] public string EmpID. Suppose you want to show the all employee detail in same level. MessageHeaderArray Attribute is applicable only for Array. EncryptAndSign ] public int Salary.

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